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5.7k · Sep 2016
You Know You're A Fangirl
Breeze-Mist Sep 2016
When you get nostalgia
For previous episodes, books, volumes, or songs
When you understand the world better
By comparing it to a million fictional ones
When you obsessively hit the reset button on YouTube
Waiting for the next episode or song to come out
When you have tons of fictional or celebrity crushes
But don't like anyone in your school
When you understand the characters
Better than the people around you

That's when you know you're a fangirl
Just a little bit of geeking out.
5.1k · Aug 2016
Frizzy Hair
Breeze-Mist Aug 2016
As soon as I get out of bed
My hair makes a mess of my head
I brush it flat and sleek
And, for an hour, its neat
But then it gets frizzy instead
Humidity, dry air, wind, static, hats, and bandanas seem to be conspiring to ruin my hairstyles.
4.9k · Oct 2016
Fashion and Violin
Breeze-Mist Oct 2016
Wearing stilettos
Is like playing La Folia:
Attitude is Key

Wearing makeup is
Like playing folk songs: do what
You want, but nicely
4.2k · Nov 2016
One Question Remains
Breeze-Mist Nov 2016
One question remains under the cover of this night
Will I bow down or will I fight?
Submission garuntees a place to stay
But rebellion lets me live my own way
3.9k · Nov 2016
Rising Above
Breeze-Mist Nov 2016
Harken now to the fighter's call
From demigod warriors to the petitioners at the mall
We band together and rise when they divide and fall
E Pluribus, Unum: we rise above it all
3.8k · Aug 2016
Sailor's Daughter
Breeze-Mist Aug 2016
You know you're a sailor's daughter
When you can smell if there's salt in the water

You know you're a sailor's daughter
When you swim with the ease of an otter

You know you're a sailor's child
When you love waters both tame and wild

You know you're a sailor's girl
When water surrounds your whole world
I'm often suprised at how much my world involves water, but then again, my dad works for the Coast Gaurd.
3.7k · Sep 2016
Breeze-Mist Sep 2016
My pantheon is
The hundreds of characters
That I know like friends
Just a little bit of fangirling.
3.3k · Sep 2016
A Nerdy Saturday
Breeze-Mist Sep 2016
Harry Potter's on
With Star Trek, sudoku, and
A book on Aaron Swartz
2.4k · Aug 2016
Welcome to High School
Breeze-Mist Aug 2016
I want to live for today
But keeping grades gets in the way
I want to be wild
But to get a job I have to be mild
They say "be yourself"
And throw themselves at your mental health
Welcome to high school

Welcome to high school
It's not exactly musical
Welcome to high school
Isn't it wonderful?
Forget what you know
I'm just here to show
You your classes in a place
You thought would be cool

