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Mar 2019 · 344
Devil In-Desquise 609
Try Mar 2019
that devil in-disguise
with fluent rhymes
able to infiltrate ones minds eye
indifferent to anothers life
paying a high price just to say a live
many say he is blind
to focused on their own grind
though they always seem to claim their prize
a vice to them filled with compromise
denial does not lead to the conclusion
yet brings new adventure
as eyes close
venturing off to the astrals
where conversations and meetings are held
violence is quelled
to wake to a new day with orders to follow
much more is possible when ones 3rd eye is opened
a portal to new opportunities arise
a new prize for this devil in-disguise
to become entwined within
thus is the way of

© Try
Try Mar 2019
a world thats still learning,
a world that is in decay,
a world that knows not where it began,
a world full of misconceptions,
a world where imagination fuels progress,
a world where the veil has yet to be removed,

generation after generation we still find more to fill
in our text books, and note books too the brim,
so much knowledge yet to be portrayed in various ways.

the fall of empires, industries that once thrived, now dwindle away
into the abyss, did they really exist or just another figment of another's imagination?

so much debate on where it all began, never knowing when time began,
yet always hopeful to find the point of origin.

news channels, search engines, even basic television shows, portray on that of what one wants you to see, taken with a grain of salt and benefit of the doubt,
many come to their own conclusions while others dive deeper into the rabbit hole.

ones dreams come a reality once pen hits paper, and from paper comes discussion and ideas are formed, plans are made, and action is later on taken,
new inventions and forms of entertainment, progress that keeps the cogs of the war machines turning.

to some we live in peace and harmony, to others its hidding and avoiding the onslaught on violence that terrorizes them day and night, hoping for a day of peace, or at least a bit less blood shed and loved ones becoming lost ones.
Jan 2019 · 900
I Signed
Try Jan 2019
as the pens ink meets blank paper,
a deal is made,
a price is paid,
tears rolling down my face in shame,
was not aware of the price that would be paid,
if one could turn back the clock,
would you still strike the same deal?
Dec 2018 · 487
Try Dec 2018
To day of all days
All I can think about
Is how I almost died
Today 2 years ago.....
Dec 2018 · 974
Pain and hurt
Try Dec 2018
Slip sliping away
Hide away
My pain
At the back of
My closet
Dwelling in my pain
All the hurt and wrong
Done on to me
Screeming for them to leave me be
To let me be me
still thankful of those who foiled my plan
And boy was it grand
Instead I sat in the grandstands at Contact 2013,
Vancouver BC
Combating a invisible disease
To where everyday
It’s hard to breath
Still I stand tall
With the ball in my court
Not going to port
To where attempt number 3
Takes place
Instead a
Near death experience at sea
Thanks carnival
50 bands
Taken away from me
All in order to save me
From myself.

Thank You Chase for always being there for me in dark times.
Thanks for not letting me have 50bands to just end it all with it.
Thanks to you a known time and predreamt dreams all come to be and continue to do so.
Thanks for showing me the lighter side of life to where every day is a good day.
I love you bro,

© Try
I got my issues to combat
Family that’s now astranged
Disowned for not being a hard enough worker in my parents eyes
Though having a invisible disease made it difficult to keep active
Chronic fatigue from chronic pain
Made working I don’t even know how many times harder.
Dec 2018 · 867
ocean corals
Try Dec 2018
lead to future sorrows,
rather remain swimming in the oceans corals,
then open up the next portal,
into anothers world.

© Try
Dec 2018 · 729
She's Gone
Try Dec 2018
its just another day,
nothing special,
same old irregular weather,
still thinking about your sister,
and how i filled her,
glazed her,
her flavor,
something i still savor,
so unpredictable,
she is,
captivated with every glance,
10 for 10,
every time,
in the clothes she designs,
a queen who reigns on high,
high on her own supply,
no surprise,
it was her demise,
the one tie she couldn't cut,
she was nothing special to me,
until she was gone....

© Try
don't let the ones you got close to you slip away from you into the dark abyss.
Dec 2018 · 904
Try Dec 2018
short and sweet,
same way i like my ladies,
is how i like my poetry,
it's a treat,
delightful and filling,
far from over whelming,
as we are already 5 rounds in,
preposterous to think of us together,
i am just not into long term,
nor into a long strung out read,
i need room to breath,
to remain feeling free,
not locked down,
becoming a light that slowly dims,
gotta fly free,
shine brightly,
tomorrow is not for certain,
gotta go all in,
for one night,
could be the night i am waiting for,
tho another day is another day,
stuck at the Drop In Center,
been at my Cross Roads,
for quite some time now,
still not sure which way to go tho,
its quite the weight on my chest,
more overwhelming then any mistress,
that i distrust getting caught being mischievous,
her chalice has yet to be balanced,
her charm wont keep her safe from Karma s wrath,
my trash bin is over flowing with lengthy writings,
phone numbers of old conquests,
my soul is consistently flowing Like Water,
short and sweet,
like the girls i had over last night,
they always got the biggest impact,
but you gotta choose your words wisely,
to take Control of the flow,
the audience reads it in.

