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nick armbrister Oct 2023
Vice President Boss
The call centre VP boss flew from America to Thailand
She’d been in sales 20 years and knew it all
From presenting to rebuttals to fronting and closing
This was why she was the big boss and flew to Bangkok
One of the reps said to his pals take her to a Go Go bar!
See how her ******* twist and if she can drink and grind
Would you **** her another asked? Of course he replied
They got the business meetings over and official stuff
Including signing the new contract for another year
Then it was time for a team dinner with pizza and Pepsi
There were many photo ops for the website
Later they all went to a ***** Twister bar for fun
She paid for seven buckets of beer and more food
Music played dancing gals danced hookers hooked
A couple of the lads got bjs then and there
Others went back to private rooms with bargirls
The Yankee boss nodded to the TL and a rep
She took their hands grabbed some beers
And they all went to a room to make love!
What ensued in the ***** Twister bar stayed there
Had she done this before or was it the first time?
None of this would appear on the company site!
over 18s only adult
nick armbrister Aug 2023
I had a good talk with the manager
About my numbers the account and sales
You need to do this and that

Yes I shall do my best boss
Here are my suggestions
To make the account better

First there is…
Next there is this…
Followed by this…
And lastly this…

Please see that this is done boss
So the account is smooth
Without issue or trouble

What a good meeting we had
I’m so glad the boss listened
Much will improve
nick armbrister Aug 2023
What Fun!
I worked in a small call centre once
The boss was fed up of being bossed about
So left his job and set up his own call centre
He became his own boss and my boss
Gave me a job dialling varied accounts
In the US UK and Australia

Including tech support surveys sales
Plus education and B2B accounts
I learnt so much in my year with him
It was different and challenging

Each day was different even fun
I was gal agents cry I saw guys battle
We work drank sang ate danced  
In my first year of BPO work
I’d do it all again oh what fun!
nick armbrister Aug 2023
Work a forty hour week or more
Five nights a week for pay
Get a bonus if you hit the targets
Drink every two weeks when paid
Till you fall over have more and crawl
Celebration BPO style wage slave job
Dial the ******* customers do as told
Stressed to Hell and back be quiet DIAL!
You wanna work in a call centre?
Go ahead you better be ready
For stress orders drinking and more
nick armbrister Aug 2023
Not Hopping
Some trainers in the BPO industry
Have worked in 20 or 30 different places
Brian met 2 or more such trainers
Both had worked in dozens of centres
Between a month’s training and years
Finally settling down to train others
Being Hoppers no more job to job
Instilling their skills info knowledge
With wisdom guidance mind set
It takes skill to be a trainer
And something else to excel
Getting the next generation ready
Reps support trainers OMs
nick armbrister Aug 2023
What If?
Brian never thought he would work in a call centre
When he lived in Germany he was unemployed
And while looking for a job he was forced to go
Work in a call centre and refused creating a fuss
I’m not selling insurance or loft insulation!
Put me on fork lift truck training it’s my job
Not some **** call centre 2 towns away

The stupid ***** running the training place
Offered to buy Brian a bicycle and he laughed!
You silly ******* cow retrain me on fork lifts
I need to renew my outdated licence
Not work taking calls like a fool robot
Half a decade passed and Brian
Ate his words working in a call centre!
nick armbrister Jul 2023
Support War
Surprisingly it wasn't Brian's account
Where the war happened
It was bad and bitter and abrupt
The reps were struggling

Their job was hard not just calls
They weren't updated on their stats
A very important BPO metric
All got their info on this good or bad
Their Team Leader simply didn't tell them
Some stats are hourly some daily others monthly
The daily and weekly ones matter

The reps know if they're doing fine
There was a meeting of support
The boss was there and said it
To the supervisor in question
You either resign or I terminate you
And the Team Leader resigned immediately
This was like a war all out to win or lose

The SOM went too far missing a step
The reason why above all why
Why the reps were not updated on their stats
Was it just one TL or were more affected
By a system issue or job issue
Or was the sup simply not bothered
Ignoring their reps stats and waiting

For the chop which came like a sword
Now a new sup is needed to lead the team
The managers always need to remember
Always ask the reason why
Brian scratched his head
Not even his old B2B account
With the Fake god was that bad
For even then there was communication
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