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JKJI Feb 19
long live

the resilience

in you.
My Kings and Queens.
Daniel eason Nov 2018
This lonely road which i have chosen
Was it just fate or have i been betrayed
By my self or others
No one else's  to blame
The way we choose to walk is an unconscious decison
Maybe not our fault but made out it is
Will we ever make peace with the people who look down
Maybe they're to obsessed with royals in crowns
Is our fat our decision?
recently in a women's magazine*
I read an article
about the Duchess of Cornwall
being most ungracious
toward Princess Mary of Denmark
the Duchess can be a very catty *****
especially when Charles
is eyeing something of more appeal

but Camilla seems to have forgotten
her come hither days
when she was conducting
an affair with the Prince of Wales
under his wife's nose

the protocols in royal circles
have become less civil
and it is about time
she on her high horse
was more convivial

where the crown
and matters of state
are paramount
the Queen should avail
her son's missus
*of a polite dismount
Vida Crow Jan 2017
He is torn
between two royals,
blue blood, pretty eyes.

One is his master, his King.
The other holds his heart captive,
greedy, greedy.

She is porcelain skin, ****** hair.
Her mouth is a wicked creature,
poison her weapon of choice
(And how she has poisoned him)

She lusts for the throne
He thwarts her at every turn

Its a strange game,
tearing each other apart
does this remind you of merlin?
Breeze-Mist May 2016
The young wolf runs down
Intrigued by the masked woman
Followed by flower vines

She urges him on
Bringing him to the city
She has to show him

Looking at his land
He sees no proud, brave warriors
But a numbed crowd

The Queen leads him home
But the Prince thinks of the crowd
And runs down once more
This is actually the second poem in a series, so I would recommend reading the other poem, "the king of thorns" and the collection description if you feel confused

— The End —