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Censorship is analagous to wife-beating.

Copyright 2020 Tod Howard Hawks
A graduate of Andover and Columbia College, Columbia University, Tod Howard Hawks has been a poet, an essayist, a novelist, and a human-rights advocate his entire adult life.
E Aug 3
TikTok comps
Russian bots
Makeup tutorials
"I'm not like other girls"

Trolls and incels
BuzzFeed articles
Gay fan fiction
Many a pun

People hiring hitmen
Buy some hair clips

Twitter ramblings
Flat earthers
And a partridge in a pear tree
Come sterilize history with me.
We'll whitewash every smudge
until its sparkles and shines,
like fool's gold.

Rich only in our own
limited heads,
we'll believe in
addition by subtraction.
Only this isn't math, it's life.

'Those who do not learn history
are doomed to repeat it.'
Chris May 31
Keep me from public
Cover my face
Hide my words
Remove from the world
What little I left.

Scrub away the remains
And let me fade
into obscurity.
I'm like 99% sure HP is hiding my poems. When I look in notifications I don't see anything, but then I look at my poems and I see likes, favorites, comments, whatever. But HP isn't letting me know these things, and I'm pretty sure they're just hiding my poems. So that's pretty cool I guess. I just hope my account doesn't get deleted, but what can I do, eh?

(I saw "Chameleon's" poem about the same subject after I made this).
july hearne May 27
a state of standstill is a state of decline
an excess of sediment, an ineffective wine

i only hear that defining moment of time
in the less and less frequent creaking of the keys
the same old letters sadly clack

but can't ever get it back
heart's not in it
can't stay ******
overreactions come to attack

an embarrassing pervert that you already *****
every hour since a desperate hour
wolf crying wolf every five seconds
where the collective cower

****** is always his death name
dont wear it out
wear it where the collective cower

every hour since a desperate hour
hands in the pockets
of that dress with pockets

calling out his death name
when the coming time comes

wolf hands caught in the pockets
of that dress with the pockets
Calleen May 19
Goverments, royalty and big corporations,
Slowly over taking every nation,
Poison in the water,
Poison in the food,
It is no wonder we wake in a foul mood.
Follow us blindly like good little sheep, we still your freedoms while you flutter and sleep,
Do not question, only repeat,
Follow our orders and gain our ****,
**** away blindly you silly little fools, you will not see us bend the nations rules.
This is our little bubble that you will not burst,
It is your freedoms that we thirst!
KM Hanslik May 3
I'm sitting at a stop sign with my tongue tied & my brain fried,
oozy sunny-side-up on the pavement
they tell me "look at the bright side" as if the sun could talk,
but no, I'm shooting blanks
on a half-tank of chemical reuptake;
here's a mouthful of soap, keep your insides clean

stuff a drawer with hope for the rainy days;
'cause we worship the heat like we're trying to get cancer,
I'll spill from my lips what I don't want to eat,
and worship every dancer for a flaw that knows them better;
insert needles into inked-up skin, then burn out every letter,

we'll burn that bridge when we get there,
make it a public monument
picking pennies out of muddy boot-prints,
but **** it, if the shoe fits
keep your luck in a jar so it can't run out like your bank account,
resuscitate me in a desert so I can get used to the drought;

& we've all got a cutscene we'd rather not talk about
so here's the uncensored take,
after I spoon-feed you the low-stakes version
(try not to choke)
this is every mistake on a half-tank of reuptake
try to fill up your plate while your bank goes for broke;

take it up a notch and watch me free-fall down the ropes
while you climb the ladder with 5 dead bodies and a *** tape,
call it a playdate with fate
& see how long the relapse takes
after your firewall fills with smoke.
Giving joy, getting joy, never coy,
Often pretty, always called a toy,
She sells all that there is to deploy.

And there is she who is demure;
A teacher whose job is secure.
Some say that all teachers are pure.

And there is he who is a professor;
He is his father’s successor;
Just like his father’s predecessor.

The first one we call a *****;
She prostitutes her body more and more;
But the other ones we adore.

The professor prostitutes his knowledge.
He also sells his precious time.
And the teacher too makes the same pledge;
Especially while she is in her prime.

We all ******* something every day;
Yet only the first one’s a *******; yay!
Hossein Mohammadzade
Adrian Mar 17
In a paperless world,
The mind will never thrive.
So hold your imperial strive,
And anger our inken hive.

