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1.0k · Jan 2018
bizarre world
nick armbrister Jan 2018
bizarre world
it's a bizarre world
for in thailand men go white
they have their *****' lasered
destroying the pigment
so they can look white
while in england
it goes the other way
white men go big and black
getting their tool tattooed
and made three inches longer
with a silicone implant
some want to be white
and others want to be black
as the old saying goes:
china man too small
black man too large
white man just right
satire on ***** enhancement
789 · Feb 2018
Thai By
nick armbrister Feb 2018
Thai By
This place gets under your skin. Slowly creeping in like black Texas gold. I said I'd never partake in the cat house girls. Seeing them each day for eighteen months was routine. Walking past the 'venues' to my shop. Usual hi's and hello's.

Then one fine humid day, bang! I happened. I changed. Cabin fever? I walked into Suzi's Place. I put my cash on the counter and grinded the mamasan first. Then her two daughters followed by every other girl in there. It took thirteen hours.

I totalled twenty eight girls. Most were nice. I can't tell my wife. My mate could, his wife's cool. Mine isn't. I'll say I was busy inking from dawn to dusk. I'm not sure what came over me. The Thai air got under my skin. That day tattooing could wait.

Maybe I'll do it again. Invite my wife and her toy boy. Did I say that people are strange here? I fit in well...
641 · Nov 2019
Making Waves
nick armbrister Nov 2019
Making Waves
**** dancer to the waves.
See how she moves to the music.
Base turned up full boom boomboom!

Even when she’d driving, she dances.
Her stereo on full while she nods her head.
She’s the stereo loving gal and don’t we know it?

Her job is her life in a Go-Go bar.
Watch her turn, wiggle and dive for the punters.
Pay her a dollar and she’ll ****, buck and f*ck you.

Doing this and more to the tunes.
Her body is the ocean and her soul the wind.
Her moods match these and she always gets her way.

This gal isn’t poor or stupid.
Because she owns everything in the joint.
The bar, the stereo, the band, the songs, the punters.

She looks like a *****.
Anyone else wouldn’t be like this.
Except for a naïve innocent teen used and abused.

It’s high class illusion.
Part of the show and old routine.
No more or less is given by **** Sultry Sharon.

In her bar by the sea.
She does six shows a night.
Bearing all and more for the likes of you and me.

So off we go to her bar.
Bring all your cash and an open mind.
You’re in for the night of your life so don’t be late!
616 · Feb 2018
no talk
nick armbrister Feb 2018
no talk
i was with my mate going to work
when i saw the couple on the bus
they were young and in their 20s
he had mousey hair and she was blond
they were taking time out

and travelling in the philippines
she was finishing her teacher training
and he was a soldier between deployments
while i was commuting to work

in the city to my bpo job
we talked in my head
not in the real world

they were innocent and untouched
she wasn't abused by her students
he hadn't seen his mates blown up

all that was to come
should i of warned them?
be vigilant and strong
but no no no

they had to learn for themselves
the london couple on the makati bus
they reminded me of my old mates
when i lived in essex and london
years ago...

...3 were soldiers
where are they now?
408 · Jan 2018
nick armbrister Jan 2018
like in the matrix when humans are batteries
in quatermass humans were protein
only the young for they were innocent
their bodies not corrupted by age
fake ideas put in their heads
and false emotions in their hearts
drawn to the old stone circles
and pre-historic mounds on the landscape
for it was here the transmitters were located
placed here by aliens before the dawn of time
when they discarded their flesh and became machines
they made us by altering the apes
and had a ready food source
to feed their machines pure human protein
harvested from us the young people
taken in a flash of bright light
believing they were going to an alien world
to be happy and live the perfect idyll
but it was all a lie put there by the machine
a thing so alien nobody knew what it was
few even cared or could understand
the young all taken in their billions
their ash turned the sky purple
their protein fed the monstrous alien machine
fuel for its engine to **** our world
and doom our race subservient slaves
destined to almost die out
till the next time it came back
starving and lusting for food
when it would harvest our youth
as it had since the dawn of time
it fed on the young
not wanting the old
who would die soon
and were powerless to stop it
it the ravenous alien machine
a galactic engine

