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Jan 2022 · 856
those kinda days
Jasmine Reid Jan 2022
No one writes poetry about happy days and sunshine days,
they write about when their minds were trapped in caves, those days that are now broken memories and hearts
I Live.
Mar 2021 · 439
Jasmine Reid Mar 2021
Humans are as consistent as gravity,
They will always fall.
Mar 2021 · 1.5k
ageing wine
Jasmine Reid Mar 2021
Proudly he handles the bottle, bellowing about her as if she were a person

She's not fine wine, she's aged wine.
kept in the dark; alone with her thoughts
low in the earth; like a corpse
and given all the time in the world to ferment; she's rotting

Her glass is smooth you see, and cool to the touch; like the pavement on which she fell
The curves are unique to every bottle; her carcass so pretty
And the deepest green you'll ever see on a bottle; like her eyes

I have preserved her so! To keep her how she should be!
that's how he wanted to see me

She has aged well, for almost 20 years you see.
still as young as ever

But this is a special occasion; they found me
Go fetch some glasses; I can hear them digging
And we'll celebrate her.
what happened in this story?
Mar 2021 · 859
reaper pt 1
Jasmine Reid Mar 2021
Crackling cancer, the glimmer of light
mixed with the fog
I see him beckoning, calling out in that morning smoke
He's waiting for me.
Pt.1 Reaper
Feb 2021 · 4.3k
Jasmine Reid Feb 2021
Am I in love or am I convincing myself?
I would be a fool to be either.
Dec 2020 · 3.2k
Jasmine Reid Dec 2020
More fickle than the seasons
fragile like thawing ice

attached with a firm grip
clutching like a baby’s hand.

Desperate but never dangerous
susceptible yet not defenceless
acquiescent, though a fool.

They are the simpleton’s
that embrace counterfeit fables,
illusions of promise

And at the end
that makes them break
Dec 2020 · 2.7k
touch starved
Jasmine Reid Dec 2020
I pray for the day you crave my touch more than anything

And I will watch you wither in sorrow

As I have.
Dec 2020 · 255
Jasmine Reid Dec 2020
The sweetest sounds I’ve ever heard,
no one would hear a peep

The sweetest sleep,
no one hears the breath

Ones heart thaws

When one can’t have the sweetest touch
Nov 2020 · 2.1k
Jasmine Reid Nov 2020
I’m finding peace
In your silence

I’m finding peace
In your rage

I’m finding peace
In your absence

I’m finding peace
In being silent

I’m finding peace
In my anger

I’m finding peace
In my solitude
I’m getting used to being alone again
Nov 2020 · 196
Jasmine Reid Nov 2020
Cigarettes and coffee,
like wine and cheese.

Perfect for the occasion,
and the times it will bring
Nov 2020 · 197
Jasmine Reid Nov 2020
I will conquer
Like tears on a sow
Oct 2020 · 297
Jasmine Reid Oct 2020
I am beautiful
But I will wither
Oct 2020 · 156
Jasmine Reid Oct 2020
I rule my world,
The real life fantasy land where everyone believes they’re in control,

like your life is together,
all your friends are real,
you have romance,
working hard at your job

but you forgot.

I could ruin you in a sentence.
knowledge over others and kept to yourself is the biggest power over anyone, learn that.
Oct 2020 · 1.9k
Jasmine Reid Oct 2020
My throat is numb,
I don’t feel the barbwire in my esophagus

My feet are purple,
I’m dangling them with an anchor

My wrists swollen,
fingers about to fall from restriction

My face bloated,
from every love bite.

Lips, still red
always smiling
Oct 2020 · 286
Jasmine Reid Oct 2020
The first thing I reach for in the morning

is you.

Yet you’ve changed,
you’re a box
full of bad habits.
Oct 2020 · 670
Only 90s Kids Will Remember
Jasmine Reid Oct 2020
Back in the day when all the trees would sway, and the children would play

In the sun, in the shade
through the rain
never kept at bay

puddles needed splashing,
skin needing a tanning.

