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Jasmine Reid Oct 22
I rule my world,
The real life fantasy land where everyone believes they’re in control,

like your life is together,
all your friends are real,
you have romance,
working hard at your job

but you forgot.

I could ruin you in a sentence.
knowledge over others and kept to yourself is the biggest power over anyone, learn that.
Jasmine Reid Oct 6
My throat is numb,
I don’t feel the barbwire in my esophagus

My feet are purple,
I’m dangling them with an anchor

My wrists swollen,
fingers about to fall from restriction

My face bloated,
from every love bite.

Lips, still red
always smiling
Jasmine Reid Sep 2018
be honest, tell me I meant nothing to you,
                                                       remind me of everything I did wrong.
make me cry, but don’t touch me with words of comfort,
                                                                                               be brutal to my skin.
tear it up with harsh comments, write the names on my limbs and put your hands around my neck, a bear trap on my leg and let me bleed, stab me with your fists, bruise me with the truth once again.

Don’t let me crawl back.

keep me at a distance and kick me towards someone else to bother, as you shove me away and stay alone in the dark. forever.
- no title -
Jasmine Reid Dec 2017
Heart rate increases as I fight back and forth with words of wits,
your words sinking into my thoughts, killing my peace,
drowning my own essence of rebellion.

Every comment is kicking me on the ground, keeping me down underneath the crashing waves of your statements.
It’s highly intoxicated with salt.
Strong, tangy, and bitter.

But your fangs always seem to seep out and attach themselves to my limbs and secrete a venom of negativity, allowing my thoughts to become poisonous to thyself.

I’m trying to change, I’m trying to be different now, can’t you see? A new day is approaching, as the sun takes its dive into the sea of star lit space, and allows the coolness of the night to embrace this side of the world.

But even if the end draws near, I still fear that your antics, will just gain unwanted attention directed towards me.
“You should know this by now!”
“What do you find so difficult!?”
“Why can’t you remember!?”

Violent words equal to violent outbrakes,
Do not antagonize a beast, for it will threaten back,
and we all know that it does not slack.
Your bitter poisonous words, have corrupted my thoughts, and that has made me what I am today.

Unhappy with myself.

— The End —