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Jenna Mar 2019
Whoever said to give up
had already gave up

Whoever said to stop
they never knew the word 'go'

Whoever said don't cry
don't know a broken heart

Whoever said your broken
is only repeating what they are

Whoever said you should die
has never climbed a step to live
Amoy Feb 2018
By Amoy

Hiding behind the mask of shame and pain
I pick on you just so I can build my confidence and look cool
Who will help me to unmask my pain and show my true self to the world?
I hide in the hole of my mind waiting for someone to care enough to see through my game.
I hurt people because I’m hurt; I pick on you because I was picked on
I suffer in silence only to spew the nastiest thing that my ego dispels from my soul
Can’t you see that my venom masks my pain?
Help me too; I am the victim who only knows pain and anxiety
Everyone helps the victim; can’t you see that I am a victim too?
Can’t you see that my hurt takes shape and camouflages what lies beneath?
Can’t you see I hurt too?
Tell me who helps the bully?
Is it you? Do u have time to help me?
No one will
I guess u think that I’m a lost cause as well?
I’m not a lost cause I am a worthy cause
Who will help the Bully?

If you can get me to admit that I that I need love too then you have done your job
Help me see that I am worthy, that I can be confident without causing pain
Help me to love myself, that's where most of my pain lies.
Help me; forgive me so that I can forgive myself.
Who will help the bully; is it you? We are victims too
Who will help me see that my future can be bright too?
Who will help the bully is it you?
Caroline Roche Dec 2017
Oh this twinkling city.
“Come on over --
We have the night life.”

My car is two blocks away, just past,
just past these neon lights now.
Just past these long-legged, bustiered signs.
Come here missy, come in.
Come on, hon - you want to dance?
We need girls to dance.

Walk on, purse-clutching city woman.

Oh this dancing city
Oh this shattered city.
Madhu Jakkula Dec 2017
I never asked for it
the touch,
the comment,
the harassment.

I never desired for it
the pester,
the stare,
the ******.

I never wished for it,
the assault,
the blood,
the death.
spamming your email inbox
with messages that harass
none of them do you wish
to have on your receipt's pass

these sorts of communications
you haven't requested
though the pushy sender thinks
of them you'll be invested

do you ever recall asking
for bedeviling telegraph cables
to be jammed into your
receiving stables
Cat Fiske Jun 2015
I walked into a high school,
with one friend,
the only friend I made in elementary school,
who stayed my friend.

My mommy Doesn't like her,

I walked into a high school,
and my only friends older sister,
who felt like my sister too,
Passed away,

the school didn't care that we all cried,

I walked into a high school,
and I tried to make other friends,
and a kid got ******,
and he stole my phone,

the police did nothing to him like the school and he later ***** a girl,

I walked into a high school,
going into a program with high hopes,
only for them to get shattered by those who didn't wanna deal with me,
because people didn't get things related to ADHD,

and I wanted to drop out,

I walked into high school,
and skipped the class,
after the one where the teacher and students all harrassed,

because when I reported it, it was their word against mine,

I walked into high school,
and I talked to the teacher who would harass me,
and tried to make him understand me,
understand how I can't do things like everyone else can,

and he made me head banana masher and then I puked,

I walked into high school,
and Skipped that class for the first time ever,
because the teacher made me *****,
be he was absent that day,

and I got in trouble for skipping and "lying about the incidence"

I walked into high school,
and skipped my classes,
and cried in the bathroom,
and cut myself,

because I couldn't handle my panic attacks,

I walked into high school,
trying so hard to make some sort of friends,
and they yelled at me every time I ******* smiled,
because they didn't want to allow me to be happy,

The school wouldn't let me have friends,

I walked into high school,
and tried to hangout with people after school,
and they just yelled at me,
made up lie about where I was supposed to be,

They tried to get more mom mad at me,

I walked into high school,
oblivious to what love,
or abuse was,

and the boy I was seeing ***** me,

I walked into high school,
on the final day of freshman year,
to take my final so i could get the **** out of there,
and they harassed me the entire exam period.

they said things of confidentiality,

I walked into high school,
and everyday I left in tear,
with a scarred body,
and nothing but fear,

and they expect me to wanna come back the following year?
Freshmen year, was ******, This isn't even everything
Emmy Anne Mar 2015
You have your hands around her neck yet she's not afraid. She's so love struck she doesn't feel your grip getting tighter. She gasps for air but you're giving her "love" so she doesn't care. You hold her tightly behind your back not letting anyone see that she's your back up, your plan B. Her delicate hands Trimble and you don't care because the power you posses over her is too addictive for you to let go of. Your evil deceiving words assuring love and protection melt her heart, but your promises never fulfilled. Twisting her words making HER the one at fault for all of your ***** ups and misconceptions. Her heart longs to be accepted, to be "good enough" for you. When she is a sweet daisy trying to grow through rocks and thistles, you are but **** on a gym shower room floor. You will NEVER deserve this flower, this gem, that you think you have control over. One day this princess will become a queen, fight for what she wants and what she deserves.
Meg Howell Feb 2015
With beady,
lurking eyes
they pass judgement
looking for just one
"fatal flaw" to mock
Regurgitating false statements
giving them absolutely
no hope
for a future
ah, they say they have
but a single care
in the world
to provoke
to harass
those with substance
which they so evidently lack
what a world to live in
It's rather childish,
don't you think?
There are people in the world who pointlessly mock others. If that is all life is worth to someone, to make fun, to hurt, then what a worthless life to live. In all honesty, people like that are hurting themselves more than any other person.

— The End —