We laughed once, we cried when we fell
learnt from the scrapes and bruises

It’s a lot different now.
Oh take me back to the 90s.
Sep 2020 · 119
let’s be honest
Jasmine Reid Sep 2020
You know this is wrong,

You’re overwhelmed, let me help you

You’ve put your mind on hold,

We can make it disappear,

You know I’m the one
My power is unlimited, and you will know soon enough
Sep 2020 · 58
for you
Jasmine Reid Sep 2020
I’m about to throw you off a bridge if you don’t stop and think about what you’re doing.
Sep 2020 · 443
Jasmine Reid Sep 2020
I wish I could leave you in the ash tray like all all my stress,
I’m struggling to quit this, to quit us

This wrong side of heaven
This pairing

But I let the pollution fester

I want to leave you in the ash tray,
but what if it still burnt
and started a wildfire.
Sep 2020 · 941
your majesties
Jasmine Reid Sep 2020
I remember my place,
the one you promised me

You were going to shower me with jewels and royalty. While I danced for you in that throne room.

My kingdom has gone dark, somehow you left me,

yet we are still the king and queen of a miraculous tragedy.
Sep 2020 · 323
Jasmine Reid Sep 2020
i hate the weeds but i love the bees that
keep me company
passing times
Sep 2020 · 482
Jasmine Reid Sep 2020
ignited like a lighter,
fluid burning quick

rot on my skin, scars up you face

i watch you perish in debauch
while you hold my hand
explain this to me
Sep 2020 · 185
I Want
Jasmine Reid Sep 2020
leave kisses on my neck,
i want to feel loved

leave bruises on my wrists,
i want to feel, loved

keep me still, in a perfect place,
i want to feel loved

i’d do anything to keep that smile on your
Sep 2020 · 181
do you remember me?
Jasmine Reid Sep 2020
cut open my stomach,
and gut me

dissect the tumour,
that you left in me

do i still look like the girl you used to know?

with my intestines on display,
and a smile on my face

remember what you did to me
Sep 2020 · 1.3k
Jasmine Reid Sep 2020
a man you could miss for two days straight,
wouldn’t miss you for a year
The proper way to say “men ain’t ****”
Sep 2020 · 236
I miss
Jasmine Reid Sep 2020
i miss those days where i’d **** on lollipops and cigarettes,
i miss those days when it seemed like you missed me, and you hugged me so tight.

those days when we didn’t worry about debt and the slanted kisses on ones wrist.

i miss those days.
i miss that one yesterday.
Sep 2020 · 537
smokey lies
Jasmine Reid Sep 2020
the jacket you left here still smells like cigarettes,
yet i'm wearing it because it makes me feel like i'm not alone
Sep 2020 · 741
Jasmine Reid Sep 2020
i swallowed a pill today.
a happy pill, the others said.

i felt no joy, only my pain.
so i took two the next day.

still no change,  they said
it could take a few days.

so i took another pill today.
and i feel like it's stuck in my throat
Sep 2020 · 149
Jasmine Reid Sep 2020
i'm waiting for us to fade to dust.
the both of us.
because this love cannot last forever.
Inspiration: Babel - Sam Tinnesz
Aug 2020 · 261
Jasmine Reid Aug 2020
I wear compliments like make-up,
it washes off.

I melt in hugs like chocolate in summer.

I eat kisses like candy,
till it makes me sick.

I wear validation like a jacket in winter,
I have to keep putting it back on.
Aug 2020 · 171
Jasmine Reid Aug 2020
I know how you like your coffee,
I know who you see,
I know what you order from me,

I hand out the paperwork and email the documents,
this isn't my first job,
I am confident in myself,

I know the names of your clients,
and your missus.

