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El Nino, the jokes go, is responsible,
to be levied our distaste.  What a
disgrace, they're putting a Hispanic
face on 1998's over a 100,000 killed
by supposedly natural disasters.  Now
Nina, naming her the cause of world
drought, global warming, which the
technocracies' altering weather cycles
determined.  Their greed makes lies
fly as truth, can your convenience,
in allowing them to do it, further?

This while they enjoy unparalleled
short-term profits, paid for in real
deficits, brought by their murdering of
eco-systems, our progeny will pay a
thousand times those delusional
profits to repair, unsuccessfully.  That
unending river of humanities' blood
will soon take billions of poor to
middle class lives before the extinction.

Still, every second over an acre of
rainforest is felled, every three a
woman is castrated, a child dies, and
only 50 % of us bother to vote!
Still, we don't have real compassion
for ourselves or others.  If no real
changes will take place now, then
 when, if not here, where, you, who?
Written in the hopeful year of '99, thanx for reading and commenting   :)   reality
Sky has fallen on your head, Earth erupting has upended you into two, is it time for change yet?

Everyone knows the extinction's coming, racing towards US from our future,

Seen on the horizon, still, no talk of evolution, adapting to reality,

Not the worldly world of criminal insanity?  Non-republican caucasian

Newborns to men who are heterosexual are still neutered as newborns,

Mutilated as toddlers, kids, mass-*****, and every crime done against them

As kids and teens, yet the Roman Catholic Empire doesn't even acknowledge

Their inquisition against them, let alone slow it down, stop it.  How is

It that Pope Benedict (Arnold, the Rat...), the last inquisitor, hasn't

Been prosecuted in the ICC?  Just so you know, if "...we(e),..." don't

Uninstall RumputiN/vlad-the-impaler from the Blackhouse by 1-21-21, the

United **** of assassins is the new notsee Germany and since it's citizens

Haven't stopped it's Gov't, it must be destroyed at all costs, for life,

Humanity, the Earth, to even exist.  Is impeachment peachy keen now?

Do you feel like keeping it in the ground, abolishing fossil fuel use yet?
Great works, thanks; also, please: Sample letter: Hello.  Donald Trump is deliberately undermining the oversight powers of Congress and acting as if he is above the law. Yet, some House Democrats are still stalling on impeachment.  The Trump organized crime family isn't going to re-institutionalize organized crime as gov't (from the top down, "power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely"), "...we(e),..." have already defeated that; impeachment is a necessary step- regardless of political effects that could be construed as negative.  Thanks for your attention.   reality
As acid rain from your closed eye,

An acre of rainforest falls each

Second, Earth's tears bleeding,

For, all you see is grey.
This Earth month beckons us All to be more   :)   reality
Levi Windolf Nov 2018
People pacing, cattle station.
Racing to, the next location.
Jump on a crowded metal tube.
To get to work, your office cube.
You **** and moan, till you get home.
The box for your throne, is land on loan.
So set on containment and fitting in.
That we neglect our problems, with tonic and gin.
We drink to forget, all the things we regret.
We sit through each hour just to settle our debts.
See, life's not about living, not anymore.
It's about finding the time to settle our scores.
But time is running faster, than ever before.
Its nearly too late, just 12 years to the door.
We can't keep up, we thought we were winning.
But the reality is that the atmosphere's thinning.
It's getting harder to breath it's getting harder to see.
Extinction level event, that's all we'll ever be.
Each day we're alive is a day the earth's dying.
We need to take action, no point sitting here crying.
Stop single use plastics, that's the easiest tactic.
Stop clearing the forests, stop being dishonest.
The point that I'm making, that I'm hoping your taking.
Is get out of your head, less the earth gets put to bed.
David Brady Oct 2018
Lowering from the sky, the great cranes-
teetering necks that could feed clouds.
Groaning mammoths boring craters that could
bathe crocodiles. Machinery making
mounds of earth. The Common Dump Truck,
broad back carrying progeny of pulp
and muck. A lone bulldozer, idle
under shade of fir tree canopy.
Lost to time.
nihiliti Jun 2018
shin bones resonate
then part ways
walking razor edges
in descent to
the underworld

so sink I
under the waves
of Gaia's fury
roiling through my veins
overflowing, spilling
pouring out my
drunken offering
in shame

subsumed in doom
saturated with ultrablue
blood not mine
penal lineage incongruous
with divine

my sole salvation
is empty
my soul empties into
Tartarian depths
and definitively
denied access to
heaven and ****
I'll sleep with the
sealed, entombed

