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Feb 5 · 51
For How Long?
For How Long?
It is what it is so they both say
They came together more than once
How long this will be both can

Or cannot say for they fight
He can immediately block her
She can do this to him
Check mate here nobody wins

Why should it be a fight?
She pushes him to his limits
Seems to enjoy it while he

Would rather be grinding her
Using her wicked moods
For something he benefits from
Like in the barracks block

When the office has gone
Then she is tamed not mad
Till the next time next fight
For how long a day week month?
Nick Armbrister
Feb 5
I love you in a warm and fuzzy way inside
You've c*m inside me I feel it inside haha
Feb 5 · 74
New Planes
New Planes
They say peace will reign but in America/they build many new warplanes/the new B-21 Raider bomber/what a nightmare dream for enemies/plus the superb V-280 Valor tilt rotor/moving troops twice as fast/what will be revealed next?/state of the art lethal aircraft/utterly the best beyond compare/Red China and Putin's Russia has cool birds/but nothing to compare to America/peace does not and never will sell/prepare for war with new planes
Nick Armbrister
Feb 5 · 65
Shotgun Birds
Shotgun Birds
In the sky the birds fly up high
Dodging shotgun pellets
Fired from the ******* farmer
See how they turn and roll
This way and that oh yes
One is hit on a wing
Spirals down to fall

Like a wounded bomber plane
Wait till one lands
On the irate farmer's head
Bang bang goes his gun
Up high fly the hot lead
Hit is another seagull
His white feathers now red
On and on the fight goes
Shotgun farmer versus birds
Nick Armbrister
Feb 5 · 80
Build the car with thicker metal
Give it a bigger engine more power
Beef up the brakes and gear box
Improve the other things
You’ll get an improved model
Looking like the old one
But with state of the art
Features full of benefits
Ride drive like the winds
Nobody and nothing to stop you
A souped up Olds Mobile
Give it some on the road
Ride to meet the Devil
Nick Armbrister
Dec 2022 · 231
Coloured Putin
nick armbrister Dec 2022
Coloured Putin
Shoot her full of rainbows
Scythes from heaven
Souls down in Hell
Hundred thousand dead
Mamushka I miss you
Our Leader sent us there
Not an Odessa holiday
Opposite of that mama
Forgive them all
It's Putin's orders
Hundred thou casualties
Bullet ridden rainbows
Her essence is black
Nick Armbrister
out in 23
Dec 2022 · 209
nick armbrister Dec 2022
one of those with the lines on the end/there's always a divider/between us and them/and between me and them/it's best this way/for they can't get too close/i don't class them as friends/don't want them helping me/when things are bad burning blasted/don't want them celebrating/my son's graduation or my new tattoo/i want them distant/edge of my radar scope/nothing but blips/over there not here/leave me alone don't stress me/we are this way for a reason/i'll add more reasons/for i endure even when i fade
Nick Armbrister
out in 23
Dec 2022 · 156
Wedded Bluff
nick armbrister Dec 2022
Wedded Bluff
You've made an invalid selection
The gal you picked was once nice
And she was once good in bed
Now it's all **** up worst **** way
You're stuck with a complaining wife
Three decades of pure ******* bliss
Nick Armbrister
out in 23
Dec 2022 · 210
Rev Pea
nick armbrister Dec 2022
Rev Pea
It's all about the features and benefits
Make a product which will benefit
The users satisfaction oh yes
An aeroplane that delivers
All promised things and more
This one they got right
Even if it's costly beyond compare

For a century it'll reap profits
Make them rich beyond realms
Not to mention the next one
More capable more costly
More profits more sold
Lockheed did this right
No revenue in peace
Nick Armbrister
out in 23
Dec 2022 · 46
Saturday Bang
nick armbrister Dec 2022
Saturday Bang
By Craig J. Burt/Jimmy Boom Semtex      
All those freakish skinheads take a hike
Hey Hey Hey
Rock and roll and crash this pub
All the men grab your ladies
Fill up our mugs with fresh cold beer
Happy weekend everyone

All back to front take the pub!
Steal their beer kiss their gals
We are the lads we own this town
Nobody messes with us
We mess them up bop them
Ladies love a ruffian
They smile and wait we Kings
Joint poems by Craig J. Burt and Jimmy Boom Semtex
out in 23
Nov 2022 · 362
Joys Bloom
nick armbrister Nov 2022
They went to the spar hotel and got it on. One time was enough to revive the old socialist. He was fully revived. This was similar but different than before. They bonked away one session and did other things.