But I'm the mistress, the secret
what happens in the office stays in the office
Aug 2020 · 262
no title
Jasmine Reid Aug 2020
touch of amber in his morning cup,
espy to the mug neighbouring

caffeine in the burning steam,
bourbon in bubbles

glazed views,
fake passion

a kiss of liquor
you ever kiss a man with the taste of bourbon on his tongue?
Aug 2020 · 80
happy days
Jasmine Reid Aug 2020
shared between lips,

puzzled eyes,
clouded attention,

blissful apprehension,
Aug 2020 · 123
watch me
Jasmine Reid Aug 2020
watch me deteriorate,
my bones on display

no tears on my face, they’ve all gone astray
unable to escape the glass as I took my last breath

now I’m held up by nails, my eyes sunken in

soulless, lifeless and,

this is where you will be as well
end of all things
Aug 2020 · 196
Jasmine Reid Aug 2020
surrounded by dribbling vapours,
crumbling suns

the music rumbles bones,
living it up

inhaling smog,
fragile lungs

swivelling wheels,
screams on tar

we're on our way, we’re the bizarre
to wonderland
Aug 2020 · 474
Jasmine Reid Aug 2020
let me drip venom in your mouth,
poison your lungs, corrupt your thoughts,
break your limbs,

let me drown you under the waves of desire,
love me with your wrists bound,
pretend this is a dream

and learn your lesson now
Aug 2020 · 415
Burnt Out
Jasmine Reid Aug 2020
finger tips decaying like a cigarette between lips
crumbling lower, and lower
surrounded by bones, locked in paper walls

touched by a kiss, heart set ablaze
love leads us to death
so i love death
Jul 2020 · 142
Jasmine Reid Jul 2020
I sit in the AC chilled waiting room,
Holding minor achievements and qualifications in my portfolio,

nerves tightening, throat shutting, heart racing, panicking as i sit

You call out my name so softly, I feel bloodless as I approach with a warmed smile; though you are lofty you smile back with a similar manner.

I hand you my book of tombs, and you inquire as you skim over the pages of listed names,  we exchange smiles again as I depart.
Surely I got the part, the role in the play.

I show my eagerness and return soon there after, ask the question.
"Did I get the job?"
You stop smiling, why, why, why did you stop?

I see her approach behind from your doors, my back straightens, stiffened in your wake.  My skin more chilled then the AC.
And all I can think,
Jul 2020 · 144
Jasmine Reid Jul 2020
I don't want you to touch me, cause I know you've touched her too

I don't want you to look at me with those eyes,
cause you give her the same look too

Don't call me baby with that same tone that you use,

Don't coddle me and tell me that you love me because you know I love you, too

I don't want to argue against you,
I know you're hurting, but I am too.

We're both just waiting to be rescued.
Jul 2020 · 341
Jasmine Reid Jul 2020
I tell myself that I'm leaving,
to go alone and scream into the night air.

I arrive and try, the air in my throat is tight.
Sounds of anguish and frustration unable to holler out,

I tell myself that nothings changing,
so I grab a lighter that I've been hiding, and hold the tumour between my lips.

Slobbering tears as I lite my stress, this is as close to death as I can feel.

The venom dripping from my mouth,
my foot pressing harder against the pedal down this country strip.
A referendum in my mind embellished with motivation,
so I tilt the wheel and leave it to momentum.

Jul 2020 · 165
New Love
Jasmine Reid Jul 2020
I feel so warm and coddled like melted chocolate,
dribbling against the mug, split over a counter.
Finger tips freezing as it touches the air.

No reason to cry over spilt milk.
I boil the kettle again, clean the mess I've made and start again.
Throw in the grounded droplets, a dash of powered chocolate,
                                                      ­                                                         'click'
The kettle coughs bubbles. I pour, enveloped by the steam against my skin, a dash of milk.

The perfect coffee.
I Love Coffee.
Jun 2020 · 204
Puppy Eyes
Jasmine Reid Jun 2020
Looking up at me, so cute they seem,
Innocent, kind, pure and full of love.

