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4d · 139
Coined Up
Coined Up
Maybe we will all be dead in 6 months
Due to being jabbed up with the vac
Which was to stop the CCP Virus
But it backfired due to the mushrooms
Which are a toxin and **** in many ways
Only the rabid anti vaccers will live
In a kaos driven world of lunatix
Do you want to exist then and there?
Toss a coin get a jab wait and see
4d · 28
Shadow Lies
Shadow Lies
The dead must laugh at how silly we are
For most of us will soon join them
Due to being jabbed up with the vacc
To cure the world of the CCP Virus
And de-populate the planet for them
Them who run the world behind the scenes
We only see shadows and hear lies
And countdown till we all die
The clock in the vac is ticking
Will you go and die before me
Time to go now see you soon
Jul 19 · 260
Gothic Black
Gothic Black
What will tomorrow be like?
We have to get thru today first
Then we can see what it’ll be like
The same old crap or different?
A perfect utopia of happiness
Or a black ash filled world
We will see as the days die
Night becoming the new normal
Some think tomorrow is now
And only darkness will reign
Like some scifi horror story
With us as the characters
All soon to perish in the night
I look forward to that world
More gothic than black
Nick Armbrister and other writers
Jul 19 · 29
Shift Galactic
Shift Galactic
The Space **** was big
As large as an abnormal man
Three miles across
By a million wide

It moved here and there
Splatting moons and planets
Like a tennis ball

Universal destroyer of crap
Not caring who died
Its death list was long
On and on till the end
Would it **** all planets?

Thus voiding all life
So only blackness remained
All stars being full of ****

Just like my teenage enemies
Unleash the galactic ****
Space **** is coming to Earth!
Nick Armbrister and other writers
Jul 19 · 87
Alpha Pistols
Alpha Pistols
It’s a nice warm summer’s evening in 2004
The cool man was on top of the Manchester tower block
He fires down with various guns at his lower targets
There is a builders yard two hundred metres away
The fork lift trucks zip about and disturb his sleep
When they reverse their beeper goes Beep Beep!
This riles the man and makes him madly dance
Round his one bedroom flat on the 22nd floor

He grabs all of his guns in a heavy holdall and rushes up
To the very top of the building where he can pop them
While wearing only his bleached white Y-fronts
He sits down by the edge and gets ready for war
From up here he can hear the fork lifts beeping
He grimaces and shakes his head then opens his bag
And removes a small tape player then presses play
The 12 inch version of So Alive by Love and Rockets

His chrome and ivory Colt 45 follows with three clips
Clicking off the safety he aims at the reversing trucks
Their blinking orange light and street lights illuminate
Y-front man aims and fires at the small trucks
His gun is loud and follows thru the muggy night air
Bullets spark off concrete blocks and one hits home
Going thru the windscreen and shocking the operator
Quickly reloading he fires again till the mags are empty

There are 30 different fork trucks in the yard and area
He killed one driver and wounded another in the leg
They are all instructed to to their job while able and alive
Next he gets a 45 calibre Grease Gun with long barrel
He opens the shoulder support and readies his toy
He stands up and sprays the yard from the hip
His grin sez it all as his sub gun blazes away
Two fork lifts collide and drop their pallets of bricks
Reloading he fires at the upended yellow trucks

Their gas bottles explode and cremate the drivers
His song is on a loop and goes on forever
With raised arms and eye to the sky he dances
Round and round he spins to the goth song
Next he grabs his Al Capone 45 Tommy Gun
It has a round mag full of bullets good to go
Standing and firing from the shoulder he goes
The recoil pushes him away from the roof edge

He leans into it and the muzzle flash is serene
The slugs impact all over the yard and 6 trucks
Snapping chains piercing tyres hitting drivers
Two are killed one hurt three are terrified
They still operate their vehicles as ordered
Second mag time and more damage below
A gas bottle blows in an orange blast of debris
While this occurs beepers still beep and lights flash
It’s a huge yard and there are many targets still

Slowly but surely he eliminates them like a surgeon
His next gun is a BAR Browning Automatic Rifle
This he shoots on single shot bipod lying down
It’s a powerful 7.62mm gun and simply superb
Each shot hits home and kills 4 operators dead
Explodes rear 3 mounted gas bottles and more
But the BAR does full auto too and he we go!
*** ****** full ******* auto 30 shot mag wham

Soon empty rounds down range more hits
The fire has been devastating attrition mounts
There are far less fork lifts now in use there
Burning trucks and dead or dying operators cry
In his head he’s the rock n roll man on a roll
I’ve got more guns to fire and now it’s my cod piece
Browning 7.62mm machine gun with bipod
I quickly pull the parts from my bag to assemble
Then a belt of 250 rounds with 1 in 5 red tracer