was it god?
based on quatermass 1979 series
399 · Jan 13
Leopard Chick
Leopard Chick
The 45 year old woman was just that
She wore a leopard print outfit
Matching shorts and top
Figure hugging every curve
Every single part was visible
Two vigorous 25 year old guys
Appeared to like her outfit
And liked her in the right way
They were both naked
With clocks in hand
Ready to ruck her ragged
The 45 year old was about to get it
By two randy stud fit youths
She started to buck one off
And was rode by the other
It promised to be quite a night
Leopard outfit now discarded
Now she was a cougar...
397 · Jan 2018
boeing 747-700x
nick armbrister Jan 2018
boeing 747-700x
they say that size doesn't matter
but i disagree with them
and say they're full of ****
size DOES matter
this is why i fly my jet
a boeing 747-700x
my baby is f8cking huge
a touch under 280ft long
i can carry hundreds of people
all around the world
flying in luxury in my jet
served by **** air hostesses
with bruce dickenson my co-pilot
take it from me size does matter
and yes my jet is big and black
unbuilt jet
375 · Jan 2018
clip god's eagles
nick armbrister Jan 2018
clip god's eagles
they praise god at every single turn
and worship him like an addict high
blessing everyone and themselves
even their aeroplanes are blessed
with god's name on the nose
this applies to both civil and military
the warplanes especially are blessed
with pilots who are adept at killing
what does god think about this?
or should we ask the devil?
ten thousand killed in the yemen war
blown to bits by saudi bombs
dropped by planes with god bless
painted on their nose
tell me is this a wise thing?
what is holy about these heinous act?
i'm sure god has something to say
when he speaks who will listen?
the heathen muslim saudis
who use fakely blessed jets
to **** terrorists and civilians
and further an unnamed cause
in the name of who, god?
313 · Mar 2018
we belong here
nick armbrister Mar 2018
We Belong Here

Oh how we fly up away from the earth

A great nice happy feel good joyous rapture

Letting go of the ground's grip to ascend

Up into the blue blue blue where God lives

Along with Mother Nature and her elements

Nothing but beauty exists here in all ways

Ferocious to sublime to indifferent it's all here

Up where the angels live higher than cloud number nine

This is a special place where change is constant

Each moment leading to the next and next and next

Falling raindrops making a rainbow making a cloud

Chaos is here the Butterfly Effect hurricane flappy insect wings

Wrecking your town as you cower from nature's wrath

Yet when you fly in your little aeroplane she's fine

The wind thru the wires and sun on a lake oh how pretty!

The joy of flight and freedom of the skies all illusions

Greater than love and life and death and all things

Except the sky for here we belong and gasp in awe

The future is above us and we belong here here here

For this is our home...
306 · Feb 2018
the lovers of time
nick armbrister Feb 2018
the lovers of time

oh my dear lady
i do love you
i don't want this to be a cliche
nor a drab love song
i want this to be for you you you
not anybody else

so sing me a song baby
a song of love
about how we met
and what we have
and who we are dear

we are the lovers
the lovers of time
the lovers of time
the lovers of time
how lucky we are
we have this time now
a thing that is ours

but i ask my dear
why didn't we meet before?
think of our extra time baby
on top of what we have

