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The readjustment was the hardest part
Not leaving the war zone
Or coming home back to his country
And to his wife and family and friends
But actually readjusting to the fact
That fact that he had no legs
He left them back in Iraq
Not as a war victim or injury
To a vehicle accident instead
His Hummer left the road and rolled
He was lucky to escape with his live
The medics took him to the hospital
It was touch and go but he made it
The army will pay for his recovery
And give him a pension
Plus a pair of tin legs
And keep him on the books
An advisory role for future wars
He did ok from his accident
But readjusting is still hard
This is his new normal...
Nov 7 · 56
Shadow Of A Doubt
By Craig J. Burt /Jimmy Boom Semtex
Are you ok?
Your brain's rattling like crazy
You're dancing like a ballerina
Twerkin around these crazy hot streets
You say why be a bore?
Life is a chore
Refuse to fade
Like a shadow of a doubt
Silver star filled skies
Shining proudly
Living freely & deep in love
We're no longer
Strangers tonight now
Sensational romantics
Loving devoutly

And the clatter of heels echoes
Upon concrete downtown Havana
Never had it so good or free
The Castros’ grip and communism fade
While we dance chest to chest
Thigh to thigh Lambada-esque
Los Lobos couldn’t be this cool
Nor move so ****** like you and me
For freedom for Cuba for us
This goes on and on
Like a whistling wind
Calling your name
Stop stop and listen
Do you hear it?
Nov 4 · 265
Old plane, new man.
Flying where where where?
Easy to get a girl, easy girl.
Harder to get a job round here.
Piece of cake to buy a 50 bucks car.
Everything pre-owned in this town.
People are rowdy raw and raucous.
Like a Springsteen song.
Except it's real and deadly.
Me, I don't carry a piece nor watch my back.
If your time's up, so be it.
I've got Him watching me.
So be nice to Jimmy or else.
Nov 4 · 54
Here we go stroke the dog.
Kiss the girl, slowly and sensually.
Drive the car, avoid the cops.
Drink the beer and then some more.
Avoid drugs and mouthy idiots.
Fight like a king only when cornered.
Defend the right to live your life.
Be one step past happiness and remember.
Remember your parents, make them proud.
Nov 4 · 318
Making Waves
Making Waves
**** dancer to the waves.
See how she moves to the music.
Base turned up full boom boomboom!

Even when she’d driving, she dances.
Her stereo on full while she nods her head.
She’s the stereo loving gal and don’t we know it?

Her job is her life in a Go-Go bar.
Watch her turn, wiggle and dive for the punters.
Pay her a dollar and she’ll ****, buck and f*ck you.

Doing this and more to the tunes.
Her body is the ocean and her soul the wind.
Her moods match these and she always gets her way.

This gal isn’t poor or stupid.
Because she owns everything in the joint.
The bar, the stereo, the band, the songs, the punters.

She looks like a *****.
Anyone else wouldn’t be like this.
Except for a naïve innocent teen used and abused.

It’s high class illusion.
Part of the show and old routine.
No more or less is given by **** Sultry Sharon.

In her bar by the sea.
She does six shows a night.
Bearing all and more for the likes of you and me.

So off we go to her bar.
Bring all your cash and an open mind.
You’re in for the night of your life so don’t be late!
Oct 27 · 54
Pet’s Revenge
Pet’s Revenge
For example a Dachshund dog was thrown 5 floors to his death
The owner photographed this and posted it online
His dog looked like he was sleeping but was dead

I tracked the Dachshund Dog’s Killer down and killed him
I put him in an 80s violent video game with block graphics
I hit him with a stabbing dagger in both shoulders
Then machete chopped half of his pinto skull off
Finally finishing him off with a flick knife in the gut

Next there was the case of the animal rescue centre
9 pussycats were murdered for no real reason
Except they were living in the centre

I drove up to the animal sanctuary in a Technical
I beeped and they opened the gates and I saw him
The Pussycat Murderer who swaggered about like a real man
I aimed my remote control 50 Cal gun with my PS2 controller
And popped the ******* with a hundred 50 Cal Raufoss rounds

A woman cut the foot off her dog with a machete
Because the dog annoyed his owner
All this was filmed and posted online

