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Yuna-Lee Apr 30
A shoe that fits no longer
change blowing through the open doors
A rhythm that springs from my core:
My shoe it fits no more
My shoe it fits no more
My shoe it fits no more

Stripped from expectations
guided by a vision
A whisper from the void:
The empowerment of choice
The empowerment of choice
The empowerment of choice
Sophia L Mar 2020
a deep blue typewriter
anxious right now
rather be in the cloud
always alone but get well with the writers' hands
dream of jumping around
worried about I will be abandoned one day
would like others to think I am useful
quietness keep me awake at night
Finishing a masterpiece
no inspiration for a single line
broken during a creative work
at 2 pm
be a helper
i lived
Inspire by Rupi Kaur’s Instagram Poetry Live lesson 3/20/2020.
G A B R I E L A Jun 2018
All is forgotten when the rythm sounds
music drives you to a foreign wold of bliss
where everything that matters becomes light as a kiss
where everything ceases to reck down grounds

The peace that numbs all feeling of cold grief
takes me back to times when sorrows where gone
before our worthless fate was sealed and drawn
a tune that saves me from the mighty thief.

The destructive storm that is within me
whirling around like consuming dark haze
cease to exist at every melody

and when the final note has been ablazed
the shadows and demons come strolling free
where they'll remain till the end of the craze.
Allena Iris Oct 2017
If there were seasons more temperate than the warmth of May
I would want to be there with you
Were there light more tender than a full-moon's light
I would want to lie down underneath with you
Had there a face more bright and full of remembrance
It would happen to be your face
And a name as easy to say
Easy to say it together with mine
Will always be it
And when the starry skies shows its best light
I want to stand the night right next to you
Shakespeare detected
Marin Jul 2017
Is it just me
or are these walls getting closer
with every step I take forward?

Is it just me
or is this music going mute?
All the sounds disappearing
and becoming nothing but distant echos

My words slip
and as I try to run
so do my feet

I look up
only to see
that it's just you
Breeze-Mist Jun 2017
On hot summer days that strech ouy like this
Bird and bug song harmonized in the air
Cool water splashing with the sound of kids
Hearts start to be wild and do as wished
Leafed breezes blow away all hardened care
Creatures come from the dens in which they hid
As stars draw in like a smooth panther fur
And future folds out, bright and unsure
Music calls out in the dead of night
As all come out to camp, dance, chat, and play
We try our bravado and our own fright
As summer nights flow into the dog days
trestrece May 2014
No hay metáfora que llene este espacio
ningún recurso poético que me explique
que me ayude a entender esta psique
que me ayude a controlar el vacío

¿Cómo describo tu cuerpo en poemas,
en canciones o en un par de siluetas?
¿Dónde, de que forma comienzo?

No hay forma, ni rápida ni despacio,
ni en la novela o en la crónica que
me ayuden a entender el por qué
la literatura es tu rostro que ansío

¿Cómo te plasmo en letras eternas
en bóvedas celestes sobre estrellas?
¿Dónde te encuentro si tropiezo?
taller de poesía 2013

— The End —