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Damon Robinson Mar 2022
I want to hug
my son's son
60 years from now.

With beauty,
and pain,
and wonder,
and heartbreak
written into the lines
across my face.

Telling him
he is enough.
He'll always be enough.
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Mathieu Jan 2022
"Validation, valediction
What's the difference now?
Eschew the standard
Turn the paradigm upside down
You could be happy, if you wanted to be
Don't feel obliged to live a life you never wanted to
The best way out is straight through
Let intuition guide you
You could be happy, if you wanted to be".
Hellions - Quality of Life
Andrew Rueter Oct 2021
I don’t know who I am
I don’t even feel like a person
maybe that’s why I enjoy *** so much
to receive attraction
a validation of existence
proving a planet exists through its moon’s orbit.
Daisy Darling May 2021
i seek validation from you,
you seek validation from them,
they seek validation from others,
always the same outcome.

every view matters
every like matters,
every comment matters,
every opinion matters.

i hate it,
scheduling my posts,
when will the most people be online,
why can't i be fine?

i am enough,
i am enough,
i am enough,
i am enough.
I hate it. I can't help it. It is just a sick disease. why do I need their validation? I am enough
Isabel Frye May 2021
I am still a child, even today
While my skin grows and stretch marks rise
And for years all I ever craved was attention from anyone with eyes, or vocal chords to say anything to me
Now I am older, and I would have thought I’d learn how to live in my skin,
How to live with myself
But now I am a shell of what I once was
Who I used to be
The life and will to survive has left my body, I am decrepit and weak
Yet the leech inside me only grows quicker and quicker with every heart beat
I hate how much I hate myself
I’d give all the money in the world for some way out
Some way to feel
My body feels foreign, I can’t recognize it
And I’d live in the body of everyone else before my own,
Because I know I’ll never be comfortable inside of myself
Maybe I should accept what has become of me
That I’ll never be who I was, or who I wanted to be
That I spent years searching for validation where I knew it would never be found
Just for the thrill that I might just reach it
Even though I know I never will
Megan Mar 2021
Feed me meaning and resilience
The bitter sweet,
Social validation
With thorns around my skull

Addicted to your thought.
Addicted to a corpse.
Addicted to the stories.
Feeling under valued
Like a statue, I feel it all

Today I surrender,
And set an intention.
Be wide open
to less,
Social Validation.
Jake Mar 2021
You don’t need validation.
You have already received it
through the simple act of being born
the beautiful, imperfect creature that you are.
Andrew Rueter Mar 2021
I like to end the game with my shields up
And my hero buffed
And enhancement stuffed
But sometimes that isn't enough
Sometimes I kick the loser while they're down
So they can join me below the ground
In this mentality where I drown

Life is a test
And I gave up
In this game I'm the best
So it's here I'm stuck
In a world of fable
A developer's tale
Where I prevail
And find validation
By achieving victory
Then causing agitation
Because of my misery

Victory means I'm better
Victory means I'm smarter
Once your flag is fettered
I call you a starter
Thinking I'm somehow harder
Discounting my partners
In this digital harbor

With all my bickering
There's no mystery
Why the result starts differing
I hear the enemy team snickering
As my team starts whimpering

I feel my fortune shifting
Once luck isn't with me
And the match starts drifting
From a victorious gifting
To quite laborious indeed

I put all my time into this game
And nothing else
So I feel immense shame
From digital welts
This individual hell
Of a darkened cell
Is where I fell
Convinced my ability
Is proof of some secret potential
I give my life willingly
To prove to gamers I'm special
Nikkipopgun69 Mar 2021
Disappeared into an ocean of sadness
Turn and burn oh **** here we go.
Being hunted down.
Did he just buck it all the way to OZ

Hooked lined and sinker
It was like a rollercoaster  
Not known which track to take.
But nvm you where never mine

Trying to find the answers
while being stuck on yesterday
With my mind playing tricks on me.
Why does it have to hurt when you
Ain’t mine. No relationship just talking.

Maybe one day you’ll see what you missed
that one girl who’d never hurt you.
She lost hope when you left her on read.
She’s the one thinking what did I do wrong?
Was it the fact i expressed some love towards them?
Where’s the time gone? 2 months in and she’s confused. With mixed signals.
She knows deep down she doesn’t matter
She just wants validation from someone she admires.

I feel like I’m out of my mind.
Samantha Dietz Dec 2020
I'm a popular monster
I make you feel insane
Take all these dark thoughts
and place them in your brain
Play them on repeat
until fully ingrained
Already a part of you
Soon you will have no say
Try not to hurt anyone
so you push them away
Cry about it later
call and beg them all to stay
Never leave your house
then go online and complain
Toxic validation
from those who only know your name
You're a popular monster
They all think you're insane
They laugh at all your updates
They think it's all a game
Projecting sense of humor
when you're really filled with rage
Numb yourself by scrolling
you just want to feel okay
Say something real, they ignore it
your honesty goes to waste
So you return to performing
This platform is your stage
I'm a popular monster
I'll keep posting from your grave
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