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Jan 8 · 191
Verbal Activism
Verbal Activism
The man went for a hair cut
The barber told him
He had a friend from Ukraine
A female pal not a lover
Married to a guy
Both were of fighting age
She was a house wife
That really needed to be there
Making bullets or missiles
Or tending wounded soldiers
Does she have Russian citizenship?
Plus Ukrainian like many does
She lived in his country
Far from home right now
The man getting a trim
Told the barber
He wants Putin
And all his inner circle
To be assassinated
**** them all dead
The only way for it to stop
No more Putin's war
When he's a ******* corpse
All told while getting a trim
In some places those views are bad
The Ukrainian gal now has an ally
Oct 2023 · 370
nick armbrister Oct 2023

It’s a fine line between victory and defeat. In the heat of battle do you know which is which? Think of the difference between genius and insanity, when does a brilliant mind fall over the edge? If someone spreads rumours between you and your girl, who do you believe? This is the game of life, when a wrong becomes a right and vice versa. We all go from one extreme to the other, at some point. The silly thing is that we should know when to stop but we never do, do we? Just one more affair or one more stolen car. In the end it doesn’t matter because we are all as bad as each other. You see, we don’t know what we had until it is gone – in this rock pool of life.
from skeward images nick armbrister
Oct 2023 · 664
nick armbrister Oct 2023

You’re a girl like no other ’cause of what you are. It’s not your fault that you got scared, cry at night or get so lonely in a crowd. Everyday you ask the same two questions: Why me? And when will they come for me? You get flashbacks of blinding pain and flashing strobe lights. So when the aliens abduct you and you feel it before it happens, you wish for death. Can no one see the alien ship as you float through your roof up to it? No one believes you when you say you’re an abductee – aliens don’t exist, they say – they’re just in our minds.
from skeward images nick armbrister
Oct 2023 · 422
nick armbrister Oct 2023

You feel like a wounded bird tumbling down from the heavens with a broken wing dragging you down. The sky spins around in a crazy swirl of emptiness, you’re falling so fast you seem to be standing still. You wonder what will it be like when you hit the earth, to become one with God. Will it hurt, will you suffer, or will it be so fast that you won’t even notice? Every spin on your broken wing is a look or a kiss with a stranger. When the ground strikes you down, is that the final fling or a crazy lustful ****? Or could a miracle happen to fix your wounded wing so that you can fly again into the arms of your lover?
from skeward images nick armbrister
Oct 2023 · 305
nick armbrister Oct 2023

I suppose it’s funny, the things that life throws at me, how it all goes to Hell by the slightest mistake! Am I destined to fail at everything I do, with defeat waiting in the wings to bring my eagle down? How does one know when a good day crashes down? I know many things but there’s always more just waiting to be shown. I have some scary weird dreams I don’t understand – maybe you can help me and make life that bit easier? You are my king fisher heart ready to fly away – like all I hold dear.
from skeward images nick armbrister
Oct 2023 · 311
nick armbrister Oct 2023

I am turning to face the sun, ready to face her burning power. Will I be guided or blinded by her strong glare? Sometimes I falter in the game that is called life. I have many talents and I know quite a bit but there is always more waiting to be shown. I am like an eagle, majestic in flight, but life says that the eagle can fall so easily. I have a girl who is my king fisher heart: will she be mine – or will she fly away? We help each other when one is down, but what happens when we both fall? Life is an ocean with hidden dangers, the price of its beauty.
from skeward images nick armbrister
Oct 2023 · 357
nick armbrister Oct 2023