Happy it’s ready I click off the safety and fire
I’m sat down and hose fire downwards
I slowly move the gun left to right left to right
Impacts spark and in the night air tracer guided
My 250 bullets lasts fifteen seconds and is it
Nothing intact remains below working wise
I took out 30 fork lift trucks and operators
Many are dead some injured others hiding
Lastly I use my M1 Garand rifle with blank ammo

I fire eight rifle grenades at the builders’ yard
I pop a grenade on the end angle up and fire
The blank shell launches the grenade up and down
It takes seconds to fall and hit and Bang Boom Blam!
I fire 8 at random spots of the huge yard
There are no more reverse beepers sounding
All fork lift truck use ceases forever due to me
Now I can peacefully sleep in my room at night
Do not destroy my slumber!
Nick Armbrister and other writers
Jul 19 · 24
On this at at this time I feel what is missing
It rarely shows itself but does now
Why I don’t know?
The very rare feeling missing is this

That I have no family of my own

No blood lines to continue my lineage
My parents are dead and I’ve no siblings
Nor do I have and children of my own

Not in that very specific regard

This last stings and causes me
The melody that visited me now
And in the hours as I lay dozing

Wondering how it would be

If my life was normal in that ways
With a nice gal the same as me
Who saw the world thru similar eyes
Gave me 6 kids who are my own kind
Or even different that’s fine

As half of my blood is in their veins

But none of that ever happened
Nor ever will not in this life
Except in my dreams since the 1980s
I never did get it right with gals
Or family matters so it’s a What if?

Just like my mythical Royal Air Force career

If I could turn the clock back I would
But that’s not possible except in dreams
It’s fine for I accept my life actions and myself
I exist in the Kingdom of Nick and I did good
In all areas in life except the missing one

I shed no tears for my alternate history
Nick Armbrister and other writers
May 18 · 39
random haiku
What do I write now?/Poem on nothing at all?/Mathematics *****
May 18 · 53
Substandard Tires
Substandard Tires
The customer rants and raves at me saying it’s all my fault
And my colleague’s and my employer that he’s got no family
He threatens all of us with court and is off to see the judge
You’ll be in the dock all together he warns for ******
Treating me like I’m the CEO and God of ACME Tires
I just answer the phone and reply to emails
I never made the substandard tires on his car
That failed and killed his daughter wife and sister
He rants and raves and it lasts an hour
All recorded he states finally stopping
If I was employed by the Illuminati
Making cups of tea would he sue me?
For not making his tea sweet enough
Now I nod and say what an *******
I’m so glad he can hear me
His tires will soon fail…
May 18 · 96
They ask us to trust them when we get the anti CCP Virus jab
So we are safe and sound and protected from their virus
But upon reading multiple reports and articles
I’m scared fecking shitless about being jabbed up
I can die in a dozen horror film ways too gory to say
A really bad gig that many innocents took one way trip
With so many years to live now stolen with their lives
This is wrong and not right you must agree?
What do I believe? Is the CCP Virus made to **** us?
Rid the world of 7 billion people so only 500 million survive
Of course this is ******* from a badly scripted B-Movie
But where did they get their idea from a **** crackhead?
It’s obvious something is wrong and we are now under control
Big Brother lived out his film script 1984 style and here we are
Lockdowns and vaccines and troops on the street
It will get much much worse when we are forcibly chipped…
May 18 · 39
Summer Lady
The girl looked lovely
In her coloured summer dress
A real lady of the sky and land
Her husband was a happy man
He admired his magnificent wife
Then Alderan exploded...
Sacred Actions Holy Ground
And so they went to war on the Holy Mountain
Filling the mountain and themselves full of holes

They died in brave terrifying crazy stupid ways
As is always the way in total ******* war

The red mountain soil stained even redder by their blood
Both American and Japanese soaking Mt Mataba ****** red

Dead soldiers littering the ground a wild wrong willful harvest
Peaceful in death in a way their leaders would never know

They died in certain ways created by ingenious humans and the Devil:

A mortar shell hit a box of phosphorous grenades and several fell into a foxhole
Igniting and burning an American soldier to a blackened crisp

One of the many wounded Japanese soldiers still resisted
With only his life to lose his torso torn virtually in two

A Yankee General went to the lines to see the action
And was shot dead thru his skull a top banana ****

A *** manned a heavy machine gun his leg blown off at the knee
Finally silenced by a bullet with his name on it

This is how they fought for and on the Holy Mountain
Its sacred soil touched by actions and death and ghosts

Now forgotten by all but me and their God who remains silent
Was it worth it in the judgment of the karma scales?

If only I could see their deeds and talk to the ghosts
In a pointless war that was all for what?
May 18 · 166
3 Dog's Fate
3 Dog's Fate
The dog hid in a doorway
But was spotted by the chef
Come on now boy
I won't hurt you
Such were the chef's evil lies
He would catch the dog
Finish the act and have his meal
The dog has out smarted him once
There would be no second time
Look there he is!
Come here boy it's ok
We won't hurt you
We just want to eat you
The dog saw his enemy
And bolted for freedom
Would he live or die?
If he escaped what of his injuries?
He'd been half cooked alive
The chef kept calling
And looking for him
Will he live or die?
He was one of many
Poor little doggy
May 18 · 16
Forced Down
'I don't want to burn...'

