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Alif Mar 2019
Its dark,
Dark as night without shining star and brightening moon,
Neither lights nor lamps on,
North south east west,
Any direction I turn;
If someone near, if you can hear,
Please answer my fear,
Is this day or night, why am I here?
Why is my whole body shrouded in white linen?
My family, where have they gone?
No response,
Still Silence..... Can’t be defined, only be felt,
No sound I hear, not even my own heartbeat;
I am left to live here alone,
Does not matter, my eyes kept closed or open,
Dark and silence, not so good companions;
My first and new experience,
But shall remain for eternity.,
"Silence of the grave", "Dead silence",
The idioms now make sense;
JS CARIE Oct 2018
The early bird has nothing to attend
His caution cured throwing to the wind
Rising lands in a gold coat dawn
Blue Moon hangs out of spite to free insight
You and me under stars tonight

the best of both worlds
rolling water, blowing air
our heads aim zen but our bodies hang 10
taking ease limits risk in breaking leg
An act as planned should get out of hand
Snow in hell rang the rain check bell

Keep your view on the stars tonight
There's a common realm where our eyes align
You and me under stars tonight
MicMag Aug 2018
The moon's not a crescent
It doesn't glow
It doesn't shine
It doesn't hang in the air
It doesn't show your love
Or mine

Blood moons? Not ******
Blue moons? Not blue
Super moons? Not so super
New moons? Anything but new

Superstitious? Full moons
Don't fill the earth with fright
Don't induce labor
Nor raise werewolves
In the night

No man in the moon
Hate to break it to you
Moon's mysterious myths
Mere legends
All untrue

These unscientific lyrics
Carelessly thrown around
What a load of crock!

The moon is nothing more
Than a cold empty sphere
A pale lifeless rock

And this just in
From all the moonlight lovers:
So is my soul, what a shock!
Fallert May 2018
May I a penny for your thoughts?
Said the voice of reasons chat.
But I hold my tongue as still I think,
Curiosity killed the cat.

As I burn the midnight oil,
In the job that I don't have.
Add salt to the wound of truth,
Just burn the other half.

I'm stuck between two choices,
Caught between two stools.
Cross that bridge when you come to it,
Find the unavailable tools.

Maybe what they say is really the case,
Actions speak louder than words.
If that's true, you'll find ecstasy,
Using one stone, but killing two birds.
Breeze-Mist Oct 2017
If a tree falls in a forest
Does it make a sound
When the woods are open and
There's only three people around

One of them remembers it
As clear as it was day
Yet as to wether it was real or a dream
She cannot really say

The second has no memory
But he wouldn't say it didn't occur
And he has the vauge memories of after
When little echoes could be heard

And the third may know the answer
But the other two can't ask
Because going down that road
Is taking the devil out of the flask

So did the tree really fall?
Or more important still
Can anything they remember be trusted
Wen they tell their stories as they will
Breeze-Mist Jan 2017
"You shouldn't be afraid unless you have something to hide"
Excuse me for trying to choose who gets to see my mind
"I see your Facebook, and I'm allowed to look at whatever I want anyway"
Well, in that decision, I didn't exactly have a say
Even without PRISM, I have enough trouble with parents who think it's ok to look through the contents of my Google Drive folders simply because my account was open on a tab that I had left up.
Breeze-Mist Nov 2016
"Nothing you could tell me would ever disappoint me."
From the things I've heard you say, I can name at least three
Breeze-Mist Sep 2016
Whoever said "the truth will set you free"
Never had secrets like you or like me
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