So now I see life for what it is, a crazy collage of feelings, events and emotions we all endure. Today I saw my mate in Ward 10. Don’t you know that he nearly died as infection gorged his body? They took half of his insides out and he’s hanging in there. I have a truly eventful life – meeting pilots, gothic singers and tattooists. I have tried marriage, promiscuous ***, Class A drugs, reckless driving for that crazy buzz of madness – the wrong way to find happiness. The beauty of a delta wing killing machine floors me, and names like Mirage and Mig lift me to the heavens, for I have lived and seen many things in this **** up called life which now seems to last forever but in reality is only a second. Debbie was my soulmate for a short period; every moment was times by ten, in intense excitement. I know it didn’t last but that’s the way it goes, in the game of life – my life.
from skeward images nick armbrister
Oct 2023 · 162
nick armbrister Oct 2023

Life is like a spiral with people coming and going like sand blown in the wind. So many friends, lovers and hangers on. Some I needed let me down and flew away, others ****** me stupid and stuck like ****. I put it down to being human and the allegiances we make to ourselves and others. It has been a crazy year for me as so many changes have happened, some good, some bad. I came out of it in one piece and a better person, having been on a journey through the year. Now a new one dawns – what will it bring?
from skeward images nick armbrister
Oct 2023 · 558
Vice President Boss
nick armbrister Oct 2023
Vice President Boss
The call centre VP boss flew from America to Thailand
She’d been in sales 20 years and knew it all
From presenting to rebuttals to fronting and closing
This was why she was the big boss and flew to Bangkok
One of the reps said to his pals take her to a Go Go bar!
See how her ******* twist and if she can drink and grind
Would you **** her another asked? Of course he replied
They got the business meetings over and official stuff
Including signing the new contract for another year
Then it was time for a team dinner with pizza and Pepsi
There were many photo ops for the website
Later they all went to a ***** Twister bar for fun
She paid for seven buckets of beer and more food
Music played dancing gals danced hookers hooked
A couple of the lads got bjs then and there
Others went back to private rooms with bargirls
The Yankee boss nodded to the TL and a rep
She took their hands grabbed some beers
And they all went to a room to make love!
What ensued in the ***** Twister bar stayed there
Had she done this before or was it the first time?
None of this would appear on the company site!
over 18s only adult
Oct 2023 · 172
China Computer
nick armbrister Oct 2023
China Computer
The laptop was made in the usual place
It was substandard crap designed to fail
With a charger that worked half the time
With a screen that was only half bright
With a keyboard only half sensitive
With a mouse that was half frozen
With a speaker that was only half loud
You get the idea of this piece of junk
Nothing but crap sold by the million
Mass produced throwaway *******
Soon to be dumped in the landfill!
Oct 2023 · 305
Mouse Cat
nick armbrister Oct 2023
Mouse Cat
The client went on about how fraud hit the revenue
A single case of fraud could be bad
Costing thousands in dollars by criminals
Take the Mobile Application on cell phones
This was for business owners to take calls on
Separating them from personal calls

On the upmarket plan it was text capable
With unlimited SMS text messages
It was a free service but if 10,000 were sent
In a single day that cost something

If enough of such fraud cases were done
It cost the company hugely in lost revenue
It took time to find out if a new user was a fake
Doing fraud before their account was cancelled

Even if it took 48 hours to stop them just imagine
How many thousand text message could be sent
On 1 upmarket business account Mobile App

Its ease of use on a cell phone was a drawback
It allowed scammers to call up for a new fake account
Using a stolen credit card to pay

The 30 dollar activation fee for the service
That started immediately with a free 14 day trial
Perfect for nifty social engineering fraudsters
There were hundreds of them all being smart
We all had to be smarter to thwart them
How exactly do you do that?
It was cat and mouse
Sep 2023 · 365
nick armbrister Sep 2023
The gal with the **** cannon
Let’s one rip a right good ****
You can smell it from here
It smells of baked beans
And mushy peas plus cabbage
I wonder what it’s like
When she takes a dump?
Sep 2023 · 1.8k
nick armbrister Sep 2023

Zoom zoom goes the car with drug dealers

Being chased by the cops in a spotted deal

The exchange was spotted by the police

Who gave chase six shooters drawn

Firing at the fleeing BMW that sped away

Bullets zinged into it others were fired back

It was a right cowboys and Indians time

Just like a movie film with John Wayne

Who will win the cops or dealers?

