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Ylzm Apr 2
Small nations? Who cares!
Unless you're Israel. Who else?

Why spy and steal
Just slam the steel
Gift in hand, suggests
Your daughter - or son - or else?

Small nations
petty thieves
spy, steal from
small nations.

Big Boys see and laugh
All of mine is yours
If you worship us
You'll be one of us.

But Big Boy wannabe
China, will never be;
Splurged fake money by the ton
But none worships Dragon's son.
Toxic yeti Mar 2
On a remote
Part of the Great Wall
There are sad spirits
Looking for justice
And many demons
Amongst these spirits
Is one of a
Woman who cried colourred ink
Instead of tears
Had an ear shattering scream
Which will **** you.
Who was possessed
And died from
The possession.
Toxic yeti Feb 21
The chief concubine
Enters the room
Flowing gowns
Beautiful colourful
I mistake her for
A butterfly
Though with
A ***** look I
Know that I shouldn’t
Mess with her.
She is fierce.
Toxic yeti Feb 3
The strang thing
This morning I was happy
But I had the sickness.
You woke up
Knowing that I was with
You kiss me
And walk out.
I scream for you to come back
But you were gone.
In a few hours
You came drunk
And sad
You were exhiled
From the temple
Though angry you were not
Instead you kissed me
And sad that i loved me
You then kissed my nether regions
As we made love
A love that wasn’t forbidden
Never more.
Toxic yeti Feb 3
I awake the next morning
Only to find you
Asleep at my side
****** and empassioned
I let you sleep and wake up
When you awake you
Ended up craving my flesh
And more *****
I was happy to give you
Crazed you gently kiss my nether regions
I grab you to my face
Kiss you
Hoping to see what I taste like
Toxic yeti Feb 3
The next time
I see you my beloved
I was a horrible sight
I started to get into the *****
I say sorry but then
You start to dabble
And we end up
Make love
Euphoric from the *****
I know it’s against your beliefs.
Toxic yeti Feb 3
I cry all night
I cry all day
Thinking that you
Will never come back
I soon read the love songs of the
6th Dalai Lama
Then you come in
My heart leaps
I lead you to
My bed
We kiss
I ask you your you name
You say that’s it was karma.
Mine was Jin Mai
We continue to kiss
Passionately and fall on
My bed and on eachother
I can feel your hardness
When you undress eacother
And make love
My gentle soul.
You ask why I was so sad
I sad that
I forced to horrible things
And you didn’t care
You pulled me closer
And kissed me
Toxic yeti Feb 3
I hated being a concubine
Having to be mean to the others
And being taken against my will
Every night
So I disappeared from the palace
During my escape in the south
When I came
I saw you
A beautiful
Almost feminine
Young monk
From the near by shaolin temple
Our eyes connect
Something strange when down my spine
I walk back to my house
Not knowing that you followed me.
When I close the door
I see you
And let you in
The old me would
Say get out
But this is the new me
So I invite you in.
You said that I was
We soon kiss
And hold eachother
In eacother arms
In the safety in my bed
We couple
Then you had to leave
I kissed you
Saying that you are always welcome
For my home is our love nest.
I cry myself to sleep.
Niobe Dec 2018
Merwin saw lions in China.
I found a chessboard on the ceiling.
I saw a ****** in a caterpillar's arms
Cradled like a child.
I found no rabbit
But I did find Alice.
The caterpillar claimed innocence
And I hope he's right.

The white knight never piped up form above,
He never took a step.

I think I'm losing the game.
Chess was never my thing,
But then, dead people were never my thing,
And here I am
And here she is

Those of old saw meaning in the stars.
The stars in her eyes are too cold to hold any
I can't decipher my next move from her eyes.
Stars make terrible chessboards.

I don't think I want to play this game anymore.
Alice is offputting
And the wonder has left

Merwin saw lions in China.
We never made it that far.
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