This was better than being in the reading room studying revolutionary doctrines. The human body needed nourishing as did the mind. Blue was illuminated and revived in all ways. Like a rescued nation freed of a capitalist government replaced by a loyal communist one.

Total revival of all things. If only it was always like this rather than the continued battle capitalist and communist in the way of the world. A good buck **** ruck **** was the key.

He needs no ****** it's all natural service guaranteed. He's locked and loaded. His bright green target cross is locked on his target, focused to infinity. See how she dances soon to dance with him. What will they create?
SELL OUT Nick Armbrister new book out soon
Nov 2022 · 491
England And Germany
nick armbrister Nov 2022
England And Germany
Twin sides of the same coin
Light and dark the game's the same
Two soldiers doing the same job
Both would be mortal enemies
Yet their stories are the same
On a certain type of mission
Getting the same result
Like it's a scripted storyline
The hit man and the cop
Telling exactly the same story
Each eradicating the ******
Not a tale I made up but real
Or so they say to me
What do you think?
SELL OUT Nick Armbrister new book out soon
Nov 2022 · 226
San Mateo Rubbish Dump
nick armbrister Nov 2022
San Mateo ******* Dump
What was it like when the shooting started?
What was it really like?

How did it sound from where we were stood
Way back then now a ******* dump
But then hills valleys trees grass
Enemy positions a battle ground

Where such killing wounding history
How did it sound when the shooting started?
San Mateo Landfill atop Shotgun Road

Now full of ******* back then full of war
If we listen can we hear the shots shouts
Sounds of war killing death silence…
SELL OUT Nick Armbrister new book out soon
Aug 2022 · 703
nick armbrister Aug 2022
The boots were blue in colour
Painted to look like the sky
And worn by a gal with other things
She was aged 18 to 45
And looked timless ageless  
It was the blue painted ex army boots
That she used wore to gigs
Pubs and clubs when she was free
Not working as a programmer
In the Italian civilian aviation industry
The job was boring but paid well
She'd done it for 8 years
Was a legend at the plane factory
The lady who wore her blue boots
Even in the office a different pair
She got results delivered the goods
Had worked on 36 different projects
They simply knew her as Azzurro
The blue booted gal
Aug 2022 · 360
Real Not Fiction
nick armbrister Aug 2022
Real Not Fiction
A hole is a hole said the Mule
As he stuck his stump up a slapper
This saying was mirrored by another
Who told a story of his friends

And what recently happened
One long term friend has a gal
They’d been together 7 years
And planned to get married
Spending a lifetime together
Already lovers and more

You know how it goes
So to be happy in bliss
But a big problem arose
Another old school pal

Caused a fuss with the gal
Who was a guy before!
So now you’re a gal not a guy
How did that come about?
A trip to Thailand and cash
Lots of cash from her rich family

The school pal seeing the gal
Wasn’t aware of any of this
Just that he was in love
Happy and going to be married

To a gal who was once a guy
He was oblivious to this
Unlike the other ex-pupil
They gave the gal guy it
A week to tell her fiancé
All of the truth of they’d do it

I told the pal who knew them all
Make sure the guy who
Knew them all
Never killed the gal

Who was once a guy
Like the American one
What will happen
Within this week
Happiness or war?
A hole is a hole

Even if no kids
Reality not fiction
The Mule was right
Aug 2022 · 226
More Meet
nick armbrister Aug 2022
More Meet
Eat the meet and feel well
Get a bad gut do the trots
To the toilet ***** it all up
You ate rancid meat
Or was it poisoned