we are the lovers
the lovers of time
the lovers of time
the lovers of time
how lucky we are
we have this time now
a thing that is ours
for fiction book
289 · Jan 2018
nick armbrister Jan 2018
cindy the raunchy hippy gal gets it on
with her 22 year old toy boy lover
he called round at hers' and grinded her
covering her neck with love bites
and filling her with his seed
while she rode him hard
and used and abused his body
both of them deserved it
for it was what they were
a willing young buck stud
with his older **** activity partner
drink was involved cider style
mixed with wine and *****
and fruit juice with ice
some of which found its way
onto her body for ****** purposes
like ice on her *******
and also banana cream on her *****
while he licked kissed and bit
her at every single place
with each opportunity he got
more experience for him
and another notch for her
the aging fun loving hippy
who'd f8cked a thousand men
and two hundred men
in her debaucherous liberal life
283 · Nov 2019
nick armbrister Nov 2019
Old plane, new man.
Flying where where where?
Easy to get a girl, easy girl.
Harder to get a job round here.
Piece of cake to buy a 50 bucks car.
Everything pre-owned in this town.
People are rowdy raw and raucous.
Like a Springsteen song.
Except it's real and deadly.
Me, I don't carry a piece nor watch my back.
If your time's up, so be it.
I've got Him watching me.
So be nice to Jimmy or else.
266 · Feb 2018
nick armbrister Feb 2018
We busted our *****
To get up there
Over a kilometre high
Where the warplanes live
And die a violent death
Meeting their end up above
On towering lonely slopes
As did Lt Stone and Sgt Kurosawa
On the same day seventy six years ago
To the day we went there
As others before had
For we had a job to do
The missing answer to find
To locate the remains of a lost pilot
Named Stone from America
Who flew a Curtiss P-40 Warhawk
In mortal battle with his nemesis
Kurosawa from Japan
With his Nakajima Ki-27 Nate
Both died that day
February 9 1942
And both haunt those inclines
One is angry and lost
One found wants to go home
One likes Hello Kitty
But not the one you think
For my drink tumbler fell
And the guide missed it
It stopped where Stone said
And there we dug dug dug
And found his airplane
Or what was once his warplane
In pieces that were scrap
But had meaning to our group
For it was this plane
That brought us here
Many hours of climbing
Swearing and sweating
To touch the clouds
And be where both hit
At what cost?
Two planes smashed
Two pilots dead
The American protecting Villamoor
The Philippines' best pilot
Who flew his biplane
A Boeing Stearman
On a recon mission
The same type that flies today
With **** English wing walkers
From Clark in Bataan
The same field Kurosawa flew from
Yes synchronicity is here
Eagle Has Landed style
What does this mean now?
In 2018 right now
Is it the pilots' ghosts
Or God or fate or karma
That brought me here
To Tarac Ridge to look
To try to find Stone's bones?
When so many have looked
And failed to find him
Did we really find Lt Stone?
So he's no longer MIA
And captive here
This beautiful mountain side
Where the sky and sea become one
Where Bataan and Corregidor
Are visible
The old battlefields
Where hell occured
Where there are more MIAs
From both sides
Both pilots hunted here
And both became the prey
Paying the ultimate cost
Bent metal and broken bones
Telling a story
Their story
If you listen
You will hear it...
258 · Oct 2018
Letters in Wartime
nick armbrister Oct 2018
Letters in Wartime
Words on paper
Nothing more
Telling the story of a soldier
Or airman or sailor
Letters from the front
Sent home
To a sweetheart
Or family
First read by the censor
Telling of longing to see you
And hardship in battle
Seen thru with determination
And a love of country
Fighting for them
The loved ones
Far from where
He is stationed
Saying about his mates
Some who he misses
Killed in combat
Or worse still
Missing In Action
Maybe the Red Cross
Will locate them
All this told
By words on paper
Stay safe at home
I know the Blitz is hell
But we give it
Back to the ***
Avoid the talking
About sensitive things
For walls have ears
And aid the enemy
Follow the blackout
I send my love
And will write soon
Next time sending my photo
Till then my dear
Keep the fires burning
We protect our country
With untold valour
We will win
This awful war
Later my love
255 · Jan 2018
nick armbrister Jan 2018
i want to be the master of my fate
i want to be in control of my life
even if it meant i took myself to hell
i want to be in control of my life
even if it meant i was doomed
i want to be in control of my life
i want to be in control of myself
i want to be in control of my life
i want to be my own boss all the time
i want to be in control of my life
i want to guide my own ship to the rocks
i want to be in control of my life
i want to blow up my own bridges
i want to be in control of my life
i want to do my best even if i fail
i want to be in control of my life
i want to take off in a 1 winged plane
i want to be in control of my life
i want to be free even in my own jail
i want to be in control of my life
i want to be free of you and your orders
i want to be in control of my life
i want to be free to breath a single time
i want to be in control of my life
i want to be free before my execution
i want to be in control of my life
255 · Jan 2018
atari games
nick armbrister Jan 2018
atari games
when i was a teenager i had an atari games system
me and my mates played space invaders, pacman and river raid
competing to get the best score and be the best

it was a saturday afternoon in summer in the 80s

that's when it happened while we gamed away
we heard a huge bang and ran out of my mum's house
and down to the road for we knew it was bad
a crowd had gathered and oh ******* hell look!

a girl was lying still on the ground

was she dead?
but i only thought that later
we could see she was nice, too nice,
for all of her legs and **** was on display
as were her ******* and raised short skirt
and what of her face?

i knew she was pretty

there was blood on the ground
but we didn't see it till later
she was near a bus stop which was bent
was she waiting there when she was hit?
hit by the car that was halfway off the road

and equally thru the stone wall?

where was the driver?
the crowd said he'd fled the scene
over the fields and look,
there's tracks thru the grass

my mate's dad came to help the girl

her told his son to go to their house for a spoon
the girl was vomiting and it would **** her
soon his dad cleared the girl's mouth
so she could breath and he stayed by her side
while we watched from over the road

the ambulance soon came and took her away

and later still, the cops nicked the driver
he was drunk and driving and almost killed the girl
later still i learnt she made a full recovery
i wonder where she is now?

does she remember how close she came to death?

and what of the driver who hurt her?
this was 35 years ago and i remember it
like yesterday and the message it says:

don't drink and drive...
this was real...
249 · Jan 2018
Natalie. Battle Maiden
nick armbrister Jan 2018
Natalie. Battle Maiden
Flying the Skyhawk was easy. Learning tactics wasn't. Aerial refuelling was hard, as was formation flying. Natalie grew up and lost her girliness. Inside she was a woman. Her view on the government remained. Should she bomb the junta in her plane? Thoughts of that were brushed aside when she was deployed near the Chilean border when tension increased in the long running border dispute.
Flying three armed patrols convinced Chile to stop sabre rattling and withdraw her soldiers. Nat was gaining experience. Public opinion was turning against the government, an ongoing crisis that needed expert handling. War was the answer. Not with Chile but in the Malvinas.
An army, armed to the teeth, sailed and was flown out. British resistance was subdued and Argentina took the Malvinas. Natalie and her squadron were on standby for action. Britain retaliated and UK ships headed south. Nat trained in anti ship attack. Soon her skills would be needed.
People were behind the war. Not questioning about The Disappeared or how to get rid of the evil junta. The Malvinas were finally ours and a joyous mood overtook many people. In the military, it was different. A real fight would soon erupt. The Brits were coming and Nat was scared. What had she got herself into?
Training continued and there was no time for her band, seeing her friends or little else. Not even secretly discussing how to help make the government fall with her fellow activists. It was a fine line of madness. An Argentine air force jet pilot with illegal views and rebellion songs.