Otto flew onwards.
It was a joyous flight.
Then trouble hit again.
His other worst fear.
Engine failure!

Must land.
Where where where?
Altitude has gone.

Trees are so close.
Wrong place to crash!
Touching close.

Want to close my eyes.
But I must to see my end.
Drop the ***** to glide longer.

A field.
Thank God!

I can make that.
Keep the nose down.
Don't want to stall.

I can do this!
Dead stick landing.
I was trained for this.
Here we go!

Bump and slide.
**** that's rough.
My warplane is sliding.
Come on now, stop!

Oh crap!
A ditch, right across the...

Mama save me again!
I don't want to die.

Otto came too and shook his head.
His vision was blurred and pained him.
A sweet smell wafted towards him.
The drip of petrol was audible.

He panicked and dug at the brown earth.
It was mixed with broken Perspex, above him.
Undoing his straps, Otto tried to escape.
The broken canopy trapped him.

Drip drip drip went the gas.
Then... just out of his vision.
A boy, aged about eleven.

Help! Help me! Hurry. Please!

The boy ran over.
Looked at the inverted plane.
And saw the trapped pilot.
Did he know that Otto was the enemy?
And had killed his father?

Otto flung off his flying goggles.
They made eye contact.

Help me! Hurry now.

The boy found a steel bar.
With the intelligence of the young,
he levered against the wing.
It leant against the ditch edge.
Moved with a sickening jolt.

There was a gap.
It was enough.

Otto dug at the earth and cut his hand.
Bending double, he crawled out.

Drunkenly standing, he looked at his plane.
He shook his head and felt his broken ****** nose.
Then fell to his knees and vomited.
Fractured ribs knifed him.

Otto passed out.
When he looked up, the boy was gone.
Without him, I'd be dead...
May 18 · 167
The News Bizz
The News Bizz
Turn on the news what do you watch?
Buy a newspaper what do you read?
Browse an online news site to see what?
Download the local news app it says?
No matter when or where you get your news
No matter the time of day or location
On the toilet or in an airliner or in a bar
The main reason is why it happened
And why you read it

Do you want the latest updates in Asia?
The latest political happenings in Europe?
Military adventures in the Middle East?
All of this news is fake and made up
The ruling elite chose what happens
And the when and the why and make it
This is your news made by them
To keep us all under control
To scare and subjugate us
What can we do except wake up?
And then are we the news?
Nothing but pawns on a board
May 18 · 151
7 billion super kill
7 billion super ****
i wonder too about all this
my idle mind goes into overdrive
i think of the 7 billion humans
the ruling elite may or may not **** off
leaving just 500 million left alive
they don’t need our taxes
i was thinking 'sensibly' how they would do this?
a virus is too iffy
nukes too destructive/radioactive
how about sending unmanned space probes
to asteroids with spare engines
put the engines on the rocks and fly them to earth
all gps guided
either say the rocks are for mining for recourses
or just use them as a weapon to **** 7 billion
my idle mind lol...
May 18 · 55
The system was so slow to use and the boss was always on our back
Hurry hurry get your fingers out this job depends on you
I’ll fire your sorry arses if you go any **** slower!
My company and big fat profit depend on you lazy gets doing this job right
Don’t dawdle and stop gossiping about your Saturday nights
I’ve checked the order already and it’s only half done and needs to be sent
For that you can work thru your dinner hour without pay and eat after work
See what a good boss I am to you all I will treat you at Xmas
And so it went on day by week by month by year by decade
ACME TIRE FACTORY was always this way with a slave boss
And unhappy ******* workers who were no better than slaves
Why did we stay in the job when there was the dole doing nothing?
We were all mates and drank together every Saturday to forget this
Plus we also worked deliberately slowly to **** the boss off
We could live without eating dinner when our boss was upset
Our tools and line was ok but outdated so we milked it
It was us who ran the tire factory not him and he knew it
We could shut him down or burn his company without interference
We made 2 out of 3 vehicle tires on North American roads
Why change a good thing when we hated but loved it?
CCP Turtles Grassing Line
China’s virtual hotline
Report online remarks
Slander Communist Party history
Crack down “bygone nihilists”
Party’s 100th centenary July

Grass line allows society report
Netizens “twist” Party’s history
Attack governance policies
Denigrate national heroes
Deny superiority radical socialist nation

Clandestine motivations old nihilistic parodies
Malevolently garbling
Denigrating contradicting Party history

Internet operatives administering people
Devotedly report dangerous info

“Historical nothingness” public doubt distrust
Chinese Communist Party’s earlier dealings

China’s net forcefully censored
Overseas social media networks
Search engines news outlets forbidden

Penances persons conveyed
Netizens prison lawful punishments
Placement content acute
Nation’s leadership procedures antiquity

