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Emerged from a point
It was big bang
Universe expands
There's no centre
Uniformly it expands
Ever since big bang
There's no centre
Where do I stand
My consciousness
Seems tied to my body
Though it's diametrically opposite
Nothing in common
It's quite strange
I often talk of
My body, my mind
Spirit and soul
They appear
Tied to my body
Where do I stand
Universe has no centre
Ever since big bang
I meditate and meditate
Consciousness to expand
A day wouldn't be far
They, you and I
Would be I and I
I wouldn't seem tied to a body
Yet tied to everything
I won't be revealed
To them, to you
Until they and you
Meditate and meditate
Consciousness to expand
Universe expands
There's no centre
So do l
I meditate and meditate
Universal consciousness
I expand
With no centre!
Expanded consciousness, expanding universe have no centres.
Fail to understand this poem? No surprise! Spirituality and modern science have been intertwined here. Big bang theory and expanding universe are beyond human imagery. Big bang wasn't an explosion as we ordinarily visualise having a centre. Big bang wasn't an explosion in space, but it was an explosion of space. Observational data of the visible cosmos lead to evidence that the universe has no centre. Here's an analogy that could make you understand the idea. Imagine surface of a baloon with dots on it as galaxies is the two dimensional universe. Expand the baloon. The dots (galaxies) recede from each other. Where is the centre of this two dimensional universe on the two dimensional surface itself? No where! Something like this in three dimensions! We can't visualise, it's too mathematical!
Shofi Ahmed Jan 4
I sniffed a smell of your rose.
Oh, you know what?
It’s enough to thrill the bone.
Just leave a scent in the air
and pop in, take your turn
into a new buzzing centre!
Nolan Willett Jan 2020
Dusk and Dawn,
Back-Streets and Alleys,
A portrait halfway Drawn,
The center of a Valley.

I like the In-Betweens:
Those things which have begun but not Ended,
Where things are not always what they Seem
And our belief is Suspended.

A jagged Mountain grasping for the Clouds,
Not quite there but well into the Sky
Like a prisoner Unbowed,
With a jailor to Defy.

The boring, uneventful Days,
Which alienate and leaves us Whirled.
Manifested, tangible Displays,
Of the Space between the Worlds.

Life is the greatest Halfway,
It’s not so long a Route.
So I will resolve to Stay
To see it all play Out.
George Krokos Aug 2019
The illumination at the centre of being shines very bright
and one who becomes enlightened can witness the sight.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
annh Feb 2019
describes my centre
defines my true potential
infinite circles
‘We are all born naked into this world, but each of us is fully clothed in potential.’
- Emmitt Smith
Dawn Jupiter Jan 2019
The centre of me aches.

My circle is full,
There's no space for you
But yet you push
Encroaching on my depths.
The need for warm drinks on chilly nights.
The arm on a shoulder after a weep.
The ache from a belly laugh so hard you cried.
                              A space I didn’t know needed filling.

I’ve lost you before I had you.
You’re not mine to keep.

The centre of me aches.

My circle is full,
And yet you’re there,
nish Aug 2018
you always keep me on edge
does that make you my centre?
a person or thing that is the centre of attention or admiration.
Sam Miller Jan 2018
Bang, do something tiny again
Not to much just throw the stone And pray for attention
Ill start being reckless just to be noticed
But it doesn't really make a difference when there only around for your kinred
"Performing isn't really your talent son"
"Maybe you should stay behind the stage where you belong"
Hinden away
Nothing else to say
Still its been days and days
And that protective contact is still so far away

But hey its been like this for a life time now
The middle child
Centre of it all Never the first and no where near the final
So whats this whining for
At this point why would you hope for more
They will be back with the rest of the tribe
Till then just sit around and waste that useless time
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