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Breeze-Mist Apr 2019
my heart is wild
brambles growing around the
refuse of the past

my heart is wild
rushing over blue hills
sky and earth and lake

my heart is wild
flowers growing all around
city streets in spring
reflections on a spring break trip to help with environmental efforts
  Apr 2019 Breeze-Mist
I refuse to shape my world
To fit your points of view
Perfection alone hardly ever stands true
Between the lines we all fall through
Righteousness, your badge of honor
Your heart must be black and blue
And so I'm sorry I told you the truth
Traveler Tim
  Apr 2019 Breeze-Mist
storm siren
you're the other end
that tugs so tightly
on my red string of fate.

you're my soulmate, my one and only.

you once were so willing to help silence all the chaos in my head. all the loud of the world, and all the toxins that tried to leak into me from my past to turn me into the very same monsters.

but still

your laugh, your smile, it makes me bubble over with gratitude. when you are glad to be with me, when you know I love you, that warmth glows and glimmers in your irises as clearly as starlight in the very heart of the deepest woodlands during the darkest nights.

my lovely Bluebird of Peace, my valiant Archangel, you are my Anamchara.

you See me.

But You Are Colorblind.
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