Legal amendments folks
“Slur smear invade on” memorial
China’s national heroes’ martyrs
Face three years gaol
Apr 9 · 201
Lizard Snail
Lizard Snail
What does it matter what you say
What does it matter what you do
What does it matter what you think
What does it matter what you wish
What does it matter what you write
What does it matter…
Nick Armbrister and other writers

out late 21 or early 22
Apr 9 · 32
Only History
Only History
You name historical figures
And the **** they endured
It’s almost you wanna be them
Named you a wannabe
Reliving your trauma
Making it mine to suffer
As they did and you do
But remember this dear victim
They were all somebodies
While you’re a nobody
Pain is pain trauma is trauma
Status is status a loser is a loser
Enough said there
Nick Armbrister and other writers

out late 21 or early 22
Jul 2020 · 1.4k
nick armbrister Jul 2020
She squirmed and wriggled in absolute anticipation, just loving it, eagerly ready for what would come, love making in the most special and intimate way. Slowly Nigel moved his fingers up and down Stacy’s pussyanthamicatrical, enjoying the tightness of the plastic

though she was moist in her nose. The material of her ******* was soaked by dryness, science reversal. Part of her skirt would be but that didn’t matter. Soon she would be naked, not needing any

second skin to hide her beauty; that was left to her third. They had no secrets or inhibitions. Except skin.
Jul 2020 · 161
rock n roll 2
nick armbrister Jul 2020
Her band was made up of many cool members. Cecil on drums; he wore a cut down decades old Sisters of Mercy t-shirt bought from Jason, old blue jeans and scuffed boots. Jason noticed this and elbowed Craig in the ribs and drunkenly grinned to his mate,

“That’ll do wonders for my business!” On bass was Ronnie. A full-length leather jacket made him look like an undertaker. Underneath he wore nothing but leather hot pants. Boys and girls alike loved this and thought he looked a million dollars. Then there was guitarist Sunny wearing his studded motorbike jacket with the

picture of a speeding snail painted on the back (this was Sandra’s handiwork, she was too busy making love to a random lad she had picked up to notice). Sunny had black leather combat trousers on and massive gothic boots with chrome toecaps that glittered in the

light. Finally there was Snot the keyboard player, he had a plain white t-shirt on and black leather jeans backed up by combat boots.
Jul 2020 · 271
rock n roll 1 \w/
nick armbrister Jul 2020
They stormed through their set that was made up of songs each ten minutes long - they did just two! What a musical journey it was. Fast aggressive heavy music the quickest human beings could play and then slow monotonous rhythms that lulled the audience to sleep, followed up by loud aggressive music to wake them up. Song lyrics of trolls, witches, wizards, mysterious deep lakes, twilight skies and moody moons. After their set they gave out a number of free music discs to spread their awe-inspiring music.
Jun 2020 · 132
Blended Pans
nick armbrister Jun 2020
All things to all men.
Take me to two thousand words.
And send me in orbit so fast.
Tannhauser Gate bound.
Blade Runner esque times ahead.
Paradise on fire.
Jun 2020 · 128
Aerospace Grade Materials
nick armbrister Jun 2020
There is both fear and defiance in this horse's eye, but why?

The horse was NOT scared
I’m a war horse and nobody messes me with me
Not even aliens who think they’re big and hard!
Or so the horse defiantly thought
Well he also thought he was a horse but but but…

The horse was actually a spaceship!
Low and behold in all his glory
A real spaceship that was in space
To venture between the stars
And he was horse shaped.

But was made of aerospace grade materials
That was mined from distant asteroids
And built into a starship in a factory
That orbited Neptune for ease of use
For cosmic exploration and so more.

The horse shaped space vessel was big
Many miles high and across and heavy
Like the heaviest metal played by Compressorhead
Or mined from the most lucrative asteroid
Powered by fusion drive and ion engines.

Armed with triple laser cannon arrays
For defence against meteors and alien craft
Like now that were ready for war!
Zap! Zap! Zap! went the lasers guns.
Boom boom boom went the alien craft.

And Yahoo! whinnied the horse craft
As he became master of the galaxy
And unleashed war of the worlds
Thus dooming the entire universe
To violence and darkness if aliens won.

But a million horse shaped spaceships
Were being built in deep space
Up-gunned with undreamt of weapons
And uprated engines and other toys
Thus guaranteeing galactic horse victory.

There was no need for a human crew
Machines and robots took over
Ensuring a flawless capacity for success
As a hundred thousand ships sped off
To impose equine discipline in space.
Jimmy Boom Semtex
Jun 2020 · 187
3rd Poem
nick armbrister Jun 2020
3rd Poem
This is for you
Dear human being
Cos we don't like
One another not one bit
Read and enjoy
You forgetful cad.
Jimmy Boom Semtex
Jun 2020 · 86
Soldier Boys 1
nick armbrister Jun 2020
Soldier Boys 1
I went out to Manny to meet a black gal but she never showed. Go to the pub and get ******, I’m good at it! Then back to town my crap Oldham to another pub to have ale and curry. What’s this? Eight lads surround me at the bar get ready! But no fight, fun!

