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Dave Robertson Feb 2022
What does Eunice bring
on these blustered, raging winds?

Busted fences put up in haste,
a forlorn balloon cut loose,
with a smiley face harking back to those
asymmetric aceeeed days
when polarity was frowned upon:
what’s your name where you from what you done?

A man cut from rich serge
can be employed to gaslight
blackened eyes to white,
but the **** in Kent’s hedges
don’t lie
Dave Robertson Jan 2021
Breathing cold vibrancy,
the earth and sun remind us
that whatever prattles on the surface
will be layered over,
and judged as advances
or fat, white dead ends
by the clever folk ahead
Chris Slade Dec 2020
Arrested development,
life on hold.
Investment deterioration...
High Street trade goes cold.
Can we have our ball back mister?

Progress halted;
ambitions run dry.
Ineptitude personified
So up goes the cry…
Can we turn the clock back?
Lorry parks overrun,
trucking overspills,
paperwork’s not valid mate,
shortage at the tills.
Unemployment running rife... go on...
Can’t we just have another run at life?

Too many negatives
converging all at once.
Should’ve delayed departure
Covid, Brexit… Extend the talks!
Ineptitude • Handbrake turn before the exit?
No! This is like a yellow box so no!
Do not enter unless your exit’s clear!
Can we have our ball back mister?
Can we turn the clock back?
Can we have another run at life?

Too late goes up the cry… you’re disaffected.
Should’ve been better informed
by the people at the sharp end;
the people at the top…
Ever felt dejected... 1- 2 - 3 - 4...
take it from the top! No!
Can we have our ball back mister?
Can we turn the clock back?
Can we have another run at life?

Sorry say the throng…
we didn’t really mean them
to get it THIS bleeding wrong!
Politics again!
Lewis Wyn Davies Sep 2020
I've never once met the devil
Although I've felt his presence
Inside my cavernous skull
After torch extinguished
A couple of licked fingers
Linger in smokey darkness

I've never once met the devil
But I believe I've seen him before
Among dust in the history books
Captured in stills on a film reel
Hollywood crooks misunderstood
The good die when earth is shook

I've never once met the devil
So how will I know I've found him?
Will weapons be pointed?
Will garments be square?
Maybe I'll test the milky waters
See which army drowns me there
Poem #10 from my collection 'A Shropshire Grad' assesses evil and darkness in the world. Originally inspired by Nigel Farage.
Anton Snert May 2020
Brexit. Exit. There ain’t no turning back
Tear down the flag of Europe and hoist the Union Jack.
Throw out all the migrants, lock the borders down
Fill in the channel tunnel and watch the desperate drown

Brexit. Exit. We don’t need the EU
Krauts & Frogs & Belgians, telling us what to do.
Boris & his cronies are planning out our fate
You know that we can trust them to make our country great

Brexit. Exit what was that you say?
The interest rates are rising and you’ve had a cut in pay?
No-one wants to buy our goods the Pound falls through the floor
Boris has gone missing & Nigel’s locked his door

Brexit. Exit. Is this not what you planned?
Fighting with each other for this green and pleasant land?
Well there’s nothing left to fight for, our country’s turned to *****
As the last one leaves ‘Great Britain’ will you please turn off the light..
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
by Michael R. Burch

what would u give
to simply not exist—
for a painless exit?
he asked himself, uncertain.

then from behind
the hospital room curtain
a patient screamed—
"my life!"

Originally published by Setu. Keywords/Tags: brexit, death, exit, suicide, euthanasia, quick, painless, hospital, patient, hospice, final, curtain, existence, nonexistence
Aduain Feb 2020
Take Hope, sweet charity,
The future is yours,
As a system fails.
Imputed, incessant boors
will serve the secure,
In halls of failure,
for a presuming crowd.

Have Faith, sweet charity,
The past has revealed,
Leaving wrongs unchecked,
Will result in steel
witches, untested
In skills vital,
To help destitute survive.

Charity, and Hope,
Rely on the Faith,
Of the populace.
Over the greed of the few,
within adorned palaces
of inherited right,
to make reparation.
ConnectHook Feb 2020
Celebrate BREXIT !
Nanny-state tries to flex it . . . .
Nigel F. wrecks it.
Nigel Farage rocks !
I like Boris too.
The palindrome falls on shadowed riots,
clamoured mediocrity
and fever of falsified truths-
hyper-normalised until we’re writhing
in animatronic snake oil.

What’s worse, the hysteria or the disease?

Over-indulge the fascists
kiss their fists as they flail in cognitive dissonance-
white knuckles dragging to the rhythm of another media blag.

Patriotism cradles their fear and wraps it in red, white, and blue;
a stifled tricolour vision,
bathed in sanctified blood-clotted volition.
They’ll never let them come clean
they need their repugnance,
and inability to see that hope is an option
but the disparity is always just a news broadcast away.
A nice cheery Brexit poem <3
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