She could change the history of her country, Argentina, forever. If she dropped a few bombs on the leaders, it was over. The new war, The Disappeared, the fear. All of it. Could she do it? Would she? Nat knew where the leaders were and would strike on her next armed training mission. Fate stopped her. Events moved quickly and the young warrior woman never had chance.
from my book Berlin Tokyo War Hearts By Nick Armbrister
245 · Jan 2018
nick armbrister Jan 2018
there is a car that drives by here
when it passes things happen
all types of things
good, bad, indifferent
they don't know who drives it
it could be a drone car
or driven by satan himself
or even jesus or an alien
this car is the global car
appearing everywhere
even on your street
beware when you see it
something may happen
good, bad or indifferent
evil robot car
242 · Apr 2018
Lady Pee
nick armbrister Apr 2018
Lady ***
Born just like any other girl, life hardly started
when something happened.
It was the drug’s fault, some type of reaction stopped her
just after she started.
Try to imagine how she went through life
not being able to do what we all can do.
To talk to her computer.
By pure willpower and by logic she managed.
Gigs came along and brought new meaning,
new direction – Start, zoom up to now,
gig no13 – Autumn.
Coz she was different other pupils ignored her.
You want reasons?
Can’t swim, you have three feet and a crooked ear.
Brenda means “Suicide of Missiles” in alien.
She is my princess, my Special Alien.
Able to fly again at 16, she became like us all.
She could fly, backed up by logic and an organized mind.
We were brought together and we felt complete,
enjoying time together.
Shard my nuclear bomber and her laser.
What happened between us
never happened to any other WSO I knew.
She carries my nuclear missile.
Our summers are long and happy, fun filled.
All we need is each other and my plane.
This is for you when we bomb Red China.
241 · Jan 2018
Girl Lady
nick armbrister Jan 2018
Future Craft
Once the Gryphons flew in a mighty air fleet.
Now there are only twelve left.
Each with a poetical name like Kesef.
Let us fly aboard such a craft.
A 9th generation biotic craft.
Sentient and aware looking like a big dragonfly.
They subdued entire continents
Armed with unbelievable weapons.
Flown by reborn pilots.
Each totally committed to his task.
Connected to his machine.
Pilot and war plane as one.
Unbeatable in battle.
God and Goddess like in power.
With their names and legacy.
Utterly beautiful in flight.
One family of advanced flying machines.
All created by a young pretty woman.
Her mind was a gift…
from Gryphons Fan Fiction by Nick Armbrister Based upon the aircraft invented by author Elizabeth Hand a free ebook
236 · Apr 2018
On Camera
nick armbrister Apr 2018
On Camera

My life is like a movie

Seeing that replica Mustang roll in and crash at the airshow

My life is like a movie
Witnessing an ex dealer who'd just been shot in his home

My life is like a movie

Viewing Oldham riots on TV that were five minutes away

My life is like a movie

Gazing down upon Manila Bay at the enduring sunrise from Bataan

My life is like a movie

Observing different people and cultures in a dozen countries

My life is like a movie

Glancing at my thigh as the tattooist inks my goth girl tattoo

My life is like a movie

Noticing the Mancunian drunks fighting on the nightbus home

My life is like a movie

Gaping in desolation at the coffin that contains my mum

My life is like a movie

Watching the mad Irish man loop the Grumman Duck in Murphy's Law

My life is like a movie

Admiring the **** girls I've nailed in the big bakery

My life is like a movie

Scrutinizing the Asians to see if they'll try to assault me

My life is like a movie
Eyeballing my soon to be ex friend who's kissing my girlfriend
My life is like a movie
Focusing on the road ahead as I illegally race the other car
My life is like a movie
Staring at the men lying by the kerb wondering are they dead?
My life is like a movie
Studying the vertical cliff above me to find a way up
My life is like a movie
Peering into the sky to find my dad's ghost that's up there
My life is like a movie
Scanning at my wage slip to see if my pay will cover my beer and bills
My life is like a movie
Regarding my mate who just vomited up his kebab and chips
My life is like a movie
Glimpsing the chavs fighting the teenage couple over the river
My life is like a movie
Right till my last breath and final vision when my Goddess takes me home
234 · May 2018
garnets and emeralds
nick armbrister May 2018
garnets and emeralds
the pretty girl
puts on some blusher
from her compact case
on it is an image

just like her

a pre-raphaelite print
this girl scans the sky
her eyes always above
she watches the planes
go out and come back
for she counts them all

one by one

is her guy up there?
or is he missing?
she remembers him
and cares for his comrades
the girl who counts the planes
for she loves all the crew

not just pilots

as much as she loves her land
the girl who counts planes
how many failed to return?
there's a ring on her finger...
nick armbrister Mar 2018
Tarac Ridge Warplane crashes February 8-10 2018 write up by Nick Armbrister

