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Randy Johnson Aug 31
I stole one of Donald Trump's credit cards five years ago.
I spent ten million dollars and prison was where I had to go.
I bought a lot of expensive things, including a Ferrari.
I committed credit card fraud and I'm not at all sorry.
I hid everything I bought really well so that it can't be retrieved.
Trump has tried to find it but it's something he hasn't achieved.
Trump said he wouldn't press charges if I would give the merchandise back.
I gave him the finger and he spat on me so I had to give him a hard smack.
I slapped the taste out of the President's mouth and he started crying.
Even though Trump hasn't found the merchandise, he won't stop trying.
Yesterday, my sister planted a few of the stolen items in Hillary Clinton's house.
The police hauled Hillary away in handcuffs and they also arrested her spouse.
But Bill resisted arrest so the police had to use tear gas.
They also beat him with their billy clubs and kicked his ***.
The cops believe that Bill and Hillary were accomplices to my crime.
And that almost makes up for me having to do hard time.
Peter Garrett Aug 26
My writing is a fraud
For my words flow dry
As the autumn leaves
My fiftieth poem... probably another vain attempt to feel...
Em MacKenzie Aug 20
I’m breaking down along with our economy
and all around they only want more from me.
The end of my rope but I’ve been tethering,
searching out hope but it’s straining and weathering.
Who cares? There’s nothing good to find,
the never ending stairs within my mind,
I’ve kept going, without knowing,
and there’s no result showing.

If you ask me what I’ve wanted the most,
it’s to destroy this parasite; I’m not much of a host.
I’m just waiting, debating
and operating almost like a robot.
I walk alone, I have no home.

I think I’ll crash if I continue going at this rate,
or maybe just break down; it’s still up for debate.
It seems like everyone in the world is ******* me
except for the select few who I wouldn’t mind *******.
Wouldn’t it be exciting for our system to start igniting?
But you know we’d foot the bill
‘cause we’re paying them still.
They crave our money and vote but don’t care to hear us speak,
so my sincerest thanks for letting me work to barely eat.

If you ask me what I’ve wanted the most,
it’s to have an outside life; this routine’s made me a ghost.
It’s been draining, to be maintaining
this training to become a robot.

If you were to ask what our Country needed the most,
it’s lower taxes and more production from East to West coast.
We’re all slaving, and behaving
for laboursaving just like a robot.
I’m not alone, I notice each clone.
pa3que Aug 8
Marie, took some fresh baked goods,
set her sail through blood-curdling  woods,
in search of a one who hearts can alter.
her heart broke a man,
and so with sedan,
she seeked the one who’d scrap her falter.

to prevail over cold,
she took some gold,
to pay the one who hearts can alter.
she traveled sad,
but reached a nomad,
who claimed “i’m the one who hearts can alter.”

he was a fraud,
very sharp-clawed,
he stole her gold and then he paltered.
took his leave,
with a thieve,
after saying “Marie, your heart is altered.”

“Oh, Marie naive,
do you still grieve?”
the nomad was actually a salter,
see in this ground,
there’s not around,
a single soul that hearts can alter.
Peter Garrett Jul 12
I’d say I’m a complicated person
Yes, I think it’s a proper definition
Yet such a fraud in every version
I’m afraid I’ll run out of ammunition

People don’t realize I’m a mess
You see, I’m quite a skilled actor
Every character’s made to impress
For looking good’s all that matter

Still I wonder if one of these days
My lies and cheats slipped away
Which part of me would stay
Would anyone recognize me?
CM Lee Feb 18
To this day, I don’t know
If what I really wanted was to leave and just let go
Or if I was just scared of the speed of the flow
What feels like yesterday, is a million years ago
I wonder if I’m just a coward
People always saw me as strong and hard
But now, I’m crying alone in the dark
Maybe, I’m just human or maybe just a fraud

Outside, I’m an unbreakable wall
No words, no stones could ever make me fall
But that’s just what they saw
Inside, the pain has taken it’s toll

The cuts I have is not seen with the eyes
It’s buried deep in my chest, cold as ice
I chisel them out of the cold when I write
It’s messed up I know, but it’s my vice

No matter what you think, I don’t care
Because emptiness is something I can’t bear
I’d rather be hurt and pay the fare
It makes me feel alive, I swear
Gina Mosxa Jan 16
Who were you then, I wonder still
A quiet boy with a twisted world view
While always looking down,
Somehow you showed us all the sky..
Refused to take your own advice
Then killed yourself so many times

He was a man of very few words
Sat next to the loudest boy you'd ever heard
They did everything together
Swore it'd never end..
One day, he told us, the loud boy died
He swore to me the doctors tried
I wonder, just who was he then?

Where was she when we needed her
The perfect girl, in our impure world
Everybody's friend and confidante,
She even sewed your brother's broken heart
Still, as soon as we knew her
She was just as quick then to depart

Peas and pods, they're all the same
People, peasants, God's to blame
You're a fraud
You're a fraud
I know I know I know
Every word you spoke
Candied lies and bitter truths
But you numbed the pain, oh the pain..
How come you show up every time it rains...
For Jordan... You will always be the sweetest, bitter mystery..
I’m a fraud
I’m a fraud pretending your words hurt me
I’m a fraud ignoring this scars that haunt me.
I’m a fraud playing the perfect girl,while I watch the messy one die inside every night .
I’m a fraud, I say help is for the weak ,but I long for help .
I’m a fraud, scared of failing,so I never try
I’m a fraud,because I let all this talent burn out.  
I’m a fraud because society has me in chains•
I’m a fraud •
Every time you gave up, every time you let yourself be treated less than you deserve,every time you don’t try . You defraud yourself
Sasha Raven Nov 2018
To all the people I knew, I was more than good,
they just abused me, I am in the gloomy mood ...
One of them, was a trader with the name Randy,
I am drowning my sorrow, now, in the drink Brandy ...
He took away from me, the really, last, last money
and my Allison is saying: ''What about me, Honey?''
And yes, he does not care, if you are maybe poor,
leave you in the troubles, walking through your door ...
All what can I do, now, is praying to the Almighty Lord,
so heartless Randy, for you, I just cannot find a word ...
My BTC transaction, will be always in the Blockchain,
I hope, that you will stand, bruised and broke in the rain ...
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