On purpose as you’re here
An invading army doing bad
Nothing good comes from it
Except dead Russian soldiers
Who ate off meat in rusty tins
Found in a bombed out house

Call it karma for the war
You go there you risk
Not just bullets and shells
Maybe you were poisoned
On purpose or it was an accident

The result is the same
Ill Russian soldiers who puke
Some will die painful deaths
Give those well more meat…
Aug 2022 · 2.2k
haiku nice
nick armbrister Aug 2022
Small but terrible/looking lovely open shirt/my darling bright wraith
Aug 2022 · 91
Peace Profit
nick armbrister Aug 2022
Peace Profit
Made in a country near you
Things to do a job
What type of job?

To heal to **** to create to destroy
All in the ACME factory
Ready steady go get to work!
Fulfil your shift

Do your quota
Finish the order yesterday
There's much work to be done

You busy little bees
Make the fat boss rich
Capitalist wage slaves
Even the commies are the same

Make some more do the work
Enrich the rich you ******
There's no profit in laziness or peace
We are all environmental commodities
Aug 2022 · 615
Nawty There
nick armbrister Aug 2022
Nawty There
How can I address you properly?
You can't take off my dress
You nawty child
You've gotten her pregnant!
Get out of this house now
He was pulling one off
And pulled a muscle
It was a power shaft
She always upsets him
Only coz she loves him
The concept of time
Meant nothing when fecking
They worked as pilots
For the Arkansass National Guard
Jun 2022 · 148
Sky Wheel
nick armbrister Jun 2022
Sky Wheel
Big sky wheel from heaven rolls over the land squashing houses and people and cities and families.
Sky wheel doing its business, from who knows where.
A trail of loose house bricks that once were human dwellings.
Now rubble.
Where are the people?
Under the boot of the sun wheel, totally ******.
Who sent this kilometre diameter circular thing to Planet Earth?
Wrecking everything by squashing it till its dusty particles blown by the wind.
No more life here or anywhere.
Just a squash head sky wheel going round the block, again.
Coloured like a sea shell, multi spectral haze of eye watering iridium from outer space. On Earth doing mad damage, your home and mine totally bolloxed.
Military jets buzz the wheel and bomb it, chipping the surface but not halting it.
Each jet hit by smaller wheels spewed from Mother wheel.
Dwelling squashing continues, unabated.
A culling of certain humans, facts only known now.
Men killed, women left in peace.
One lab.
She kicks the wheel over.
Rantings of a Damaged Mind
By Nick Armbrister and Mel Grobler
Jun 2022 · 411
Siren Flight
nick armbrister Jun 2022
Siren Flight
She moves with grace and poise like a black swan. Utterly majestic.
Against the blue sky, she flies. Each wing beat taking her closer to her true destiny.
Defying all that stands in her way. Knowing that her path is oh so true and divine.
I can only imagine what this beautiful young woman will achieve in her precious life.
Are we lucky to witness her flight over continents of life, love, joy and happiness?

Yes we are...
Rantings of a Damaged Mind
By Nick Armbrister and Mel Grobler
Jun 2022 · 313
Hades 12
nick armbrister Jun 2022
Hades 12
Grrrr! I am the Nemosaur!
Nemosaur *******.
Gonna eat you alive and **** the marrow from your bones.
I'll bight off your toes like munching sweets.
**** your brain outa your skull, slowly.
Bit by bit you cease to exist.
Eaten alive by the Nemosaur.
What bit next?
Vertebrae squash time till your two feet tall, a ****** dwarf meal.
All mine!
Nemosaur is hungry.
Slowly I cut into your fat belly and drink milky white fat.
Then I uncoil your intestines bit by bit, I can taste your last meal.
Now the insides.
Rantings of a Damaged Mind
By Nick Armbrister and Mel Grobler
May 2022 · 257
Freedom Not
nick armbrister May 2022
Freedom Not
The days move on
New ways made to ****
Older weapons tweaked
Any advantage is good
No matter how big or small
Defeat your opponent
Pretend to be his friend
Fire the first shot
Endure the last shot
Or fire none at all
Winning the war

