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Hope One Day Dec 1
Acceptance ,

To be accepted, we don't always have to be with a blonde and thin,
Or the one with perfect abs, well developed muscles and tendon,
Often such people hangout with you for their pleasure and fun
Usually, they'll influence and blind you with their sinful action


They don't care, for sure you aren't their next destination
They'll always be on a hunt for a validation or the next relation
Before you even realise, their nails will dig deep into your skin
Scarring your soul, leaving you in a pool of regrets and forever sin
They'll drag you to the steepest level you can't even imagin

Don't forget,

You have an identity, respect, cherish and stick to your origin
For you to be accepted,you don't have to give up your imperfection
Instead, display your best and influence them with your action
Always appreciate your existence as you'r a mighty fine creation
Sometimes, just to be a part of the society we make compromises to gain acceptance, validation and a relation. Relations formed on the basis of face value have apparent implications. Invest time in soul searching in order for you to be connected to your roots, because in the end you'll only be recognised by your origin.
gracie Oct 18
brown, blue, and green-eyed boys
kiss my cheek and call me

my hands tremble in their soft hair,
their arms around me.

someone else,
a new face,
but i am the same.

all it takes to believe that i am
is for one brown eyed girl
to love me.

she is so far away,
i reach for her.

i can feel her warmth in my bed,
hear her footsteps behind me.

she lurks,
and glares from within me.

"love me," i cry,
a faint sadness in my breaking voice.
"love me just this time."
i mean..........okay
Andrew Oct 4
What happens when your desire to play withers?
New antics and evils into you slither
A network of growing narcissists
Where worth is determined through a pose
That turns comrades into cannibalists
Feigned friendships that keep you on your toes
Where character is captured in clothes and not what’s enclosed
With a language of muck that does not elevate others but encourages lows
What happens when children have no chance at innocence?
They don’t have different directions to choose in a sense
I don’t want the masses to move like miserable television
I want my people to be able to make heartfelt decisions
Decisions that shake the earth instead of denizens that can only shake their ***
We lose our humanity behind pieces of glass
When we should be losing our sanity in fields of grass
And what happens if the WiFi expires?
Can our ways be rewired?
Inducing ideas that inspire?
Or will the world finally retire?
As we watch it burn down in fire.
Thoughts on technology and the superficial
Delia Darling Jul 16
What does it mean to be
Emotionally unavailable?
My manic thoughts keep me starving for
An imagined happy

“Are you single?” They asked
Well, my heart is as open as an old wound
That reopens & bleeds & scars for
Vicarious validation
Yet closed in the sense that it shuts down
Every time it starts to feel something
Almost habitually,
As if in self defense
I guess you could say my heart was a
Twisted & distanced kind of available...

But no
I’m not available in my mind
Because it knows better than my
Feeling *****
The human container that’s headstrong
To it’s gullible nature
My thinking ***** knows that
Vicarious happy is not real happy
Which labels my forehead like a neon sign
Emotionally Unavailable

I crave a validation that looks like your love
But it won’t fix me
Or provide the happiness I
Desperately need for myself
You can’t love yourself through somebody else
Driving up slowly...
Park across the street.
Nobody should know where we meet.
Walking up slowly...
Wishing I was drunk.
At least that would explain my funk.

Now I’m peering,
Peeling off my skin.
There’s no healing;
It’s a game you can’t win.

Now I’m driving up slowly...
And making myself go home.
The things I do,
To let myself roam.
Now I’m driving up slowly...
Two hours before I’m home.
All this effort...
And nothing to show

Writing silently...
The words aren’t coming
Like I planned.
I pray someday that someone understands...
Because I don’t.

Driving alone,
Driving alone.
Home is not so lonely...
When I’m driving up slowly.
So, I’m coming home.
Yes, I’m coming home.
Sometimes it takes a tryst to realize where you really belong
Thick air
Heavy panting
Quiet cursing
Hot breath
Soft sheets

Gentle proximity
Tight muscles
Awkward posturing
Sweet sweat
Satin lips

Lonely company
Hollow host
Instant gratification
Human validation
Sentient toy
This is very much a mutual relationship, the other person is aware it's currently a fling. Just so I don't seem like a total monster.
astiani hayn Jun 30
I can see those blazing eyes of yours, scrutinized every corner of my room, absorbed a whole lot in sight.
I'm aware you are ready to burn everything up, validating your existance and making sure the spotlights are all on you.
And when that time comes, you will swallow them all like a wildfire,
Left a little for them to realize,
It's you they need to worry about.
she's not me
This war I wage.
A new chapter.

I fought my battles,
I bled my blood.
I followed my orders and by *** I marched,

Little did I know,
In this war I wage...
I fight on both sides...
honey Jun 25
I bet your tears,
Those little tears I say I don’t want you to shed,
I bet they taste like honey and sunshine and validation,
When they’re for me and nobody else.
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