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Jasmine Reid Jul 2
I feel so warm and coddled like melted chocolate,
dribbling against the mug, split over a counter.
Finger tips freezing as it touches the air.

No reason to cry over spilt milk.
I boil the kettle again, clean the mess I've made and start again.
Throw in the grounded droplets, a dash of powered chocolate,
                                                      ­                                                         'click'
The kettle coughs bubbles. I pour, enveloped by the steam against my skin, a dash of milk.

The perfect coffee.
I Love Coffee.
I'm in a relationship
with coffee ☕  

He's the strong silent
type always listens.

Trying to make
me feel better,

With his warm
morning smell
when the sunrises.

He has a strong
scent of grounds
that wake up your

Morning talks
of peace  always
clam me down,

When I smell his
warm soothing brew.

I love you
Coffee ☕ and
I hope to never
leave thee.

All rights and
Copyright belongs to

I love and I'm in a relationship with coffee ☕
David Montgomery May 2015
There is a sweetness much more
than that of honey,
in the caress of your arms,
there is value,
so much more,
than money,
in the kiss of your lips,
upon my cheek,
when you wake me
for coffee,
and afternoon singing.

We both know the secret.

That this place without you
is just a place.
But knowing you are near.
Is enough to keep me here,
darling won’t
you tread the stars with me?

Darling won’t you thread the
stars for me on your loom,
and wake me with your gentle
darling how you bloom for me!

I could never leave this place,
as I open my eyes and see your face,
when you wake me
for coffee,
and afternoon singing.
(c) Dm 2015

— The End —