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Zack Ripley Sep 22
If the truth is a lie,
Does that make a lie the truth?
Or is it simply denial?
Another example of the mind
Trying to find meaning
When it comes across something
It doesn't understand?
All Things Galore
by Michael R. Burch

(for my grandfathers George Edwin Hurt Sr. and Paul Ray Burch, Sr.)

now in your gray presence
you are

somehow more near

and remind me that,
once, upon a star,
you taught me


that ululate soft phrase,
that hopeful phrase!

and everywhere above, each hopeful star

gleamed down

and seemed to speak of times before
when you clasped my small glad hand
in your wise paw

and taught me heaven, omen, meteor ...

Keywords/Tags: family, grandfather, grandchild, grandson, teacher, mentor, example, guide, guidance, guru
Arcassin B Mar 30
By Arcassin Burnham

Spending life pacing, ain't no way for a man live,
placing moments and events that should have been
a lone gift,
Is peace really an option? will the world take people as they are
without this mixed concoction?
a world I would have envisioned as a child, when I was oblivious,
when people were still tricked in society but still civil and they wasn't
i see the faces and what use to be,
please don't get use to me
but in my heart...

I'm stronger than what ignorant ******* think,
weak is not in my vocabulary , I do not lip sync,
thats code for lies , when they despise and try to break
my image like a pack lions killing a lucky zebra thats a lucky libra,
but didn't get to live out his life and achieve none ,so it would have been
a circle of life that was meaningless in an ongoing loop of
certainty that it would be reborn into human that might be me,
I am infinite lil' ***** , you can not stop me.

..but in my heart, I will survive, I'll make my mark,
I will not die.

Pax Mar 19
Your the shinning example of
Love i never got to see.
So be at ease to
The one you've found
Love grows when
U cherish it.
Imagine Fighting and scrowing  
Over toliet roll
What in the Dickens name
is the world coming too.
George Krokos Jan 29
When you show them love
then they will know what love is
not only just words.
Written in 2019.
What can be said, about how we
conduct ourselves? Are we, now
leading by example? Do actions
reveal to others, that we can
educate, cultivate and inspire
people to be… more like Christ?

Based on experience, you’ll see
and perceive that you’re being
watched by those around you. If
you’re really enjoying yourself,
with His Presence, know that the
living dead desire signs of Life

that can… elevate them too.
Author notes

Inspired by:
1 Pet 2:1-25; Matt 5:16

Learn more about me and my poetry at the book section of Amazon (dot) com.

By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2018, All rights reserved.
Philomena Jun 2019
I want to be someone you can look up to
Because you don't see my scars
Or the tears in my eyes
You're too young to know of any real pain
To you I'm another friendly face ready to greet you each morning
And I wish it could stay that way forever
I want to remain perfect to you
Even as time passes us by
And I might just be a memory to you later on
But I want you to look up to me
I want to set the right example
Because I only get to keep you for a short while
So I'll have to be on my best behavior
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