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once upon a time
the presidents
of the self-declared beacon of democracy
did not feel the need
to bully everybody
with threats and insults

they led the nation
by shining democratic example

When they ask, "what do you want to be?"

"An example", just reply.
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: You deserve no less
E over c2 Jun 3
stop apologizing
stop apologizing for being yourself
stop apologizing for being sad sometimes
stop apologizing for the way you look
or act
or talk
or kiss
so look at me
blue to blue
and tell me you're not sorry.
not sorry for who you are
unapologetic in your beauty where hair falls on shoulders
next to a freckled face that resembles my vision of true art
you are what happens when the moon rises above the horizon
pushing and pulling the tides
like heart strings
mine stings at your absence.
the moon is not sorry.
it simply is
as you should be.
fractured during times but pieced together in the sky when together with the sun
it mimes to us
without words moving the planet ever so slightly
lightly kiss me under it
and stop
stop apologizing.
be who you are.
bold, beautiful, smart, ****, cheeky, funny, loving, warm
these words and more, in my own mental dictionary have your face plastered permanently next to them
and so i understand these words not by definition
but by example.
but by you.
I’ll hang myself from your earlobe; an example to all consciences
That are the high hanging fruit in the wind
Unknowingly melting icebergs worth of salt in the eyes of a fox
Olga Valerevna Oct 2016
our heads have been on fire for some decades and a half
and every kind of heat, I think, has burned upon our backs
with lacerated bodies let us come to make amends
to douse the flames with water there may never be again
may time be in our favor, grant us only just enough
to walk away a blueprint many brothers colored up
a city can be drawn you know, but compromised as well
if people living in it look for emptiness to sell
our sisters bore the weight of both the first and second drafts
but bluer than their bruises be a selflessness intact
and maybe we are bleeding, maybe soaking up the blood
let everyone examine what the heart is telling us
John 2:13-22
Let me be an example
Let me be
Your barely living proof
That happiness
Is hard to find
Just don't ask me why
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