It’s just like a films script but real
Sep 2023 · 740
Dead Head
nick armbrister Sep 2023
Dead Head

Some are hard to work with

Others are easy to deal with

Some are real pains in the ******* ****

I know many like this

Both male and female

They bug you like a sore toe

Try not to give them credit

For being a pain in the ****

This is what they want

Makes them do it more

Never ever stopping

Till you shoot them dead

A bullet in the head
Sep 2023 · 304
Arse Hat
nick armbrister Sep 2023
**** Hat

The American was an **** hat

A real ***** ball idiot

Who didn’t care what people thought

She did this and that what she wanted

A new tattoo left ****** coloured dark green

Right ear extended elf like

Having *** with 70 year old men

Just for the Hell of it

Not to get their cash

A real **** hat gal

She was a local character

One whom people detested

Crossed the road to avoid

Yet she was smart could argue

On vague stupid topics

Her real name was Dawn

In reality they called her slang

Names unprintable here

She’s the **** hat gal

Full of crap a real lunkhead

Imagine if you were her

So full of **** hat ****!
Sep 2023 · 441
Anal Mucus
nick armbrister Sep 2023
**** Mucus

The alternative man liked an **** massage

Getting his sphincter muscle lovingly relaxed

This allowed his **** mucus to flow with love

Every time he took a dump in the royal throne room

Pushing a curly big **** with S turns in it out

Plopping into the bowl like a fish back in a pond

The masseur did the best **** massage

It was only money and it all got soothed

Green enjoying his ******* massage

Making sure he produced mucus to ****

That and regular sphincter muscle work outs

With a ******* ***** and American *******
adult topic over 18s only
Sep 2023 · 588
nick armbrister Sep 2023
Oh you're gonna feel that
Be positive on all things
Hard to be when they
Sawed off your **** legs
Where'll you run to now?
Sep 2023 · 833
Try Stop
nick armbrister Sep 2023
Try Stop
It's about strength and she has that

More than most guys and all women

Why is she this way why not another?

Life chose her to be strong not another

Stronger than me an example to me

In the best and worst ways mirror image

Not sure why it happened where it will go

There are no regrets for some things

They happen even if you try to stop it
Sep 2023 · 1.6k
Those Bikes
nick armbrister Sep 2023
Those Bikes
See the goth heavy metal custom motorcycle
Ride past with a long haired rider
Dressed how they should be dressed
Black jeans t shirt denim leather
Low rider chopper as it should be
With twin coffin saddle bags
What a ride to the other side
Give him Devil fingers\M/!
Then there was a classic looking bike
Parked up alone
And I saw two racing bikes
One with a fairing the other naked
Heard his engine as he passed
A man asked me on the bridge
Where am I going?
Planet Mars on a custom bike
With my chick and loud tunes
Sep 2023 · 377
Times Gal
nick armbrister Sep 2023
Times Gal
Give it back she demanded
He took the small barrel
Off the table of her 22 pistol
Saturday Night Killer being cleaned
Or it wouldn't fire as *****
This gal was bad ***
All the effing way
She cut the metal tips
Off the 9mm slugs
Making them dum dum bullets
Took your face off
A mess like a 22 slug
Tho laughed at lethal
Like the small gal
He put the barrel back
It was well machined
She smiled and assembled the gun
Time to work later
Sep 2023 · 292
that day
nick armbrister Sep 2023
that day
the policeman was in a jolly mood
he sang on the job as he gunned people down
listen to his out of tune song while
cocking aiming firing his machine pistol
emptying the clip into running screaming people
reloading doing it again for he had ten clips
each of thirty two nine millimetre slugs
zipping zapping into people thud thud
the roar of his sub gun echoing about
quick call the cops there’s a mad man here!
oh **** he is a cop who’s just robbed a bank
plugged the teller thru the heart stone cold dead
studded the manager across the chest
all for a bag of gold sovereigns in his shirt
look how he stops to light a joint
deeply inhaling the **** with a smile
then opening fire into store windows
at terrified people hiding inside
who if they live will never forget
the mad singing shooting cop
who broke a dozen laws that day
Sep 2023 · 1.1k
december fields
nick armbrister Sep 2023
december fields
it only rains in these fields in december
for xmas is crying never comes here
people are too poor to care
for a fake invisible sky god
who may or may not exist
what exists is poverty and superstition
believing in what they can see in the day
and can’t see in the night
in omens and signs and words
oddly xmas isn’t on the list
just another working day
in the town where december rain
only falls in the fields in december
small town folk paranoid insolent
using bibles as toilet paper
how I feel the december rain
Aug 2023 · 426
nick armbrister Aug 2023
I had a good talk with the manager
About my numbers the account and sales
You need to do this and that

