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aisha Aug 22
you have red flags around you
and I do not want to wear rose coloured glasses anymore
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2017
What am I?
A mere butterfly in the summer fly of your

Why am I
coloured by the summer sky of your
Here I am to face
the nurture and the chase
of a diamond dragon's pace.
The searcher and my crystal

Where am I?
I'm gliding by the land to overhead.
By the starry riverbed, and time goes ahead,
as I taste the words
I never said...
I see flower heads of lover's lies
that suffer by the frontal eye
of azure skies, who's flustered by
the boats ahead.

Who rode ahead the ocean bed
of love and lust.

My flesh is a myriad of coloured dyes.
And when I wonder
I am discovered by...
And pain.

I must be going insane...
I just let the words flow. No image or concept in mind... Today has been a strange day as it is.
Ronjoy Brahma Aug 2016
रंजाखाङो आंनि बिबार गोसोआ
गियान फैयोब्ला गोरबोआव
नायनो गोमोथाव मुलुगाव।
संसारनि जेथो जेङाजोँ जुजिनानै
गिबां जिउआव बोलो फैयो
नाग्लि जानाय मिजिँआ उदां जायो।
DivineDao Feb 2016

Silent ripples play
with and sway the paper boats ~
until each is drowned.

Transcience Impermanence
Exhale Your Mind Jan 2016
I am black coffee with curves of sugar.
I am a spoon of chocolate
I am soul food
I am a wombed man
The rib of an african king
The golden crown of the cosmos.

I am full moon or a sunset
I am light,
I am a spark,
a flame,
a bonfire,
I am fire works.

I’ll leave traces of smoke in your nostrils.,
Just so you’ll recognize my presence when you’re seeking me.
I’ll shelter myself between your veins just to make your heart beat a little faster.
I am the revolution of love.
I am a silenced desire.
Meteo Oct 2015
How do you live here? / who's sins have you / do you forgive yourself / for the sake of what you believe / makes you? / keeps you in momentum / sails unfurled against the clock / How do you live here? / which scars do you show / which ones no one knows? / what parts of your skin were you born in / what parts of your skin are new / drawn over / coloured outside the lines? / what parts of your skin have you always been? / How do you live here? / who's laugh track echoes in your ear / a recording of a long since dead live t.v. show audience / or your now since becoming nameless childhood friends? / How do you live here? / how do you occupy your skin / your sins / your echoes? / what dreams keep you asleep / what dreams keep you awake / what dreams keep you? / How do you live here?
Lynn Greyling Nov 2014
When foliage take their leave
From crowning summer branches,
After turning into myriads
Of earth adorning bronzes.
Thick and luscious burnished carpet
In rust and gold and richest umber,
Autumn ushers covetous Winter
Into Summer’s glorious slumber.

— The End —