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Simon Apr 3
Strife is the commanding officer, because it has the very basics of its own underling under its very control.
(Which is the even more basic facts towards being in such specific details, that is "shame" itself.)
Then there's the very such direct component pieces that make up the perfect ingredients for shame itself....
Doubt. And...guilt.
Mostly because... It's a commanding officer of an obviously do.
Nothing more to say or even have the very such capable guesswork for such speculating results, such as this...
Strife is without equal. Because it has no other equal. Except for the very underling who trades it's very own entire whole (that is it's very own one-hundred percent put together form) for its very own ingredients (that strife themselves WISHES it had)!
Lu Wilson Jan 26
I breathe, I close my eyes and I drift  
I'm so happy, but still wanting to cry

Air fills my chest this is truly a gift
Bidding farewell to all that why

I open my eyes and breath again
Singing praise yet quietly screaming out

Releasing this dark aggressing bane
Grateful, now hopefully liberating doubt
Good news, full heart
A Beginner's Guide
To manifesting your dreams
And achieving prosperity

Clarify your end result
Visualize with inner eyes
Take incremental actions
Watch angelic forces rise

Trust in powerful beings
Embrace their loving aid
Shape intelligent matter
Forge reality - unafraid

Give thanks for all you use
Enjoy each glorious day
Accept, forgive, rejoice
Reach out to help, and pray
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Everyone has talents and strengths.  I've always enjoyed working with words and I'm so grateful for the gift and inspiration that allows these thoughts to flow through me.  

I keep a huge list of possible words and ideas for future poems, but most often the most recent poem is sparked by something I see or hear that day.  Lately I've been studying Geology and one of my books is "A Beginner's Guide to Minerals", and that was the spark.

Wouldn't it be helpful if we had a beginner's guide to prosperity?  So, I wrote one.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
Don't you know what damage you do to me?
Obvious if you just look
Chaos easy to see
Can read me like a book

Love in the way I move
Embedding every cell
Impossible to decrease or remove
I am under some sort of spell

Dancing around corner housing truth
Afraid of what is lying in wait
Doesn't take an expert sleuth
To figure what signs indicate

With the time and effort I give
Hoping for resolution
Thought we would find a better way to live
Resulted in destitution

Don't you know you are the reason why
I tolerate array of abuse
Cheat on me
Yet somehow remain my constant muse

Potential picks up pieces
Each time illusions shatter
Infatuation never ceases
When promises scatter

And all that matters
The end of the day
Is overwhelming adoration I feel
Is worth the hefty price I pay
Experiencing something real

It is sad how I never cross your mind
In mine you never stop
Harbor peace I cannot find
Places wish we could swap

If love no longer hangs on heart
Inform so I can start to accept
Our bodies must be apart
Owe me at least that respect

Is it difficult to share
Thoughts inhabiting your brain?
Done my best to make you aware
Of both happiness and pain

Head spinning due to disappointment
Your silence says it all
Attempts to evoke enjoyment
Lead straight to a brick wall

Whisper prophecies in ear
How many moments til we're done?
Don not hide what I would rather not hear
Nowhere else to run

You do not dare to break the careful facade
Worked so hard to protect
In denial of behaviors flawed
Too badly to halt or correct

Somewhere along path we travel
Feet strayed from the planned route
We are forced to watch our dreams unravel
Trapped without a way out

Afraid problems are too high to rise above
Inevitable is here so quit trying to pretend
Don't you know there is nothing that can save our love?
Even the strongest relationship comes to an end
How can you be so naive?
Bhill Nov 2020
today's the day, and the future will talk
we all had a choice to give rise to the walk
I hope we all did, what we know we should do
the results will mean, some difference to (who)?
I'm hoping the change will move us along
with a peaceful exchange and a newness that's strong...!

Brian Hill - 2020 # 303
Bhill Oct 2020
thoughts of your beautiful face penetrate my mind
how can the experience of that moment be genuine
a meeting with so much circumstance
a crossing of paths so real and so seamless
somedays just reach unheard of results
thank you for being there on that day...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 283
unnamed Sep 2020
You once told me I wasn't good enough,
And so I worked hard,
To reach your expectations.

When I finally show you results,
You said I do not need to give it to you.
And so you rejected it,
Even though I insist in the end.

I am confused.

When I failed to give you a result,
You start complaining,
And seem to forgot the fact that I always give it to you when I received it.

I am confused.

And never know what works for you anymore.
SomaSonata Aug 2020
Knocking on your door
But no one's home today
I brought a cake and iced champagne
It was supposed to be a special occasion
I call and get no answer
I get no explanation
I'm just standing here by myself
But I guess that's how it goes
So, oh well
What difference does it make?
It's all a dance to be danced
The end result is the same
Everything that happens winds up in the grave
Still wide awake at 2
My palms sweat in a motel room
See you again?
Maybe the next time
Maybe someday soon
SomaSonata Aug 2020
Action is meaningless without meaning
Meaning is meaningless without action
Off you go...
The cycle of life seems never-ending,
Is it just a matter of life and death?
Or is it much beyond that?
Things that often seem out of control,
With you playing just like a pawn in the game.
All you can focus on is your actions,
And nothing else.
You can let your actions define your destiny,
even though it might not turn out to be that easy.
The more you try to control it,
The more it seems far away.
To die freely, you must live within means
Although we have different perceptions of the word,
The feeling seems deserted.
There is freedom in solitude,
People move away with eyes averted.
A free bird but with weighted consequences of his actions. No decision goes unaffected. Karmic destiny awaits.
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