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Saige Jan 2023
And I reach my finger so far down my throat as if I'm fishing,
I can never seem to catch anything besides sea sickness.
A whole ocean pouring from my mouth,
the saltiness burns as it comes up.
The waves are violent, as if they are trying to knock me all the way down to the bottom.
Cement fills my head dragging me down even faster.
And I'm stranded on this island,
I sit here thinking that this is going to be what finally kills me.
I continue to starve,
almost as though I'm used to it already.
I used to fish with my grandfather, I miss when things were simply me.
CIN May 2022
All my life i have been devoted to a god of lust
There’s red flowing all around me
Images in my head of a body, beaten and ******
Burning me up like flames of agony
Like falling through your thorns
To get to the roses
Oh how i adore the scent of copper and pollen
As you overtake me again

I wake up the next day,
With bruises and swollen cuts
Admire my marks
Among my fading scars
This forbidden love
Eats me up, then spits me out
And leaves me starving
I relapsed again lol
yann Feb 2021
Feel like a rabid dog, waiting to set his claws in any moving legs,
I'll bite and bite and bite
I'll tear the flesh, chew the bones, swallow the bits and pieces and ask for more
Feed me once and we'll both regret it,
I can't be kept from touch when the craving gets so deep.
Vixx Jan 2021
Your my rock
you know that right?
i’ll be your rock too
it’s just that i’m eroding
haha not feeling it today bois
Jasmine Reid Dec 2020
I pray for the day you crave my touch more than anything

And I will watch you wither in sorrow

As I have.
Ameliorate Dec 2020
“I wanted to be happy”
The words crept from my lips like scurrying little spiders when their home disturbed amongst darkened cobwebs in an untouched dingy room
Intrusive thoughts
Dismaying salvation of pathologized compliance
Masking behaviour for acceptance
“Stop spinning in that chair- it’s annoying”
Self expression became punishable
Dismaying youth- retribution beyond reasonable understanding
Belted and crying
Please stop, it hurts
Fearful avoidance
Nothing feels safe
Transmitting adulthood with repressed memories though awakened by medical emergency of your cat
Navigating uncertainty since July; desperately attempting to understand inner workings of trauma brain
Complex post traumatic stress disorder
Medical diagnosis though intrusive thoughts still catastrophic
Chronic pain with desolation
Desperately craving the touch of another human
Covid times; worsening depression combatting betraying myself with fathers abusive words while unproductively masquerading oversleeping
Powerlifting self regulation though collapsing under the bar.
If they wanted to talk to you
They would make effort
Though I still fawn my way to self acceptance
After all;
That’s what my parents taught me to do.
December 3, 2020
One of my better pieces.
CB Aug 2020
“I’m not hungry, I’m not full. I’ve starved myself of you for so long, I dont want to even begin to imagine what you taste like.”
Iz Mar 2020
I would set my body aflame if it meant I would feel
warmth from you
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