You're underslept
You're somewhat upset
Mood swings, hormones
Family issues
A shitload of schoolwork
Mix them together in a class
And you'll pray that college will come fast
I found this poem/song in a journal that I kept in English class last year.
Breeze-Mist Aug 2016
Doodle, and give weird answers
He'll leave you alone
Advice for anyone who has to take gym class next year.
It worked for me.
2.2k · Jun 2016
Sparkling Eyes
Breeze-Mist Jun 2016
Your eyes shine brighter
Than the milky way veiwed from Shenandoah
And twinkle more
Than all of the attacks and special effects in anime
Yes, this is a love poem. I've tried to avoid writing any because mine are a bit cheesy.
2.1k · Nov 2016
Breeze-Mist Nov 2016
Now it is finally the moment I truth
As citizens enter the voting booth
In response, I'd just like to quote a comic based on this election here:
"Vote like youyou'll have to explain yourself in twenty years"
2.0k · Aug 2016
Nightime Lightning
Breeze-Mist Aug 2016
Long after dark
In a sky full of grey
Lightning's quick mark
Turns night into day
1.9k · Aug 2016
Idioms II
Breeze-Mist Aug 2016
Ignorance is only bliss
When you're the one the effects miss
Breeze-Mist Oct 2016
Under water colored lilacs
The water colors the world
Running along her driveway
The rain comes along and runs down
Through the mist she runs out
To see if the paperboy missed
1.9k · Feb 2017
Sunset's Swan
Breeze-Mist Feb 2017
Sunset rolls in like a rainbow swan descending
Sweeping darkening colors over the rolling land
She raises both wings behind her at her landing
Showing her wing's plumes, painted by an artist's hand
1.8k · Aug 2016
One Chance
Breeze-Mist Aug 2016
One chance
That's all I've got
One glance
To make this shot
A final stance
To change our lot
This chance is all we've got
1.7k · Aug 2016
Idioms III
Breeze-Mist Aug 2016
People keep saying "Just be yourself!"
But they act disappointed when you're not someone else
1.7k · Apr 2016
Information Age
Breeze-Mist Apr 2016
the most important thing
in all fights everywhere
is information
Knowledge is power
and to obtain said power
we mustn't bar the flow
so down with censorship
break the taboo from its chains
and bring it to light
and if someone says
"we won't let you say these things"
tell them to buzz off
1.6k · Sep 2016
What The Circus Taught Me
Breeze-Mist Sep 2016
Always follow your dreams
Even if they involve
Flying through the air
Meeting an alternate version of yourself
Talking to invisible creatures
Throwing pie at people
Interpretive dance
Singing in nonexistent languages
Walking on the celing
Swallowing fire and blades
Or flashing lights

Because in the end
When other people see it
They'll either laugh with you
Or stare, breathless and in awe
1.5k · Feb 2017
Planet Prison(10w)
Breeze-Mist Feb 2017
Some make plans to escape
Some just watch it burn
More inspiration from Kurgestat.
1.5k · Jun 2017
Summer Sonnet
Breeze-Mist Jun 2017
On hot summer days that strech ouy like this
Bird and bug song harmonized in the air
Cool water splashing with the sound of kids
Hearts start to be wild and do as wished
Leafed breezes blow away all hardened care
Creatures come from the dens in which they hid
As stars draw in like a smooth panther fur
And future folds out, bright and unsure
Music calls out in the dead of night
As all come out to camp, dance, chat, and play
We try our bravado and our own fright
As summer nights flow into the dog days
Breeze-Mist Jul 2016
You will not break my mind
You will not shatter my spirit
Try me as you want and you will find
That I am quite resilient
1.5k · Nov 2016
Breeze-Mist Nov 2016
I'm okay at cooking
But I'm no Julia Child
So hopefully dinner tonight
Won't end up getting too wild
I'm trying my hand at French cooking. Hopefully it goes well.
1.5k · Dec 2016
Loud Phone
Breeze-Mist Dec 2016
I need to quiet my phone
the worry will drive me insane
The sound it makes in a room
Embarrasses me for no gain
In a large group, it's fine
No one can hear a thing to blame
but in a small group of my friends
I can't ever let it happen again
I really need to figure out how to quiet my phone down.
1.4k · Jan 2017
Tomboy Reminders
Breeze-Mist Jan 2017
When I was a small child
I was no lady fair and mild
I was the princess of the wild
As by tree climbing I was beguiled

I didn't like pink princess sets
Sports were something I couldn't get
I climbed everywhere, even playgrounds that were wet
And I loved proving kids wrong on a bet

As I grew into the girl I became
Some things changed, some stayed the same
I love all sorts of clothes, made for both gents and dames
And my boyish reaction to crushes is still my bane
Some girls rub a guy's arm. I fold an origami swan, try to secretly drop it in his backpack, and walk out of the classroom with the bell without checking to see wether I was successful or not.
1.4k · Sep 2016
Breeze-Mist Sep 2016
What started with benign intentions
Turned into an Orwellian invention
What started as a way to stop a mental trip
Is being used incorrectly for censorship
Yes, YouTube may be a company
But our speech is supposed to be free
And if we wanted certain features disabled
We all would've signed up for cable