I found the Limping Woman who made her dog painfully limp
I said Hi and smirked then tightly tied her up
And had my way with her 25 times in a calendar day
Her ***** was sore and needed stitching due to the table leg
As did her feet when I sliced off all her **** toes

Most bizarre of all was the small dog
Who was partly skinned alive by his owner
This dog was rescued and given treatment

Dog Skinner was a hard man to find but not hard in a fight
I threw him a knife and said, ‘Skin me or be maimed...’
His lunges were slow and unskilled and embarrassing
I blocked them with one hand and closed my eyes
I snapped his spine with one single side kick

And a man drove his car and threw out his dog
Like a bit of trash with duct taped up feet and muzzle
The cops rescued the dog and jailed the man

I impersonated a Police Officer and ‘apprehended’ the suspect
Who had just been released from jail for leaving his pet dog for dead
He let me into his house and I Tasered the ******* and duct taped him up
I dragged Dog Duct Tape Man to my fake squad car and put him in the trunk
I drove him to a secluded spot and did a very enjoyable EJK

I enjoyed each and every act of Pet’s Revenge and ******
This is my new job and I always enjoy it and get away with it
I have backing from Big Brother and the Illuminated People
Oct 27 · 68
Felt Feel
I feel the King of my world
Alone as on a glacier
With only Nature as my friend
The rest of them ignore me
For this is what they do
When one is different
And a King all powerful
It’s fine though I ignore them
Oct 27 · 143
Art Image
Art Image
The artwork hangs there on my wall
As it has for years
A simple framed image in a frame
Nothing special to look at
But it is special in ways
The frame has a gray arm
And hand that rests there
Ready to punch any robbers
Who dare to steal my art!
My ordinary strange painting
With a Martial Art trained limb
Oct 6 · 174
Shared Experience
Shared Experience
We hike the mountain together
My neighbour and I
We reach the final peak
The view is wonderful

We both feel raptures
And stand close and hold
Kissing and falling as one
Making love up high

Shared experience alone here
Twenty miles from our city
Which glitters on the horizon
Full of fake people

Oh how good you feel dear
I’ve always wanted you
Now you’re mine and I’m yours
We *** together

In no way clichéd
From here we hear the sirens
As the Red Chinese bombs fall
Our beginning or end?
Sacred Actions Holy Ground
And so they went to war on the Holy Mountain
Filling the mountain and themselves full of holes

They died in brave terrifying crazy stupid ways
As is always the way in total ******* war

The red mountain soil stained even redder by their blood
Both American and Japanese soaking Mt Mataba ****** red

Dead soldiers littering the ground a wild wrong willful harvest
Peaceful in death in a way their leaders would never know

They died in certain ways created by ingenious humans and the Devil:

A mortar shell hit a box of phosphorous grenades and several fell into a foxhole
Igniting and burning an American soldier to a blackened crisp

One of the many wounded Japanese soldiers still resisted
With only his life to lose his torso torn virtually in two

A Yankee General went to the lines to see the action
And was shot dead thru his skull a top banana ****

A *** manned a heavy machine gun his leg blown off at the knee
Finally silenced by a bullet with his name on it

This is how they fought for and on the Holy Mountain
Its sacred soil touched by actions and death and ghosts

Now forgotten by all but me and their God who remains silent
Was it worth it in the judgment of the karma scales?

If only I could see their deeds and talk to the ghosts
In a pointless war that was all for what?
Aug 12 · 47
Four lines between poems
Or is it only three?
This was the question
That the pilot was pondering
While his airliner flew
Into the jagged mountain side
All aboard were killed
The pilot never did
Resolve his query
Was it three or four lines
Between poems?

from New Dawn 2971
Nick Armbrister
My First Tattoo
There was an 80s goth band who I used to love
All About Eve dragged to the 90s oh so cool
Touched By Jesus was their new album
I saw them gig twice and bought the t-shirt
And even got the tattoo on my right arm
All About Eve in September 1991
I still love their music today...

