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Shadow Dragon Oct 2018
a crash
dead gone
badly hurt
maybe one
may die
in a
hell hole
to starve
and be
buried alive
go away
and stay
where you are
leave me alone
and die in
a hell hole
Grey Oct 2018
We fall past the need of others
Entrapped and wrenched from howling legions
Smell the air, the sense of sages
Crying 'Secrets! Secrets beyond ages!'

Sell your soul for whispered love
A candle burning into skin
Forbidden words spill from mangled throats
Tongues wag loose, tell me what hurts

I know your fears and sacred comforts
Fleeting addict shakes with longing
Give me touch till your bones are empty
I fill your needs from my own coffers

I fill your needs from my own coffers
Fayre Jul 2018
I have been malnourished
of good people
and good poets.
Sometimes I have high expectations from low end humans.
Michelle Jun 2018
They are more starved for Nature
Then one can ever fathom;
Oh, where is that secret  
Off they go in a cabin;
that they may frequent
All the noise and pollution
It melts and floats away;
Into life's little solution.

It's back to the plough of life so rough;
They like the smithy toil day after day
Their life may be starved, very tough,
Oh, to listen to the wild loon's call.
How it haunts them each day after day;
How they stomach their bitter gall?
Taking a wooden loon back to the city.
Until that cabin is reached it is a pitty.
When the wild calls; Good-bye city.
We who are born

"We who are born
In country places
Far from cities
And shifting faces,
Have a birthright
No man can sell
And a secret joy
No man can tell"
Eiluned Lewis
Kenji Feb 2017
Ashes and dense walls
Curled up spines and locked doors
Morbid carvings and ****** floors
Dark nights and gory flaws

Hidden from reality and tortured to death,
You eat other bodies and drink the blood of their last breath
You have become a monster, Satan’s child.
Insanity takes over, and not so mild.

Kicking and screaming
Punching and hitting
Scratching and cutting
Pain infliction and dreaded decompassion

Given up, trapped in a dungeon of despair.
It is disgusting and foul
Hollow and cold, it’s inside of you…
It’s your empty shallow soul.
Vida Crow Sep 2016
He watches her waltz
With half starved eyes
*[My Dear, do you hear my heart echo as it screams?]
I was one of many
Being the eleventh
It was if I never exsisted.
Just another kid
I grew up with hand me downs
Shoes that fitted me were  like boats
I became the class clown.
Known as the dum kid
Covered in all kinds of bruises
There wasn't much flesh on my body
I looked like a skeleton
I  searched through trash to find scraps
Of rotting  food
Sometimes  I winch in pain
And spend all night on the bog
I would be kicked again for being the class clown.
LeV3e Jul 2016
I'm ******* hurting
The pains here to stay
Only momentary lapses
In between memories.

So I set **** blazing
Smoke myself into a haze
Swallow brews 'till I'm dazed
I know my days are numbered.

Feeling crazed and starved of affection, as of late.
Seeking desperately for connection, my soul mate.
Trying my hardest ever, hoping, to cheat fate.
Yet, doubt looms in vacant spaces, and I always take the bait...
Livi M Pearson Feb 2016
I've walked many places
Many journeys unspoken of
Inner cities of my mind
Underground railroad
The streets of Salem
Marching for the word
A whisper in a city's dream

I looked to see the faces
A look of determination
As their stomach starts caving in
Ribs poking out
Mountains of disire
As the white man gobbles food
Grinning for another day
American flag flying high
Confederate sitting beside
Laughing at fallen man
Monsters of the cotton field
Fear nesting in remains
Bullets holes holding on
A home for sin

I am hungry and tired
Melting from the pits of hell
Or the ground of more to come
I'm sick
Needing treatment
Needing king
To help me march
And the true god to help me sing

And we watch
Oh we watch for hope to rain
Needing freedom on our plate
Believe me
We all are starved
My first spoken word
I starved for this feeling of surrounding.
A black out poem I made the other day in class.
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