© Try
short and sweet, are always very enjoyable reads,
overly long are tiresome,
then you get a medium and it can be quite interesting and captivating.
tho i enjoy mine short and sweet
Dec 2018 · 347
Dreams or reality
Try Dec 2018
Am I asleep or wide awake
Everything seems to just blend
Am I nearing the end
Or a new beginning
Am I at my limit
Or is life truly limitless
This reality I cannot digest
Everything seems to penetrate
The Kevlar vest upon my chest
Only a tattered piece of equipment is left
Still breathing, deeply sleeping
As I take my next step
Towards a goal with in the unknown
is this where I find myself
The same place I lost myself

© Try
Dec 2018 · 431
All in
Try Dec 2018
Gotta go all out,
Gotta go all in,
No time to stall out now,
Gotta go all in,
Gotta go all out,
Can not let the demons win,
Gotta go all out,
Gotta go all in,
Every day is another day I gotta win,
Gotta go all in,
Gotta go all out,
Every moves gotta be precise,
Gotta go all out,
Gotta go all in,
No room for a single mistake,
Gotta go all in,
Gotta go all out,
For today could be my final day,
Gotta go all out,
Gotta go all in,
No time to stall out now,
Gotta go all in,
Gotta go all out,
The demons are coming full force,
Gotta go all out,
Gotta go all in,
The darkness is coming for me,
Gotta go all in,
Gotta go all out,
Tho my light shall shine on thru,
Gotta go all out ,
Gotta go all in,
I will stand victorious!
Each day is not an easy one when facing depression suicidal thoughts tho we all gotta push on thru to the next day your dreams are worth fighting for don’t let your depression take that from you.
Dec 2018 · 1.2k
The Dancer who is a Writer
Try Dec 2018
as i read the words you write,
they feel like waves of emotions,
dancing across the page,
waves crashing into my shore,
craving more to wash up onto my shore,
it reaches deep into my core,
pulling tears from my eyes,
everything you write is so deep,
like the oceans in which we lose ourselves,
so continue to flow so freely,
let your pen dance freely along the pages,
equal to how you dance so freely in the mirror,
for every word you write digs deeper and deeper into me.
                                                 © Try
I've been reading some one who is new here, writings and i have been quite moved so this writing is a shout out to them, the Writer i am talking about is Jessica Stull.
her writings are very moving, you can honestly feel very emotion she is portraying in her writings, every line feels like a new wave crashing into you, yet the way she writes its like shes dancing on the page it self.
Dec 2018 · 551
One Night
Try Dec 2018
Is it time to leave
or is it too soon
to dance under the new moon
as we wait for the sun rise
our only night
that we get
so we dance slow
take our time
to enjoy the night
it's our only night
that we get
and if feels too soon
as it comes time to leave
as the sun begins to rise
hard to enjoy the morning
our only morning
that we get
as it comes time to leave
you behind
in my dreams

just a poem about my lucid dream last night, not sure who it was in the dream world with me but I do hope to cross their path again in the real world.
Dec 2018 · 2.1k
The Ultimate Smash and Dash
Try Dec 2018
you can't game & watch the clock,
that's how you lose another stock,
she run away with your cash,
its a smash and dash,
over in a flash,
at least you still got to tap dat ***,
sitting back puffin da herb,
think how its so absurd
that 69 be the cap
in smash,
that's the ultimate smash,
****** innuendo
right in front of your face,
hurry up and get your fix,
that taste,
that glaze all over her face,

© Try
for all those who are enjoying Super Smash bro Ultimate
Dec 2018 · 2.3k
Like Water
Try Dec 2018
it all starts at the tip of my tongue,
the words just flow like water,
like water, like water,
no errors,
never seem to falter,
its that liquid flow,
straight from the soul,
the words just flow like water,
like water, like water,
ain't gonna lose control,
ain't gonna go a stray,
for there ain't nothing for us in the mud yo,
so continue to flow like water,
like water,
like water

© Try
just a bit of mediation and tranquil writing for you all tonight.
Dec 2018 · 7.6k
The Way It Went
Try Dec 2018
you brought a light into my life,
yet had the knife ready to take yours,
many times i disarmed your thoughts away from self harm,
you always did say i had a sorta charm,
always there for you when i heard the alarm,
but when mine went off you ran away into some one else's arms,
told you from the start this ain't no one-way street,
we each got our own heartbeat,
so for this to be concrete you gotta be able to stand on your own two feet,
yet when the other one falls,
remember to help them back up,
not just walk away like a thot,
cause that ain't how a team works.

© Try
went through some serious en-devours with some one i met along my journey, gave them all the support in the world something they never had before, yet when i fell on a hard time they got up and walked away.
Dec 2018 · 15.1k
Drop in Center
Try Dec 2018
Drop Drop into the deep end,
new faces daily right up to the weekend,
the realization of your current situation yet to set in.

some are looking for retribution,
others caught in eternal confusion,
thinking they see the end of the path but it's just a delusion,
hardly any one making moves,
many of them are just goons,
blue baboons.

there's only a righteous few,
making daily moves,
which they can prove,
as they get out the shelters,
into a new home quite soon.

so look towards the new moon,
get into the groove,
for you have yet to bloom,
don't let the place consume you.