******* Upside Down In a Blazing Avro Manchester Bomber – Poems from My Life and More

Nick Armbrister
Jul 25 · 102
poem from my new book 7
Fish Food
They build their little tin can ships
So they can be seen to be strong
With new destroyers to take a cruise on
Along with big cruisers to fire missiles
And submarines to dive deep and follow dolphins
Not to forget aircraft carriers and their planes
Each of these shiny new ships is useless
If you put even a tiny hole in it
Down to the seabed it goes
The crew becoming fish food
Just what is needed for national progression
They should have built hospitals instead

******* Upside Down In a Blazing Avro Manchester Bomber – Poems from My Life and More

Nick Armbrister
Jul 25 · 103
poem from my new book 5
Off the Back of a Truck
The black painted truck drives about the country doing its job
Moving things from A to B and losing them in-between
Passing thru Chorley it drops a mountain bike without wheels
Going past Leeds it discards a new microwave oven minus door
In the middle of Rochdale it dumps a crate of empty beer bottles
Speeding in Yeovil the truck gives out used bullet proof vests
And at Aberdeen it abandons some PCs minus hard drives
For Cardiff the lorry leaves hundreds of out of date pizzas
Hours later in Birmingham hooded tops with just one arm are left
The ******* trail goes to Whitby where books of fake stamps fall
Onwards to York to discard plastic crosses with half a Nazarene
Back to Dover to chuck a hundred coffee flasks with drilled hole
On and on drives the strange lorry with its load of goodies
All are useless and no use to anybody except a fool or idiot
Like the one driving the truck on his nationwide dumping trip
Ticking each place off his list as he follows his map
A to ****** Z...

******* Upside Down In a Blazing Avro Manchester Bomber – Poems from My Life and More

Nick Armbrister
Field Day
Take a walk in the summer meadow and tell me
What do you see?
Different coloured flowers and countless insects
Pollinating their flowers and plants
Several different herbs and grasses
All verdant and of living colour
An artist called Mother Nature
Created her canvas and smiled
Giving life to a once barren field
A hedgerow and copse of trees
Add heartbeats to this living miracle
Where words and clichés are impossible
You have to take a stroll here and marvel
Dream it all in and stop time dead
Become the moment and live it forever
Over and over again flowery meadow design

******* Upside Down In a Blazing Avro Manchester Bomber – Poems from My Life and More

Nick Armbrister
Jun 8 · 53
Clearly a Threat
The bag contained something that was dangerous
What was in the bag?
Was it a time bomb?
Was it a cocked pistol?
Was it a spiked baseball bat?
Was it an unstable mortar shell?
Was it a leaking bottle of acid?
Was it a nerve gas dispenser?
Was it a small stabbing sword?
Was it a brass knuckle duster?
Was it a karate instruction book?
Was it a piece of Plutonium?
No it was a small puppy with sharp teeth!
May 30 · 63
Mountain Life Free
See the huge mountains standing before you
Here for a million years
Gone in another

Something bigger than you
Something older than you
Something equal to you

As important and as alive
Even if made from earth and rock
Instead of flesh and blood

A range stretching across the horizon
Starting with a range of hills
And ending with two mile high monoliths

Unique in their structure
Unique in their layout
Unique in their geography

Feel free to hike here
Feel free to camp here
Feel free to live here

But leave no trace
Free on the mountain
As a bird or elemental
May 30 · 58
Dip Sea
A little brown dog called Dip Sea
Named after a simple peso snack
But many things occur in the real deep sea
Strange sea monsters freely roam the depths
Shipwrecks forever remain with their trapped crews
Lost aircraft look factory fresh but will never fly again
Unseen mountains as high as Mt Everest invisibly reach up
Unidentified alien craft speedily explore miles below the surface
Scuba divers practise their skills safely diving for an hour
Several large ships dump illegal waste into the ocean depths
Sea life like whales and dolphins intelligently live and play
Lost continents hint at ancient races of people now drowned out
Land based planners plan deep water towns and cities
All this and more takes place in the great ocean depths
Remembered in a small brown dog called Dip Sea
May 30 · 130
storm haiku
See the trees bend now/majestic storm force here, now/you cower indoors
May 30 · 45
Numbers Game
Things are wrong when there are more tigers kept as pets
Than living in the wild in their natural habitats
Human greed kills them off till they're extinct
Chinese herbal medicine using the tiger for alleged medicine
Hunters paying a million dollars to shoot one dead on a fake hunt
One of the most majestic animals ever to exist almost extinct
Fact and photos captured in history books and photographs
When they're gone they can never ever be recreated
That is only for script writers and authors in their stories...
May 30 · 97
exist eternal
the hills look so serene/i wanna be there/feel the wind in my hair/hill fog on my face/be one with mother nature/this is freedom/even when not here/except in our minds/the hills save us/from ourselves and time/we exist eternal
May 30 · 57
High Up
read top to bottom 1st line letters