Yes I shall do my best boss
Here are my suggestions
To make the account better

First there is…
Next there is this…
Followed by this…
And lastly this…

Please see that this is done boss
So the account is smooth
Without issue or trouble

What a good meeting we had
I’m so glad the boss listened
Much will improve
Aug 2023 · 526
what fun!
nick armbrister Aug 2023
What Fun!
I worked in a small call centre once
The boss was fed up of being bossed about
So left his job and set up his own call centre
He became his own boss and my boss
Gave me a job dialling varied accounts
In the US UK and Australia

Including tech support surveys sales
Plus education and B2B accounts
I learnt so much in my year with him
It was different and challenging

Each day was different even fun
I was gal agents cry I saw guys battle
We work drank sang ate danced  
In my first year of BPO work
I’d do it all again oh what fun!
Aug 2023 · 280
nick armbrister Aug 2023
Work a forty hour week or more
Five nights a week for pay
Get a bonus if you hit the targets
Drink every two weeks when paid
Till you fall over have more and crawl
Celebration BPO style wage slave job
Dial the ******* customers do as told
Stressed to Hell and back be quiet DIAL!
You wanna work in a call centre?
Go ahead you better be ready
For stress orders drinking and more
Aug 2023 · 256
not hopping
nick armbrister Aug 2023
Not Hopping
Some trainers in the BPO industry
Have worked in 20 or 30 different places
Brian met 2 or more such trainers
Both had worked in dozens of centres
Between a month’s training and years
Finally settling down to train others
Being Hoppers no more job to job
Instilling their skills info knowledge
With wisdom guidance mind set
It takes skill to be a trainer
And something else to excel
Getting the next generation ready
Reps support trainers OMs
Aug 2023 · 280
nick armbrister Aug 2023
A call centre job is a slave job
Like digging holes in the road
Or painting a truck with a toothbrush
Go work in a call centre
Do this do that all at once!
Multi task you’re all smart
Do more than one thing at once
We trained you and pay you
You’re the best so get on with it!
Make us some ****** money
Aug 2023 · 217
what if?
nick armbrister Aug 2023
What If?
Brian never thought he would work in a call centre
When he lived in Germany he was unemployed
And while looking for a job he was forced to go
Work in a call centre and refused creating a fuss
I’m not selling insurance or loft insulation!
Put me on fork lift truck training it’s my job
Not some **** call centre 2 towns away

The stupid ***** running the training place
Offered to buy Brian a bicycle and he laughed!
You silly ******* cow retrain me on fork lifts
I need to renew my outdated licence
Not work taking calls like a fool robot
Half a decade passed and Brian
Ate his words working in a call centre!
Jul 2023 · 804
nick armbrister Jul 2023
The boss was a real fecking ****** who abused his position
Now he’s got the golden boot and is no longer there
But he goes to the company cark park to see his lieutenant
Who is just the same as him an equal seller more arrogant!

