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Nigdaw Oct 6
A little pill
To enhance the night,
At its height,
Lights shining
A little too bright;
Dance crazed
Music is life.
Coming up
On a Mitsubishi,
Living life
In Ecstasy,
Popping no stopping
The party, until…..
Ten years on
I fried my brain,
Dancing still
All night long;
Between the sheets
Home, alone.
Scientists, after experimenting on monkeys, have discovered that Ecstasy can cause Parkinson’s in later life.
Jack and Sill
Swallowed a Pill
Ran up to the Hill
To kil* a heavy Monster

Jack shot and Missed
Sill shot and Killed
The ugl* heavy Monster
Let's Cherish Childhood.
Oh I don't like Hello Poetry's system of automatic selection and marking of offensive words and displaying it as ***, because it often fails.
More often it marks those words or parts which are not at all offensive. It fails to understand the context in which the words has been used.
To avoid this I have myself tried to put *
Mac and Boon
Went up to the Moon
Mac became ill
Boon gave a Pill

Boon Said Thank You
Moon said get well soon
Let's Cherish Childhood
LK Aug 2
I bit my lip and took the pill
While you watched me push away my will

A pill to numb my troubled mind
Caused by your own regretful bind

A medicated-to-content teen
With nothing more to do or to be

I’m washed away and paused in time
A quiet, reserved, and lonely type

I shut off that piercing, painful wire
Along with my passionate, vibrant fire

To be myself, I’ve long forgotten how
So tell me, you, are you happy now?
Jack and Steve
Swallowed a Pill
Using a glass of water

Both fell down
Got out of mind

And people called Doctor
Let's Cherish Childhood
Jeramy Souder Jul 13
She was the pill
I was the addict
Now I’m just trying to overdose
tiny little tablet
with water you dissolved
as you fell to the surface of my tounge
my taste buds cried out
it lingers on

tiny little tablet
works like magic
rides out water into the stomach
travel through the blood stream
my body absorbs every molecules
ease the pain, heal the hurt

tiny little tablet
tiny little baby dose
can restore a full sized human body
you're so small
yet so powerful
drowsy starts to kick in
good night
210619 | 8:24 AM tumbang kemaren ahirnya ugd juga. Trs abis diuap dikasih obat kecil-kecil, begitu ajaibnya obat sekecil itu bisa nyari dan nyembuhin penyakit di tubuh manusia. God is good.
It's all numb out here love 
Numb body's laying around blood smudged 
Calling it a feast for the wolves who lost their way. 
They lied you they aren't lost, they ran away from the pack of powerful ones, scaredy-cats. 

If you are done here, 
let me move I had this ache for a love pill, 
don't judge things weren't easy you left I didn't 

They gave me more depression, confusion, paranoia, anxiety so I can never really remember you see they loved me. 

Yes, I'm so addicted to this toxic love that have intertwined with my mind and soul, 

don't do that 

don't watch me like you know how it feels. 

I can feel my tears raising up through my heart to eyes,

but how I can't cry 

I forgot how to

can you teach me again just like the old times. 
Breaking me a million times 
and don't worry I'm weak now 
my addiction won't make you my priority.
Doctor, doctor I forget to take my pill.
- Maybe you had heal?
Connor Mar 5
I feel like life is just a pill I can't seem to swallow,
Swimming in my mouth, bitter, disgusting, I wallow
My first attempt at a couplet.
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