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my chest's burning like
i'm ready to slam my phone
and i'm just so sick of

adjusting my feelings
revising my words
setting up my smiles

to keep everyone happy
avoid another contrariety
runaway from the reality

a baby born crying then
you forced her to laugh
i recently realized this is not healthy
Madisen Kuhn Sep 7
my whole life
i have been looking
for myself in the
gaze of someone else

i wonder what would
happen if i never cut
my hair again
or if i walked into the woods
and never looked back

when i was a little girl
you told me that
vampires couldn’t see
their own reflection

every day i run
my tongue over the
sharp points of
my teeth
burning to forget
the taste
of strangers’ wrists
Jasmine Reid Aug 29
I wear compliments like make-up,
it washes off.

I melt in hugs like chocolate in summer.

I eat kisses like candy,
till it makes me sick.

I wear validation like a jacket in winter,
I have to keep putting it back on.
Nylee Aug 25
I realized
the fact
we have been
to seek
validation from outside
till then
there is no
to my inside.
Aurianna Aug 13
always telling myself
i can do BETTER
almost like...
im not good enough for me
i wish
i could be proud
of myself
in the same way
i feel
when someone else
utters that same sentence
makes me feel
its not that im...
constantly searching for it
i try desperately
to fill that void
the same love
i give to other people
in abundance
it never feels
the same as when
someone else
looks me in the eye
and all you can see
is love
kcons Jul 14
Every "good job" I get from you,
gives me this immense validation,
one which I never thought I was looking for.
I never realized until now,
how nice it was,
to hear someone tell you
"good job"

Maybe because,
I could count
in one hand,
the times I heard someone
genuinely tell me
I did good.

I want to say thank you.

I didn't know validation
felt that good.
sarah crouse Jul 6
I look to you once again
to see if you notice my pain.
You look at me completely baffled
unaware of what I've battled.

Is it too much to ask for validation
for you to share in my frustration
I'm not asking you to understand
acknowledgement is all I demand

I want you to see that it happened
not live in ignorance and think I imagined.
They say 'It is what it is,' and that is true
I just want you to say that you knew.

I want to know that I'm valid
no need to sing me a ballad
Just tell me what I already know
no need to wrap it in a bow
Just be very avid
about the fact that I am valid.
Jenn May 25
he said
another message
you're the only one i like
please can i take you out
i guess
my plan for validation
was successful
jules May 18
to the brave warriors
who reach deep within
their souls
turning darkness into
something beautiful
and whole

to the emotional empaths
who feel things
speaking their truth
wildly embracing

to the poets
who self-doubt
fearing they’re
not worthy:
the world would
not be the same
without your journey
Is your motive intended in validation?
Must we constantly be fed the thick mentholated syrup of clarity?
Luring itself down the throat,
a head-rush plainly,
Yet you’re doing just as we want for you.
But are you doing as you want for yourself?
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