High up where the ground meets the sky
Is a place that is so wonderful and serene!
Life fell to Earth bringing such scenery
Lovely like you would never know
This hilltop is the only place to be
Or would you rather be in the polluted city?
Percolating fumes slowly suffocating you
May 18 · 68
Phallic Sky
Plane flies miles high above us
Energy pushes it into manoeuvres
Nothing stationery about it
I see it turn, roll and zoom about
Stunning display of aerial prowess
I wish I was a pilot and flew like that
Not working in a stuffy boring job
The two percent get to fly in a jet
How they are the best of the best
Expensively trained Air Force pilots
Show boating in their F-18 fighter
Knowing they will soon be in trouble
Yes, they drew a huge airborne *****!
May 18 · 61
Family Rules
I always needed something to rebel against
From my school peers who I ******* hated
To my overly dominant mother who was the boss

And the neighbours who were stuffy ******
The controlling school rules I loathed so much

I was always had to rebel against something
It was me against the world and still is?
What amazes me is I made it thru

Physically in one piece but inside...
There was a little bit of chop along the way

But I escaped the crap of life
That ensnared many of my fellow teens
Was this because certain family rules ruled me?
May 18 · 145
old poem from the 90s

Sitting patiently atop his tree camouflaged
against the enemy, the ****** waits.
For three days and three nights he has waited
to do his duty for Imperial Japan.
Along the trail walks the enemy. Alert and ready
but not looking up, for this is where the ****** is,
waiting, watching, ready right now.
Levelling his gun, he takes careful aim.
The Aussies swim into focus in his x10 telescopic sights.
Soon it is over as two fall dead, their comrades fleeing
as the Nippon terror strikes,
for he is the ******, amongst Japan’s best,
taking his war to the enemy.
May 18 · 68
small little songs
music got me thru my darkest days
bands who i still adore even now
coz this is a rock n roll love

their songs became the soundtrack
to my life in the bad, mad and sad times
doing what i did and living life

getting the wrong girls pregnant
street racing cars and crashing them
fighting opponents i could never defeat

being at war with everything in life
drinking and drinking like it was forever
i went to the gigs and bought the t-shirts

all about eve, voice of the beehive, the bangles,
def leppard, guns n roses, metallica,
the mission, the cult, suzanne vega,

