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Naveen Malhotra Dec 2020
Genesis of genetics
Heresy of heretics
Critiques of critics
Differentiations clerics
Kei Darling Dec 2020
The sharpness that they hated
The egotistical smirk
The love that smears but doesn’t lift
It’s in my blood.
jjsnaksdnjsdnjs well cool (┬┬﹏┬┬)
( ....? )
A bunch of screwéd up
It's got to be reality that gets to challenge
each.. of us
And that's daily on the basis of
For they say that opposites attract?
But I say it's just a
But never mind me
For I'm just.. passively aggressively
Speaking like I've seen it within a
But no longer coping with the
Too many.. trees for me
Oh well,
Just typically being a male
Who's mostly thinking with his
" Penís "
Still loosing focus?
For life is so hope-less falsely
It just shows.. that a part of me is
One of these two.. Di-vi-sions
                        The Alpha  
The Beta
For the better half of me is a
And that's genetically.. where the
seed.. is
But man.. I am now
Now thinking?
Like who am I supposed to be
If the best of me is left in a
That is not so..
For I invision a circumcision
with incisions like a
I call it  I ( Eye ) surgery
One day rising like
a Phoenix
While still emerging from the
For the circumstance is just a
Test for me
But yet it seems to be in retrospect
The reasons why I'm torn in my
While voicing my opinions
( Smh )
Just shows
That I'm wrong in my decisions
Which leads to no production
A Reproduction
Null in  Dependence
Now on a Mission.. but no
Maybe I'm too independent of
the Vision
which dulls the senses
But only means / Division
Or simply..
A man who has never listened to any
Being quoted within a   sentence
The quota..             Distant
Or so it seems
I'm being cynical in   a dream
And my mind is..
                            # THE PRISON #

With subtle  Eyes
Depicted   Evicted
Unassisted in..
                              ⟨⟨ A PRISM ⟩⟩

Thinking that I might need
Medical Attention
In a clinic
But it seems I'm just a heartless soul
within a torso  like
an Am-pu-tee
Which means I have no sympathy
May be a manic depressant who's
Or worse yet
Emotionally syn-thetic
( Like right now )
I'm hoping y'all really  Get it!!
And that's well enough to incline the
You can now roll the credits
beyond my
Status   just to
Test it
So yeah,
I just thought I'd  confess it
Really a force of habit but no need to
For I already know
And goes to show
That I fear it all the more
But yo..
That is just so
Been on my own in this struggle for a long long time. So as of now, I'm putting it in the hands of the Almighty God. Yeah, the struggle is real but I'm not giving up hope that easily
Carlo C Gomez Nov 2020
There is no middle ground
This taking sides again

It's Adam or Eve
She, deceived
He, the willful one

Once naked
Now ashamed
And misconnected

Within an
Inauguration of leaves

Sleeping upon
Thorns and thistles

The genetic defect their own
To carry forth
Children of sin and death

In the shadow
Of something now

It was never
About appetite

It was always
About sovereignty
Elena Mustafa Oct 2020
My spiritual abilities
My knowledge
Of religion
Bible or Quran
Where handed down to
Me via blood
Like minded people
think alike
I think?
But nevermind
don't Blink*
or close
your Eyes
Can't sleep
Food for thought
But can't eat
Man I got Hunger
Or tell me is it
either pain
in my
Might need a
Or a drink
But like you
I don't drink
At all
Yeah, mostly
Or maybe Juice
But Oh!?
So there's

Grey Goøse
That's got
Me / slash / You
Feeling loose
Mind in a
Loop ( pause )
Now was that?
Take 1
or Take 2
Snooze 💤
Just a feeling of
Says Who?
Me /slash / You
I'm feel'n I've said
these lines
Or maybe
I'll just
Over there
But won't stare
Ønly Be-ware
No Dare
For the Truth
And the glare
Is in the
Like 3
A third
And that's
Pertaining to
the meaning of
Yours and My
/ slash /
Like Minds?
Just mess'n around
with another cryptic
freestyle 🙃
Now if you like
riddles, I've placed 8
clues pertaining to 3
recent poems I've
Can you guess which
ones they are? FYI
there are a lot of
other riddles in here
as well
And just to be clear,
I don't believe in the practice
of opening the so called 3rd eye or
This is something I believe should
happen on its own when
pursuing absolute
Truth 🙂
M R White Feb 2020
At times I fear I am just like my mother,
Irresponsible, corrupt, deceiving.
Going no where – fast.
Gathering too much of the bad genes in my body.
They range from,
Being dependent on any type of pill,
To being with controlling a spouse.
I have never seen my mother with a man that was good for her.
This is another looming fear, being under the thumb of controlling men.
I think things like that run down the bloodline.
It’s all I have seen as a kid,
A man has to be controlling to really be in love with you,
A man has to put you in your place to show you he cares,
A man has to fully support you,
strip you of anyway of being independent;
because that is love.  
It is scary, and you yield many red flags.
But something in me finds beauty in it.
I know this is horribly sick, I know this isn’t right.
But something about the fight, is so beautiful.
When you tell me I mean the world to you,
I believe it, I do.
But something else looms over my head.
And I’m not quite sure what it is,
but it is quiet and sly.
This is what I fear what my mother felt,
A looming fear over her head, not even realizing the weight.
This is what draws me in, I feel myself reeling closer, and closer
to this unsettling, but secure feeling.
A promise of a beautiful land to live on,
with a beautiful family and wonderful home.
A promise of a great life, but at what cost?
My own father? My family?
It seems odd that you would want to strip me of the man that raised me,
the man that molded me.
Of everyone near me that I have grown close to through the years.
Odd that you want to be my one and only.
Quite literally.
But something is so intriguing about you.
I can not help but tell myself that you are the one.
But again, at what cost?
This is my biggest fear, I do not want to inherit this gene from my mother.
I do not want the gene, of having
every aspect of my life needing to be controlled.
To be solely reliant on one human being,
and it not even be myself.
That is my fear.
To be merely dependent on you.
I love you, I love you so much.
And that is my fear, loving you more than myself.
And putting all my life on the back burner to please you.
I beg of you,
do not be that man.
Your envy is green as a sly snake, and it is evil.
And your anger, my god your anger, it is red as the devils horns.
your love, compassion, and sensitivity,
is as warm and pink as the act of love making.
And love trumps all, does it not?
Your envy may be green, and anger red.
But your love is what makes me feel whole.
I love you, and understand,
I will give you all of me.
As long as it does not drain me.
Francie Lynch Nov 2018
I am no longer a Roman,
Though my nose would differ.

I'm not Viking,
But my descendants have blonde and red hair.

I am a beneficiary of the dark ages,
The scriptoriums and monasteries
That brought the Greeks and Romans to life.

I am not Gael, though my eyes smile
When I hear the harp and pipes.

Neither am I Saxon nor Norman,
Victorious or defeated.

I, we, have metamorphized,
Casted of the moulted casement,
Spread dry wings and lifted,
Carried on fresh winds
To new worlds
To read, write, fish and hunt,
And I have gathered
My lineage,
Framed it in genetics on my wall,
To point at in fond remembrance
Of what I once was.
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