By intelligence and stealth
Either way you keep ahead
Becoming more powerful
With your contracts and cash
Made on the backs of the dead
Shame on you and your kind
For all that you do is wrong
I do not care for you

You don’t for me
You’ve slug with my name on it
There’s a million with yours on
But even if you die
You’ll be replaced by another
With the same twisted morals
This is why I always win
And freedom will endure
Replacing your tyranny
If you **** us all
We still win
For we are free
We are immortal
May 2022 · 360
Place To Be
nick armbrister May 2022
Place To Be
The best place to be right now
Is not in Europe over Russia's issues
A ******* nation with 7,500 nukes
Of different types and classes
As set ready to use on Putin's order
Ukraine started it after NATO grew
Right up to Russia's borders
Now they want to turn back the clock
1997 when Russia wasn't threatened
This isn't possible so they all
Sleepwalk to Armageddon
This year or the next
It's coming soon...
May 2022 · 717
Pure Art
nick armbrister May 2022
Pure Art
Combine the 2 of them and anything is possible
The intent of 1 and the capabilities of 1
Together in 1 person both are exemplary
With the abilities to have a new mind
Along with unique artistic talent
Now anything is possible
See what they create
With their muse
Pure art
May 2022 · 645
nick armbrister May 2022
She strapped on her warplane and flew away to fight
Russian jets being the enemy to be hit
Her missiles were old like her plane

But it was a good one well built
Serviced by her mechanics to perform
When ordered to do by her

She the tip of the spear just a gal
Reason I love my mistress the pilot

Defending our nation each and every day
She already shot down four or five planes
She told me it’s confusing being in combat

Things happen fast beyond comprehension
It’s comparable to driving a racing bike
I think but I’m a hacker and don’t drive

I get into Russian and Red Chinese systems
Do my art and war that way to defeat them
It focuses me while my gal is up above

Keeping us all safe from enemy actions
I want to tell the world but we cannot
We must remain a secret what we both do
Apr 2022 · 137
Lost Sailing
nick armbrister Apr 2022
Lost Sailing
The boat sails this way and that
Round around the waters
Lost its rudder a while ago

Like a person with no eyes
Going about by feel alone
Wondering how it happened?
Up **** creek no **** paddle
These things happen like life

Made in Red China kaput
Low quality crap made bad
Mass produced ****
Sold to us by the CCP turtles

Like the boat going round
But that's fine the crew
Tho minus a rudder
Are drinking a dozen beers

No cares for this world
Or the next sailing there
In a rudderless boat
Is the boat on the Styx

Also without a rudder?
And made by the Chinese?
What does the ferryman think?
All fine as long as you pay

Coins on a dead person's eye
Chinese currency refused
Apr 2022 · 406
Drink Flask
nick armbrister Apr 2022
Drink Flask
See the drink flask there on the desk
A boring blue in colour
Slightly scratched and dinted
Well used by the owner
Made to look normal
Like it was just a flask
To carry coffee or juice
Drink it while you eat
Your dinner in work
Or sandwiches out hiking
The things of a normal world
All illusion soon to change
For this contains no drink
Not in the normal sense
It contains a virus from a lab
If the lid is removed
Other things done
And released free
We are all in trouble
Apr 2022 · 597
Heal Me
nick armbrister Apr 2022
Heal Me
The spiritual workshop will heal me
The gal has the curves
In all the right places

Make me feel better baby
Does your husband approve
Of you seeing me being with you

You say he wouldn't then would
Which is it baby yes or no
He wants you to fuckelstine me

Or not take me out on a date
Just you or the three of us
Spice life up a bit here we go

We only live once and hey
I like the sound of you
Like the look of you

Like the feel of you
I like so let's rock n roll
All the things about you

Including your husband
He can **** my cockpit
Then watch as I ***** driver you

We make our own party
As we go along
See you soon baby
Let's get spiritual
Apr 2022 · 213
Never Again?
nick armbrister Apr 2022
Never Again?
Old Mariupol lady
Hid underground from Nazis
Russians killed her now
Mar 2022 · 87
Superbly Pretty
nick armbrister Mar 2022
Superbly Pretty
Pretty dance of laser fire
Multi coloured megawatt beams
Frying all they touch
Superbly pretty yet evil
Beyond Hell the capability
Fired from orbiting spaceships

