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Steve Page Oct 23
Before projectors
Before screens
Before Wi-Fi and cabling became a thing
Before keyboards and strings
Before the first drum tried drumming
I am.
And I will be forever,
says our faultless Lord.

While the power may fail,
while signals may drop,
while cables will inevitably come loose,
my love levels will never need a boost.

I will never forsake you or fail you.
I'll never go on mute
and that’s the truth,
says our Father-God.
Sundays can seem tech dependant - but it's not.
Ken Pepiton Aug 2021
Some stories come with songs,
some waltz in a lone, strange peace,
with surface tension

something jes'wentwright, mmhmm
wrought by god,
twang taut copper wire whisting
twing crash
shards of ceramic insulation, change
of situation
- we were running stone to stone
the girl, it was a girl, kicked a stone
she oughta stepped on and moved on,
she stepped out of line, so now,
she limps,
no need for me to tell her, once more,
there is always a place to put your foot,
- too long the blame, how long the shame?

a messenger on the barefoot road knows,
some songs are for the journey joy,
some are for home come joy,
some are for always joy.
some are for once.
For me.
It ain't easy. But there's plants. Listen.
as a mortal message, Hear this,
does not remove the power
in the word, read.

gulpunctuated inequilibrium'n al alaq
don't choke
this is no joke…
Had the most famous hearer of that message,
obeyed, what a wonderfilled world might this be,
eh, Satchmo?
watchawatcha wa wah
shooobeepshaboom shake it all shake it all

whata wonder full world we see….

see the shelter fade… words as ash remain,
to remind me of the wrightminder
just burned on this point.

For a story that wished to be poetry, just once
Freedom of the press belongs to the press owner, according to B. Franklin and W. Blake... an adage easier to prove these days. No lie.
D Fury Feb 2021
Man is the spider and the fly,
Caught in a world wide web.
Human nature is a toxic rain,
Filling invisible clouds with data.
One day we will eat each other,
As we drink our poisoned air.
Anemone Jan 2021
Curtains may fall
And people may go
But the ghost light’s
All I know

People may shout
And prance around the stage
But the ghost light
Will never age

See them laugh
see them cry
And get more for the encore
When next they arrive

See them live
See them die
And get scored for the next chord
When next they survive

I watch over their theatre with pride
But don't think for a minute that I’m on their side

Why do they call me a ghost?
When I am surely alive
Don't tell me I'm wrong
Surely I survive

When singers are done with their long songs
When dancers will find no more dances, they're wrong
And I will stand here in the dark all alone
In this theatre, I call my home

So I find I'm more than this
More than your people have taught me to be
If you fear a shadow behind you
That of course
Is me
Spriha Kant Sep 2020
Loving , praising and embracing oneself isn't hubris and selfish ,
rather , the best technique for keeping all those at bay who expect from others to stay under their feet.
Pao Mar 2020
digital age kids
living in digital age dreams
we got the magic
to turn rot into dollar signs
we are living in our screens
we can’t go outside and smell
the polluted air
without a rectangle
in between our fingertips
the way you speak
words cannot escape your mouth
it’s at the tip of your tongue
it will never come out
you don’t know how to express yourself
you don’t even make eye contact
with your friend’s mom
a friend you only see four times in a year
depending on their mood that year
old and new people watch your every move
they don’t stop
and get to know you on a deeper level
superficial sentiments is all they know
this is what it is
to live in a digital age
living digital age dreams
dreams of wanting attention
and never be willing to follow through
an ode to all the kids that interacted more with their phones than real life
Daniel Magner Jan 2020
It's the closest I've got to a soul.
Ever present and when it isn't
I'm hollow,
desperate to feel its powerful touch,
wash over me, connect me to the hive mind,
the swirling voice, collective planet,
except those with no access.

Yes, it is life blood,
cool streams in the desert,
a thing so desperately sought.
Daniel Magner 2020
Daniel Magner Jan 2020
Optimization that negates authenticity,
moronic, trust me.
Feed the machine what it wants.
Find out its favorite flavors,
bitter? sweet?
Make sure to provide a constant stream
of goodies,
savory? saucy?
make the links buttery, c-lickable.
Daniel Magner 2020
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