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Mr Tendy May 2020
It time I was told...
To give that which I owed,
That which was given to me for free....

This was surprising to me course, I knew that what was free was meant to be without repayment?

But here was I now  in depth, for what was free.

Then it done on me that nothing is ever free, but all things are free.

Only when you are ready to give without holding back, you will not see it t as free..

Now that I understand, I am will to accept my dept and pay off, with my free will, for a better life of freedom.

Nothing is ever free, until you are ready to give up your will for it.
Annie Nov 2019
I believe I dream
As soon I close my eyes
Everything I've seen
Arised me so alive
And when I wake
In emptiness
I miss you at my side
A nightmare,
Aching in my chest
And leaving me in fright

In timeless time
I wait and dream
And wonder where you are
Whenever I am wide awake
I fear for my own heart
Since separation cuts my core
As deep as does my dept
I fall and fall forevermore
To bottomless regret
Lae Mar 2019
It was the kind of hurt where your tears were falling silently. Your eyes eyeing the ceiling and being unable to think of anything- and those silent sobs you left- that was the proof you were hurting.

And no- it was not that kind of hurt, not yet. It was that kind of hurt where you were left wondering about the things you've done. That kind of hurt where you've locked yourself out inside a cubicle and cried. That kind of hurt where you feel like swimming in the icy waters and feeling yourself go numb.

And no- that was not all. You've only seen that small tip of an iceberg- not the dept.
E McNamara Mar 2018
I was tied like a ribbon.
Tied to a silver coin
I followed it everywhere
It was survival

They tell you to do what you love,
But who is financing my dreams?
I only see one decision.
The silver coin.

The ribbon slowly tightening
Around my neck,
Starting to choke the choices
Out of me.

They tell you to do what you love,
But they only mean
The dreams that collect silver coins.
The dreams that fix massive dept.

So what am I to do?
My dusty pockets
And love of art
Leaving me at a crossroad.

I wish for a different world.
Where achieving your dreams
Wasn't a fantasy,
And I could paint words for a lifetime.
How on earth do I become who I want to be?
Amber Sep 2015
marching towards
an ocean of goodbye
Do you know why
you should break away
I said one there was one
only one life to live.

— The End —