Close to a planet
Or a galaxy away
Up close is good
See the results
The planet melts
People are gas
It's over fast
future, destruction, weapons,
Mar 2022 · 420
Shed No tears
nick armbrister Mar 2022
Shed No tears
There we go the same thing all over again
More of the same nothing changes
But the location and date
Death is death
Killing is killing
War profit is war profit
Way it goes from Napoleon to now
The dollar amount increases
Making the fat cats fatter
Their bank accounts rise to God
This will never ever end
Like the Alien films
They rule and own all things
Not even aliens can stop this
War is big business
And death is death
Shed no tears...
Mar 2022 · 190
Missile Ways
nick armbrister Mar 2022
Missile Ways
What's up the sky and the Russian planes?
Before they're splashed by Stinger missiles
Whoosh! Missile away go go go **** a jet
Or chopper bring it down in the water
Let the crew freeze or drown
Some burn alive or get killed in the crash
How dare they invade Ukraine!
Teach them all a lesson forever
Some things not to be forgotten
Like Duncan in Dune 2021 die superbly
Never surrender no matter what
This is how Ukraine is now
No matter what happens
Ukraine wins Russia loses
Splashed enemy aircraft
Dead aircrew Putin kaput
Mar 2022 · 234
Tupolev 141 Drone
nick armbrister Mar 2022
Tupolev 141 Drone
Those old drones and planes and choppers all sat there just waiting to fly to war. Polish the metal fuel them up kick the tires away they go. No crew just needed just a memory of flight. Something part of their fabric like their wings or engine. A thing part spirit part elemental that exists beyond human comprehension though we built the machines.

Now they're ready to go almost a race of beings from elsewhere. Maybe an alien intelligence possessed them to make them fly. Let them get even with the Russian soldiers and leaders. For violating Ukraine and other areas out of their realm.

Of course they're just machines and vehicles. Not alive or able to fly alone. But why are their parking bays and taxi strips and museum display areas now empty? Where did the drones choppers and planes go? Of to Russia to fight bomb **** ram obliterate them till victory is here for the good guys.
Mar 2022 · 573
All Putin’s Fault
nick armbrister Mar 2022
All Putin’s Fault
The man cries
No more wife
No more child
No more family
No more home
No more Ukraine
No more happiness
Huge bomb craters
All Putin’s fault
Mar 2022 · 467
nick armbrister Mar 2022
The pretty lady screams
**** ME NOW!!!
Putin’s bombs just murdered her baby
What life will the young mum have now?
In a shattered country war death hate killing
The ******* waited decades for this

And acted not caring the cost
Of Russia’s neighbouring nation
Plus thousands of dead Russian soldiers
Let the traumatised lady be an example
Of what it’s like to be in Putin’s war

Like the husband’s family also killed
By Putin’s mortar bombs while waiting
To flee their devastated homeland
Remember them all make him pay
For every single death and injury
And ruined town and city…
Mar 2022 · 286
By Sixes
nick armbrister Mar 2022
By Sixes
With this book we have to make a difference
The weight of worry and seriousness is huge
This has not happened before not this way
And very soon all things could happen
They try to control it but can they?
How do you control so many soldiers?
Along with the other shooters
Planes ships launchers tanks and more
Myself I've never felt this way
Except briefly in the early 80s
The world moved on in most ways
But not in Putin's head for him
He alone wants his empire back
And will ruin the world to get it
This is why we all must not fail
And stop him from winning
Even if the unthinkable happens
It has already started the walk
Sleep walking to Armageddon
NATO and Russia and the rest
This is really it...
Mar 2022 · 131
Vivid Orange
nick armbrister Mar 2022
Vivid Orange
Sky black burnt like sack cloth by the fires
Endless fires vivid orange flames
Always orange as is the screams
Now invisible for they are dead
Bodies black ash blown about
Wind whipped up by the flames
Orange wind this way and that
Like the war win lose win lose
On and on till it simply ended
All dead nobody left to fight
Pull the trigger drop the bomb
Only orange remains so vivid
Like the old sports cars burnt orange
Part of the new world free of humans
Putin went mad NATO stopped him
The rest joined in so the world ceased
Just orange fires burning the skies
Little is now here from before
Mar 2022 · 900
In Silence
nick armbrister Mar 2022
In Silence
The English ex SAS Special Forces member went to the Ukraine to fight. He travelled light and took just a small back pack and a head full of skills. A gun was a gun and a bayonet a bayonet. He was trained to use most things as weapon especially military articles.