You can burn the book,
But the pages still survive.
Big Virge Dec 2019
Censor Him CENSOR HIM … !!!!
He's Sounding Like A TERRORIST … !!!!!
"Why, because I use my mind,
when writing rhymes and poetry scripts ?"
Has The World Now Come To THIS … ?!!!?
Or … Is This How It's ALWAYS BEEN … !!?!!
By This I Mean … Invisible Teams Who Now Walk Streets …
And YES You've Guessed ... Are The CENSORSHIP Police … !!!
"Excuse me sir, you can't do that !"
"Listen man, you need to relax !
You can't censor me, for having a crap !"
"Keep quiet sir, don't answer back !
What's that resting on your lap ?"
"You told me not to answer back ?
So now my lips are gonna stay zipped !
Eh, What are you doing with my **** ?
I'm not that way, keep your hands in your pockets !"
"Put your hands behind your back !
We're arresting you, and that is that !"
"Why, because you didn't get a lick !"
"For being homophobic, and for too much lip !"
So What's The Role of … " Censorship " … ?
The Truth Is Folks ... I Just DON'T KNOW … !?!
That's Why My Quotes Now Employ JOKES … !!!!!!!
NOT TO OFFEND But To Suggest ...
Our Freedom Fight May NEVER End … !?!
"We've heard about you, aren't you, Big Virge ?
The words you use, we've long observed,
and now young man, are gonna be curbed !"
"Don't be absurd, they're only words !"
"Oh, haven't you heard ?
We can confirm, due to your scripts,
you're suspected of being a terrorist !
You speak on that, and speak on, this,
and, have a lot of hair, so, must be a Muslim !"
"So, you must be, New Age Racists !
Don't you people, ever quit !!!
I may be black, but, trust me man !
I want unity, for all humans !"
"Sorry son, we've CENSORED that !"  
"I'm saying though man,
now you sound like Uncle Sam,
or, Uncle George, who's now adored ?
but, just before I wage that war,
How far can I go, Guantanamo ?
Now, hold on bro, that was just a joke !
OH NO OH NO, i'm such a dope !"
"Here you go sir !
Ball, chain and rope, bend over sir !"
"But, I don't want soap !"
"You'll do as you're told, or pay a toll !"
Should of kept my quotes, stuck in my throat !"
"Open up son, and now lick this !"
"The only things I lick are ******* and ***** !
Oh, me and my lips, need to keep them zipped,
before I face, more censorship !"
"Excuse me Virge, that's not quite it !
They now want to censor, how you think !"
"You're NOT SERIOUS, that's ridiculous !
Has it come to this, I need a drink !"
From Now On Kids …
DON'T THINK Or Write Scripts !!!
No Wonder They've Been Clone Testing … ???
Out There In The …. " OUTER RIM " …. !!!!!
Well This AIN'T … " Star Wars " … !!!
And That's For SURE … !!!
ACTUALLY It Might Just Be … ?
The EMPIRE's Running The … " Poetry Scene " … !!!
Darkness Shrouds … " Freedom of Speech " … !!!
"I cannot face my destiny !"
"Virge, my son, you are The One !
You must face those, censoring your stuff !"
"But, Yoda please, what do you mean ?"
"Those who keep, your prose unseen !"
"But they ignore me, almost every week
and did this when, they had the attention of the BBC !"
"Your time will come !
You cannot run from poetry !
because it is, Your DESTINY !"
"How can this be when being FREE,
is a fallacy, and nothing more than a pipe dream !"
Well …
Those Before Me Have Faced These Tests …
And Tried Their Best ... Time And AGAIN … !!!!!
I Hope Like Them I've Been God Blessed …  
Because This Time Round What NOW Surrounds ...
May Well PRESENT … Humanity's END ... !!!!!!
Once Again We Fight For Civil Rights … ?!?
And FREEDOM To SPEAK On ... Whatever WE LIKE … !!!
EVEN AT An ... " OPEN Mic " … ?!?

Somehow That ... Does NOT Seem Right … ?
Well TRUST In This ... I'll NEVER QUIT …
Even If ... My Lips Are ZIPPED … !!!!!
I'll Use My Pen And Write Poems …
And Use My Scripts …
... " CENSORSHIP  " … !!!!!
I never believed in censorship, and now I believe in the right to freedom of speech. more than I ever did !
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