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Bring it back
My mind snapped
I can't see my reflection
The poetry I write is made of all my conceptions

I think I need a therapy session
My anger is my only weapon
I need to take a minute to breath
I need my thoughts to all leave

I need my anti depressants
I think I need anger regression
My mind is full of tricks and lies
And the demons lurk in the back of my mind

I might need to train my anger
My whole life is a movie full of cliffhangers
Casting stones in my direction
Making my life their possession

Hollywood movie star
Wanting to smash up fancy cars
My problems not dire
My issues making me a liar

Counsellor trying to give me feedback
I don't really need that
Trying to keep the watchers interested
But I cant be arsed with the drama you invest in
~ Dunno ~
Toxic yeti Mar 21
As I stand
In the airport
Baggage claim
There comes
A fog
And I hear
A female voice
Am I going crazy
Then I turn around
A flight attendant was talking
About letting go
And finding joy in life
My psychic
Say she was one of the 9/11
I woke up in my room
And with new goal
To help me self.
The story of how I met my gardian angel.
Maria Monte Jan 31
When the air creeps under my skin
Frosting the tips of my fingers
And the metal chains coils
Around my beating heart
Until it squeezes out the air from my lungs

I lay down and close my eyes
To listen to the beckoning of mother nature
Let her songs tame my soul
I breathe as she taught me to
Pitter patter
The rain, it falls so beautifully
ACAC Jan 9
They disappear into their hideout, like a ****** VIP section in a ******* that I dare not walk into.
No notice, no words, just take what they please.
After an hour a single surface for tea, fake smile and a reveal, I see fake truths come with ease.
Can I learn to rise above, not let the bile ooze from my mouth and cover her skin melting away those perfect lips.
Retreat again.
At once they all emerge.
That silence of chats with my girls is gone, now silk anxiety ripples and spreads.
They've made decisions, huge decisions that will affect me, us, you and them.
They look at me with contempt, I don't deserve this reprieve.
Like Sunday again, and we need to go to church, nod, smile and take the gospel, worship, worship, worship or leave.
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Love the stars at night
would lay on my back
looking at the star-filled sky In ore of Its magnificence
Bright shining stars
against the Inky black
sky on a beautiful clear night
To lay on my back and look at the magnificent shinning stars
against black Inky sky
Darnell is
trash compactor
a general  
to fabricate
thrift in
whiff of
blustery air
but doctoring
his hallowed
fornicate only
compressed tires
into rototiller
with compost
to enrich
their denizens
with commercial
paper here
a contractor with heirs
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2018
If one feels pain
Don’t decide

To cry
To talk
To listen
To sleep
To drink
To smoke
To switch off the cell

One needs to be
Strong enough

To stay calm
Waiting for a time
To pass
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Stay Calm
Marisol Quiroz Aug 2018
my mouth is full of burning candles
and hot wax seeps from between my teeth.
my tongue knows nothing but rage and fire
and i don’t know whether to swallow this flame
and choke on the smoke until the heat burns holes in my throat,
or to spit it out
and watch everything around me burn down.

— impulse control
Mystic Ink Plus Jul 2018
If our authority

For what
We dream
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Curiosity
Mystic Ink Plus Jun 2018
If it doesn't grow by 10 years
Never expect, after 12 it grows

Save the effort
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Human Nature || Latency
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