Lior Gavra Nov 14

Organic has touch,
Metal outlasts.
Organic has sound,
Metal just echoes.
Organic has cushion,
For emotions within.
Metal stays strong,
Can take the toughest hits.

Organic has taste,
Depending what it ate.
Metal vibrates,
To try to imitate.
Organic has colors,
Metal has paint.
Organic forgets,
Metal just waits.

Organic fades,
Metal floats in gray.
Organic needs air,
To sustain health.
But Metal stays,
Right near our chests.
Organic craves,
As Metal engraves.

Organic understands,
Metal just learns.
Organic has a name,
Metal has a brand.
But for some reason,
Found more in our hands.
Keep organic close,
And to metal stand.

Mathematical and grammatical
eating my piece of pi
Playing theoretical
before I up, and di

Numbers that are relative
sometimes I laugh, and cri
calculating and postulating
all I can do, is tri

Opening my texts technical
the words, oh me, oh mi
dangerous as can be, my friend
using TP, that's only single pli

Hahah, I only have so many books in the computer room LOL, This (calculating) was from a tech text from the SANS Forensics lab book :D~

Remembering how I survived
22 years of my life
Regretting the opportunity missed
In understanding sweet and spice
But now on the ides of April
The month they say which fools
Is teaching me the sides of enigma
Which rules
Still the anxiety
Grown from 12 to 22
Where did the magic go
I can just find it on my soul
But in my soul?
Reluctant or not
Talk wisely or not
Right decisions or not
Right person or not
Drop the curtain or not
Taste of life or test of life
Done with dramas
Gonna flow with saga
Miss the childhood dreams
That now has taken over
Giving it a chance
Because one day i wanna grow my wings
And fly high and sing
Because this new tech-gen world
Tastes me like a glass of wine

kayleenCyr Jan 5

Open up your eyes we're all disguised, we're hypnotized. We have overdosed with these pointless posts just to see how much we can boast. We're all trapped liquid inside a bottle that is wrapped with a title named "social media" We're all to blame, cause all we dig for is fame. Acceptance is where we find our bliss, but is all of this worth being blind

CJ Flynn Nov 2016

Bleeding out that cash

dying to get hacked

Its so cutting edge its gonna cut you

6 months out its been edged out

No longer supported $500  paper weight ain't that  great

Cutting edge just an observation on planned obsolete and on innovation and product growth and development
Mims Oct 2016

if my fingers could scratch past the glass,
to reach your bony hands,
i would never stop trying,
to hug your thinning body,
to rub warmth to your fingers and your soul,
you have shown me love like i have never known before.
i wish i could break the screens,
to get to you,
so that i could somehow save you,
i could be there for you no matter how bad things got,
we could stop fooling with i miss you's
i really want to see you,
if only,
i could get past the

Although we have made technological advances I feel like we're growing apart
Andrea Vasquez May 2016

You will
Live, think, laugh
Under machines
You  will
Sleep, cry, walk
Under machines
They watch us.

Just hear me out,
Before you get frustrated.
One of the new most commonly used terms in a teen’s vocabulary.
The new starter of most sentences in a text message.
Put them together,
You have a full sentence.
Wow, magic.
Just like that!
But then you have jk jk lol.
And those don’t even scrape the beginning of “text language”
Whatever happened to the real languages?
The real conversations?
See the thing is, most of us couldn’t go a day without our electronics.
Are world is digitally ruled.
When you feel your phone buzz, what do you do?
You immediately go for it.
When you hear your ringtone, what do you do?
You go for it.
I’m sure we’re all guilty of it.
We text, we post, we call.
Our life story.
Whatever happened to going outside to play football?
Because now it can be done on Madden.
With the touch of a button,
Our whole life can be occupied, mixed, and transformed.
Cyber bullying.
All crimes based on technology.
Our world has turned to the future,
When maybe it should’ve stayed in the past.
It’s become like a bird, flying too fast.
It seems like our lives have begun to revolve around when the next IPhone comes out.
Did you know a girl tried to kill her own mom when she took away her phone?
There’s clearly something wrong there.
We stare at our screens,
Like we owe them respect,
But then we forget
The color of our lover’s eyes.
Video games,
The love in a teens life.
How fun it seems
To build, destroy, and plat
But we forget, what it was really like
When these things required work, and energy.
This generation has relied too much on our everyday actions.
We don’t do anything new.
We haven’t done anything new…
Except when we got the new ps4 and the new IPhone 6 plus of course.
I feel like my world has been taken over.
The tyrant is the tech.
And its trapped me for years.
Its trapped schools, workplaces.
Its trapped the world.
And I don’t know how…
Oh wait…was that my phone?
It’s taken over our banking, our transportation, even our security!
We trust our tech more than our best friend!
And it doesn’t even have a soul!
In fact, that’s how we reach most people.
Social media.
Ah there it is.
And Instagram.
The addiction is real.
We check them every day.
Every night.
Memories fade to the rapid typing and clicking.
My parents laugh
When they see something from their childhood,
That I don’t even recognize.
And I ask myself, will our children be the same?
So oblivious to everything,
Because we never bothered to see?
We text. We type.
We can do it all night.
When will our thumbs get tired?
Because when you power your phone on,
I’m trying to turn mine…off.
Hold on, I gotta take this call.

James Walker Mar 2016

Charge your
before you leave
house or they'll
how little you

Poeticatheist Dec 2015

A week ago, I noticed
a cramp in my neck
veins aching,
old bones cracking because -- I don’t know how to use them anymore

I only hold myself like this now.
In a position with a one-track mind
where I only look at my feet.

A part of me.

A month ago,
I noticed a cramp in my thumbs.
The veins in my wrist at a stand still -- no blood
because I don't need blood for my thumbs to type.
But soon…
my veins, my bodies connections aren’t helping
and I can no longer move my thumbs.

Obsessed with me & my own person

I can’t make eye contact.

all I see of my friends anymore are words and emojis --

There is no depth.

All I see
Is the tile beneath my feet where my roots cannot grow
is a broken system

Last night I walked into a cafe where love is blind and so am I

And whether or not is a newspaper or laptop
I won’t talk
because I am scared to ask
the article he is reading,
the essay she is writing, or the game they are playing.

If I do talk, I will look at their
Forehead wrinkles
Or the space between their eyes because
I am afraid.

My name is Robert Nelson.
I’ve been married for fifty years
and I do not know the color of my wife’s eyes

My name is Jill Lennord & I cannot see the greens,
blues, or browns hidden in my husband’s face
and I have not known them since the cafe.

I can’t read a compass.
I tried turning it, but I only found an x.


The dependent variable.



dependent on a broken connection, a broken system separating tables & people in cafe,

searching for a Y variable.
but that requires that I look there
or there
or there
and I can’t do that I can’t find why I can’t
I can’t find my independence.
I don’t know why.
I can’t find my Y
All I have is my safe spot.
My feet,
My roots,
My obsession with me.
I’m obsessed with a disconnect and
EYE don't know why…

I can’t just look up.

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