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Sn8 Aug 10
I'm by the window on the 5th floor
the view can only be described
as average
the clouds were in my head before
now they glide above the
hard stone bridge
observed from the window floor
alongside a placebo pill
and a bevarage.
Waiting for you
shelby Apr 29
my shorts stuck to the back of my thighs as I walked up the brick steps. I hear the brakes of the bus sigh as they are released.
I grab the rusted door handle and look through the spider-webbed window.
I step in and the cold air stings my face and seeks into my nostrils and travels down the back of my throat.
I see you passed out face first on the couch.
I envy the feeling you have, the sweat being dried against the cool black leather. What relief that must be
Like a cold bath after a fever breaks.
I know your fever is rising but you won't say it.

but your silence and opened pill bottles tell me everything while you're asleep.
Juliana Mar 21
I see a little house on the hill
Nothing but time to ****
I write this song
'Cause there's still too long
Till the weekend in suburbia

I'm just some dumb kid
And I've been trying to hide it
Stuck on the bridge
But I fell with it
Just tell me my face is blue
Trust that I'm being true
My happy little pill of suburbia

It's just for tonight
Don't go looking for goodbye
I don't mind that you think you're right
Standing in the eye of suburbia

You don't need to go
But accept that you withdrew
Love it, do you?
The quiet in suburbia

I need you to trust that I'm lost
I've been out here for too long
'Cause you know that I can't trust
****** up for nothing
I'm all alone, in suburbia

That last one was my antidote
Telling you it's time to go
Like kids on concrete, oh
Reminds me I'm not home
In suburbia
Inspired and Found in "Blue Neighborhood" and "TRXYE" by Troye Sivan
Leah Hilliges Mar 16
Empty and tired,
I remove the iron pill from its shiny blister pack, and
Refill the tall glass that reminds me to drink.
I place the tab on my tongue and
wash it down with a gulp of water.
Better make it two, no,
Three to fill my hollow stomach.

Empty and tired,
I take my iron supplement,
a buffer to prevent me from eating
this late at night.
Affects absorption, I remind myself.

Empty and tired,
but there’s still work to do.
And my period came this month,
but I didn’t even need a liner to stop the blood,
from staining my white underwear.
When will I be able to use the tampons that have been waiting patiently
under my bathroom sink since I was 12?
I’m 16.
I tell myself to remember that the next time
I take an iron pill to stop myself from eating,
when I’m
Empty and tired.
TW: disordered eating
cici Mar 4
some days are like long nights
swallowing the bitter pill -
we strive to reach the spring
Terra Levez Nov 2020
Goodness is like a pill
Its the cure to all the suffering

But you choke when you swallow it
Jasmine Reid Sep 2020
i swallowed a pill today.
a happy pill, the others said.

i felt no joy, only my pain.
so i took two the next day.

still no change,  they said
it could take a few days.

so i took another pill today.
and i feel like it's stuck in my throat
Maruko San Jun 2020
This is my life force
my only life force
A pill that would make
my pain go away
A pill that sends me
to my own dimension
A pill that makes me
fly so high
that I can feel the
stars at the tip of my
As I float to deep space
I realize there's nothing
to breath in
and found myself
gasping for oxygen
that sweet sweet oxygen
as I hold on for dear life until
I realized that I've been back stabbed
by my life force my only life force
luciana Jul 2020
1:21 am
thinking of who I am right now
tired of these day dreams
always caught up being alone
even at home.
everyone has these same seconds
I experience this too often
a maze of mirrors I get lost in
sitting still.
head so heavy.
maybe I need a pep talk or a pill
1:35 am
made no progress
it's hard controlling my head
life's importance grows less and less
this was months ago when every night was rough and I couldn't fathom where I was with my life or how I felt every day.
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