The original boss was quite a nice guy not a *******
It was his elite selling unit he set up that stunk of elitism
You’re not fecking fighter pilots so why the fake Godliness
It all stinks of ******* and **** licking all the way

Tong that far up the **** it comes outa their **** mouth
Who will fill the original boss’ boots will it be his lieutenant?
Who went to the same skool and was trained the same way
Instructions and orders are sent via messenger do this and that

Keep at it run the account my way this way I’m still there
My influence is like Uncle Joe Stalin always present and seeing
Give them Hell drove them to break to leave hire and fire ‘em
Still give me some wanga it’s my account even if I’m booted
Jul 2023 · 424
nick armbrister Jul 2023
There are those who are always humble
And those are arrogant and full of ****
Who work in the call centres
They are agents or bosses
Each has their own agenda
Either good or bad ever indifferent
Which one are you
Who do you aspire to be?

An honest rep or scoundrel
Brian didn't care for money
He cared for success
For success had a sweet taste
Brian knew what was what
And what he had to do
He was one of the quiet ones
Simply doing his job
Are you like this?
Jul 2023 · 197
Quite An Experience
nick armbrister Jul 2023
Quite An Experience
They said the Philippines and Thailand
We're both Third World countries
Yet the glittering business centres
In Manila and Bangkok were superb
Among the world's finest in design
Bringing in top revenue
Employing the best minds
Pushing what was possible
Brian worked in both cities
In his six years and counting
He was quietly proud of his career
Always doing his best getting average scores
Sometimes the highest never low
Except in the early days
When he was a new cherry
A German in Asia doing a new job
He came here for a gal
Long long ago it went from there
Flitting between countries working
Not on holiday or chilling out
Using 21st century systems
Taught by committed trainers
In time becoming a good rep
Aged in his forties and fifties
Keeping up with agents
Half his age in work and drinking
In a million years when
Brian died he would look back
And think was all that real
It was quite an experience
Jul 2023 · 702
Support War
nick armbrister Jul 2023
Support War
Surprisingly it wasn't Brian's account
Where the war happened
It was bad and bitter and abrupt
The reps were struggling

Their job was hard not just calls
They weren't updated on their stats
A very important BPO metric
All got their info on this good or bad
Their Team Leader simply didn't tell them
Some stats are hourly some daily others monthly
The daily and weekly ones matter

The reps know if they're doing fine
There was a meeting of support
The boss was there and said it
To the supervisor in question
You either resign or I terminate you
And the Team Leader resigned immediately
This was like a war all out to win or lose

The SOM went too far missing a step
The reason why above all why
Why the reps were not updated on their stats
Was it just one TL or were more affected
By a system issue or job issue
Or was the sup simply not bothered
Ignoring their reps stats and waiting

For the chop which came like a sword
Now a new sup is needed to lead the team
The managers always need to remember
Always ask the reason why
Brian scratched his head
Not even his old B2B account
With the Fake god was that bad
For even then there was communication
May 2023 · 877
Box Off
nick armbrister May 2023
Box Off
The black box that tells of approaching enemy missiles is turned off
The black box that jams enemy missiles it turned off
The black box that dispenses radar jamming chaff is turned off
The black box that launches infra-red flares is turned off
The black box that gives out false position locations is turned off
The black box that plots enemy defence locations is turned off
The black box that steers a course round enemy radars is turned off
The black box that sees enemy anti-aircraft guns is turned off
The black box that should save our jet and our lives is turned off
We are now dead and our warplane is now destroyed
The black box should’ve been turned on
May 2023 · 345
nick armbrister May 2023
The mad writer licked the crystal