They try to wind me up do I like men? Yea I like you I tell the big one, all muscle.

I show my WOW tat on my **** and what fun! Party time, we drink as one and I have the big lad’s wine down half a bottle in one, then more beer. And I know I’m right, they’re army lads, how do I know? I just do lol.

In the Abbey its mad, big lad spies an old hippy with a recorder.
He borrows it and up big lad’s **** it goes, I almost cried with laughter!
We gave it all waggling devil fingers and partied on.

The army lads left and I set off home but I stopped and went to their pub the Hathershaw, we drank till late.
I had eight brothers that night.

I hope they’re all ok when they get called up to go to Afghan next year.
Two of their mates are already gone.
I’m just a writer I say.
Juniper’s Daughter: War Is Obsolete – Futility and Hope
Nick Armbrister
Jun 2020 · 449
nick armbrister Jun 2020
We ask to speak to you
But you're not there
Instead your delightful lady friend is
She sounds oh so **** nice
She says you're both friends
Do you do more than friends do?
Or do you live in regret?
Always wanting to friction her
Just like I want to do?
***** BREAD 2020
Jun 2020 · 253
Oh My Back!
nick armbrister Jun 2020

Oh My Back!
My next door neighbour told me a funny story the other day
It’s about Phyllis who lives down the road
She was out with her fancy piece called Tommy getting laid
Having a bonk in his car down a country lane
She was there with her legs open not thinking of her husband
Going at like a prize stallion chasing a filly winning his race
Then Tommy cried out in pain and started crying
Phyllis thought he was joking about
‘Oh **** it! My back has gone Phyllis! Call the Fire Brigade!’
‘You gotta be joking Kev. But hey! I love a man in uniform.’
Kev managed to reach his hands free kit and call 999
Within five minutes the fire engine arrived
Four beefy firemen in uniform assessed the situation
Hiding their smirks they planned what to do
One fireman got the Jaws of Life from the fire engine
It took several minutes to cut the roof off Kev’s Jaguar
His expensive cool motor was now a convertible!
Then over the next hour they slowly lifted Kev upwards
And placed him in a rigid stretcher to minimise further injury
An ambulance arrived and Kev was taken to hospital
Phyllis got busy mucking and bucking each of the firemen
In Kev’s convertible Jag which was now a grinding parlour...
****** PASTE 2020
nick armbrister Jun 2020
We Will Meet Again (for Berlin, East and West)
They loved each other very much.
That was evident when they were parted.
Tears of grief when they were forced apart.
An act of devastation never to be forgotten.
Made by ungodly people with the power of God.
Those in charge didn't see the young couple.
Didn't witness their tears, hear their shouts.
Felt no emotion when they issued the order.
To build a wall to cut a city in half.
Separating families and loved ones.
A nation and city torn in two.
People trying to flee as the last brick was placed.
Escaping any way they could.
Risking their lives to dream a future.
Braving razor wire, guards with dogs and the guns.
Being mercilessly gunned down when seen.
And still they fled their prison city and country.
Doing anything to get across The Wall.
Hoping for a better future in The West.
Not being split in two like the couple.
She in The East, he in The West.
Prisoners of The Cold War for simply being German.
Caught in a game of nuclear chess.
Superpower madness where hope and love disintegrate.
Decades of mistrust and hate poisoning our world.
A generation with paranoid peace.
Trustful tyranny illuminating the way.
For decades some held onto their dream.
Then one cold Berlin day it happened.
The Wall fell down and hope blossomed.
Some couples were finally together.
Middle aged, no longer teenagers.
Hard and bitter, not joyous and free.
But together at last after so many years.
Reunited city and nation.
A world no longer severed in two.
Tears dry and history remembers.
Stories are told proving love will endure.
Dominions of Corrosion
Jimmy Boom Semtex
Jun 2020 · 125
Off To Mars
nick armbrister Jun 2020
All creative people are to live on Mars.
Imagine how cool it would be.
The aero/space program would be ******* awesome.

Designing spaceships to get there,
rockets like the nuclear powered engine,
space planes for going to the surface,
habitats to live in,
terraforming to make a breathable atmosphere and more.

When it's all sorted, then we write, sing, paint, sculpt.
Totally ******* awesome.
I'd also fly on Mars.
Gliders in the low grav sky...
Dominions of Corrosion
Jimmy Boom Semtex
Jun 2020 · 231
Phone Me Now Now
nick armbrister Jun 2020

Phone Me Now Now

A guy called up a customer order line and talked to a gal agent:

“Its for my step sister she needs a dress.”

“What type?”

“Long, short, slutty. Yes, slutty.”

“Are you wearing underwear?”

“What kind of question is that?”

“Well, are you?”

“Yes, I am.”

