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What happened to your eyes?
Blankness was residing in them
A force field built around your perimeter
Their protection of you my condemn

I kept hoping for approval
Some sign of validation
Yet you had nothing for me
Only a serving of rejection

Gluing your eyes to an animated screen
Shutting out the action around you
I being caught in the mix
My insecurities coming to a brew

So now I'm the invisible woman
Transported to a state of sullen
My feel goods suddenly taken
Hopes for your love disheartened
Poetic T Sep 27
The  dormancy of my linguistics,
          doesn't mean  I'm ignorant.

But I jest at the wastefulness
                                  of breath.

To expel the fortitude of such.

    Anger is to give me weakness
           of character, and you undue

I may seem like the sheep,
                   but do not take my

muteness, as a respite of no validation.

For one is most aware when all is smothered
                      in contemplation.

And then you are like a crumpled leaf,
                    silent and calm....

I didn't utter a word, I just walked away.
            letting you take in the view
of me not caring that you were in my shadow.

Not uttering  your worth, but I showed you
                that silence can knock down the
                                              strongest word.
LC Jul 26
your fears may seem like giants
you, on the other hand,
are reduced to a speck.
you need to speak to the giants
tell them what you know -
that they're trying to protect you.
thank them, then let go of their hands.
you'll grow and grow until
you're eye level with the giants
then, you'll tell them you're strong,
that you can handle this.
the giants will shrink and shrink
until they become specks.
Is a diction to validation.
Give me your eyes,
And read my writes.

Within the increment,
Feeding my affliction.

More reads,
Make more writes,
And your reads,
Are my wrongs,
That let me sleep at night.

~Robert van Lingen
Katie Jun 24
They say you can't have it
Both Ways
But I beg to differ.

Do I like boys?
Do I like girls?
Do I like both?

So, what's the problem here?
Am I not being clear enough?

What about the word
Isn't getting through?

Do I like boys?
Do I like girls?
Do I like both?

Let's try this again.

Would you **** boys?
Would you **** girls?
Would you **** both?

I believe I already answered that.

Again, where's the problem?
What aren't you understanding?

What about the word
Don't you get?

Biromantic Asexual.

Do I like both?
Would I **** both?

Now then,
I think we're done here.
Pass the cake, please.

Or can I not have that, either?
Feeling validated is hard enough as is without hate from the very community that's supposed to accept you for... well, you.
Jack P Apr 18

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i am just a little creature. i cannot change this
nja Feb 12
She wanted to remain pure,
She had toyed with getting a tattoo
but realised it wasn’t
individual anymore.
But she was in need of validation.
Was she past her peak? She’s still cool right?

The needle stuck into her skin like the scent of an old lover. It left a fizzy sensation behind.
The ink spread.
She kept poking,
stick n poking.

What emerged was a star.

strained by Tar,
her sparkle faded.
My experience of doing a stick n poke tattoo of a star on myself. My thoughts on my first tattoo. I called my star tattoo Tar.
Arden Feb 11
mom i am trying to tell you something
i didn't **** your daughter
i cant **** a person who never existed

if only you knew how hard it is to know
that i will never be free
if only you knew how it feels to need to
claw my skin off

i am tired of waking up
knowing who i am
while everyone uses the wrong name
the wrong pronouns
because no, it is not just a pronoun
it is validation and i know I shouldn't
need that **** but
i do
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