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sky Apr 2019
when it drips from his mouth
and splatters on the floor
painting his room like a ****** sunrise
and the light begins to watch his dance
from left to right
circles and circles, words and pleas
And he wrote on his wall in purple ink:

"Mercy is a kind man, his hands are warm and soft
he holds you like a child, he'll wrap you in a cloth
and when it's cold and dreary, and the howling doesn't cease
he'll toss you in his chamber, so the wolves can finally feast."
sky Apr 2019
She loves to smile at them all
cocking her head to the side
teeth sharp, eyes sharper
she's got wit

and the way she walks
long strides, determined
she lost her left eye the other week
she's still looking for it

Lend a hand? she asks
smiling, still smiling
it doesn't look joyful on her
But they help her all the same

now she's got another eye
one green, one brown
and that kid, he's still crying
but what's he crying about?
sky Mar 2019
Eat me alive
it's the stabbing pain
nails on a board
concrete smeared

it tastes like cake
sweet and sugary
it's bitter
it's ******
we like it

More, more, more
maybe I'm a zombie
or maybe it's just hunger
sky Mar 2019
I grasped it
and held the air tight
I caught it!
it's in my
That's fine
I hold it
my nails break skin
my nails break bone
over and over
and over
and, and, and
They've started chanting now
the.. voices
they. them.
not real though.
my room is empty.
and if I say that enough
then the voices will be
I've made them up
they made me
sky Mar 2019
They like it best
with dark, quiet rooms
when my breath fills the air
and the ceiling cries

I like it best with your hand in mine
the thought of your lips
and teeth and hands
your warmth
and hands
the sound of your breathing
the colors and lights
that brighten the sky
and hands

They like it best
when she screams and cries
and I watch as
they cut off her
and I felt the pain, too
sky Feb 2019
An empty plate
is so full
and crowded
I lift the spoon to my lips
and chew on air

all for you
sky Feb 2019
Blank eyes, look his way
they see his soul, float away
He holds her tight
hand in hand, heart and mind

He can hold on forever
He can sense her pain
He can't stand the feeling
so He takes it away

Hush, they won't know
where I keep it hidden
Hush, it's too cold
to paint myself in red
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