He decided to go to the Ukraine after the Russians invaded proper in early 2022. The Ukrainian Army took him to a holding facility where they vetted him. This took three days. Included was basic close combat skills and weapons use.

He excelled and was given a job, being sent to a forward artillery position with a dozen other foreign troops to protect it. The SAS man was in charge and most men and the single girl spoke English. All understood military commands and signals. All were veterans from either conscript or professional armies.

Each was here for their own reasons and all disliked either what Russia had done or Russians themselves. The English SAS member had killed several Muslim terrorists from Daesh and al Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now he looked forward to fighting and killing some Russians, officers if possible. After being in the Ukraine six days he was on the front line leading his first patrol. This was better than being a bouncer in a Manchester night club!

The SAS guy ordered his men to only use bayonets as they silently crept to a Russian fox hole a mile away. He wanted blood and the rush of combat, of killing. There was the trench and a single sentry, asleep. He would knife him himself. Then his squad would ****** the rest and take back any weapons, maps or documents. He spoke four languages including Russian. Any Intel was good for his bosses though. Here we go! There’s the sleeping sentry. Gently now, he must die in silence…
Mar 2022 · 136
20 Cents
nick armbrister Mar 2022
20 Cents
The guy gave the war concern 20 cents
This was enough to buy ten bullets
Which would **** ten enemy soldiers
If fired accurately by a good soldier
He'd give more if he could afford it
But he was jobless and skint
20 cents was all he could afford
Bread and coffee cost money
Even if cheaper thru the VA
His benefits were little not enough
So he just gave 20 cents
To the war collection team
When they knocked on his door
It brought back memories
Vietnam and Central America
Plus other deniable places
Still alive in his head
He didn't like Russians
So 20 cents was fine
The cost of ten bullets
For a competent soldier
He prayed they wouldn't miss
Once he was a soldier
With many good kills
All of them Russians...
Mar 2022 · 207
Second Kennel
nick armbrister Mar 2022
Second Kennel
So the rabid dog left his kennel to go steal another kennel
This kennel belonged to a relative and was quite nice
But it was a bit smaller and not as well equipped
Still the dog wanted it and went for it
Trying to steal it take it use abuse it
Why have one kennel when you can have two?
Acquired by other means no matter what method
The dog is crazy but in his mind all is fine normal the world
It turns and he tells a story as he sees it
All things rabid not quite right up there
They say command is the loneliest place
Even God gets lonely so he made Satan
Even if enemies God aint alone there
Unlike the dog giving orders do this and that
Go get my second kennel even if it breaks
I want that kennel don't let them keep it
It must belong to me!
Mar 2022 · 295
Dancing Day
nick armbrister Mar 2022
Dancing Day
There is a party in the park will you go the
Theme is military so bring a toy weapon
We will play at war it will be so much fun
You can be Russia I will be NATO
The others Red China North Korea etc
So we all get a really good battle war
Just a game at our little party in the park
Do come along it will be a day to remember
Mar 2022 · 280
Rabid Putin
nick armbrister Mar 2022
Rabid Putin
The crazed cliché of Putin went mad
And invaded Ukraine from four sides
Three on land and one by sea
Using choppers jets tanks
Missiles bombs rockets guns
Killing till killing was done
Getting killed in return by their bros
Who defended their land
Never turned their backs
Fought and died for Ukraine
Splashed several enemy aircraft
As Putin threatened NATO
With nuclear war but hey
It goes both ways
So smokes the mushroom clouds
In a future chapter of this Putin play book
The Baltic republics will be next
Then Poland and others
Putin will lose but so will we
Except the Devil so many dead...
Mar 2022 · 390
Modified Bombs
nick armbrister Mar 2022
Modified Bombs
Her eye was acting up but that was fine