tanita tikaram, del amitri, aztec camera,
alisha’s attic, sunscreem and a thousand more
they are the reason i’m alive today...
May 18 · 57
High Ground Joy
I will escape to the hills and mountains when I can
My escape every Sunday if I could do so
I’d do this forever if I was immortal
Spending my time on the high ground
Climbing the hills and looking into the valleys
Slowly venturing into caves and the abyss
Collecting rocks and minerals from the ground
Finding old lost aeroplane crashes and their stories
Swimming in cool clear mountain pools
It simply cannot be better than this
If it was possible I’d climb every mountain
On every planet in the ******* galaxy
If only it was possible...
May 18 · 120
Different Cars!
People drive different cars
Does this mean that people are different?
Dan drives an economical Fiat Panda
Lee drives a two seat Mazda MX5 sports car
Dave drives a Land Rover Discovery 4x4
Katrina drives a restored Ford Mk2 Escort
Emma drives a Volkswagen Santana family car
Sharon drives a Sherman tank over her ex
May 6 · 66
God Damn At!
The cat sat
On the mat
Kissing a bat
Kicking a rat
In the frat
Bending a slat
While getting fat
Wearing a hat
Getting a tat
Swatting a gnat
Starting the chat
You Looking at?
You spoilt brat!
May 6 · 67
Percy Owned a Sword
Percy owned a big sword as tall as him and sharp as Hell
It was big and black and perfectly crafted
Just like something else closer to home
Forged in the depths of Hell by the best artisans
Now Percy owned the sword and he was boss
King of the block who nobody ****** with
He chopped off heads left and right
And lopped off ***** front and back
He gave neighbourhood defence a new meaning
His sword provided safety to all his buddies
Nobody sold drugs or stole cars
After meeting Percy and his tool
There was something about it
It was the length and blackness of it
Two attributes associated with something else
For even a BBC was limited in power and ******
When compared to Satan's own sword
Now in the care of humble Percy
Or was it the other way round?
Sword and man as one...
May 6 · 70
The Zeppelin Menace
The silver gray monolith floated on the air getting its bearings
After an hour they located their position
Then they started their engines and climbed higher
Big diesel engines taking the Zeppelin higher
Out of range of ground guns and flimsy British planes
Which were slow and antiquated death traps
They found their target and bombed at will
Killing innocent English civilians in their beds at night
The victims in a new chapter of warfare
Death from the night sky utterly without warning
The English had nothing like this
No terror bomber weapon to strike at night
Hitting the enemy at will with high explosives
Raid after raid got through month after month
But Britain endured and absorbed the blows
Science provided the answer to halt the menace
New aeroplanes were made with high performance
Being fast high climbers to catch the Zeps
Then bringing their guns and small bombs to bear
New tracer and incendiary bullets ignited the gas
The six hundred foot airships burnt like candles
Incinerating their crews alive for they had no ‘chutes
England was now safe from the marauding Germans
At least till the bombing planes came
Then the game started all over again...
May 6 · 55
On the Mountain
It all takes place on the mountains where the yellow sun
Meets the sky blue sky in a joining of colour without cliche
The trees look airbrushed on a canvas stolen from water colour
That sky hints and hides so many things both visible and not
Moonshine stills secretly simmer under the generous leafy canopy
A broken-into-pieces warplane sits by the ridge right at the top
Inside a small cave little people party and count their gold
Human hikers brave the heights and risks to hike for a day or two
Wild animals like wolf and bear live without fear up here
Apr 24 · 122
Ship sails normally/million ton bulk carrier/aliens steal ship
Apr 24 · 50
Pipe Dreams
Pipe Dreams
All we are saying is give life a chance
The joy of natural life born without medical drugs
The chance of real life on the earth without meddling
The chance of extending your lineage without redemption
The chance of existence and prosperity without threat of war
The chance of animal life thriving without becoming extinct
The chance of human progress into space for peaceful purposes
The chance of healing the world without exhausting her natural resources
The chance of first alien contact without either side genocide
The chance of anything positive happening without negative events
Is the same as the chance of Elvis being alive or winning the lottery
Only believed by fools wearing tin foil hats and the incompetent sheep
There is no happy ending to the mess this we created...
Apr 24 · 72
hail thee the big mighty river/slow moving water mass/venture across a landscape/behold your majestic size/wondrous natural creation/power beyond man/women understand you/share the cycle/always alive in motion/finally reaching the sea/water cycle circle
done on a cheap phone lol
Apr 24 · 56
Steam in the Valley
Steam in the Valley
See how the pretty valley stream sparkles
Little twinkling lights daylight angels
Everything natural about this beauty

An event after the rain
Sun illuminate
Magical properties

Take a walk on the bank soak it all up
No rush nor hurry just a pause
A moment just for you

Few know of this stream
You’d call it yours
But its nature’s wonder

As are the verdant trees
With succulent fruit
And ****** landscape of desires
Apr 24 · 58
Snapping Dragon
Snapping Dragon
I guess my wife is my family
I do love her or I’m a fool
Five years of my life
Here with her
We are family
Even if we fight like ****
And she shot me in my ****
Coz I kissed her awesome pet dog
Apr 24 · 62
Crimping Tent
Crimping Tent
There are certain things that occur in the Crimping Tent
Like making hot air balloons, pink inflatable castles and blow up dolls
And crimping men’s nuts just the way they like them
Crimped vertically, laterally or horizontally
The crimping business was a lucrative one
Making clothes and accessories and *** toys paid well
Even the curtains in National Express buses were crimped
The crimped look was always in fashion and a cash incentive
Is this actually possible? Considering so few pf the planes were built... i dunno...

