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emrullah Nov 2019
the cities are ugly
balanced and symmetric design does not
fit into this world
its unnatural
only divides us more from the
hannah in spring Aug 2019
Wrapped up
In blanket love
Breathing out the past
And only looking forwards
Opening windows
To let in the spring
Cutting my bangs
So the world can see my face
I'm a whole new girl
I can smile now
There's an anchor now
I'm safe and sound
That anchor is me.
Jack Jenkins Aug 2019
Concrete meets the sea
Illusion of heaven's gates
Crystal lies breed plagues

//On Cities//
Mitch Prax Jul 2019
The city never sleeps,
it's too busy wallowing
in broken dreams and
smiles as vacant as the buildings
that are too tall,
and too bright
to ever close.
Ankita Gupta Feb 2019
Open the door
Enter the time that lapsed
Draw out the curtains
There is light from the past
Breathe the air
Dance to the tunes slow and fast
Ride the carriages
Travel to the time of chance
Emilia Jan 2019
I love this filthy city with all of my ****** heart.

The sweltering summer streets (the buildings themselves sweat),
Where the 'cool' breeze is still thirty-four degrees,
And you can't walk a metre without needing an icy drink,
The sewage smell permeates through the pavement.

The bitterly cold winters that numb your lips (slur your words for you--drunken in love with her),
Frozen lakes and frosted branches in Regent's park,
I love her icy kiss more than I love myself--more than I have ever loved anything.

But I must leave, you need to know.

I can't stay, I'm sorry,
It will **** me.

She has her hands around my neck,
She strangles me with her embrace,
As she tells me--softly--how softly she loves me.

London, I'm sorry.

I was not built for the built environment,
My heart belongs in muddy fields under skies full of fresh air and clean sunsets,
I yearn for the sensation of dirt and leaves under bare feet.

How cruel,
To fall in love with a place where you don't belong.
not 2 b edgy but we had a trip into the city centre and on the way home i realised how much im gonna miss this place when i go to uni, london is a lesbian
Victor D López Dec 2018
I stand alone in the dark Fulton Street subway station,
Breathing in the *****-scented air,
Breathing out clouds of steam,
A subway train rushes along,
Not stopping,
Biting at my eardrums,
With the painful percussion,
Of thousands of people,
Silently screaming,

I don’t want to see,
     I don’t want to see,
          I don’t want to see,

The air fanned by each subway car,
Rushes against me,
Pushes the ozone and the smell of burnt brake linings,
Into my nostrils,
Along with the air,
****** through the iron gratings,
Along miles of Brooklyn sidewalks,
Carrying the odor of a *******’s festering sores,
And the cries of a hungry, fatherless child in ***** diapers,
And the hoarse moaning of a city councilman mentoring a young intern,
And the cheap perfume of a fourteen year-old runaway,
Turning $20 tricks in an alley,
Smelling of stale Chinese food and wet dogs,
And . . .

I don’t want to see,
     I don’t want to see,
          I don’t want to see,

. . . the smell of spoiled cabbage soup,
And the rancid remains of a hotdog buried in sauerkraut,
And putrid lilies lying in a gutter,
All assaulting me, forcing me backwards,
Until my back presses against,
The grimy once-white tiles,
That coldly burn their graffiti on my spine:

God is dead,
Bake a ****,
Whitey *****,
**** the *******,

I don’t want to see,
     I don’t want to see,
          I don’t want to see,

The train finally passes,
Its red eyes receding into the dank,
Dark tunnel beyond the platform,
The screeches and screams slowly die out,
Their echoes ******* behind them,
The smell,
Of my,
From: Of Pain and Ecstasy: Collected Poems
Vexren4000 Nov 2018
Places populated,
Brimming with people,
Some seemingly moving thoughtlessly,
Through sidewalks and dirt roads,
As if they have not a thought,
Beside what lies in tomorrow,
And an evening spent at home.
It is sad no?
A world without thought,
Is barley a world at all.

Vince Victoria Aug 2018
I grew up in the country
Where greens and blues reign supreme
Where the stars shine bright at night
And the air smells like the air

I grew up in the country
Where your friends are really friends
Where animals run amok
And I relish the warm sun

Now I live in the city
Where it's grey as far as sight
Where the sky is just a haze
And now I cant even breathe

Now I live in the city
Where most your friends are strangers
Where horns and smoke rule the road
And I lock myself at home

I want to go home
Where the grass touches the sky
Where the clouds are white
And I can take a deep breath

I want to go home
Where I can trust peers freely
Where I can hear myself think
And I be free once more
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