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Sarah Robinson Sep 2021
Sometimes I think of selling pictures of my feet online
I immediately think of the state of my feet;
The state of me.
After conforming to your dress code of black dress shoes and shattered dreams For 11 long years.
For 11 long years
I sat in rows of grey white and black
Perfectly poised in the presence of our educators
Our guardians
Our wardens.
If we deigned to relax,
They would find more to give and give and give
Until we became nothing but frayed nerves
And therapy bills
That should be addressed to our parents
And then I think
I can’t sell pictures of my feet online,
How could I correctly value them
If I don’t correctly value myself?
Simon Jul 2020
I'm sold on a once thoughtful deal I never even made!
Only until I have my wallet in my very jeans back pocket am I willing to be sold towards selling myself clean!
I never been sold to a deal I could both never know about and never have not known about...
Unless I'm more then meets the eye...already!
PS... I know what's really going on....
Amanda Kay Burke Sep 2019
Working hard is what we do
Each day this place we show up to
Selling pie and pastries too
Wiping tables when we're through
That's just life for me and you
Day two of my 30 day poetry challenge: write a five-line poem to the last person you texted (or fb messaged in my case since i lack a cell phone)
Bohemian Feb 2019
If a needle was to be put in my capillaries to forget you
I'd been a walking void.
If each time I thought about you could grow my hair by an inch,
I'd been the Tangle you read about.
If changing wrappers of my skin had not worked,
Could change my skin and bones.
If you were on the moon
I could study turning all upside down to be an astronaut.
Had my heart not recited your name,
My sleeves hadn't been upto this stretch.
If I could have a job of making you happy,
You would been immortal by now
If I were the Leonardo,
I had painted you smiling
Till eternity.
That went unseen ,yet prepared for your birthday ;just as silly as it sounds.
Tuffy Mutombo Apr 2018
Bodies sold at a retail price
To hearts which are colder than ice
She sold her soul and pride for money
While inside she was dying alone and empty
Beaten and bruised badly
She took every slap boldly
when it came to scars
She had one too many

She a victim of her insecurity
He an addict addicted to ****** gratification
*** driven with no particular destination
At home he had a wife who lost her passion
So prostitutes became his substitution
Seeking them in the day, seeking them at night
Just so he could fill that empty spot

***** at a young age,
so she fornicated with rage
Anger in her eyes
fear in her heart
pain on her mind
Numb to pleasure
she only smiled when she saw dollars
Wore dog collars
as man acted like they owned her

A property for hire between her legs
Men would love her and touch her, hurt and destroy her, abuse her and mistreat her and no one would defend her

To her love and pain all felt the same
Vexren4000 Apr 2018
Shifty salesman,
Selling souls,
Sometimes somebody's,
Sifted sands sold,
To buyers buying better,
Shifting tides of time,
Sounding down the mountain,
Streaming in space,
As the man,
Still sells,
Souls to the buyers.

blind faith
lead them to believe
in a charlatan
like moles they were
to the false god

they were following
he who had nothing
of the Messiah's
tangible fabric

never did it dawn
on them
that he was selling
a religion based
on disrepute
none of his disciples
being overly astute

and still they're listening
and still they're standing
with his stead
and still they can't eye
the paucity of street cred
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