To get a sale

This he got oh yes

Bought an atomic

And sent it to Putin

By 1st class post
Eventful War Book 2
Nick Armbrister and other writers
May 2023 · 442
nick armbrister May 2023
The **** shovelling soldiers are sent off to war
To dig latrines so their soldier brethren can ****
Not in peace but to empty their guts between fights
Ukrainians have other ideas they want to **** them all
Dead soldiers and ******* diggers means more Russians
Who can no longer fight or hurt innocent Ukrainians
How many Ivan cesspit ***** men have been eradicated?
**** them all so the soldiers **** their pants before dying
From Ukrainian bullets and high tech Allied weapons
The more the better in this video game war
Eventful War Book 2
Nick Armbrister and other writers
May 2023 · 523
Race 2
nick armbrister May 2023
Race 2
Same old **** going down
Graves of men now silent
Nowt much happening here
Just dead bodies buried
After being riddled blasted
Russians killed by Ukrainians
Prisoners mostly of Wagner
Sentences cut lives now cut
Politicians bathe in blood
They had quite a run
Still race in Part 2
Race 1 was a loss
No victory only death
Plus injuries and ruin
Battlefield injuries extreme
It's fine there's time
So much time here
Satan has all the time
In the world
Wait and see
Eventful War Book 2
Nick Armbrister and other writers
May 2023 · 717
Eventful War Part 2
nick armbrister May 2023
Eventful War Part 2
It is simply ongoing
The war as you all call it
Continues and will never end
For those who control the world
And all of us are pulling the strings
To make more cash and power
From the war acts which don't stop
A new year a new war in a new place
Or an old place dusting off an old war
It's doesn't matter why who how when
What matters is power and a bit of cash
They lust for power have it all want more
Many will die nations will be wrecked
Weapons used in anger or for fun
You name it they'll use it and do it
Conflict is the normal for them
There is no profit in peace
The Eventful War Part 2 continues
Part 1 never actually stopped…
Eventful War Book 2
Nick Armbrister and other writers
Feb 2023 · 108
For How Long?
nick armbrister Feb 2023
For How Long?
It is what it is so they both say
They came together more than once
How long this will be both can

Or cannot say for they fight
He can immediately block her
She can do this to him
Check mate here nobody wins

Why should it be a fight?
She pushes him to his limits
Seems to enjoy it while he

Would rather be grinding her
Using her wicked moods
For something he benefits from
Like in the barracks block

When the office has gone
Then she is tamed not mad
Till the next time next fight
For how long a day week month?
Nick Armbrister
Feb 2023 · 8.4k
nick armbrister Feb 2023
I love you in a warm and fuzzy way inside
You've c*m inside me I feel it inside haha
Feb 2023 · 229
New Planes
nick armbrister Feb 2023
New Planes
They say peace will reign but in America/they build many new warplanes/the new B-21 Raider bomber/what a nightmare dream for enemies/plus the superb V-280 Valor tilt rotor/moving troops twice as fast/what will be revealed next?/state of the art lethal aircraft/utterly the best beyond compare/Red China and Putin's Russia has cool birds/but nothing to compare to America/peace does not and never will sell/prepare for war with new planes
Nick Armbrister
Feb 2023 · 353
Shotgun Birds
nick armbrister Feb 2023
Shotgun Birds
In the sky the birds fly up high
Dodging shotgun pellets
Fired from the ******* farmer
See how they turn and roll
This way and that oh yes
One is hit on a wing
Spirals down to fall

