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Bolaji Temilola Sep 2020
Our love is eternal
Even though hearts are physically apart.
Although, body is physically far

But our hearts are spiritually bind together. Our love keeps us together
And our love makes us stronger more every day.

Just listen to your heart's beat
There beating softly on harmony
Like two dancing feet

Our love makes us happy
Our love is never blind
Because I give you my love every day

knowing I'll never go away
Knowing I will never decieve myself again
Knowing I can never love another soul again

Because sweetheart I promised you
I'll love you every day of my life
As long as I breathe....

Always in love with you
So much in love with you, mynat
Isaac May 2020
Rush is a lie
For you and I.
You ask me why?
We are here till we die.
Written 20 May 2020
From dusk till dawn I loved hearing them birds’ chirp through the spring time night
Knowing I’m safe and sound with my two Shepard’s by my side
Starsky and chewy, ones the eye in the sky and both are down to bite
Watch the sky go from black to blue, you can catch purple at the perfect time
Listening to the creatures that roam it go in and out of their wood houses to meet the days dues
Always feeling like them because I can fly as high as I choose
Most the time more than others, I always leave it to them to bring me the news
All the times more than others I look to them anytime I get too confused
Our nighttime’s aren’t the same
Trelon Grant Apr 2019
Embodying love
In a world of hate
From a family of love-hate
to a people who are bred for love and still hate
Is incredibly tiring
And yet,
With blackened eyes
I will still continue to love
I will never truly know
how much I am needed
by someone who is dangling
over the same edge
that I once fell over.
Choose love with your heart
and with your mind.
You never know.
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