I have had an interest in aeroplanes and history ever since my dad got me into planes back in 1980. He took me up to air crashes on the Pennines/Peak District/Manchester/Yorkshire/Lancashire area of England in the early 80s. There are over fifty crashes alone here ranging from the war years and later. We also went to wrecks in the Lake District and Wales.

In 2014 in the Philippines I went to more wrecks. I Googled Bataan warplane crashes and found out about the LT Stone P-40 Warhawk and Sgt Kurosawa Ki-27 Nate dog fight and subsequent crashes. This read like something from a Battle or Warlord comic.

Over the coming weeks I put together an expedition there. I talked to Kevin Hamdorf who was one of the group who found the P-40 wreck. He gave me much info and introduced me to the guide, Noel. Without his help the trip wouldn’t have been possible.

We went to the crash area at Tarac Ridge on February 8-10 2018. This was the 76th anniversary of it. We went to the P-40 on Feb 9 and the Ki-27 on the 10th.

The crashes are over a kilometer up altitude wise. We had to hike many hours through the forest/jungle and mountain to the area. We camped at the lower campsite. There is an easier site at the top of the mountain near Kurosawa’s Nate which is less than a hundred feet below the area. Because we never camped there we had to ascend the final hour to the summit each day.

The Warhawk site of Stone is hundreds of feet below Kurosawa’s in the forest on the mountain side. Little remains today but bits of alloy, Perspex, glass and other small fragments. We found these. Lt Stone is still listed as MIA Missing In Action. One of our group, Mike, searches for MIAs. We took hundreds of photos of the area and of our search.

I ventured up to the Nate site of Sgt Kurosawa on the last day of our three day stay. It was at the summit. We had to go through thick brush/jungle to the location. Kurosawa hit a rock face and his plane was fragmented. The engine used to be there but has since been removed. There is less at this site than at Stone’s P-40. We found bits of metal, Perspex and bits. Looking at the closeness to the summit, I realized that Kurosawa almost made it.

Nobody but God and the pilots know who shot down whom and who was on the other’s tail that day. The result is the same: two warplanes wrecked and two pilots dead. Maybe more answers will be found on future expeditions. It was a great experience to go there to Tarac Ridge, Mariveles, Bataan. In time I hope to return. This was my first international warplane trip. I want to go to a Grumman F-6F Hellcat at Capas next.
226 · Feb 6
Hence I like you dear/do you like my older bro?/I am an ice cream
from ******* Upside Down In a Blazing Avro Manchester Bomber – Poems from My Life and More

Nick Armbrister
225 · Mar 2018
Motionless White
nick armbrister Mar 2018
Motionless White
Numbers on a map.
No more.
So much ocean.
Men adrift at sea.
Only hope keeps them alive.
That and faith in God.
Old misplaced ways left behind.
New ways reborn.
The miracle happens.
Picked up by a trawler.
Too late for one.
Fine for five.
A miracle?
You, Jesus, tell me.
based on a shipwreck
223 · Jan 2018
nick armbrister Jan 2018
Sat here in my flat I think of Norway,
of all the places I’ve seen there and the bands –
Gaate, Blood Red Throne, Satyricon, Amulet and more.
To my Norse gothic bands I’ve seen here in England –
Mortiis, Madder Mortem, Leaves Eyes, Octavia and Tristania.
How I love it and can’t get enough of them.
When will Sirenia come gig here?
Norway and your music, I love you very much.
Dark Delectable Delicious Destructive -
Poems For Goths, Gangsters and Other Mysterious Souls
20 Years of Nick Armbrister's Dark Poems
223 · Apr 2018
Death Cash
nick armbrister Apr 2018
Death Cash
Life insurance death payout doesn’t make sense
Surely you’re meant to be a live to enjoy the payout?
But they only pay when you’re dead and buried
Something aint right there…
220 · Jan 2018
best mate
nick armbrister Jan 2018
best mate
and so the ******* shaft shafted me
it didn't take long just 3 days in to the new year
let it be known that i was shafted on january 3 2018
i heard the news that changed a certain thing
one situation in my life had changed forever
and in another person's life likewise
the end of a long journey that was memorable
as much as it was illustrious in its extent
who am i talking about?
my best friend who is always my mate
i wish we were having a beer together
or walking on the high ground for wrecks
now i quietly remember what was before
how fast things change blink of an eye
taking decades to get there one lifetime
a trip we all take one way or another
how will mine be for its half over?
1st kick in the ***** of 18 lol
217 · Jan 2018
Motionless White
nick armbrister Jan 2018
Motionless White
Numbers on a map.
No more.
So much ocean.
Men adrift at sea.
Only hope keeps them alive.
That and faith in God.
Old misplaced ways left behind.
New ways reborn.
The miracle happens.
Picked up by a trawler.
Too late for one.
Fine for five.
A miracle?
You, Jesus, tell me.
based on a shipwreck
214 · Apr 2018
Fake Believe
nick armbrister Apr 2018
Fake Believe