For she had a second one to use
This was just fine like her warplane
It had two engines but number one engine
This was like her eye acting up too
No need to worry for Eagle 2 jets are good
Made with system redundancy like her
An ability to function with degraded systems
Right now she was on the way to Moscow
To drop some iron bombs on Putin
A personal gift from a gal who was bad
Real bad *** half Yank half what?
That last bit was unknown but what was
Known was that she would soon be dead
Along with the Neo Soviet leader
Those iron bombs were special
She'd personally modified the warheads
A new historical dawn was coming...
Mar 2022 · 172
nick armbrister Mar 2022
They started it let the cat out of the bag
It's in a ferocious mood after being confined
Imagine how you'd feel kept in a tied-up sack
Now the feral cat wants revenge and gets it
Rampaging this way and that killing eating
Quenching its blood lust till spent
Not stopping till the job is done
And the cat is at peace
No longer prodded poked kicked
Ridiculed laughed at in a sack
She's free now and will remain so
Even if it means doing what she does
With claws and teeth and other things
Keep an eye out for her approaching
Only the cat knows whose next
Mar 2022 · 144
Adventure Days
nick armbrister Mar 2022
Adventure Days
They say a cornered man will fight till the end
For simply has nothing to lose
Except his life when the cards are revealed
The dice is rolled ***** to the wall kaput
You know what I mean no more examples
Need to be said but one final example
That of Ukraine in February 2022
Since late 2021 the nation has been
Threatened by Neo Soviet Russia
Surrounded on 3 sides by hostile land
The 4th side is water which they can own
NATO flew in Javelin and Stinger missiles
To **** tanks choppers and jets
The Ukrainians have enough bullets
Most made in Russia or the Soviet Union
To **** their fellow brothers who turned
On them in the worst case of cabin fever
That Europe has seen since Yugoslavia
And Marshall Tito's precious union died
This will be far worse than that
Could **** millions ruin Europe the world
Trigger World War 3 like a Tom Clancy book
Or a video game or heavy metal song or film
But this little escapade by Putin is real
He re-armed Russia and wants his empire back
He's part way there but millions will refuse
To be ruled from Moscow and be proxies again
Those days are gone except in his rabid mind
Soon his army must be used or go home
It is tiring and costs millions to be ready
The 200,000 Russian Red Army at readiness
Waiting for the order to invade their kin
Over the border brothers and sisters
Many with dual nationality and identity
But Ukraine is a sovereign nation
And will fight back as they've done since 14
When Putin the Dog annexed Crimea
And took East Ukraine which he still holds now
He wants the rest and for them to be his
Never ever join NATO and be European pals
Plus allied to the Yankees his worst nightmare
Ruining his dream the world their lives WHY???
Mar 2022 · 195
nick armbrister Mar 2022
Ukraine belonged to Russia
So they acted doing their job
To make things easier
Ukraine was Russia
Russia was Ukraine
Outsiders don't get it
One Mother Russia
Always forever
Mar 2022 · 159
nick armbrister Mar 2022
Neo Soviet sleeper cells lying in wait
Or just crossing the border at varied places
Troop checkpoints or a forest path
Or by HALO jump from a plane
Doing their job changing the landscape
Not chopping down trees
But assassinating those on the list
Culling the ones who were an issue
That Putin wanted dead out of the way
Mar 2022 · 143
Man Isle
nick armbrister Mar 2022
Man Isle
From Russia with love ten thousand missiles
All for NATO the US Europe and Ukraine
Forged in battle ordered fired by Putin
New way to do things poor cold soldiers
Sent to battle warm them up!
Peace sells nobody’s interested
Unless it's cut-price Vipers or stealth jets
Locked and loaded get you some blood
Neo Soviet Ivan style a few new scalps
Doesn't matter we weren't enemies
Pretending is fine as Putin does it
As he plays top dog woofing along
His ongoing Ukraine war after Syria
Where will be next the Isle of Man?
Jan 2022 · 228
An Awful Harvest
nick armbrister Jan 2022
An Awful Harvest