forever frozen crystalline carcass
Helter-skelter soul.
james m nordlund May 2018
Their Trumpler wags his finger, pounds his chest, does abhor and detest, yet,
Unlike the rest, I refuse to protest the pomposity of his demeanor, regress.
For, as I wrote three decades ago, they think with spooned nose, speak with
forked tongue, yet, '...we(e),...', will not be undone, only if you still will.
A nation's youth sacrificed to the dogs of war, and it's keep, plundered deep,
can give no more to ravenous avarice ******, the global oligarchy, seated,
then entrenched in our Gov't's executive branch, dismissing all who won't cower.
In 2016 you couldn't throw a rock without hitting a revolutionary or radical,
because 'Hillary wasn't pure, perfect', their excuse for helping install Trumpler
in the Kluckahouse, now where's their sound and fury, their installed feurher
states, African countries are 'shitholes', now, immigrants are 'animals',
our nations heroes 'aren't', ad infinitum, where's the 'Bernie or Bust 'Bots'
'revolution', declared in the beginning of 2016 by him, now. The dinos, sinos,
linos, ginos ainos declare their allegiance to the illusion of non-violence,
steadfastly, as it's evidently better than the delusion of violence, while their
invisible coup's installing the king kong sized terrible two as emperor, along
with the FBI, NSA, CIA, NSC, Assange, wikileaks, hackers globally, remocrat
Conspiracy, immoral minority, Putin's puppets All, is the most violent event
purposely unprevented since the levees in NOLA were let fail, the unnecessary
unending war in Iraq started, and king george and his ****, cheney purposely
didn't prevent the attacks on 9-11-01, with the republican conspiracy elite.
Cloven covens of their actual religion of materialism, which they all practice
behind masks of 'used' religions, worldviews, spiritualities, clustering in
their conclaves, meet, with unremarkable tidings, the time is neigh for all
to die from climate change, decimated environs, undrinkable water, unedible
food, unbreathable air, unarable land, their 'final solution', ending humanity,
is at hand. Still, the machinations of our technocracy's machinings of human
beings, succeed in their device's designs, bring us ever closer to their
extreme narcissism's lack of way, nihilism, their lifeless choices, hedonism,
and their self-possessed, la machine's, language of 0's and 1's, always tolling
for their bottom lines needs, exigency replacing humanity per force of self-
programming, tragically, no? Does the fiber of your being, the sinew of it's
meaning shout, as to forever echo on, no? Whilst words, symbols, also being
paths of study, can't lead to self-emancipation, for the intellect can't lead,
as the life does not follow, if one allows questions to be, until answers evolve,
they can inform perception's growth, to signs and meanings along the way, uplift
vision. The corporate structure's convolution, and it's devolutionary direction,
proffer otherwise. As his heart's being ripped from the heart in the heart
of the heartland, in his mind's eye, she still stands, hair as if ablazed by
the truest wind that e'r blowed, her hand ever unwavers, raised, with it's torch
yet unschorched, it's light still a beacon of hope and the liberty that birthed
it, to all entering our NY's harbor, if death needs be proud, then let it be, now.
As vernal, the melodies of nature evolve us, let's not forget, urgently separating
the real religion which all religions, etc., are a front for, avarice, from the
State, as dictated by our Constitution, must be done, if not humanity's extinction
will result, and almost all until then was just the premeditated mass-****** of
7 billion in ever more various and myriad forms. Viva la evolution.   reality
(Written while watching Loreena McKennitt's ineffable 'Nights from the Alhambra',
(for her " means mystery, eternity, and represents the human spirit") on
Netflix.  Especially apt, due to Pruitt's criminally insane administration of the
EPA, her ethereal, ephemeral, while Earthen, song, 'Bonny Portmore', imho. reality)

("To walk in seasons is to question, A flower is opening", Basho.  
"Let questions be questions, answers will come", Martha Graham.)
Ilion gray Apr 2018
a view from the cosmos...
How our great cities just looked
Like stains
And the earth..
Looked as if it were silently searching...
james m nordlund Mar 2018
And rather die as a mayfly, in one day, on their feet,
Than live as long as an eagle flies, on their knees.

"...It's funny how one insect can damage so much grain...",
One instant can damage so much Grace,  

Yet, abominable that only 400 years of supposed science has almost
Destroyed what it took The Evolution 15 billion years to create, the Earth's life!

Extinction is forever and no one will wear it well, the corporate structure's
Convolution need not con anyone, we let them steer our perceptions and ships.

Walking in nature's balance, giving back to her abundance, "...we(e)...",
Illimitable in potential, and indivisible as life, evince to be!

"...They don't stand a chance against our ...(heart),
No, they don't stand a chance against our love..."

If you're lifelong students, self-actuating and evolving, leaving no footprints
That followed none, they will echo forever on, in all ways, always,

Only if humanity gains the sanity to abolish the 'use' of fossil fuels,
Thereby abolishing global defacto-slavery, as well.  Be well.

"...There's a beacon in the sky meant to catch your eye...",
Words weren't meant for cowards, be brave...".

The Cosmos can't stop us from basing global society on scarcity, instead of nature's abundance.
Tragically, our delusions won't be dispelled until that premeditated extermination of 7 billion.
Thanx to Elton John, Robbie Robertson, Happy Rhodes for their great songs lines, from: 'In Your Empty Garden'; 'Ghost Dance', 'Words Weren't Meant For Cowards', respectively, above- before this 48th Earth Day.
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