I walk these majestic corridors of the huge tower block

Skyscraper clawing down the sky into the earth

Thirty two floors above ground

And ten below where anything goes

Tell me, what’s down there?

Ornate toilets fit for a king

That I use three times a night

When I have a right big ****

And wash my armpits, tonsils and ******* on the bidet

Enjoying being tickled by the water

Then dry them on the air jet blower

Followed by a job off the toilet attendant

Male or female it doesn’t matter

Just close your eyes and tap twice

She/he/ladyboy will soon be there

Part of the joy of working in the city

Call centre vampires enjoying their work

We only come out at night

When I prowl the corridors of my structure

I’m the CEO of my own company

And own this building and all of you

In my murky make believe world

Of office tower block fake worldery
213 · Jan 2018
nick armbrister Jan 2018

Here is the coming of summer when the sun shines on the land and the oak tree gives forth his new green leaves

The deer run through the forest people dance to the pipe and drum all celebrate the kiss of summer who banishes winter gone

We are all one with nature as the Gods and Goddesses are with the planet that is coming into bloom with the scent of hawthorn and elder

For Mother Nature has smiled on the land in this the time of Beltane a time of new birth and happiness and a time of love and healing
212 · Jan 2018
mystery gal
nick armbrister Jan 2018
mystery gal
the gals who existed a centurey ago
no longer exist and arent with us
except in a few old photos
and maybe a poem
i think of them
what were they like?
in all ways...
208 · Jan 2018
nick armbrister Jan 2018
i remember back in 06 i worked in a warehouse
it was for a store that sold varied things
there were varied staff there in several departments
we had a boss who was a real hag and she ruled us
like adolf ****** ruled occupied europe
iron fist and no carrot
so you can imagine what i thought
as i got to know her ways
i eventually left as did a dozen other staff
leaving the store with a skeleton crew
head office did an investigation into this
it was due to the manager who was a real *****
she was both my manager and area manager
so if i had a problem and reported her
it was the bizarre situation of reporting her to herself!
a surreal investigation into herself
i wonder where she is now my old manager
still giving her staff absolute hell?
i've never met a hag like her...
206 · Jan 2018
flaming pumpkin seed
nick armbrister Jan 2018
gimme a flaming pumpkin seed
for i wanna do some trouble
create havoc down below me
hypseronic devil craft
created by man to ****
thermonuclear detonations
wherever i wish
got 122 nuclear warheads
snug in my belly
each one a city killer
or able to destroy an army
kicked out by springs
easy as having a beer
nobody or nothing
can touch me
unlike me upon high
easily the most evil weapon
riding my own shckwave
skipping the atmsophere
into space where i reign
the winner of all wars
before they begin
but winning without mercy
if they start
soviet russia my target
and any one else
who wants to dance
my flaming pumpkin seed
power beyond god
created by america
to rule you all
based on a secret aircraft. a dangerous one.
206 · Jan 2018
garage tools
nick armbrister Jan 2018
garage tools
orbital sander sanding away
big it up for the orbital sander
getting sand on now now now
hear the orbital sander sand away

orbital sander
orbital sander
orbital sander
sand sand sand!

like his mate the orbital grinder
give it a good grind
grind away on the go
watch that baby grind away

orbital grinder
orbital grinder
orbital grinder
grind grind grind!

hydraulic ramp going up and down
no car is too heavy
fantastic hydraulics
touch of a button up down up down

hydraulic ramp
hydraulic ramp
hydraulic ramp
lift lift lift!

laser gig perfectly aligned
laser beam on target
crash damage repair perfection
laser accuracy beyond compare

laser gig
laser gig
laser gig
laser laser laser!

boss is doing a ******* eppy
the tech is too reliable
he bosses and bullies
his young apprentices about

sweep the floor
male the brews
fetch the butties
you ****** slaves
boss boss boss!
204 · Feb 2018
nick armbrister Feb 2018

