SwordNPen Aug 6

Eden green eyes,
strawberry red lips,
soft bronze skin,
and spools of ebony
hair that brush her
shoulders. '
A bubbly laugh,
a light touch,
an impish smile,
a queens body,
and a twisted sense
of humor.

If you some how find this poem and think its about you it is.
spaghetti May 2016

Party: Republican
Fav. Food: bleach
Girlfriend: your mom
Job: illegal dolphin trafficking
Birthday: 40,000 chromosomes ago
Fav. Musician: israel kamakawiwo'ole
Real name: Mickey Mouse
Fav. Game: battletoads for PS4
Fav. Actor: Bill Cosby
Fav. Number: 666
Fav: Movie: sex tape of your mom and my friend, Carl.
Fav. President: Not Obama, that's for sure.
Fav. Gun: one that Obama doesn't take away from me.
Fav. Car: not a Subaru

Your mom says hi by the way.

Brent Kincaid Jan 31

I call my shoes doxies
'Cause they really get around
Just like the hookers
In the sleaziest part of town.
They started out rather nice
But now they show their years.
They look so much better
After you’ve had a couple beers.

Come with me, Doxies.
Let's us take us a stroll
To a cheap bar I know.
Not much money in my roll.
I need to meet the kind of gal
Who won't look at my feet
And think I am cool enough
To wink at her on the street.

I still have some swagger left
From when my shoes were new,
And I can still bust some moves
With a fancy step or two.
The shine on my Doxies has not
Stayed as they were long ago
But I'm sure they'll serve me well
For maybe another year or so.

My Doxies are a bit beat up,
But still they have some verve;
Just enough class that we
Can throw a hot babe a curve.
So don't look down on my Doxies;
They're the only shoes I've got.
They get me where I need to go
And I really like them a lot.

Arcassin B Dec 2016

By Arcassin Burnham

Two crossed lovers with one common goal,
To find their way to each other and bind their souls in gold,
I was told , to find a woman with a peaceful heart,
Must've told myself that , cause nobody would enroll,
The facts of life to be a man and understand all of the urges,
Now stuck in a time where I gotta give myself more courage,
My family always had a hand in all of my contingencies,
I hope these ignorant complacent people stop trying me,
When I have a child of my own, he or she will have the advantage to
Learn things on their own , he or she will know the meaning of respect when
It condones,
He or she will know there won't be any favorites on this throne,
They don't have to know about their grandmother,
Does it bother me in any way to never let my kids see the woman
That should've gave me more love,
Or the woman that locked me away when I needed someone to
Go to , but I had no one,
Thats why I'm leaving everyone,


raindrops from above
forming into clouds; ignites
twice—the spark of joy

The color Blue and Ice cream, the food :D

© Cyrille Octaviano, 2016
Breeze-Mist Jul 2016

My favorite juxtaposition
Is when a city goes totally silent
When the widest streets are empty
And the only sounds are quiet

The bustling stores are still closed
And no one else is walking around
The city looks amazingly different
With only a few men in the ground

The buildings stand tall and silent
While those up late tuck in for the night
And the earliest risers have yet to awake
To meet the ever blinking lights

The signs are as bright as ever
And the lights still work 'round the clock
But not a single bike, car, or man
Can be seen on the city block

I stand on the silent street corner
Feeling the moment rush through me
For stunningly empty cities
Are some of my favorite places to be

Brent Kincaid Feb 2016

I want to go back
To Crackerjacks
And KoolAid on ice.
Ice cream sandwiches
And Chick O Stick candy.
That would be so nice.
Double feature matinees
At the local movie show
With cartoons in between.
Car crashes and then the
Cliff hanger serials
Were the best we’d ever seen.

Things like snow days, and
Skinny dipping swimming holes
Great on hot summer days.
And matchbook motors
On the spokes of our bikes
After school every day.
Snow cones and soda pop
Then we turned in the bottles
For two pennies to by sweets.
Snowball forts in the winter time
That were serious business
On every neighborhood street.

Things were so simple then
We each had a list of what
We wanted Santa to bring.
Some wanted ritzy stuff
And others only wanted
A Dick Tracy decoder ring.
Life was almost all about
Going to school and then
Waiting for classes to let out.
And though there are joys
For grown girls and boys
It felt good to run and shout!

B P Dec 2015

I am
my favorite songs,
I am my hobbies
my preferences
my thoughts
my art.
I am a collection,
a constellation
of the songs I blast
the words I write,
hanging in a starry sky
of thoughts and dreams.
I am the pieces inside me
not my stomach
not my thighs
not the number on the scale.
I am myself and
I am what I love.
I am not what you have assigned to me.

Leigh Herondale Aug 2015

I believe in mermaids
That fairies are born through a child's laughter
And you can have a dress from your fairy godmother
I believe it all comes true when you wish upon a star
And one day your prince will save you, even from afar
Santa comes every Christmas time
checking wether you've been naughty or nice
And Neverland can be found just first star to the right

Leigh Herondale  August 2015

Fixing this tomorrow. Gn x
rosie May 2015

you stand tall
facing the works of art,
Monet and
Renoir and
Van Gogh
all slowly
consuming your thoughts
color by color,
brushstroke by brushstroke
and you have
the nerve
to ask me
to point towards my favorite
you pessimist,
you train wreck,
it's always been you.

Copyright ©  2015 Alyssa Packard
All Rights Reserved

from the book I hope to write
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