Oh what fun I'm going to have with you little one,

yes roll on your back just like that, let me rub your belly and enjoy your softness underneath my palm,
Your eyes so sweet, and absolutely joy-struck when I give you treats,

let me pat you more.. More, more, more!
Just keep looking at me little puppy,
I can see the love you have for me.
May 2020 · 986
Jasmine Reid May 2020
Deep down I knew, that you would never fail, and never or stray off your trail.
From telling me what I think was the truth yet also a lie, you’re so good at hiding, you.

Deep down I knew, that I was just for you to *****.

It’s out of the sheets now.
Ever been told something over and over yet a completely different story from another person.
May 2020 · 247
i like it in the dark
Jasmine Reid May 2020
Shrouded by black, in every corner and every crack,
the pitch of the room keeps me secluded.

I don't have to focus anything, everything’s moving, shifting in the shadows.

I am in the dark, and I like it here.
It hides my shame, my tears, and my pain
i like it in the dark.
May 2020 · 134
Jasmine Reid May 2020
I’ve been untied from the train tracks, a duet of men came to my aid,
They cut the ropes and made me stand straight,
They held me when I cried, accepted my thanks through ale and bribes.
I missed this kind of excitement they live.
So we are now,
The Three Musketeers.
Feb 2020 · 348
Trapped Butterflies
Jasmine Reid Feb 2020
The fluttering of wings,
                                                         circling, lost,
Trapped in not my stomach but my head.
Going round and round,
round and round,
round and round.
Inspired by Camila Cabello's - Bad Kind Of Butterflies (song)
Oct 2019 · 179
I Am A Spider
Jasmine Reid Oct 2019
Even though sometimes I like to believe I can help,
No one wants me around.

So they squash and trample me,
that’s why I hide in the corners now.
I have a web of lies, secrets, truths and spirits. But you’ll never know which is which.
Aug 2019 · 190
High, high, high
Jasmine Reid Aug 2019
I say jump, you say how high.
As high as the sky,
                   to that cloud number 9

Floating in the gas above the ground, feeling like gravity can’t effect you.

You breathe in the earth, the bits you rolled up,
                                                             ­                     and light it up to turn it to smoke.

Watching her burn with such delight, you take a puff and let the air in your lungs turn to soot.
In support of the Amazon Rainforest.
Feb 2019 · 301
Proper Manners
Jasmine Reid Feb 2019
How does one say “*******” politely?
Because personally I do not wish to offend, but I’m in need to defend.

To defend my actions and what I said, or did, to protest against the way you all want me to live.

I’m rude, I’m mean, I’m a bully. Call it what you will but I will always see it as honesty.

Why, must I be the one in trouble, when no one spoke to me
Why, must I be beaten down violently when I didn’t know what to do
Why, must I be tortured mentally that I want to break my own skin open and let everything out.

All the, emotions and pain, suffering and sleepless night that I spent crying.

I mean no offence, but seriously...
I don’t want to speak to you anymore.
Jan 2019 · 141
Jasmine Reid Jan 2019
Why does a screen feel less than me when it’s supposed to be state of the art, high tech, and without fault.

People will say that it’s just getting old, and worn out, so why won’t my heart do the same..

Hey, I like you, do you like me? No, that’s fine, that’s cool I’ll go cry myself to sleep at night because unlike internet explorer I don’t just keep asking for you to accept me.

I simply wish that I could be less weak, less pathetic, less useless than everything and everyone else, I just wish to not feel this sensitivity of my nerves letting my eyes drain and my heart to turn into a glass pane that someone can smash open, and for those lumps in my throat to just go down and not reappear as I struggle to tell you how I feel.

I wish to be helpful, I wish to be useful, and I want to make you happy every way possible.

But my weakening heart does not know how to tell you the truth that I’m holding within my lungs as the air rots away.

I no longer wish to feel pain.
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