So we'll find the information
And we will speak out
Let's join together from every nation
And make the world turn about
YouTube has unveiled new guidlines for youtubers stating what constitutes "advertising friendly material", which essentially says that if a video maker swears a lot in their videos or brings up a sensitive subject like drugs or suicide (even if they are actively trying to stop these things in the video), YouTube will not allow these content creators to earn ad revenue from the videos in question.
This may not seem like a big deal, but many big YouTubers make nearly all of their money from their videos and don't have other jobs since they spend so much time not only making but also editing their videos. Under these new guidlines, if a youtuber swears a lot in their videos or if they bring up controversial subjects, they will not be able to make as revenue off of their videos, essentially taking away their pay. The only way that this can be avoided is if the youtuber in question stops making "contreversial" and "non-advertising friendly" videos.
This is a blatant act of censorship. If YouTube were at all concerned about people being triggered by a video (as they will claim that that is why the new rules are in place), they would ask youtubers to tag their videos with trigger warnings and not deprive them of ad revenue. This system only serves to drive contreversial youtubers, many of whom are very popular, to quit YouTube and look for a more stable income.
This does not violate any laws, as YouTube is a private company and the first amendment applies to the government. This does, however, violate the very principle of free speech.
Many youtubers choose to work through the media that they do because the internet is supposed to allow for freedom of expression in a way that broadcast television does not allow. YouTube also allows content creators to reach a global audience, wheras without it a video might only be available in a small reigon of the world.
There has been a trend recently of people trying to censor the internet, such as with the "right to be forgotten" laws (Which can allow criminals to hide articles about their arrests), copyright claims based on background music that no one can hear, and inconsistent age restrictions.
We need to speak up and let the world, the internet, and especially YouTube know that this is not okay.
Spread the word however you want to, make sure people know what's happening. If we all speak up, then maybe companies like YouTube will hear us.

And if you read all the way to the end of this essay, I would like to say thank you. I know that was extremely long, but I couldn't figure out how to explain it with fewer words. So for you attention and support, I will give you an emoticon rose.
1.3k · Sep 2016
Bouncing in the Snow
Breeze-Mist Sep 2016
Bouncing through the snow
pit, pit here I go
Crunching through the ice
snap, ***** this is nice
Falling down my yard
Now I'm a snow covered bard
Just a memory from last February.
1.3k · Jun 2016
Breeze-Mist Jun 2016
My little redheaded cousin
Still in elementary school
Or whatever it's called in Belfast

The news just came in
From the other side of the pool
The Brexit movement has passed

Will little Aoife still be
Able to travel freely southward
To see the rest of her family in Ireland?

I'll have to wait and see
If North Ireland's change will be hard
I have no idea what's being planned
1.3k · Feb 2017
Night's Fox
Breeze-Mist Feb 2017
Night is like a black fox, prancing and gliding about
His black fur iridescent with the stars that come out
His large brush of a tail sweeps over the earth
His phasing eyes a moon full of mirth
1.3k · Aug 2016
Idioms IV
Breeze-Mist Aug 2016
"Why don't you ask for help
If you know you're not alright?"

Because we all know what happens
To cornered dogs who bite
1.3k · Jan 2017
Night's Call
Breeze-Mist Jan 2017
Some just begin to rise
Others begin to fall
People's sleeping changes with dusk
Heeding the night's call

The early bird tucks in for sleep
The night owl wires up for fun
As people continue their daily cycles
With the disappearance of the sun
1.3k · May 2016
Breeze-Mist May 2016
Unwind my body
Like a vivisection
And see if you can find
The real me

Unwind the code
Like pulling a string from cloth
And see if you can find
Humanity's reason
1.3k · May 2016
The Queen of Flowered Vines
Breeze-Mist May 2016
The young wolf runs down
Intrigued by the masked woman
Followed by flower vines