© Try
some personal experience of what you get when living in a shelter, i may not have been in a position to go and live in one for a year, tho to understand the real struggles people go through on a daily basis it was a much needed experience.
Dec 2018 · 3.9k
every one has their way
Try Dec 2018
we got it one way or another and we all got our own way of dealing with it,
yeah everyone has their way of
everyone has their way of
dealin, dealin, dealing
with the stress.
some freak out, some take deep deep breaths,
hobbies, crafts, some cut and self mutilate,
it doesnt make you weak, you got strength, lots of strength, hard times come hard times go, yet everyone has their way of
yeah everyone has their way of
dealin, dealin, dealin
with the stress.

© Try
Try Dec 2018
saw this lovely lady, gave it to her 3" wide, 3 separate times,
such a dime i had to capture the moment,
now it sits on rewind, in my mind,
she was an elegant dish,
so savory,
my mouth still drips, just at the sight of her lips,
couldn't hold myself back from sipping on her juices,
it was thirst quenching,
mind blown on the regular as it sits on rewind,
in my mind.

© Try
Sep 2018 · 19.9k
the weight on my chest has
Try Sep 2018
my mind on guard
in a world where rats and snakes got cover they are under cover,
but my heart remains unarmed,
even though it stresses me
to where i am having a PM in the pm
that's how free i am not.

its not easy being a helpful person where everyone wants to take advantage of ones kindness not a smoker but slowly becoming one..... addictions in themselves take away ones own sense of freedom.
Aug 2018 · 357
Try Aug 2018
this invite is for those looking for growth and change for they will stay while those blind to the disarray will fade away. its simple for its how the game is played. this isn't about debate its about creating our own fate.

Aug 2018 · 181
Try Aug 2018
compulsions turn repulsive,
revolving door of misfortune,
no remorse shown,
lack of importance,
double checking the empty compartment,
finding lost fortune,
only a small portion,
gone by the morning,
groaning while its pouring irritated by snoring,
how is that a good morning?
Aug 2018 · 1.9k
Try Aug 2018
How is it that something unknown to us such as happiness so easily comes and goes, just like life has its ups and downs to where it sounds profound when it hits the ground as its passed around and all you receive is a bright yellow smile on a ping pong ball.

But the real question is will it trigger your rise or your fall?

Aug 2018 · 3.4k
Try Aug 2018
On Defence, with regrets
no reason to leave them.

Im just saying theres a better way then being hot headed like Vegeta
getting cooled off by Freeza so look out when he sneeze yeah, Its Beerus, everyone fears us, but will still cheers ya.

Aug 2018 · 1.8k
Try Aug 2018
Karma never comes or goes
its always consistent
always with in vision
vicious with conviction
one soul mission
to keep balance with malice
with in each citizens chalice

Aug 2018 · 274
Try Aug 2018
compassion seems to be out of fashion
only time to take advantage
of those around us
while also being taken for granted
yet we still find a way to
chase after our passions

Aug 2018 · 713
false love
Try Aug 2018
so close, but out of focus, we made basic motions,
random notions, sipped upon a potent potion, but it was not the solution to our issues,
still to this day eye miss you, still wanna trust you,
but in the end you crushed me,
its still punishing,
if only eye had 20 20 vision,
you were first and last,
every time eye think of you its a blast from the past,
some of the happiest times of my life,
though in the end you chose him over me,
when you chose to cheat that should of been the end,
but at the time eye was overly dependent on your company,
so why did you have to hold up a front on me?
why not just dump me?
it was obvious you no longer enjoyed my company,
were you trying to spare me the heart break?
or were you just always being fake?
was eye your biggest mistake?
or were you just too afraid to be true to yourself?
now you are just corrosive,
breaking down my defenses,
leaving me open to new attacks,
but you never covered your tracks.......

Aug 2018 · 1.4k
Try Aug 2018
when your dreams become your reality
that is real creative control.
no longer just going with the flow,
you are the flow.
so continue to grow.

Aug 2018 · 547
My Eye
Try Aug 2018
see the ski through my eye a gentle breeze in the night,
a calm that brings delight even when there are demons to fight,
my eye sight is filled with fright,
calm for some a riot for none,
acting like my loaded gun will i even get to see the sun rise,
when every day is just a re-run,
full knowledge of whats to come,
no power to change the outcome,
overwhelmed by deja vu every day is x2

Aug 2018 · 1.0k
Welcome to your Cross Roads
Try Aug 2018
its up to you on how it unfolds
simple to taste complex to face
yet you escape with out a trace
making your own way through mountain trails
skins pale breads stale hit another rail
will they even read your mail
was it just a tall tale
are you really west coast bound
will your talents be noticed
will you be over whelmed by emotions
is it real or truly fake
possible the biggest mistake was
not to chase the dream

             ©  Try

— The End —