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MOHAMED Mar 2018
At one time transfixed in front of the t.v. watching
Programs strewn trash the river mouth spewing
Shows and shows as waves on the sand breaking
Talk gibberish talks water under a bridge rushing
Unintelligible words rain on a roof pitter pattering

Now we're glued to a contraption called internet
Blasting air ways information ideas faster than jet
Good bad evil intertwining jungles without outlet
Connecting to connect to lives or lives haven't met
Inexhaustible possibilities daily sunrise to sunset

Better be a wanderer by nature gladly enveloping
Explore new world or a quiet place contemplating
What makes us what we are therefore we're doing
Cyber corrupts old fashioned family ties reflecting
May inflict affection attentively attending nothing
MOHAMED Mar 2018
A poem about love
How do I write something
I am not good enough

This expression of love
I have no idea where to start
How to rhyme and stuff

Girl do you need the strange art
For me to show that I love you
With all my heart

O heavens above
How do I write something
I know not of.
I don't know how to write a love poem. But I do know how to love her.
MOHAMED Mar 2018
Who could the person be knocking frantic at my door I'll never know.
What urgent matter pounding on the wooden door in the bitter snow,
Nothing there but winter wind lashing at my face greeting me with a roar.
But no one around only the falling snow gathering upon the floor.

Not a single soul anywhere in sight in the cold,
cold of the night;
But a lamppost forlorn to soldier on mustering
a dimly light.
Though how hard with might the glow will not suffice
To break through falling snowflakes and freezing ice.

How nice it would be I wish to see the morning  sun rise?
How rays pry and thaw and **** the ice, sending them to their demise.
Water flows into streams into lakes and bring it to the brim;
And yearns for the grass to grow, birds to sing and fish to swim.
And longs to taste the sweetness of spring awash with the colours of the rainbow.
While the lamp's dim light casting, in the darkness somewhere a frosty shadow.
I'll never know, still waiting, before I slammed
the door,
Stopped the snow from piling onto the floor.
MOHAMED Mar 2018
Before his teen age
turns the pages he dies
a life through years
of neglect for the frail
bony frame drowsy feet
dark sunken eyes
wandering the street
craving white pure
pleasures and dreams
sores moon crater arms
tributaries of ****
star marks parched skin
dry bloodied screams
of glorious pills injecting
intoxicated stuffs
forbidden fruits
trappings of worldly heaven
addictive octane ecstasy
tiger terminator of
a young man flourishing
now depleted sad
youth corrupted by a love
pursued but lost
eyes vacant trailed tears
pleading please forgive
me mom and dad
A life lost through drug addiction.

— The End —