I went a hike up to Wawa in Montalban and up the mountain roads. Here I was to go past the peaks of Mt Parawagan, Susong Dalaga and Mt Lagyo plus others. The road had been improved by engineers with trucks and plant equipment. I wanted to hike a big circle right back to the beginning. This was possible a few months ago but not now due to the building of the Pamitinan Dam. It will take four years to do this and flood a complete valley near the peaks. A guard told me no entry by the construction site. I talked to a head engineer and he told me more details. The dam will be eighty metres tall or deep more than the Kaliwa Dam of sixty four metres. These are big structures. Hikers wanted to hike from Wawa to Casili by the newly improved mountain roads but the dam construction stopped this. In time a new road will be built above the dam level replacing the old road. Even if the road is built in a year the dam will still be unfinished so still no entry.

I saw a sign saying beware of UXO Unexploded Ordnance. A local man told me about this, of how the military was looking for it and would defuse any found. His details matched much of what I’ve heard before, like finding shrapnel in the soil. The sign was for the road improvement and dam construction. Sleeping shells waited to knocked awake and ****.

The digger, bulldozer and plant drivers need to be paid danger money. No joke. The area they work on is a small part of a huge World War 2 battlefield. An awful harvest litters the land with unexploded ordnance being buried in the soil having not detonated. Mortars, shells, bombs and other things; these all need locating and safely defusing by the military.

People live in the area and many have found live or exploded shells. The live shells are complete and the spent ones are in varied sized pieces. On my hike up there I was given a piece of one five five millimetre shell from a local. This was in two parts, the biggest weighed many pounds. I estimate between one in four and six fired never exploded. On the stone mountains like Mt Lagyo the shells and bombs will explode on impact if the detonators are triggered. In soil covered peaks the shells can just dig in and don’t go off. The army went up to Mt Lagyo looking for unexploded ordnance. They found nothing.

The road that has been improved and widened would’ve yielded many unexploded munitions. I’m curious how many were found and wonder how many thousands still hide unfound. Sections of the trees/grass by the road are taped off. This is for safety of any munitions and also due to the steepness of the terrain.

The local people within the valley are being moved away and compensated for thus upheaval. Their valley will be inundated by what is now a small river in coming years. Any remaining homes and unfound munitions or Japanese tunnels will be underwater.

Every time I hike the area from Wawa to Mt Mataba to Timberland to Casili I read about or am told or shown evidence from the war and battles; that old actions from 1945 has outlived the people of that time be it locals or soldiers. History is not old and boring black and white photos. An rusty Arisaka rifle with working bolt or blasted shell fragments tell more than any story or photo ever could. Only fate and God knows the unnamed soldiers names now.

When the dam is built I wonder how many unfound unexploded ordnance and dead Japanese soldiers will be now forever unfound? I suspect many thousand Japanese soldiers are buried on those peaks. Remember, these hills are the first high ground above Manila. This was the start of the high ground battles that went on for hundreds of miles at several huge mountain ranges. It was Tier 1 fighting equal to anywhere involving hundreds of thousands of opposing troops, of which tens of thousands were killed.

Now the 1945 legacy is coming back to bite us. Not just buried shells on a dam construction site but the risk of them still exploding when not even found. This is due to corroding fuses. Buried bombs in Europe have self detonated several times. I’ve been told of two large unexploded warplane dropped bombs, one near Timberland and the other near Mt Parawagan. Both need to be found again and professionally defused. History is never boring; the lethal harvest is a testimony to their dastardly deeds.

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