She urges him on
Bringing him to the city
She has to show him

Looking at his land
He sees no proud, brave warriors
But a numbed crowd

The Queen leads him home
But the Prince thinks of the crowd
And runs down once more
This is actually the second poem in a series, so I would recommend reading the other poem, "the king of thorns" and the collection description if you feel confused
1.2k · Jul 2016
Silent Cities
Breeze-Mist Jul 2016
My favorite juxtaposition
Is when a city goes totally silent
When the widest streets are empty
And the only sounds are quiet

The bustling stores are still closed
And no one else is walking around
The city looks amazingly different
With only a few men in the ground

The buildings stand tall and silent
While those up late tuck in for the night
And the earliest risers have yet to awake
To meet the ever blinking lights

The signs are as bright as ever
And the lights still work 'round the clock
But not a single bike, car, or man
Can be seen on the city block

I stand on the silent street corner
Feeling the moment rush through me
For stunningly empty cities
Are some of my favorite places to be
1.2k · Dec 2016
Auld Lang Sine Rewrite
Breeze-Mist Dec 2016
Can I just forget this year
That started off so fine
I just hope that by next year
I'll have a better time

With all the fighting on the news
In Damascan streets
Makes me wonder how we can
Reject the survivors we meet

Between Brexit and the election
We keep on splitting apart
And all of the hateful ones
Feel free to threaten our hearts

Zika rode in behind ebola
Two crisies on end
All of the panic caused by it
Hardly helps people make amends

The Olympics were pretty great
But still pretty spotty
With bacterial bays, alge filled pools
And the antics of Ryan Lochtie

The globe's heat keeps rising on
Wreaking havoc on our climate
With polar ice melting, it grates
That people don't get science

My favorite sci fi heroes died
Those people who inspired
Those who gave us so much hope
Just suddenly expired

The local subway's been a mess:
It keeps catching on fire
After three times, it just seems
That we can't fix a wire

My brain seems to be getting worse
At being normal or sane
Somedays I just want to run
And dissolve into the rain

I ended my relationship
Of over a year
And lost touch with some friends
Whom I once held so dear

School just keeps getting harder
(Not too shocking to find)
But my Girl Scout and school projects
Might just fry my mind

My mom and I are getting to
A rough patch in our ways
And hiding my intrests from my 'rents
Takes so much of my days

My social circle only gets
Harder and harder to track
And my family's stories sound like soaps
Even though we have each other's backs

So can I just forget this year
Make it all fade away
Can I just go back to sleep
And face '16 another day

So can I just forget this year
Just please make it all end
And maybe in 2017
I'll be able to start again
Since no one knows the words to the song, I made up my own version to sing at midnight.
1.1k · Apr 2017
Wild West Web
Breeze-Mist Apr 2017
Is the wild west
Of the modern era, with
Vast, open space, laws with few sheriffs
Fights between groups rights and religious beliefs
Unknown connections waiting, and some rustler's crime rings
And a presence of *** overlooked when this is taught to kids
1.1k · Nov 2016
Cell Phone Renegades
Breeze-Mist Nov 2016
This is for the cell phone renegades
Those who use post its like grenades

This is for the average mavericks
Those who live in defiance of cruel cliques

This is for the subway gladiators
Those who live love over hate even in an elevator

This is for the commuter warriors
Those who ignore the bigots and barriers

To all of you out there , wherever you are
Let's create a better world, both near and far
Breeze-Mist Aug 2016
Sometimes the weather
Is a foe you can't beat.
The library just closed
"Due to excessive heat".
You know it's a hot day when it's too hot to keep the library open.
1.1k · Jun 2016
BBC Might Be Onto Something
Breeze-Mist Jun 2016
"Another day
And another mass shooting
In America"

When will we notice?
When will this be the headline:

"Another day
Since the last mass shooting
In the world"?
1.1k · Jun 2016
Blue Ink, Black Ink
Breeze-Mist Jun 2016
The ink on my palms
Realistic dripping cuts
But in blue and black

