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BoringBoy Sep 24
I speak it into existence...
I will be fine,
and happy.

Though the fall is coming, the winter shadows it.
And through that shadow, gloom lurks.

There will be a crooked reality,
and for some, joy.
But even after that, it lingers.

Not this time. Let it be crooked.
Let it be corrupted.
But I refuse to let it prosper this year.

I will win.
I will shine.
I will be warming,

I will love, care, and share my joy, gracefully.

Everything has a flaw, but everything isn't beautiful.
This winter, beautiful depravity, will be beautifully crooked.
I speak it into existence.
Kayal Jul 14
You killed my innocence with
the crookedness in your blood,
And evil, the language you speak.
Your delinquent confession made me
dive into the pool of agony.
Chained me up with devilish whispers.
Captured by your corrupted soul
kissed those wicked lips painted with sins
Drenched me with your heinous love.
To sum up your sins,
equals the stars of the dark universe
Count me in too, as one of your crooked desires.
xxx Jul 19
She was a tipsy little stardust outlaw. A crooked walk and a crooked smile painted blue.
She was 4’11’’ and wanted to touch the moon. Wanted to lay on dead leaves in the shade of yesterday.
She was the sun and said she’d burn out anyway. Laughed as she choked on the words in her throat.
She was my hanging-over anti-anecdote. She took my mood ring and kisses like she wasn’t there at all.
madameber Jul 13
i have lain here
for nights on end
trying to make sense of the stars

mama never did teach
me how to read
the patterns in the skies,
what reason did i have
to look up
when the fairy lights
we hung
were so pretty
if i wanted constellations
i could take a pen
and map out the spots
on my skin

mama never did teach
me how to dream,
what need could there be
when hers were already
big enough for
the both of us
to share
i could look up
and count the stars
in her night skies
and never worry about
my own

mama never did teach
me how to walk
tall, keep my back up
straight, with her chin
raised high she
looked right past
my crooked posture
and in to
her future,
i stood straight
in her visions,
it was all she needed
to see

i think she tried
i think she gave it
her best
i think she gave her
self better
and i’m still trying to make
sense of the stars
unsure of whose they are
Umi Feb 19
Perfect balance can easily be ruined,
With just one adjustment into the wrong direction,
Crooked, alike tilted glass,
Is the pain of betrayal.

~ Umi
At this point is it okey just to cry ?
Simra Sadaf Aug 2018
as long as my fingers know how to hold a pen,
I will write, I will write endlessly,
about the sunny days,
the sleepless nights,
my deepest thoughts,
about love in people's hearts,
crookedness in their souls,
the black and white mindset,
colours that fill a child's heart,
tongue that bleeds all kinds of lies,
lips that never twitch while making shallow promises,
hands that never tremble while sinning the gravest of sins,
soul that never shivers while slicing another's skin.
Rose May 2018
You pray on the hurt,
too innocent to know of your tricks;
we know not of the worlds cruelty.
You violate our bodies as you do our rights;
take our freedom,
and take our pride.
But in our grief, we lie to ourselves…
for who would ever dig their nails into us,
like these scars we bear?
We are forever marked
by your sloppy lack of humanity.
We are defects of this world,
Never knowing love, for who,
would want to love a crooked soul?
Sincerely yours,

A Crooked Soul, left broken in Your greed.
If you know, you know.
Kim Essary Apr 2018
There are words that haunt me worse than the ghosts of a burnt asylum.  To hear someone say, there's nothing we can do, nothing will stop them. Makes my blood boil . We are people created as equal , yet one man holds the fait of one's life in his hands. He hands down a sentence of whatever his choosing when it's written to obide the punishment set forth for a crime to follow. Who or what is  this  law enforcement, making arrests, setting a bond, sentencing to prison, for what they claim to be defeating violence or crime on the streets let's not forget their war on drugs. For sake of my humor as I'm laughing out loud, I was under the impression in order to solve a problem you must start with the source, well I'm screaming this loudly so I can be heard, the law enforcement officers wear a badge on their chest and took an oath to protect, through the barbwire fences surrounding our jails and prisons they work every day, but the problem at hand when they preach to stop crime, Mr. Officer this man is in prison for the sale of a drug, how dare you make it more accessible than the streets you arrested him while he serves time in this prison and it's law enforcement peddling the weapons and drugs and promoting violence where loved ones lay stabbed but nothing done. Stop kidding yourself it's too plain to see the war that they are fighting will never end because it's the ones enforcing the law that need to be in prison the drugs on the street starting with them
The war will never end until someone stands and takes notice it's being done through them
Kathryn Rose Mar 2018
The torrential wind blew my brain around my neck,
Like a whiplashed skewer,
Crooked and bending in ways wood should not.
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