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Johnny walker Aug 30
Sometimes I feel the world has got It In for me or maybe I'm  to blind to
Blinded by grief the loss of my sweetheart so I'm not best happy with this
So If the world has got It In for me makes very little difference  
Nothing much I now want to do without my sweetheart so I quess I'll hang around
try and pass my time left here In this life and wait for the Angels to come
Johnny walker Jun 18
I believe I'm a dreamer who dreams far to much that doesn't really no anymore what reality Is but know I need to dream and have to keep followering my dreams till I dream my final
And to follow my dreams to where they may lead me for
there at the end of what I think will be my final dreams
awaits my wife Helen to where we'll remain together forever In
Johnny walker May 26
Sad In this life that we start things but we don't
at the time know at
that we
be given the required
time to see them
For fate Is only thing that knows of what we will become and how long we'll have
allocated to us In this
life that we
But In truth I have to ask myself could I've made things better
and would
have lived our lives to the
full If I had known of the short time you had left In truth
have I say I think it would harder If had known of the
short time Helen had
I had known of the short time that Helen had left to live and truth I have admit would been harder to know of the short she
I could spin

I don't know
If things
Get Better


I'm spinning

You're always

I could spin
The chorus
Of a song
In my head
Johnny walker Apr 14
Uncertainty there is no more for me, and I no
where I'm going, for I
now have a
For a future now I see
but at the moment still
lies within a dream but one day all will become
It's to Texss I will go to thank my friend In
person for the amazing
friend she truly
Always been supportive
through all the pain of grief for Is truly my best friend In the fact my
one only
Such a distant friendship
almost like from here to
eternity but will always be
friends until we both
Like here to eternity our distant memory but friends we will always be
Trelon Grant Apr 11
Embodying love
In a world of hate
From a family of love-hate
to a people who are bred for love and still hate
Is incredibly tiring
And yet,
With blackened eyes
I will still continue to love
I will never truly know
how much I am needed
by someone who is dangling
over the same edge
that I once fell over.
Choose love with your heart
and with your mind.
You never know.
Second day running still I remain positive have goals now In life, now continue on fighting to maintain my
attitude throughout every coming day the most important thing I
have Helen here with me, even though gone she's still giving me the
to get through and that Is very reassuring to know I quote a saying "Never Give Up Till The Fight Is Done" so
I'm feeling down I think of this quote and It from this quote that given
the Inspiration to fight my way through any pain and to better days to
Helen has given me the strength to carry my fight
to get through my loss and
I know this will never fully
go away but at leased Im better equipped to cope
Johnny walker Mar 24
I was a stranger when I met her but when kissed and held her I became a stranger no more before I met was a loner
everybody around me I a was stranger to them lived life on the streets sleeping with an eye open an ear to the ground for
lived dangerously In shop doors and alleyways anywhere I could find to shelter from the rain sleepless nights under stars
a stranger to everyone who passed me by but I rescued by a girl that
I knew whilst growing up as a kid
when kissed and I held her no more loner or a stranger would I be and the loner who was a stranger would never be no
Was stranger when I met her till kissed and held then I was stranger no more
Seanathon Mar 8
If work, a sea, has tossed me asunder
Then I in two, will sit on the edge of a caffeinated cliff
And write about it, about me, about you
Unwinding Till Unwound
I am just a dreamer I've dreamed  half a lifetime away In dreams of
yesterday and left
wondering why did I waste life
In all those foolish thoughts
that once when I was young
Seemed such gteat Idea's but
as one grows older those Idea's  that once seemed great have become more of embassiment
almost sence of shame that how could ever think such stupid Idea's but guess l'm still a dreamer and will be until the day I die
I was just a dreamer full of silly Ideas and will be till the day I die
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