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Reimers Aug 6
To climb a mountain
One must prepare for the journey ahead
For the conditions up top cannot be tamed
Many have tried but all have fled

To fail is to progress
Climb again and persevere
The beauty atop, the air to ingest
One must take in the surreal atmosphere

But atop is where we'll truly see
If man's truly worthy
Will he be kind or will he be greedy
To be the caretaker of mother natures beauty
Reimers Jul 27
Things may not always go our way
Its's no one's fault, that's how the world works
We just need to chin up and be okay
Grab a bottle and pop the cork

Sit back and let pain takes its course
We need not be strong at all times
No need to feel any remorse
It'll subside, eventually, we'll feel fine
Reimers Jul 26
Every single day I try,
To catch her attention
Trying out every ways
Even with this lingering tension

Telling me I'm replaceable
Pushing me to the edge, telling me to quit
But it doesn't mean I'm not able,
To change the outcome, bit by bit

Curious? to why I'm like this
Being annoying and resolute
Simple, within her embrace I feel bliss
While hiding an obvious and cliche truth

That I'm so adamant to conceal,
Whenever I'm with or without her
Wanting to shout it with utmost zeal
That I'm madly in love with her
Reimers Jul 24
Every passing day is a battle
All those days I put up an act
Battles that'll surely test a man's mettle
Whilst keeping thy sanity intact

For I fight not through a battlefield
But on a huge stage alone with her and I
Pushing through, baring no shield
With confidence alone, victory is nigh

Dancing through the ecstatic beat
To waver or to falter is no option
For she is gonna be my greatest feat
A gem in the darkest depths of the ocean

She might be hardheaded
Who's to say I'm not the same
To her sweet embrace, I'm headed
And her heart I shall lay claim
Reimers Jul 13
An auction was held at the gallery
Many from afar had come
He who loved the painting so dearly
Puts on his best suit and brought a large sum

For he dreamed this day to come
Finally, he and the painting can be one
Alas a person came that made him numb
Who commanded power and
money, outbid everyone

Stood there lifeless
Could not comprehend what happened
Nowhere to go, feeling hopeless
His once favorite spot now darkened

Missing is the painting he so loved
That  was taken from him in an instant
For once he never felt loved
And that dream is now very distant

Left the gallery soaked with tears
His heart has died and lost it spark
All alone with a couple of beers
Drunk and left dancing in the dark
Something I experimented along with the other 2 volumes
Reimers Jul 11
Eyes only for it at the start
Claimed to never look away
Ignored and started falling apart
Eyes now set on a new display

Intense feelings were felt from the last
But comfort was provided by the new
Decided to move and forget the past
And embraced the one that understands his hue

Nervous for what he had done
A crime only his heart can tell
For he broke a pledge, saying she was the one
Now his heartaches, like being burned by the fires of hell

Questioned himself If it was wrong
To pursue something that gave him ease
Like dancing to a properly tuned song
The closest to what he can call bliss
Reimers Jul 11
An ordinary guy nonetheless
Enters a gallery, full of wonders
Sighs can be heard, he was not impressed
About to leave, but heard thunder.

He stayed for the time being
Waiting for the storm to pass
He explored the entire building
And saw a painting, that he cannot bypass

For the painting bewitched him
Granted intense feeling of love and anxiety
He could not move a muscle, and it was on a whim
Staring at it like it was some kind of deity

No matter the occasion, he was there
Looking at the painting, like it was no object
Wishing he could hold it, but could only stare
For he wasn't worthy to have something so perfect.
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