Memories become reality, events are lucid
and ongoing as brown haired girl stares thru
her frizzy hair, it’s not fair!
It’s too deep – do I like the girl?
Is your sister weird too?
Are you so weird too?
Maybe you doubt my love for you,
a foreign landscape dwarfs you,
diminishes you, makes you nothing but a girl.
You ask me my view, I reply
you’ll have to make up your own mind.
A million pretty girls have walked this land,
most are dead now. Their beauty heart stopping,
their country wordless, timeless.
We go to triple north deep fjords, midnight sun,
hazy skies of Freya. You invoked such a girl
in our spell on our enemy,
one day I, we’ll go to such shores.
To Viking lands, Leaves Eyes music,
Tristania and Mortiis. No mere girl can encompass
my love for you or a beauty you have yet to see.
Take you to frozen lake where biplanes flew
and fought against **** enemies.
A beauty rather indescribable but from your soul,
see it with me and you’ll understand.
203 · May 2018
Martian Gothic
nick armbrister May 2018
Martian Gothic
It was a unique environment.
They were unique people in a unique place.
A mountain fifteen thousand metres high with a vertical south face.
Two pretty Goth girls stood on the edge.
One footstep forward and it was a huge fall to the Martian plateau.
Three hundred metres in front of the girls was a fine layer of Cirrus cloud,
thirty metres thick.
The Terraforming had worked brilliantly providing a heavy Earth like atmosphere on Mars.
Olympus Mons was a great holiday destination for young East European adventurers like Hanneke and Silge.
Hanneke had waist length black hair and Silge shoulder length red hair with lip piercings.
Both were equally beautiful as the magnificent landscape straight out of a sci-fi film.
They were taking time out of their Earth based Martian Geology course after a short field trip.
A quick hike was a chance to chill out and take in the stunning views.
202 · Jan 2018
nick armbrister Jan 2018
Ice Fly
How many pilots died and old aircraft lost when they flew over jagged snowy peaks in the remotest corners of the world? Doing a dangerous job knowing the risks and trusting in fate and luck to bring the through. Some never made it, there planes impacting vertical mountain sides in sickening crashes. Bodies lost forever, frozen in the time of death. Icily cold and otherworldly remote.

From the Andes to Himalayas, Alps to the Rockies. If you ***** up or your engine stops, you’re going to crash and suffer. Survive and you’re *******, twenty thousand feet above sea level with no chance of rescue, just a slow cold death.

Of the ones who live and beat death in the mountains, they have stories to hold their grand kids in awe. Did you really fly a C-46 over the ****, risking *** fighters and Mother Nature? Sure did son, it was a walk in the park. Of the ones who didn’t make it, they remain forever on coldly beautiful mountains holding up the roof of the world.

Maybe their ghost will remain there forever, in rapture of the beauty of icy mountains, forgetting how they died.
202 · Feb 2018
nick armbrister Feb 2018
What will happen to us all tomorrow? Now there are so many topics that are illegal and against the law. Things like racism, ageism, bullying and a thousand other things ending in ing and ism. But what about people being spied on by America? Even their friends and allies. Isn't that bad and illegal? Like social stereotyping by law enforcement using stop and search tactics on one racial group? How did we get into this position of spy agencies siphoning up all our data? Phone calls and records, emails and photo attachments. What next? We're all on CCTV. Next they'll want to know how much crap role we use.
202 · Jan 2018
simply a girl
nick armbrister Jan 2018
simply a girl
imagine being called karin ulbricht
imagine being a student
imagine being unhappy
imagine demonstrating in leipzig
imagine it was early november 1989
imagine being arrested
imagine girls separated from boys
imagine being taken to the barracks
imagine that this was east germany
imagine it was the cold war
imagine that you were ******* terrified
imagine you were defiant
imagine you wanted to change things
imagine that you actually did
imagine that you were just a girl
imagine that you were the girl
imagine that you are her
imagine that you stood against the whole communist world
imagine that this was you
imagine that you helped knock the berlin wall down...
real events before the wall fell. respect...
199 · Jan 2018
urban clash
nick armbrister Jan 2018
urban clash
they concentrated on fighting
destroying each other in rows
never cared to do things
going places together

if only they had
instead of clashing
they’d still be together
and not both single and alone
198 · Jan 2018
nick armbrister Jan 2018

On the barren northern moors lies a dark lonely tower. No one ever goes there, not a bird sings or a rabbit jumps. This is the place of loneliness and of despair and foreboding.

The sky is a leaden grey and the wind howls around the tower. Long lost souls cry for release. Some may be your friends of long ago or some long lost lovers of times gone by. This is a night time place of the lonely day.

A traveller comes along, over these barren cold hills. He sees the tower over the horizon distant, far and on its own. In a minute he is there standing before this stone monolith.

Slowly he enters the dark tower. The stairs are steep and the walls cold. Coming to the top he sees the souls, they are of everyone we knows. Just his presence there will set them free.

