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GJLT Mar 7
Society is a being,
A breathing, living thing,
It’s skin is always cold,
It does not wish to let me be known,
For it needs me to fulfill its will,
But I want to abandon it so,
For it’s claws are deeply rooted
Into my fragile skin,
It does not care if I bleed,
But I cannot find myself in leave, for
It’d tear me terribly thin.
Freedom is an indifferent escape away,
But until one jumps, all will stay,
And so I will live out the same day,
Over and over again,
Thus is the wail of the proletariat,
Living as undying strays.
Mitch Prax Sep 2020
I don't know
what happened to Andri.
She was too good for this world-
few are.
I hope she is doing well,
wherever life took her
and I hope that she found the
anarcho-communist commune
she had always
Maria Mitea Sep 2020
Eyes lost
in waiting,
looking in vain,
Despite it,
He kept them
widely opened,
He put it away
on the old
wood table.

his courage
lifting up
ferrous arms
a tinny piece,
rolling himself
in still noise
a cigarette of
a variety of
great purge
good reason,
one pack a day

It helped survive
the cold,
and everyday
toil when
soldiers and ants
of freedom.

looking in vain,
Despite it,
He kept them
widely opened,
Kagey Sage Jul 2020
The hypocrisy of the American right and a global pandemic
It's a hoax or it isn't
but China, a place where people eat bats
is to blame
If only the communist government would step up
and ban them  

and boy, wouldn't it be nice
if the Dem commies got off our backs
here in our government
and let us sell anything we want
without regulation

Or maybe the Chinese
are more crafty than that
They made it in a lab to destroy Trump
and hundreds of thousands of Americans,
and Europeans, Asians, Africans, and South Americans
including their own Chinese, all perished
that's how cruel they are

Now, us here at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation
will tout the American president's line
that reddest China is indeed to blame
and all this blood is on their hands.
Yes, all these deaths are going in our ticker
as victims of communism along with
the dead **** Stormtroopers

If communist China would just forcibly stop
their free wild markets
none of us would be in this mess
Alaina Moore May 2020
Don't feel like a cog.

Don't feel like a bird either.
DA Bloomfield Dec 2019
None can defy what there is not
So why and how do you?
As Narcissus reigns, how can you contend?
Contentment with the norm, a shameful folk you are

As the faithless faithful preach
We remain steady,
watching through the distance
silently and inquisitively

So when the time arrives
Haste we do not
They, a pitiful bunch, consider us but shams
"How can the peasants rule after all?"
Oh, their gall

And so the farmers and the toilers march
March under the banner of revolution!
No faith to obstruct, no wealth to envy
'Tis but another evolution

Humanity will once again rule itself
Not succumbing, but becoming
its own god and its own master
A Simillacrum Apr 2019
No one
worth your time
will give a ****,

No one
worth your love
will give a fight,

Learn your personality.
Learn humility.
Work on the flaws.
Defend your deepened heart.

No one
worth your time
will give a ****,

No one
worth your art
will give a fight,

Deep and directed,
do. Those deep
in the win or the lose
will see you
taking a tragic loss,
but you'll know.

And that's enough!

Oh my good ness
he/she, how ee gonna be?
God Almighty, shot
me, now I fall like lightning.
The mass effect
best keep you ***** earth low --
so make them fail:
haul all of your mines tow.
Anyone want a piece of this?
The more you *****,
the more I'll **** --
Home court, that's how it goes,
but on my court
you switch your roles.
Is the first base defense
another defensive pretense?

Taliesin Apr 2019
Sparklers and orange bloom
flowers that only shine at night
and wake in the dawn with light and furious colour
like the fourth of July, crackling steak on metal
smoke and seeping juices, screaming meat
        rare, just as you like it, on this, our independence day
       (everybody cheer) or was it the eleventh?
       I forget such things now and then
       surely, it's the eleventh for them over there, playing in the sandpit
       and the eleventh hour, no less. Tell me
       did you see the game?
Brawlstarsmann Mar 2019
The Labour Party is made of spam
They are communists and are as smart as Pam
They l spend and spend more and more
Until the U.K is poor

Jeremy Corbyn is mad
He is very sad
He is made of trash
Just like an annoying ****
That is why I think the Labour party is *******
MMMM            MMMM
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