Like a wounded bomber plane
Wait till one lands
On the irate farmer's head
Bang bang goes his gun
Up high fly the hot lead
Hit is another seagull
His white feathers now red
On and on the fight goes
Shotgun farmer versus birds
Nick Armbrister
Feb 2023 · 1.9k
nick armbrister Feb 2023
Build the car with thicker metal
Give it a bigger engine more power
Beef up the brakes and gear box
Improve the other things
You’ll get an improved model
Looking like the old one
But with state of the art
Features full of benefits
Ride drive like the winds
Nobody and nothing to stop you
A souped up Olds Mobile
Give it some on the road
Ride to meet the Devil
Nick Armbrister
Dec 2022 · 782
Coloured Putin
nick armbrister Dec 2022
Coloured Putin
Shoot her full of rainbows
Scythes from heaven
Souls down in Hell
Hundred thousand dead
Mamushka I miss you
Our Leader sent us there
Not an Odessa holiday
Opposite of that mama
Forgive them all
It's Putin's orders
Hundred thou casualties
Bullet ridden rainbows
Her essence is black
Nick Armbrister
out in 23
Dec 2022 · 402
nick armbrister Dec 2022
one of those with the lines on the end/there's always a divider/between us and them/and between me and them/it's best this way/for they can't get too close/i don't class them as friends/don't want them helping me/when things are bad burning blasted/don't want them celebrating/my son's graduation or my new tattoo/i want them distant/edge of my radar scope/nothing but blips/over there not here/leave me alone don't stress me/we are this way for a reason/i'll add more reasons/for i endure even when i fade
Nick Armbrister
out in 23
Dec 2022 · 379
Wedded Bluff
nick armbrister Dec 2022
Wedded Bluff
You've made an invalid selection
The gal you picked was once nice
And she was once good in bed
Now it's all **** up worst **** way
You're stuck with a complaining wife
Three decades of pure ******* bliss
Nick Armbrister
out in 23
Dec 2022 · 444
Rev Pea
nick armbrister Dec 2022
Rev Pea
It's all about the features and benefits
Make a product which will benefit
The users satisfaction oh yes
An aeroplane that delivers
All promised things and more
This one they got right
Even if it's costly beyond compare

For a century it'll reap profits
Make them rich beyond realms
Not to mention the next one
More capable more costly
More profits more sold
Lockheed did this right
No revenue in peace
Nick Armbrister
out in 23
Dec 2022 · 69
Saturday Bang
nick armbrister Dec 2022
Saturday Bang
By Craig J. Burt/Jimmy Boom Semtex      
All those freakish skinheads take a hike
Hey Hey Hey
Rock and roll and crash this pub
All the men grab your ladies
Fill up our mugs with fresh cold beer
Happy weekend everyone

All back to front take the pub!
Steal their beer kiss their gals
We are the lads we own this town
Nobody messes with us
We mess them up bop them
Ladies love a ruffian
They smile and wait we Kings
Joint poems by Craig J. Burt and Jimmy Boom Semtex
out in 23
Nov 2022 · 811
Joys Bloom
nick armbrister Nov 2022
They went to the spar hotel and got it on. One time was enough to revive the old socialist. He was fully revived. This was similar but different than before. They bonked away one session and did other things.

This was better than being in the reading room studying revolutionary doctrines. The human body needed nourishing as did the mind. Blue was illuminated and revived in all ways. Like a rescued nation freed of a capitalist government replaced by a loyal communist one.

Total revival of all things. If only it was always like this rather than the continued battle capitalist and communist in the way of the world. A good buck **** ruck **** was the key.

He needs no ****** it's all natural service guaranteed. He's locked and loaded. His bright green target cross is locked on his target, focused to infinity. See how she dances soon to dance with him. What will they create?
SELL OUT Nick Armbrister new book out soon
Nov 2022 · 1.1k
England And Germany
nick armbrister Nov 2022
England And Germany
Twin sides of the same coin
Light and dark the game's the same
Two soldiers doing the same job
Both would be mortal enemies
Yet their stories are the same
On a certain type of mission
Getting the same result
Like it's a scripted storyline
The hit man and the cop
Telling exactly the same story
Each eradicating the ******
Not a tale I made up but real
Or so they say to me
What do you think?
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Nov 2022 · 522
San Mateo Rubbish Dump
nick armbrister Nov 2022
San Mateo ******* Dump
What was it like when the shooting started?
What was it really like?

How did it sound from where we were stood
Way back then now a ******* dump
But then hills valleys trees grass
Enemy positions a battle ground

Where such killing wounding history
How did it sound when the shooting started?
San Mateo Landfill atop Shotgun Road

Now full of ******* back then full of war
If we listen can we hear the shots shouts
Sounds of war killing death silence…
SELL OUT Nick Armbrister new book out soon
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