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july hearne Oct 7
mighty mighty miners  
mining for a heart of cryptocurrency  
mighty mighty houses  
might end up empty  

for fake fortune  
your drop of wine  
your speck of grain  
for fake fortune  

nec·ro·man·cers quick with answers
will you be their broke financiers  
will you be their paraplegic dancers  

you've got nothing to lose  
just a shield of children  
wielding weapons  
no one knows how to use  

mighty mighty miners  
mine on empty  
too much vacancy  
in a heart of cryptocurrency  

all one person  
all one horsemen  
all fake fortune  
all one horsemen  

wish NPC weren't too dumb to understand
mighty mighty houses built upon sand
because every time jeff eats an iguana,  
he's got the whole free market in his hands.
*Roky Erickson - I Think of Demons

Micah 2:2
They covet fields and seize them, and houses, and take them. They defraud people of their homes, they rob them of their inheritance.

ISAIAH 5:8 (MSG Version)
"Doom to you who buy up all the houses and grab all the land for yourselves— Evicting the old owners, posting no trespassing signs, Taking over the country, leaving everyone homeless and landless. I overheard ***-of-the-Angel-Armies say: “Those mighty houses will end up empty. Those extravagant estates will be deserted. A ten-acre vineyard will produce a pint of wine, a fifty-pound sack of seed, a quart of grain.
The future won't find my love letters
Just texts trapped in old phones
Emails stuck on old hard drives
Maybe a password protected server

My grandchildren won't find our video chats
Even if they were recorded
All I have for them is passwords
Saving my love in clouds

The future won't know the details of how much I loved you
effie ebbtide Jul 17
they did away my electricity well
i don't know the make of the rubber they used
i don't know the color of water i dissipate in
they did away my electricity well

phonograph to dream to vacuum
to morse to bytes to

my electricity well they did away
i can't hear the sounds of radio static
i can hear the sounds of radio silence
my electricity well they did away

steam to diesel to tube
to blood to bone to antimatter

when they jumpstarted me i sparked and shocked
i hope that nobody was hurt (but i was)
my screen was displaying impossible images
you are on the fastest impossible route

circuit to node to qubit to

how did they create scrolling polygons
in a realm where dimension is reserved for the monarchs
of y and x axes, whose scepters bang
on the tiltshifting ground, undulating below?

vector to pixel to
line to happening
MicMag Jul 7
i sit awake
in an empty room
staring at a screen

while she lies awake
in another room
staring at a screen

i slowly wake up
roll over in bed
stare at a screen

she's already up
eating oatmeal
staring at a screen

i pour my coffee
sit down with my cereal
staring at a screen

where'd the day go?
already late afternoon
staring at a screen

i refill my water
gulp down some health
staring at a screen

a neighbor drops by
just to say hi
and stare at a screen

time to prep dinner
need a recipe
so i stare at a screen

chop chop chop
cooking up a storm
staring at a screen

sit down together
sharing a meal
staring at screens

scrubbing the pots
drying the plates
staring at screens

plopping down on the couch
resting from a long day
of staring at screens

crawl into bed
kiss goodnight
stare at a screen
Are the screens staring back?
Jiawen 张 Nov 2017
I have never changed,
Even though it seems like that
I have been changing constantly.
But it’s only because I have to leave
Everything holding me back.
I said goodbye to the society,
Which takes away my dreams.
I said goodbye to the society,
Which tells me that I am wrong most of the time.
My soul has been away from my physical body
Since I was a little kid.
My physical body left my family
When I was 16 years old.
I thought I took my soul with me,
But actually,
My soul has been traveling around the world
Without me.
I said goodbye to my peers,
Who are too childish and selfish.
I said goodbye to ignorant people,
Who are lazy and close-minded.
Now I have a strong network of
Kind, Helpful, Open-Minded, Hardworking,
And Smart people.
Who Inspire, Care, and Act.
They teach and remind me to love myself,
And they love and support me.
I am still alive
Not only because I have never given up,
But also because of everyone I have met in my life.
People who love and support me.
People who hate and destroy me.
I am thankful for having all of you in my life.
Because of all the contradictions and differences,
I know who I am and what I want.
Because of all of you,
I have the courage to say goodbye to
Everything holding me back.
A poem to myself and First Unitarian Universalist  Church of Indiana, PA.
july hearne Mar 23
kevin told me he was going to quit his job today
i sit beside him at a temp job
in a cramped cubicle

the whole thing is terrible
i fail at my little temp job
all day long

he lost his phone three days ago,
the new kid from new york
told him he should just call his carrier
and buy insurance, then wait a few days
and report the phone as lost or stolen
to get a replacement

kevin was not willing to do that
i never bothered to follow up
and ask if he had found his phone

i'm not sure what he will do with all
his time on no income
he is an extravert who likes to go out

a few months ago
i gave kevin a forceful
and impassioned lecture
about how no one should be
treated like **** at their jobs
and thats why i had quit mine

then kevin said he wished he had a ******* fund
i told kevin to save his money
kevin told me that was in debt because
there was this girl in this band
and he spent a lot of money on uber and lyft
and going out drinking

i wasn't sure if there were additonal purchases in that story
about the girl and the debt

i hope i didn't inspire him to quit his job
with no back up plans
he said he was tired of waiting around for things to get better

he really loves the music of the nineties
he said it was the   best time to grow up
he is into third eye blind, the gin blossoms,
breeders and some other singers of songs
that were just songs i listened to on the radio
waiting for another song to come on

who will i talk to now
sometimes, when i'm not persauding people
to quit their jobs, i watch shows about prison,
people who end up in prison for ******, accomplice,
arson, ****, embezzlement, other
just so i can feel a little relieved
i'm not like them
at least it's not prison,

all the going too far in the world
never keeping from going too far
everytime the
i see double
Echo location the spaceships invade me like sound waves crashing against the empty sea.
Sonar the signal, needles and spindles, interrupting my thoughts like midnights mantel.
Resounding inside spilling out what I lie the liquid I poor are the memory echoes of my life.
Kinetic and alive like tiny ripples in time I leave my print crashing like the waves in my mind.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as it would advance my writing allowing me to progress. Thankyou.
Hayley Feb 8
I stride to the podium tears streak from my sapphire eyes mascara spotted the skirt of my angelic white dress
I take a trembling breathe it seems as though the world falls silent
In that moment waiting for each sweet succulent word to fall from my lips
I clear my throats my trembling voice filling the room
“I would just like to say a few words” I admit scrolling through my phone where my speech was
I take another shaky breath “one on one communication is dead! We
all know that it is dead because we let our phones computers iPads etc etc run our lives control us like marionettes tugging at our strings we want technology to remember birthdays for us we want it to wake us up we relinquished all control to the technology and the marketing companies behind them I look at this great big world I live in and I wonder what happened to the sweet gesture of a handwritten note?” I chuckle grimly “I do not believe that human to human contact will ever be brought back from the dead but mayhaps it can it doesn't need to be like this we can have control again” I throw my phone to the red carpet stepping on the screen “may human contact rise from its dead state!” I exclaim walking off into the dead of night awaiting for the people of the world to make their decision

A/n; the prompt for this was write  a eulogy about an abstract concept that you believe is dead and I wrote this it is aweful
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