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Ken Pepiton Mar 20
An old boy's philosophy, ambles up
arrow in one hand,
strung bow in the other…

Aim at nothing,
you cannot miss.

I watch this idea, nothing more, no thing,
a thought…

nock the shaft, draw back the bow,
not as I expected, not
as I saw ahead, not
aiming at the skies, outmost limit…
this arrow aimed at me.
Or was it you?

Mustabin you, or nothing, as intended,
I was aiming at nothing,
to prove I could still hit it as easily as once,
when I was young,
and at the brink… of next, laughing
The joy of an outlet, for a dammed river, desert river, wide, and mostly dry
but for these thousand year winters that are so rare...
San-Pei Lee Jul 2019
I'm not too different from
The moon and its phases
There are nights when
I don't want to do much
But stay darkened and unseen
Nights when I hang
With just a sliver of hope
And the clouds shift around me
Until I am half light, half darkness
A conflicted entity
And also nights of full splendor
Stirring musings in every dreamer

Would you still search for it in your night sky
A painted canvas similar to mine
With your heart unchanging
No matter the phase of the moon that evening
Would you continue to be the sun to its moon
Forever burning, knowing I will always revolve around you
Roses Thorns Mar 2019
                     Revolve        Around
                               Like Us
sky Oct 2018
If she is the sun, then I am the moon.
We both do so much, but she's more important to you.
If she is the sun, then you are the Earth.
She's the center of your world, the light to your dark.
If you are the Earth than I am the moon,
You hardly care for me, yet I revolve around you.
A Watoot Apr 2015
The smile on my face
Never seem to exist
before you came along.

You melt me, my heart, my soul;
You melt me along with you.

This, our revolving world,
Our grassy plane,
Our own dimension,
It's ours to claim.  No one else.

We already claimed it.
*This is ours.
Corey Nov 2014
A solo for violin
For you
I am your Titan
You are my love

A solo for cello
For you
You showed me
How the stars love

A solo for piano
For you
I wrote these
To keep you around

A solo for piano
For you
You are the world
At which I revolve around

— The End —