Instead of red blood
Art, poetry, and music
Flow in my mind's eye
Did some random doodles on myself before a test, and I don't want to forget them. So I'm writing a poem so that they'll stay after they wash off.
1.1k · Apr 2017
Fire and Ice
Breeze-Mist Apr 2017
Fire burns in passion untold
Ice reflects and refracts in the cold
And it must be said:
Please watch your head
Their burns can scar you 'till you're old
Ice, if cold enough (think dry ice temp), can burn you.
1.0k · Sep 2016
Idioms V
Breeze-Mist Sep 2016
Whoever said "the truth will set you free"
Never had secrets like you or like me
964 · Feb 2017
Dawn's Dragon
Breeze-Mist Feb 2017
Slowly rises the pink dragon of dawn
Shooting flames from her maw in a waking yawn
Churning up whisps of fog from her nostrils, she sighs
Raising a rainbow belly to greet the too early skies
941 · Jan 2017
Idioms VI
Breeze-Mist Jan 2017
"You shouldn't be afraid unless you have something to hide"
Excuse me for trying to choose who gets to see my mind
"I see your Facebook, and I'm allowed to look at whatever I want anyway"
Well, in that decision, I didn't exactly have a say
Even without PRISM, I have enough trouble with parents who think it's ok to look through the contents of my Google Drive folders simply because my account was open on a tab that I had left up.
916 · Jun 2016
Breeze-Mist Jun 2016
I've always found it bizzare
How people describe brutality
As animalistic

Did animals create
The nuclear missile
Showers of zyklon B
The middle passage
The inquisition
The gladiator games?

No, these horrors
Are purely man-made

This brutality
Is not animalistic
It is human.
913 · Jan 2017
Breeze-Mist Jan 2017
I still have one week
But looking at my skills, I'm
Not a dancing queen

And it's weird to think
That I will be older than
Katniss Everdeen
907 · Mar 2017
Breeze-Mist Mar 2017
So this, readers and friends
Is where it began
I don't know where it ends
But let's look back again

A fourteen year old is writing
In a hospital room
Far her right in bright lighting
Is great-grandma, who'll die soon

She has few memories of her
As she wonders about home
Nonni keeps asking mother
Not to leave the girls alone

Now we're back in the hospital
On some Pennsylvanian hill
Thirty five family members in total
Nonni's more than ill

Christmas day, and we're at a friend's house
When we hear that final call
A week later, I'm at a funeral, sounding like a mouse
For someone I nearly didn't know at all

Looking back, that was the start
Of most of my questions
On society, religion, art
What the rules really ment

I found a taste for the books
That mom didn't like
I expanded my looks
Gained interest in the night

I started growing apart
From those I once knew
With secrets in my heart
My friends were my closest few

I learned more about a family
That I once thought typical
And (mostly) solved my belifs
On the meaning of "it all"

I look back on the before
As though regarding a cat
It's cute innocence I adore
I find it hard to believe I was that

I still have that Christmas blanket
A snow leopard, her last gift
For a woman I saw maybe four or five times, it
Still has a nice warmth to it

So sometimes I dream of a mint hospital wall
And think back to the start of it all
Nonni died at the age of 93. She spent her retirement going down to the seinor center six days a week to play cards and chasing after my telatives, trying to get them to take home more food.
898 · Apr 2017
My Best Tricks
Breeze-Mist Apr 2017
My best trick ever
Is hiding crazy mischief
As part of my mind

My second best trick
Was putting sprinkles in the
Peanut butter jar
I did this in fourth grade because my sister always had peanut butter toast for breakfast. It weirded everyone in my family out. I, on the other hand, liked my rainbow creation.
898 · Apr 2017
Body Image
Breeze-Mist Apr 2017
I think everyone has been self conscious
When it comes to how we view our body
How could we not, with all of the images
That we see online and on the T.V.?

For me, what helped with my view of my bodice
(Though it might seem quite weird)
Is that I could've been greek goddess
Like the statues in which they appeared
Maybe I don't look like a model, but I can say I look like marble statues that I saw when I visited Rome with my family. So if you don't look like a model, you probably look like something else that's also amazing. :)
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