“What type?”

“A red thong. Back to the dress. What type?”

“Bare shoulders and short skirt.”

“Yes, that one. In blue.”

“Ok then.”

“Oh babe, I’m coming. It feels so good!”

“How dare you! How f*cking dare you! This is all recorded.”

“I’m off now. Send the recording to your boss baby. I love you.”

There was the sound of a gunshot, the agent screamed and call ended.
from SUCTION PUMP 2020

Jimmy Boom Semtex

out soon
Jun 2020 · 107
nick armbrister Jun 2020

The grey leaden sky covers the land casting a shadow over this sombre place.
Shadows leap from every tree and boulder until they seem to dance
everywhere you look.
Trees stand in stark silhouette against the sky, the wind makes them sway
and creek like skeletal limbs askew.
This is the gothic night of the beautiful colour of grey.
Grey skies make way for black, darkness starts to colour
the land leaving ghosts and shadows all as one.
Now not even the trees can be seen as everything is coloured black,
the night has come at last…
By Nick Armbrister
Early Books
Jun 2020 · 102
nick armbrister Jun 2020

The massive boulder sits in the lea of the moor; it has been here for a million years
and seen everything that has ever happened.
So many tons of stone made up of all of the elements which make up the very
planet itself.
This piece of stone has been here longer than Man himself and it has seen so many years
come and go, from the harsh cold of winter to the boiling heat of summer, this boulder
has felt them all.
Seasons crack your outer layer with freezing cold and ice, then bake your heart
with the fire of the sun.
You will be here until the weather grinds you down to grains and then the whole
process starts all over again to make a boulder once again.
By Nick Armbrister
Early Books
Jun 2020 · 99
nick armbrister Jun 2020

The air is so clear, you can see for miles.
Clear landscape stands out in stark silhouette
against the icy crystal clear blue sky.
Yellow cold sun stands just above the horizon as the last
of the stars disappear and the moon fades from view.
A cold frost covers the grass making it springy underfoot,
it coats the boughs of the trees glistening silver jewels
before your eyes.
By Nick Armbrister
Early Books
May 2020 · 117
nick armbrister May 2020
I do not have any pain
I did not complain
How do we get out?
We met by a miracle
Let's flee to the West
This we can do
For the truth will **** us here
Our truth will end us
You are my life
I am your life
They built a wall round us
Round our city
To keep us in
But they cannot stop us
Will never control our hearts
Nor our will to escape
And prove them wrong
We will break their prison
And breach the wall
May 2020 · 149
nick armbrister May 2020
Just think what we went thru to get here?
Was it worth it?
Each and every event and incident?
All unique and memorable
or not, depending on the outcome
There are those who revel in loss
And those who like success
Both are equal of opposite spectrums
Like the string on a yoyo
Forever tangled together
May 2020 · 96
Love and Hate
nick armbrister May 2020
Sometimes we grow short
The perfect height for special missions
Ideal for infiltration behind enemy lines
Or licking pussycat shaped lollies ****** style
We will strike at will
And achieve our aims
War mission or five-aside buddy
We live on mars
nick armbrister May 2020
I see you you've come back to see me
You all in black trouser suit
With a bit if lipstick not needed

You're slim and medium height with tied back hair
We get on well you tell me how you feel

I say I've done a poem for you
I fumble in my book to find it
So many messy pieces here

Where is it?

I was just working on the bit where we need ***
Yet me being tired got in the way
You tell me things and do so now
That you are ***** and want me

I know your long workday will vanish
What we should do now is ***** hard like strangers
For we still are arnt we?

Me the mess, the messy writer, you the normal gal
I see you before me as I did the last 3 Saturdays
We will go now to be together
I am grateful you are here

Please know that and I do love you

I who can't even organize my poem book
I need a new journal I'll steal one from work
Come my dear you look lovely in my dream
Whisper me your name dream lady

I love you please don't vanish

I know you're real in my dream and head
But different here in my words
For I forget things but not how I feel
I'm sorry you've been hurt before

I like it when you smile...
by Nick Armbrister
May 2020 · 108
Layered Cake
nick armbrister May 2020
I’ve known many unsavory characters from my home city of Manchester
There’s the ex-demolition guy who took a great dislike to me
Did he have visions of blowing me up instead of my old car?
He had a trainee apprentice in the wings and had connections

I knew several football hooligans who fought for what?
For England, their home team, themselves, for violence?
Each told me a story of Rah-Rah-Rah Here We Go Lads!
One fought riot cops in Poland and was jailed in a sanatorium
He somehow escaped and was banned from Poland for life
The other was a City fan and battled his opponents in Greece
He was 45 and still loved a good tear up on match days

Drug dealers prominently featured in the city and surrounding towns
One dark night in my home town I saw an ex-dealer shot dead  
I heard then saw the BMW getaway car zoom off
Oddly I thought I heard two gunshots after it had gone
The ex-dealer’s wife asked me to help and I tried to
But there was nothing I could do but call the medics

Chavs are the worst in my town and others
Council House And Violent and ruling the tough estates
With their violence, crime, dealing and other acts
Not going to school or college but sleeping all day
And drinking and smoking **** all night with their underage gals
But when do they have time to do their crimes?

