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B E Cults Jan 31
I could survive the winter in your eyes.

I see what I want.
George Krokos Mar 2020
All sacred scriptures were divinely revealed and given by God to man
as a record of our relationship to help remember Him as best we can.
They also can be used as a reference for advice in our times of need
as they contain eternal truths for all concerned to abide by and heed.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Ayn Feb 2020
If I’m lost,
Then my past guides me.
The shadows of myself
That drag behind, free.

Following me
Out of our own volition,
I hope I may soon see
The beacon that envelopes thee.

The darkness by my side
Will dissipate into the light,
And I’ll traverse the night
with its absence at my right.
The word silhouette is a pain to spell. Took me 6 tries then a google search.
This is true though, when I don’t know what to do, I’ll look back, see what I did, then do the exact opposite, because I obviously didn’t do things right the first time.
Ash or KC Oct 2017
With every letter you wrote me,
I knew you'd be mine forever.
I thought you were mine forever.
You built me a whole new world,
Villages and castles,
Forests and oceans,
From just your paragraphs.
As I read them again,
I search for the time that you were mine,
I search for your love,
For the proof that you belonged to me.
The world seemed to burn down around me,
our world crumbling with our love.
Do you know what my mother said?
You're obsessed with your legacy,
paranoid with how they deceive you.
Now, you have forfeited the place in our bed,
The place in my heart,
The place in our love.
This was inspired by the son Burn from Hamilton: A Broadway Musical
due to my dictionary
wandering about
there will be no words
for me to spout

the dash thing took
a hike out of here
where it ventured
to isn't too clear

should I not locate it
within the week
the outlook for writing
shall be bleak

I can't understand
why it left me
there was no logical
reason for it to flee

if anyone sees
a Collins Dictionary
wandering in a field
near your locality

let it know that its
owner wants it back
all will be forgiven if it gets
on the homeward  track

it will be full steam
ahead at this place
when my word reference
shows its face
Eva May 2019
You were everything I want, nothing that I need
But I grew out of wanting the apple on The Tree.
Aphra May 2019
I love you more
Than numbers can count,
Though we keep them climbing higher.
I wonder if we reach 3.000
Before you know what it means.
You make me feel invincible,
Earthquake powerful
brinn Jan 2019
i hate that every time i see you
i think you feel the same
i hate that i think these scenarios could be true
i hate that i only have myself to blame

i hate that i build you up inside my head
i hate that your smile makes me feel high
i hate the words i still haven't said
i hate that i continue to try and try

i hate that i can't make you see me
in the way that i see you
i hate that no matter how hard i plea
you won't notice the things i do

but most of all the thing i hate
is the hold you have on me and
the simple fact that i would wait
forever just to hold your hand.
Amanda Francis Dec 2018
Maybe the greatest thing we'll ever learn is just to love, but the luckiest is to be loved in return.

For love, real love is unconditional. Not time dependent. Least dependent upon reciprocity.

For when we declare that this world is over and its too late. Ill wait for you at those pearly gates.
For my greatest thing was to see your face and my favourite lesson was studying beauty that hides there.
And ill laugh how lucks not been my lady this life...
If i am a forest
Will you be my rainy cloud
Cause You always Help me out
with the sky

Baby If i am a glass
you'll be my wine
Cause You fills me in no time

If i am a sky
Will you be my rainbow in nye
Cause together we make
The best weather in our life

Darling If I am a taken boy
I want you to be my girl
Cause we make the perfect tonight
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