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Jasmine Reid Feb 3
How does one say “*******” politely?
Because personally I do not wish to offend, but I’m in need to defend.

To defend my actions and what I said, or did, to protest against the way you all want me to live.

I’m rude, I’m mean, I’m a bully. Call it what you will but I will always see it as honesty.

Why, must I be the one in trouble, when no one spoke to me
Why, must I be beaten down violently when I didn’t know what to do
Why, must I be tortured mentally that I want to break my own skin open and let everything out.

All the, emotions and pain, suffering and sleepless night that I spent crying.

I mean no offence, but seriously...
I don’t want to speak to you anymore.
Jasmine Reid Jan 28
Why does a screen feel less than me when it’s supposed to be state of the art, high tech, and without fault.

People will say that it’s just getting old, and worn out, so why won’t my heart do the same..

Hey, I like you, do you like me? No, that’s fine, that’s cool I’ll go cry myself to sleep at night because unlike internet explorer I don’t just keep asking for you to accept me.

I simply wish that I could be less weak, less pathetic, less useless than everything and everyone else, I just wish to not feel this sensitivity of my nerves letting my eyes drain and my heart to turn into a glass pane that someone can smash open, and for those lumps in my throat to just go down and not reappear as I struggle to tell you how I feel.

I wish to be helpful, I wish to be useful, and I want to make you happy every way possible.

But my weakening heart does not know how to tell you the truth that I’m holding within my lungs as the air rots away.

I no longer wish to feel pain.
Jasmine Reid Jan 7


Just, you.

Fated? Destined? Maybe just a beautiful coincidence..whatever it was. It was perfect, it still is, still in my mind.

Thank you.
I Found Something, and it turned out to be You.
Jasmine Reid Dec 2018
****, the idea of a future
**** the past, and **** now
In this ****** present.

I've had enough of being beaten and ****** over by everyone.
Now it's my turn.
Jasmine Reid Dec 2018
i'm different
they say
unknown, foreign, alienated, that's how i feel to them

those people, them, they, all of those whos eyes judge throughly without remorse,
i search for another,
Jasmine Reid Nov 2018
I felt embarrassed last night,
now I feel shame? As my skin begins to riddle itself with itches, and I scratch.

I thought I understood, but now I see, I’m tearing away at the thing I was most ashamed to be.

Ripping and digging into this plush flesh that has been see by the eyes on another, and now my seething skin wishes to go.
I don’t know what’s happening
Jasmine Reid Nov 2018
When it comes to writing down your thoughts, as a young poet does
You're told where to start,
from your heart,
from your head,
or just some bottled up words instead.

Look to the sky and describe it's beauty!
being a poet is easy you see!
Take what you love with a firm grip and spill a little onto a page or screen, hold your values high, but hold your poems about them higher.

never keep your words inside young poet, no matter how dark they may be, or how cliche they are.

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