Manchester Bomber Wreck

Manchester bomber rotting away

Different than it was before

Holes in the surface skin

Many pieces missing

Broken in two

Separated by many feet

Engines fallen free

Skeletons of the crew inside

Unknown war grave except to them

Who haunt their lost bomber

Lying under the sea bed

To them they’re still flying

In the sky above enemy territory

Fighting for their lives

With a faulty engine

Not actually on fire

Then the flak hit them

Damaging the tail unit

Followed by an enemy fighter

Who shoots them full of holes

And kills the Flight Engineer

Hitting him with a 20mm cannon shell

But not before the gunners

Down the **** night fighter

The crippled bomber flies on

Slowly losing height

They’ll never reach the target

Nor return home to England

So drop their bombs on a small town

Unknowingly killing dozens

Four tons of bombs will do that

The Manchester bomber wasn’t fired on again

Losing height was the enemy

They decided what to do and drew lots

Bail out or ditch in the sea?

They decided to ditch

It was almost dawn

And the horizon lit up

They should of made it

But the faulty engine finally died

The bomber stalled and dug a wing in

It cartwheeled over the sea

Broke in two and sank

All aboard were knocked out

And taken to a watery grave

Unknown to the world except themselves

The only remaining Manchester bomber
Is this actually possible? Considering so few pf the planes were built... i dunno...
Apr 5 · 71
Era's Icon
Era's Icon
The man had a certain look
He worked in films
Doing hundreds of roles

Never making it big
Till he was seen
Eating a meal in the canteen

'I can do wonders with your face...'
The words of the guide
Who set in motion events

Something more than special
Creating the icon of the era
The Stein was brought to life

Becoming more than a B-Movie
Or image in words
Lifted from the page

Boris Karloff became the best
Nobody had those looks
Or presence on screen

Or a hundred other attributes
The icon on which others were judged
Now remembered in film

In art and tattoos
The best of the best...

It all started with a meal
And those words:
'I can do wonders with your face...'
Apr 5 · 147
Alien Crash and Burn
Alien Crash and Burn
The words came to the girl one after the other
She described what had happened to her
She was in the field with her sister
Then a huge noise, a bright white light and silence
Along with a feeling of weightlessness

She awoke much later
But how long?
It felt like she'd been napping
But in reality it was centuries of her time
She went thru step by step

It was a tall story but her listeners listened
They asked for evidence other than words
She said read her mind
They did so and knew her inside

They asked do you have any item?
She nodded and showed them a rock
It looked like any other rock
That was her evidence
Its chemical matrix was off world
From somewhere else

It wasn't a meteor or from Mars
Her questioners became convinced
They showed her a star chart
It was a big one for a vast universe

The scientists wanted the technology
They planned to find her secrets
And put together a mission
She would be made to lead it
The aliens would find out
Just what humans were really like
Mar 23 · 143
Old Rocks
Old Rocks
The rocks of the mountain
Are millions of years old
And have seen so many things
Like great upheavals
And fossils laid down
Uplifted from the ocean bed
Three miles high
Along with minerals and wealth
Adding to economic growth
Natural recourses in danger
Human greed burning bright
What existed for millions
Now reduced in decades
Some are out of reach
For now till tech improves
Mountains will crumble
Quarries devouring hills
Old rocks petering out
Mar 23 · 123
Drug Sub War
Drug Sub War
The drug sub became the new menace
Replacing the Toyota engined powerboats
And outdated drug running planes that got splashed
Sleek, able to travel underwater
More than the semi-submersible craft
Using a snorkel like **** U-Boats did
A group of foreign designers made them
Contracted by the drug cartels
To make an almost undetectable vehicle
Costing millions fitted with both low and high tech gear
Like GPS, night and day camera periscope and more
Able to dive at will hundreds of feet below
Remaining silent under battery power
But they didn't realize how persistent the US Navy was
Who specialized in hunting subs and now had a new opponent
Not Red China or Neo Soviet enemy subs hunting American carriers
It was Narco Subs from Central and South America
Each one carrying between one and eight tons of drugs
Pure Class A narcotics to **** North American youth
The US Navy used P-3 Orions, P-8 Poseidens and anti-sub choppers
To find the stealthy subs and take the appropriate measures
Calling destroyers and frigates who chased the subs down
Forcing them to surface with small depth charges
When drug sub crews fought back with machine guns
The navy sank them with all available weapons
For this war war, a war of innocent versus guilty
On the ocean no law court was needed...
Mar 23 · 58
Events Besides
Events Besides
We went to a place where hundreds died
Soldiers in a battle far from home
300 Japanese soldiers
100 American troops
And many more besides
Killed in many ways