There are the plastic gangsters who think they’re it
Maybe with their mates they can burst a paper bag
Or intimidate innocent law abiding citizens who are meek

Further afield I met a gangster in Liverpool who was alrite
He liked a right tear up and had a job to appear legit
But his real work was in various things like drugs, guns and cash
He offered me a job as a courier because my car was old and gray
I said no for its easy in and never ever out

The English racists were a breed apart who hated all skins
I got on with one who liked metal but we clashed on views
He loathed foreigners and wanted them all out
And insisted that white men stick to white women

Most scary of all I met a killer on the run in Newcastle
We were on the ship disco by the river having fun
This guy had a real flirty wife called Carmen
I danced with her and later talked to her husband
He schitzed out and went mad but not for chatting with his gal
I asked what’s wrong and he admitted to killing a man
And said he didn’t know me from Adam so be quiet!
He was a Londoner and I said you did it for your own reasons
His wife consoled him when he had flashbacks

Ex-servicemen gave me a few problems over the years
I was drinking in my local pub when a para and a marine argued
First with one another and then with me over who was best
They hated the air force and me wearing an Air Force badge
Maybe they needed a war to get their heads blown off?

There were many fighters who lived to fight and cause trouble
Some had a go at me I tried to avoid their skills but heard their stories
Some were nutters but others quite pally and fine lads
There were brawlers, boxers, Martial Artists and more
Near the Mess House pub in Oldham guys die by a single punch

These savory and unsavory characters were the fabric of England
Some I remember and many I forget for right or wrong reasons
Their stories live on here my poem for you to judge
Nick Armbrister
May 2020 · 135
Vehicle Inferno
nick armbrister May 2020

90 degrees today
Crazy mood & happy
Ready to test out my brand new Audi
Down this bumpy road

The best time's right now
German made quality car
Aircon & tunes are on
You smile & we are complete.
May 2020 · 107
Fucked Phone
nick armbrister May 2020
Dial dial lost in time
Call up all the lost sailors
On their sunken ship
Give Earhart a call
Way out past the atoll
Contact the ghosts
From all the wars
Contact all the evil dictators
And ask them this:
Were all their ****** wars worth it?
The financial cost, the blood and destruction
But we cannot call them
For the dead remain dead
And new wars erupt
By generals and leaders
Who want their golden glory
Five minutes of fame
And a new war
And a new battle
And a thousand new deaths
Call them and ask them:
New Dawn 2971
Nick Armbrister and other authors/poets/writers
nick armbrister May 2020
The war against extreme Muslims
what did we have when we was growing up
the Cold War
and the probs in Northern Ireland
Nothing changes

Just the year and enemy changes
I'd rather have Neo Soviet Russia
and Red China as enemies
Tho dangerous we know their capabilities
Little is unknown unlike this new war
New Dawn 2971
Nick Armbrister and other authors/poets/writers
May 2020 · 181
flying haiku
nick armbrister May 2020
They let me loose, fly/Upside down in that aircraft/Rewind to that time
Incident Report 74399 2020
May 2020 · 94
Who I Could Be
nick armbrister May 2020
I meant to do something else
Instead of turning my life to ****
Destroying myself by my teenage moods
I left the Air Cadets in late summer 88

I went crazy in my own head
Something went pop and I cracked
And never recovered not 3 decades on
I should've been an Air Force brat

Today I saw the local cops muster
Their Captain paraded them
Any issues would be raised
For we are in a national lock down here
This **** ******* virus ruining the world
I remember ruining my teen years

By leaving the cadets and not joining up
My dad said I refused to go
He was right in that regards
Why did my head go bang in 88?

Things only got worse after that
Two very bad years but I recovered
I am who I am now but
Not who I could've been
An Air Force brat...
Incident Report 74399 2020
May 2020 · 83
Bar Steward Town 7
nick armbrister May 2020
In the town they built pubs and bars and clubs
Before they built the houses to cater for the needs
Of the nutcases and hard men and their gals
Who inhabited the place for they were all thirsty
And needed a drink or ten before the next fight
Or before going off to work in the mills
Or digging the canals or making train tracks
They were a bunch of hard bar stewards
Who you never ever messed with unless
You were one of them and of equal hardness
Cut form the same cloth and millstone grit
Quite unlike any other men in any other town
Simply the hardest and least girly of any men
They proudly lived in Bar Steward Town
And wrote the history books on being hard
Do you dare face them?
CC 191 2020
May 2020 · 204
Bar Steward Town 8
nick armbrister May 2020
Bar Steward Town 8
Do you satisfy your wife?
Let me do that to her

