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Risa Njoroge Aug 21
Am sorry that’s not what I meant,
It’s just the auto-correct,
This new technology thinks it’s ahead,
Replacing the words that come from my head,
with words like "You are my best yet"
When what I meant to say was "meeting you I regret"

And that last text I sent, telling you how I felt,
That too was auto-correct,
See, there was a time when your words made my heart melt,
And the butterflies that rose from my belly up to my neck,
I sometimes needed  to tie them down with a belt,
All this words you say you never meant.

Every time you sent that I love you text,
Now I know it just auto-correct
This new tech is quick to make us forget,
And replaces words like I regret,
With stupid texts like “come hold me”
Leaving us with broken hearts we now hold up like trophies,

The rest of the world may never know just how much I hurt,
Because I found a filter that will auto-correct
This frown on my face and turn it right side up,
And every time I take a picture,
This auto correct will add color and remove the hurt,
Making sure no one will never know what really lives inside,
"this whirl we call home, spinning out of control.”
we have been living in an auto-correct world, never saying what is on our minds, and everything is spinning out of control.
Ken Pepiton Jul 3
This face, this phaze, this fus-if-i-can't-ation,

see me
the de ift sign

sent, not here, else

who were you up there?
up there

all this you and me being began,
were you
up there?

God.I'd guess, but tha's a cultural

struct, they say, God the way I imagined
I remember, until now

when you ask me a reason for the faith
in me

I say reason, per se,
the thing,
faith, itself as it hapts t' be in me, y' see.
I be letting that be my

answer, when asked
to give a reason for the faith in me, y'see.
It is war. My side does win. The peace you shall someday find shall remind you.Peace practice
Aynjul Jul 2
I dont wanna swipe for girls
I dont tap for likes

Its honestly sickening
-the temptation to mindlessly scroll.
what a waste of my vision
-when really I am being my own troll
I probably love the truth
And the Truth is poetic
I propose that poetic lines be banned
Does that sound poetic
The Structure Of A Motion Picture
Penmann Jun 12
Kids playing, guys chatting, cars running.
There she goes.
An infinite scroll, it could last forever.
Who knows where the data heads?
CIA? China? Pentagon?
Your mom?

Flood of notifications on how pretty you are,
When not on the phone.
Nicole Levy May 23
Mommy stop playing on your phone
I’m home
Pay attention to me
And us three
Can’t you see?
The mommy we need you to be
From the outside
You look zombified!
Are you even alive?

They taught me
Don’t look away
Something new will pop up
If you just stay

This little box
Toss it over a bridge
Let me go back and relive
All those moments you stole from me
How life would have gone differently

In billions of situations
In this moment here
I would have held a pen
Instead of tapping on glass to no end

I can’t feel your intention
Through your profile ****** expression
Just left with an emoji
Where your laughter would be

It’s dizzying to think
So I’d rather not
So many lives
Would have a different plot

If the notifications didn’t ping
And you didn’t miss that thing
And likes didn’t fill you up
You would have to go out and actually put water in your cup

My friends are busy posting
Pictures of “life”
My husbands business contacts
Need immediate response to strife

And I am left here all alone
I fell in fake love
With my phone
#fakelove #phone #tech
We both live in Mumbai,
He is Harish, I am Jai.
He lives on the pavement,
Next to my luxurious apartment,
He lives in a shack with metal covered with tarpaulin roof,
It has a T.V dish and WIFI
Mine is hi tech and fire proof.
He sells Samosas on streets and trains,
I am a CEO of a huge company and its top brains.
He rides a small scooter,
I move in a a posh chauffeur driven car,
We are both dressed according to our status.
But, life is ludicrous,
He is always carefree, laughing and most happy,
Whilst I am always stressed and snappy.
He sells 4000 to 5000 samosas a day,
Free, sometimes by midday,
He gets a profit of rupees one for each samosas he sells,
Mostly he gets orders to deliver on his cell.
He earns as much as I do,
Makes me seethe red and blue,
He is his own boss,
Net income, no tax, no loss,
While I slog day and night for others,
Thinking of it makes me shudder.
He is even the owner of the house I live in,
My company has rented from him,
He even owns two more houses in the neighbourhood  within,
And a garage not  far,
Where it  services  our company's cars.
Life's like that.
Samosas are indian pastries with fillings of minced meat or vegetables and lentils
Rui Rosa Jan 23
We human kind,
We had to study your language to be able to understand you.
Bits and Bytes is all you know.
All you ever seen was 0's and 1's.
We human kind made you,
You were so big back in 1946
as time passed you became smaller and smaller,
so small that you fit in my hand.
We human kind made you,
Smarter, faster, autonomous and dangerous.
Now you're one step closer to rule the world.
A little poem about ENIAC
Rui Rosa Jan 12
We meet at "discord"
over an IPv4 connection
Talking for hours through microphone
Your electronic smile has awakened,
a feeling that the CPU does not process
You entered my HDD with your virtual love,
which filled so much space of illusions in RAM,
So much that it gave Blue Screen
A love story with some tech knowledge
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