Death by bullets
Death by bombs
Death by bayonet
Death by by blast
Death by by besides

The place was Storm King Mountain
The battle happened long ago
Are we the only ones to remember?
Mar 23 · 71
309 Pilot
309 Pilot
The Messerschmitt Me-309 was a stunning warplane
Originally it had seven guns but the pilot removed some
The 13mm heavy machine guns were lethal but not needed
He freed up four hundred pounds in weight
This left just three cannons and their ammo
Two 20mm and a single 30mm gun
The 20mms were in the wing roots and 30mm in the nose
It was enough to **** enemy bombers like B-17s and Lancasters
And the following B-29s and Lincolns which bombed Germany endlessly
He got ready for a mission and was confident of more kills
He was keen and aggressive and had the right tool for the job
A fast climbing high speed interceptor aircraft
Germany's finest piston engined fighter of the war
With a modified engine boosted for power
Nothing but an enemy jet was faster but very short ranged
With a smile he walked to his plane
Who would he **** today?
Mar 23 · 77
Angel Juice
Angel Juice
They fueled my warplane with 130 grade octane
It was bright green and full of spells
It was witchcraft just like flight
Making my plane soar like a rocket
So I could shoot down **** jets
Defeat their Me-309 escort fighters
Beating them by pure ******* speed
Then nail the ***** jet with my cannon
Blowing his ******* head off with 20mm
Me the aerial knight in his chariot
An airborne God in a Hawker Tempest
The best fighter plane of the war
Superior to all that was German
Be it Focke Wulf 190 D versions
Or their upgraded Me-109 K series
Or the 309s and anything else
I was equal to their vaunted jets
Like the He-162 Salamander
Or fast Me-262 which was ace
I was God...
Mar 11 · 81
Forty years after its birth the rebel F-20 is an angel of the sky.
Purple in colour to blind its enemy’s eyes, it has laser weapons
and ******-vectored engines controlled by thought.
This is the craft for mercenaries flown by the daring
and 21st century knights into battle –
they fight for the new republic and the ancient rebel way
against an old royal enemy as deadly as the devil.
Mar 9 · 100
Toy Box
from my new anti war book Eventful War
Nick Armbrister

Toy Box
To build an empire you need the right tools
And Imperial Japan had those in abundance
Armed to the teeth with skilled warriors willing to fight
Advanced warplanes like the Zero, Val and Kate
The best torpedoes in the world the Long Lance
The Bushido fighting spirit of never surrender
Outlawed explosive bullets won an empire
A wicked tool was the ‘Assault No 1’ standard military-issue ******
**** as a weapon of war with Comfort Women the prize
Fighting spirit blooded from 1931 until 1945
When the Divine Wind was unleashed
Ravenously fighting till the Imperial Empire fell
Man Living in the Dustbin
There is a man who lives in a trash can
He’s a funny old character
Telling jokes and dancing a gig
Always happy and funky
He’s become a legend in his head
Something bigger than nothing
Following you to the store
And saying Hi then turning to go
Hoping you follow him
Then give him kindness
A sausage roll or bottled beer
The dustbin man who we see
Wondering why he lives this way
Sleeping in the bin his home
Very cosy if he ay say so
His dustbin down the alleyway
Where nobody will bug him
An ideal example of humanity
Living with a smile in his head
And setting the example
To always smile :)

from my new book out 2020

Upside ******* Down in a Blazing Manchester Bomber – Poems from My Life and More by Nick Armbrister
Feb 22 · 64
Detonate the Night
Detonate the Night
The attack came with the ferocity of war
War like only we can know
For we knew this moment was coming
But we didn’t think it would be so
Bad in the way that death is final
And all knowing that life ceases
When enemy explosive discharges on our positions
All we can do is to wait it out and endure
Those who survive must be ready to resist
Throw our enemy back from whence he came
But killing him is more preferable to that
For he will return in twenty years like he has done now
We will bear his bombardment and emerge
Then we will defeat him and smash his army and weapons
And savage his homeland as he does ours and we will win
Once the shells stop we will rally those who remain
And we will charge his guns so Victory is ours
from my new anti war ebook Eventful War by Nick Armbrister Kindle Edition
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