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Apr 2019 · 303
sky Apr 2019
when it drips from his mouth
and splatters on the floor
painting his room like a ****** sunrise
and the light begins to watch his dance
from left to right
circles and circles, words and pleas
And he wrote on his wall in purple ink:

"Mercy is a kind man, his hands are warm and soft
he holds you like a child, he'll wrap you in a cloth
and when it's cold and dreary, and the howling doesn't cease
he'll toss you in his chamber, so the wolves can finally feast."
Apr 2019 · 626
sky Apr 2019
She loves to smile at them all
cocking her head to the side
teeth sharp, eyes sharper
she's got wit

and the way she walks
long strides, determined
she lost her left eye the other week
she's still looking for it

Lend a hand? she asks
smiling, still smiling
it doesn't look joyful on her
But they help her all the same

now she's got another eye
one green, one brown
and that kid, he's still crying
but what's he crying about?
Mar 2019 · 213
sky Mar 2019
Eat me alive
it's the stabbing pain
nails on a board
concrete smeared

it tastes like cake
sweet and sugary
it's bitter
it's ******
we like it

More, more, more
maybe I'm a zombie
or maybe it's just hunger
Mar 2019 · 286
The Great Perhaps
sky Mar 2019
I grasped it
and held the air tight
I caught it!
it's in my
That's fine
I hold it
my nails break skin
my nails break bone
over and over
and over
and, and, and
They've started chanting now
the.. voices
they. them.
not real though.
my room is empty.
and if I say that enough
then the voices will be
I've made them up
they made me
Mar 2019 · 286
sky Mar 2019
They like it best
with dark, quiet rooms
when my breath fills the air
and the ceiling cries

I like it best with your hand in mine
the thought of your lips
and teeth and hands
your warmth
and hands
the sound of your breathing
the colors and lights
that brighten the sky
and hands

They like it best
when she screams and cries
and I watch as
they cut off her
and I felt the pain, too
Feb 2019 · 138
sky Feb 2019
An empty plate
is so full
and crowded
I lift the spoon to my lips
and chew on air

all for you
Feb 2019 · 133
They belong to me
sky Feb 2019
Blank eyes, look his way
they see his soul, float away
He holds her tight
hand in hand, heart and mind

He can hold on forever
He can sense her pain
He can't stand the feeling
so He takes it away

Hush, they won't know
where I keep it hidden
Hush, it's too cold
to paint myself in red
Feb 2019 · 608
my son: anxiety
sky Feb 2019
I love the rush of anxiety
Feeling it crawl up my throat; a ball of nerves.
Sometimes, I want it to just rush out of me.
A round, small, spider-like creature with a million eyes all over and long, sharp legs.
I’d cradle it like a baby
Feb 2019 · 278
sky Feb 2019
I love the way
you talk to me
it makes me feel loved

but they hate it
and so they tell me it's false
and I believe them

I hate the way
I talk myself out
of love
Jan 2019 · 281
my own tragedy
sky Jan 2019
I read that a writer can't be made
but that he must be born
and now I'm left to fear
that I don't have it in me
Dec 2018 · 234
32 hours
sky Dec 2018
I can't help but laugh
when I think about how
the only thing separating us
is 32 hours
and an eternity
Dec 2018 · 379
sky Dec 2018
I watch my breath closely, as it clouds before me
as if it is a film
My skin, it screams, i want to soothe it
I want to peel the layers away until I am warmed
Hug me, I am cold
Dec 2018 · 522
sky Dec 2018
I long to be buried
along with who I am
under what I did
above what I was
Dec 2018 · 298
sky Dec 2018
It drips from my eyes and spills into the fire;
I stare past it to the world that was once breathing,
to the people who greeted it in the morning
My bare foot slides in the dirt, drawing a circle, then stops
The other mimics it
I hold my hands out before me, they bare the offering
The ink begins to stain my skin
It's poring out.
My fingers are melting, and they release it
it falls
for eternity
into the flame
Nov 2018 · 331
when we mustn't leave
sky Nov 2018
The door remains locked
when we mustn't leave.
The windows covered
and boarded.
The wood underneath me
doesn't creak
when we mustn't leave
as if he too fears what waits on the other side.
We mustn't leave when it's dark out
and soon we won't see the light
so I'll stay away from the door
and pinch my mouth tight.

When we mustn't leave,
we mustn't make a sound.
So I will remain silent,
and still.
Nov 2018 · 262
the things we love
sky Nov 2018
He told me we love to dance.
Explained how we stepped in sync.
How he would put his hands on my waist
and I would put mine on his shoulders.
We love to dance.

He told me we love to laugh.
That we spend hours a day telling jokes.
He said he loves how my nose scrunches up
and I love how his smile makes his eyes crinkle.
We love to laugh.

He said we love to do this
to do that
but frankly,
these things that we love,
aren't what I love
Nov 2018 · 1.5k
The fight of prudence
sky Nov 2018
I once knew a man
with a natural gift for death.
He would sing in a choir of reapers
and dance with the demons at night.
Then when the day was over
he'd sleep in the house of angels.

