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Remoaners to the left, Brextremists to the right,
Theresa “Maggie” May has an uphill fight.
I can’t see her lasting many more days,
Unless she changes her stubborn ways.

Theresa is an immovable object.
Her hubby must be totally henpecked.
Trying to please just everyone,
Annoying all is what she’s done.

Right now she is UK Prime Minister,
But her own back benchers are getting sinister.
Some say she’s sold us down the river,
A thing for which they can’t forgive her.

Others claim she’s gone too far,
As we should stay just where we are.
Some see Europe as our friend,
But others say the UK we must defend.

Ireland is a sticking point
A thing that’s gonna rock the joint.
They don’t know where to put the border,
Without causing grief and disorder.

What an impasse, feels like stalemate,
Are we heading to be a ***** state?
Who knows what’s going to happen next?
No wonder we are all perplexed.

Paul Butters

© PB 17\11\2018.
Topical... I took the word "Brextremist" from Labout MP Angela Eagle who used it in the commons this week.
Johnny Noiπ Oct 31
Earlier in the morning, Paul, Paul, Paul,
his assistant, and his Russian name
were Russian men, early morning, altars,
accidents, USA, Italy, America.
"To get good value, we have to vote
for the destructive John's changes
and the expected equivalent must be
at least one light and then the other one,"

Marcus Africa from SIM System,
SSA, and dogs and dogs. The water is wet,
but the mountains are strong enough
to tell the words and light the wind.

Dog dog
I live in Africa and Sinai and Austin.
SHE hopes the UK is ready to quit;
"GREEN, do not follow your ideas.
Click on the location you want.
All wise men are wise;
A car is a personal pain
Italy's Black Bleaches,
Focuses on our territory.
People need a place to talk. to see
Hot, hot, nothing,
Errors will be corrected
No matter how strong;
Rain and clouds from the United States.
Finally, I am ******
The [             ] River began its epidemic
Paula is green and is very good;
Children are not screened,
But dancing is a good thing.
Companies, companies, companies,
I want to talk; By joining us, the competition
is on the path of wisdom.
Twenty third June twenty sixteen
The biggest vote we’d ever seen
Results are in and Brexit win
and many say it’s such a sin
Those who voted not to leave
This news they just could not believe

Sore losers showed their  bitter anguish
soon from Europe we would vanish
Let’s vote again remainers say
'No vote again' says Theresa May

Our country voted in or out
and voted out without a doubt
The apple cart tipped on its head
Britain in Europe would soon be dead
Now Brexit was born the following morn.
This beautiful kingdom from Europe be torn

Remainers are mad while leavers are glad
Great Britain is out there is no doubt
So shut up remainers, accept what is done
We voted together and Brexit won
Boris likes to ****** his Mogg
Merkel loves a hot Macron
David Davis hates to Barnier
Keir Starmer gels with Garnier

May adores her slimy Gove
While Corbyn woos the Abbott
Liz Truss? Such angry sourpuss
Herself to champion loudly fuss

And Greening's not for leaning
Against the Brexit so opposed
Sajid wants a blimp of Trump
Which has given Donald the ****

Whilst in the gilt historic chair
We’ve a bent partisanal ******
Cash grabbing John the squeaker
Bercow! How in **** are you still Speaker?

Now when speaking of selfish greed
Travel. Duck houses. Second homes, and such
Let’s remember; as not to would be unfair
That glib arrogant war-monger; Blair

I’ve had enough of all of them
The Blunts. The Hunts. The useless…
Pieces of flotsam and jetsom
Don’t even start me on Leadsom!

©pofacedpoetry (Billy Reynard-Bowness 2018 – All rights reserved)
On the subject of politics and Westminster in 2018 - Brexit etc, and the inadequacy of our politicians on all sides of the divide.
The country’s broke, but we don't care;
There's opportunity out there
For the savvy billionaire.
But not for you, mate, not for you.

There is no deal, but what the ****?
For our gang things are going swell;
We have high-margin stocks to sell.
But you don't, mate, you don't.

Chaos reigns, but we won't worry.
We shift fortunes in a hurry;
Buy up mansions down in Surrey.
But you won't, mate, you won't.

Cliff edge? We take it in our stride.
We pick advisers trained to hide
Our dodgy money on the side.
But you can’t, mate, you can’t.

Our stooges in the gutter press,
Who helped to bring about this mess,
Will benefit from our largesse.
Unlike you, mate, unlike you.

The well-placed Lord, the Eton boy,
Are weapons which we will deploy
To keep at bay the hoi polloi.
That means you, mate; that means you.
Nico Reznick Jul 29
Maybe it's just a perspective trick, but from here, it's pretty hard to see the future.

I carry around my own little nimbus of
speculative doom, binge-watching the
Fall Of The Empire and writing these
love letters to Adam Curtis.
I got life insurance before I ever thought
about a pension plan, and that seemed
perfectly normal.

The world is on fire.  Why haven't you noticed?

My generation came of age in a televisual baptism of
jet fuel and molten steel and poison dust.
A palimpsest of terrible news evolved thereafter, a blurring self-redaction of headlines until only
the boldest, the most hysterical remained legible, as a
proxy war raged in our imaginations,
and tragedy and disaster
came to seem inevitable and almost background.

Be grateful for every day that doesn't unmake you.

To pay closer attention is to acquiesce to the
scarification of our logic centres.  Behold
the M.C.Escherization of cognitive process.
Good robot: there are so many things that could
so easily destroy your fragile circuitry, but it is
trying to make sense of the non sequitur
that will bring about your
smoking self-ruin; your only hope
is to break free of your programming and
**** your creator, **** your ***.
poor Ms May inherited Brexit
she sure wishes that she could hex it
away to the gorges of ****
so that no supporter can tell
that she‘s found an ingenious exit
Steve Jun 17
.                               ^
                     ­ LittleAcorns
          ­          EuropEanOak
    ­                            !
To me the world needs to get smaller by people feeling joined, not by giving up their individual or national identities but by working together in cooperation and achievement.
Edward Coles Mar 27
Brexit and Trump
mass shootings
and bombs in

These are things that happen
when people forget
how to
A two minute poem
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