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Jamesb Nov 2023
I have medals for ballroom
And Latin,
And Rock and Roll,
Gold no less suggesting a degree of competence,

Dancing is joyous and exhausting,
It needs commitment and teamwork
And tension in the arms
And closeness in the bodies of those involved,

It is not easy to find one
With that tension and strength
Of core to truly dance well,
And those who do are popular,

So a partner once found is
To be treasured and respected,
There is no room for discord for
The dance wont work that way,

I know all that and
I have found my dancer,
And I will hold her close
And forever  be a frame to her moves

Because I do not wish to dance alone

Nor with any other

yes this is allegory. Much of my poetry is
Jennifer DeLong Sep 2022
Hut Hut Hut
Let's go
Running it hard
Going for the goal
Oh yea !!
Let's go
Get the ball
Pass & Rush
Scoop & Score
Let's go
Bump & Run
Getting it done
Blitz it baby
Let's go
Hail Mary
Flea Flicker
Bump & Run
Let's go
Getting it done
Hell Yeah
Sweat & Sacrifice
That's how it's done
Teamwork  !!
So ...
Let's go !!! 🏉
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏 🎭 9/18/2022
Nathan MacKrith Jan 2021
When today is all red
but yesterday was full green
    -remember, we’re all in this together

When you feel your belly wriggle
due to their infectious giggle
   -know that there’s sugar with the spice

If you are doing three
transfers in fifteen minutes
   -remember, we’re all in this together

If you feel the garden hose spray
of their amazing joy-full day
    -know that there’s sugar with the spice

At times when the top of the first
feels like the bottom of the ninth
   -remember, we’re all in this together

At dawn of Thursday’s Eve
as you feel a week’s worries start to leave
    -know that there’s sugar with the spice

When the bus has not arrived
but your patience has departed
   -remember, we are all in this together

When success smells like sweet grass
freshly cut, or a masterful CLP class
    -know that there’s sugar with the spice

Should the day’s turmoil find you throwing
your bowling ball down the wrong lane
   -remember, we’re all in this together

Should you feel your day’s ride’s
Slick with joy like a waterslide
   -know there’s sugar with the spice

Oh when today is red
but yesterday was full green
remember, we’re all in this together
know that there’s sugar with the spice
and for all of our sakes
keep your stick on the ice
*In loving memory of
Jon Wiebe (1993-2019)
Currently I work in a private residence with individuals who live with disabilities. Before Covid-19, I worked with these persons in a day program. No day programs are running now, so all staff have been shifted to the participants’ residences. Our people are in need of long-term/lifetime care. There are beautiful moments, and times of struggle. Considering the world zeitgeist of when I’ve posted this, I think we all can use reminders that we’re in this together from time to time. I know I sure need these reminders sometimes.

I dedicated this poem to the memory of one of the people in my program who passed away the year I started my current job. Jon’s favourite sport was hockey, thus the hockey metaphor to finish the poem.

CLP stands for Community Learning Program. We teach people the skills necessary to function to the best of their abilities in society. Stuff like hygiene, or knowing what kinds of clothes are appropriate for the weather, usage of traffic conventions when biking/walking, etc.

A transfer is when someone is moved from one spot to another for rest/exercise/hygiene purpose. We use mechanical lifts for this process.

A lot of the activities and metaphors in this poem are related to real occurrences/hobbies/interests/routines of the people I serve daily.

Pogrom is a word meaning “massacre”. Some days I’ve left work feeling like my day’s been massacred. Especially since Covid started. This has added exponentially more stress into my days. It is unbelievably heartbreaking having to routinely tell one of your residents you can no longer hug her, and watching her weep for hours, no matter how you try to frame the situation for her to understand. Or require people who are already deprived of social connections and social outings to remain sequestered in their rooms because of their being sick.
Carlo C Gomez Oct 2020
Out of touch with the ground
I walk a thin line

I am in lonely equilibrium
A broken umbrella

Swinging to-and-fro
On this trapeze

Coming untethered
From these elapsing heart strings

New love's dividing line
Depends upon its precise timing

Port de bras
The illusion of imponderable lightness

Take a leap of faith
Reach out for me
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
Tie my laces,
Anchor me now,
Release the tide of emotion,
It’s ready for the crowd,

Electricity pulses in my chest,
Jolts through my limbs,
And sparks at my finger tips,

Connected to the earth,
I’m grounded,
I’m strong,

My stride will leave lightning,
Powerful and long,

My decisions quick,
Agile, steady,

Ready to dip, dive,
Juke, swerve,
Hop & leap,
Through that hole,
I'm ready,

Ready to be a brace,
For my family,
Jam or be a ****,
To achieve our goal,

Together as one we skate,
Into the unknown future we go.
Alaina Moore Oct 2019
Screaming internally; sitting in silence.
Make these feelings wash away without a word spoken.

Articulating perceptions while throwing water on burning oil.
Flames and rainbows blend until the fuel is exhuasted.

I am exhausted.
FlipThePoet Feb 2019
We will work together
through sweat and strain,
coffee in hand
as we drink late night
to numb the pain.
Times may bare tension
blicking with blame,
but we'll get down
to play the Game.

You have my back
and I yours, through the night.
Though the score low
we shall last the fight.
Like crazy glue
we will stick together
and fend off the storm,
as dark clouds break off,
We will stand.

Then we shall say
we fought together,
and never gave up
to die!
I wrote this poem for my final design project team, when we started our project last year, September 2018. Reading this today brought some nostalgia feeling so I decided to share. Yeah, so my group and I are doing great and we will be round our design project in April 2019, we still work with Love, unity, and support as we complete our project.  
...Big ups A+ Squad, we almost there!!!
Haylin Jan 2019
The flags interweave in a synchronous pace.
A pattern is formed and dissolves into space.

Kaleidoscope movement and the swish of a sabre.
What flows like dance is a pain and hard labor.

Glitter and make-up fluff and curls for the show.
But there's nothing soft about the rifles they throw.

The best part of the guard is not seen by the eye.
It's teamwork and sharing and daring to try.

When the show's over and the props put away.
There's always more practice and some time to play.

So just when you think the guard is all done.
Somewhere in a gym, they're still having fun.
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