How he, oh great wielder of life,
knew how to change the time on a clock.
He'd turn the minute, then the hour
but never let a second pass

He was not of death
but he was not of life
or at least no life I knew.
He came to me one night and said,
in nothing more than a whisper,
the secrets we all long to uncover.
I cannot speak them,
I cannot say.
My mouth is sealed from now
till the last of my days.
My mind is closed, and my eyes are open.
I know of death, and death knows of me.
I call him friend
I call him brother

He wanted to take me once,
into a life after life
and I stood my ground
with my head held high
and denied him.
He unsheathed his sword and stared me down
the tip sparkled in the sun.
"Fight me then, and we shall see
who will walk with the souls
and who will walk with the living."
Again, I said no.
I would not fight this man.

"Strike me!" He screamed, veins popping from his neck.
He was pale and thin, almost fragile.
these things I had never noted before.
"I will not." I spoke, calmly.
"Then I shall fight myself!" He sang, and drew his sword to his neck.
The man cut off his own head.
I let out a breath I was holding,
and looked down gravely at the man.
"You walked the Earth like a God,
but you were more mortal than I."
and I spit upon the dirt of arrogance without a second thought.
for the characters in my mind
Nov 2018 · 218
Forever silent
sky Nov 2018
Speak, I mustn't
Breath, I shall
I walk in a shield of silence

My mouth remains shut
Sewn by the hands of a god.
An unforgiving god who chose me
to be
forever silent.

My steps make a shuffle
they lift and they fall
it's a tranquil scene.

No one knows how
my curse of silence
can make such a
booming sound.
But when my mind awakens from it's sleep
it shouts out from inside of me
and the words are heard by all
who gather around me
and listen to the wisdom
of my quiet demeanor
because even though I am silent
my knowledge is anything but.
Oct 2018 · 989
writer's block
sky Oct 2018
The pen from my hand, now on the ground.
It rolls, it runs, it leaves.
The words from my mind, the ones meant for my paper, are gone.
They've fallen as well, they ran away.
Blank is my mind
gone are my words.
Fallen is the pen
the depths of which it has ventured through in the past
are now a thing
of the past.
Oct 2018 · 536
my friend
sky Oct 2018
When I came home
I greeted the silence that had become my friend

he's kind and tranquil
and wraps around me like a blanket
he won't leave me
because you took all the sound from my life
and now the quiet is all I have left
Oct 2018 · 498
dripping colors
sky Oct 2018
Pull me close and touch my cheek
I long for you to wipe the tears away.

I'm dripping colors
all the things that make me
are pouring out
because this black and white world
is scared of my painted mind
Oct 2018 · 1.8k
Our own Galaxy
sky Oct 2018
If she is the sun, then I am the moon.
We both do so much, but she's more important to you.
If she is the sun, then you are the Earth.
She's the center of your world, the light to your dark.
If you are the Earth than I am the moon,
You hardly care for me, yet I revolve around you.
Oct 2018 · 626
sky Oct 2018
Day 1
it's raining in my room.
it drips from the ceiling
onto my bed
onto my floor

Day 2
it's beginning to flood, soon I'll have no air
the rain won't ever stop
it's like he never cared.
I must turn my desk into a raft,
just to survive.

Day 12
The water is everywhere
I'm close to the ceiling now
and soon I'll drown.
I'm hungry and cold
but the rain doesn't want to stop

Day 15
i know i won't make it through
the night
it's still raining
it's still pouring
there's a hole in my raft
and it's sinking
and i'm still thinking
about you.
Oct 2018 · 231
I reach for your hand
sky Oct 2018
I reach for your hand
in the dark
like I've done
a hundred times before.
you were always there
for as long as I could remember

It was cold out yesterday
so, so cold
and I reached for your hand in the dark
but it was no longer there
for the taking
Oct 2018 · 409
sky Oct 2018
The way her face crumples together,
and her eyes turn red,
as if her entire world is falling apart
makes me feel sorry for her.
I reach out to comfort her,
but my hand touches the mirror
and won't pass through.
Oct 2018 · 801
Are you infected?
sky Oct 2018
It bursts out of me
from deep in my core.
Tendrils of smoke and life.
They fill the air with the scent of ash and lavender.

Tears of blood drip off of my face, splashing on the ground,
creating a pool in the room I stand in.

I hold out my hand, thin veins are drawn on my skin by
the energy around me.
A deep red.

My hair dances around me in static,
dead roses litter the floor.
I welcome you into my arms, to welcome the disease into your lungs.
But this one isn't like the others.
This one is different.

A sickness that gives you the strength to stand up,
the ability to be yourself.
I've already let it in, I've already opened myself up.

So I'll ask once more:
Are you infected?
Inspired by new album by Aurora Aksnes, "Infections of a Different Kind"
Sep 2018 · 218
sky Sep 2018
I’d let you tear my heart to pieces
if it meant you could love me
for even a second
and I wouldn't regret it.
Sep 2018 · 2.9k
Paint me pink
sky Sep 2018
Your thoughts are like paint dripping off a canvas
Decorating the floor with your ideas
The reds and blues
A thousand hues
But one color always seems to be missing.

The museum is filled to the brim with your art
A rainbow of pain and love
An ocean of wonder
Every color you could come up with.
All but one.

You paint the sky and the moon
The stars and the forests
You draw out the sunsets and silhouettes
You’ve painted a galaxy.
But you think it’s incomplete.

You are my favorite artist.
I could stare at the pieces you create forever
And hope that I could be the color you need.
That one day,
You could paint me pink.
For J

— The End —