Violet light hits the tower, the sky turns blue and the souls are free. The traveller meets his long lost love dead for a thousand years. Now Lancelot and Guinevere are together again.
198 · Oct 2019
Shared Experience
nick armbrister Oct 2019
Shared Experience
We hike the mountain together
My neighbour and I
We reach the final peak
The view is wonderful

We both feel raptures
And stand close and hold
Kissing and falling as one
Making love up high

Shared experience alone here
Twenty miles from our city
Which glitters on the horizon
Full of fake people

Oh how good you feel dear
I’ve always wanted you
Now you’re mine and I’m yours
We *** together

In no way clichéd
From here we hear the sirens
As the Red Chinese bombs fall
Our beginning or end?
193 · May 2018
Martian Gothic (short)
nick armbrister May 2018
Martian Gothic (short)
Unique environment unique people.
Fifteen thousand metre mountain vertical south face.
Two pretty Goth girls stood on the edge.
One footstep fall to Martian plateau.
Three hundred metres ahead thirty metre layer of Cirrus cloud.
Terraforming worked brilliantly Earth like atmosphere.
Olympus Mons great holiday destination for East European adventurers.
Hanneke had waist length black hair,
Silge shoulder length red hair with lip piercings.
Both beautiful like the magnificent sci-fi film landscape.
Chance to hike,
enjoy stunning views after their Earth based Martian Geology course and field trip.
189 · Jan 2018
tin head
nick armbrister Jan 2018
there is an old man
who has a tin can for a head
put there by a soldier
of the sas variety
for the old guy
lost his head
to an enemy bullet
the sas man helped out
with a spare bully beef tin
for he'd just had dinner
and gave the man a new head
it said best bully beef
on his forehead!
based on a true story
nick armbrister Feb 2018
I like eating very much, call it a passion coz obsession sounds too mad.                                                            
Give me a sandwich tuna mayo one sliced tomato on bread times two.                                                        
Not enough!
Time for chicken donner on nan with everything on: hot sauce, salad cream with salad, peppers too, Jalapeno style. Add an order for onion barges, samosas and chips in pita bread with mild sauce on.
Yummy yummy in my tattooed tummy!
Half an hour later, an Italian beckons. His pizza looks cool! I say three types of meat, sliced, on top. Extra cheese, deep pan and two types of olives. Munchy time and yes, I enjoy this meal.
Later… What next? English fish and chips with salt and vinegar and a drop of gravy. No mushy peas, I hate them! I’ll take two fish cakes on the side. Traditional English grub down the hatch. Then meat and potato pie on a muffin. Careful not to burn my mouth! Did that before.
Yummy yummy in my tattooed tummy!
Time for some American influence, supersize me! Huge portion of fries, mega big burger and a litre of strawberry milkshake.
I’m multicultural in my diet. Foreign people are cool when it comes to their cuisine. I love Norwegian apple juice, as I need a drink after eating their goats’ cheese on rough white bread.
Yummy yummy in my tattooed tummy!
Chinese crispy duck is desirable, just like egg fried rice and prawn crackers. All available food is welcome, I’ll eat your left over’s on my trip of eating.
Yummy yummy in my tattooed tummy!
nick armbrister Feb 2018
“Hello, my name is Rodriguez the tinpot dictator of South American country A. I came to power and made everyone a communist whether they liked it or not.
Those who disagreed disappeared. You see, I ain’t a bad man but as I’m in power I have to be firm and they’re no more.
Some call me Steel ***** as I go up against my country’s insurgents, in the pay of the Yanks, and tie down their capitalist forces in a futile war they can never win and I send the traitors’ families the bill for the bullets – pay up or die!
Everything went well till the Americans sent the Marines in and we beat them at first but now we are losing, so I’ll soon be out of a home and a job. I’ll find another country and take my cause to them, overthrow their government and be a dictator again.
Ill teach the Zionists a lesson and show them how a communist can fight.”
185 · Jan 2018
nick armbrister Jan 2018
the guinea pig sleeps in a purple box
the artillery shells are stored in a brown box
the beer tins are chilled in a blue box
the false teeth are placed in a clear box
the nuclear reactor rests in a concrete box
the corpse rests in a wooden box
the ***** lives in a cardboard box
the black dog hides in an iron box
the laser gyro functions in a crystal box
the magician escapes in an iron box
the fire burns in an insulated box
the prisoner rots in a wire box
the alien hides in a plausible deniability box
the box is in a box in a box in a box in a...
184 · Jan 2018
nick armbrister Jan 2018
we feel our bodies slowly deteriorate
under the cold winter sun
as our clothes rot away to dust
the same as our corpses
no longer once proud
like the ******* bosses
who used and abused us
decades ago
seemingly yesterday
global civilization now a memory
galactic events moving forward
take off your clothes!
repeatedly ****** us on the desk
sparing us no pain
for what once was
never to be repeated
life on earth
a dead world...
181 · Mar 2018
nick armbrister Mar 2018

There is a storm in the City of Angels

The ****** was ******* off her client

When he uncermoniously farted

It was a real smelly one!

And caused a an awful storm

The ***** bit his ******* off...
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