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Shut up,
Shut up,
Shut the **** up!

Your mouth must be just another *******,
Because all I hear is **** coming out of it.
You like to **** in the wind,
But get upset when your clothes get wet.

My voice can't raise above my breath,
They want to take it away!
Well you can come and get it,
Because I am going to say what I want to say!

Shut up,
Shut up,
Shut the **** up!
I can't hear myself think,
With your voice in my head!

Who are you to tell me what to do!
We are the many and you are the few!
Shut up,
Shut up,
Shut the **** up!
Free thinking is dangerous!

You can’t say that,
You can’t do that,
You can’t live that way,
You do as I say.

My voice can’t raise above my breathe,
Or they will take my breathe away.
Go **** yourself,
I can say whatever I wanna say,
And if you don’t like it,
You can go ahead and off yourself.

I can say whatever I want to,
Even if you don’t like it.
holly Jun 29
You were blessed with a voice,
One of power and brilliance--
Yet you still choose to sit in the silence?

You were given words upon words
& stance upon stance--
Yet I see not one sign of resistance.

Oh my dear child,
What is holding you back?

Is it fear of shame? simple diffidence?

Your speech is ammunition--
Your lips capable of deliverance more
Powerful than the rifles of wars once long fought.
Yet you still choose to sit in the silence?

Oh my dear child,
If only you knew.

In a world plagued so greatly with censorship and shame,
You’ve been blessed to speak freely as you choose.
Under this flag of red, white, and blue,
The only regulator of your speech
(or lack thereof)
Is you.

Somewhere across the pond is another--
One just as bright and capable as you.
But alas their tender head is still deemed naive
& their gifts remain invariably at rest.
Even now will you sit in the silence?

Oh my dear child,
Now do you see?

Your ability to speak up is a privilege--
One of rarity and great worth.
So cherish this blessing &
Hold it close while you can.
Because who knows?
Just one policy and it could all be stripped free.
James Study Apr 23
ideas silence
creators denied free thought
speech control power
S/he who is coerced
To move with
A straitjacket
Above the dead
And below the living
Is whose fate.

A horse dragging
A cart
A genuine message
To impart
In fact
No better than
A doormat
Unloading words
With a servile pen
On a bread-winner journalist
Inflicts a harrowing pain.
Covert and over censorship.The fate of journalists in the government run  media.
Madison Feb 28
Ban me!

Burn me!

I, literature, can speak to you.

Love me!

Hate me!

I, art, can scream it, too.

Buy me!

Don't play me!

I, music, hide my meaning in shadows.

I'm not a martyr!

Don't hurt me!

...He, the artist, is sent to the gallows.
Impunity of reality

Thou that have been purified through
deafening and blindness,
shall perish under the weight of the world
when they’re senses are emancipated.

To ******* your spawn with the lies
of success and meaning
or to shield them from injustice
is as harmful as belt upon back.
if you remove their false reality
they shall crumble
under the pressure of society
and under the knowledge they have gained.
Francie Lynch Feb 20
There, I wrote it. Above.
I simply believe it needs to be in print... out there, so to speak,
And perhaps a few hundred may read, *******,
And, hysterically, or in solace,
Make use of it;
Openly, lingusly or fingeratively,
As we do *****, ******, and ******* (tsk-tsk).
Whether you agree or not, please yourself.
Inspired by a 3-D model being used to teach French children *** ed., and the horrors of FGM.
They profit on your silence, and foster insanity
To reef your identity, and fade you to normality

Control is an abortion of instinctual fundamentality
They blind us with a bleach of hypocrisy to fade us to their normality

Gather once in number, to support the dismantling
Fate of compassionate and empathetic rationality, is threatened by a lie of social justice in pronouns and prejudice

This is an infection of our political mentality,
to allow other views to be heard only if they align within sheepish bounds of radicality

Neo-**** Ideology. What insanity
Can’t let it fester, or our dignity will be the fatality

Disgusting to muzzle those who believe differently
As long as it’s not hate, preach what you practice
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