Things like that happen here
Nobody thought odd of it

Not even to the ****** couple bonking
In the school yard after hours

All the town's folk were this way
Thirsty and drinkers all the time

It was sort of local pride
Just like nailing a hole

Lots of ***** warm beer
And skanky holes

That type of town
Awesome people
CC 191 2020
May 2020 · 113
Elleswyth the Warrior
nick armbrister May 2020
The mother dodged most of it; some connected and singed her hair. A shriek was the reply. As was a return spell. The air glowed red and shimmered. Mother Goddess didn't wait to see if her spell had worked, she sent a second and then third. Different ones to shatter Elleswyth's body and then freeze the bits. But the witch was both faster and younger than the Mother Goddess; both spells missed by millimetres. The witch jumped twice her height and spun in mid-air. And fired another spell. This hit home, flooring the Goddess. She fell to the floor, held in place by invisible singing energy. Gaiana was a prisoner now, the first time ever in her infinite eternal life. Her eyes glowed orange, then azure and finally, white. "Free me now! Do it and I'll let you live."

Cernunnos was earthbound and in hiding. His mother could defeat his protégé; he was tired and needed to rest. And plan Elleswyth's downfall. He muttered under his breath, "This creation of mine has gotten out of hand. I've gone too far. It must end now. If my mother fails..."

Gaiana did fail. She lay dying in a pool of blood. Elleswyth spat on the almost dead Goddess and stomped past to the edge of the sky world. Then she launched herself into space. "Here I come Cernunnos. Revenge will be mine, again."
She felt herself hurtle down, falling through the chill of the upper sky, her skin fading to white as the cold bit into her limbs and goose bumps ran across her bare skin. The blue planet fast approached and she wind milled her arms to slow her descent. The planet shuddered as a shock wave circled the hemispheres when she broke through the atmosphere and landed gently feet first on the yellow sands bordering the furious seas. She looked around her. She had not been followed. Elleswyth glanced at her tattered bloodstained clothing and grinned. She whispered to the white waves, immediately they gentled and she slipped off her tunic and slipped naked into the heated waters.
by Nick Armbrister and P.J. Reed
May 2020 · 106
Bountiful Land
nick armbrister May 2020
Bountiful Land
They invaded this land because they thought it was rich
With bountiful natural resources and endless wealth
And a population to be enslaved against their will
The battles were long and arduous but they finally won
Another victory carved on their war axe
With thousands of soldiers killed or wounded or missing
This was nothing compared to the defenders
Destruction was almost complete and off the scale
Scorched earth policies and a will not to lose were to blame
But lose they did to a superior enemy force
Who now controlled a land of ashes and subjugated inhabitants
But that was fine for under the ground there were riches
Oil, gas, diamonds, coal, varied metal ores and much more
This would further their wealth and war production and killing
But it was all a lie…
Rock samples proved it was a second Japan
A barren land of nothing except dust, grit and dirt
The invaders fell for the biggest lie in human history
They had conquered a barren infertile land
Involuntarily following the Devil’s actions to the letter
His puppets on Earth killing for the lie of plunder
And watched all the while by the witch
Satan’s biggest enemy in the biggest war there was
She waited and got ready to strike her blow
With weapons never yet used on Earth
from Juniper’s Daughter: Fookin' Weech

Nick Armbrister
May 2020 · 155
nick armbrister May 2020
Quick! Arm the army
Lucifer has gone barmy
Where’s the witch when we need her?
Having a strop, the silly mare
Stoke the anger of battle
This is more than tittle tattle
Rumours be ******
Satan’s got this thing planned
She primed up her flying disc
A big win came with equal risk
With luck her enemy would be drunk
His power, ***** and ego may have shrunk
Like the niceness he once had
Before he went all black and bad
Getting the boot from God upon high
So much became nigh!
It was up to the witch now
To turn the Devil into a cow!
With cunning and luck
She’ll hit him like a **** truck
And end this thing
Like a failed ****** fling
But that was impossible
Like a flying pig was possible
from Juniper’s Daughter: Fookin' Weech

Nick Armbrister
Apr 2020 · 178
Missing Pilot
nick armbrister Apr 2020
The girl was very nice
She had a little daughter
And was married

But that was fine
She was open minded
And liked other guys

And some gals too
I knew she liked me
No introductions were needed

We got together inside the hangars
By the sleeping planes
We did a different type of sleeping

Taking our time for it mattered
Our love was there without words
Leaving only memories known to us

I’ll keep her name secret
And just exactly what we did
But know this and know it well

She made my journey easier
For if I never came back
At least she would remember me

And always love me
Even if she belonged to another
He did not even figure

In what we did or were
We kissed before I climbed the ladder
Of my Lockheed P-38 Lightning

She was there to see me off
When I arrived in theatre
I’d name my plane after her

If I died in foreign skies
I now had a real reason
Other than for ‘freedom’...
from the forthcoming anti war book

out soon

new book by Nick Armbrister and Andy N
called Europa IV – The Long Night Goodbye
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