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Reimers Oct 6
Theres this person I’ve became so fond of
She’s not one you may call whole
But trust me, inside is a warm soul
And I wouldn’t trade her for the world

Some may say she’s a handful
Ramblings of the ignorant if I might say
You just need to be patient
Then you’ll be enveloped in her world

She’s a beauty, hidden under those dark clouds
One I would storm into without hesitation
For a glance at a bright and colorful rainbow
For a glance at her prettiest smile

Not all the time it will be spring
There will be times of harsh winters
Stubborn, I’ll charge through the blizzard
Just to see the end and experience summer

A puzzle with jumbled and missing pieces
And theres nothing wrong with it
Because I am one of the same
And I’ll take my time fixing it
Cheesy I know but I write with the heart
Reimers Jul 26
As you pick up the paintbrush
The music starts to play
Deafening the mundane cacophony
Enveloped in your made up world
A portal seen through your canvas

With each stroke of the brush
Colors starts to fly, fireworks in your mind
You sway to your own creativity
Couldn’t tell the difference,
Between you and a ballerina

The look on your face, filled with passion
Butterflies appeared out of nowhere
Carrying your emotions,
Flying in different directions
Filling the space within with life and glee

As you let go of the easel,
Ready to unveil your work of art
Smiling right at me, rays passing through
At that moment, I realized I wasn’t dreaming
There is indeed two masterpieces that I percieve
Reimers Jun 3
Keep working hard

To reach your dreams

I’ll always be here

Holding your hand
Reimers Jun 2
To be consumed by my demons
Tears start to trickle, resigned to fate
I tried, the will I can no longer summon
Burdened, ready to let go of this weight

To my surprise a bright glimmering star overhead
I lift my hand, expecting to be burned
It was warm, all over my body it spread
These feelings and emotions I’ve earned

It’s been some time since I’ve put on a smile
Know that I won’t waste this chance I’ve been given
Know that I’ll be someone who’s worthwhile
Because with you I have gained an ambition
Reimers Apr 3
Cigarette smoke fills the air
Reddened eyes from all the crying
In bed complaining why life ain’t fair
A sip of beer while I’m slowly dying

Hold on they said, I scoffed
How original, can’t I be left alone to rot
The last piece of my happiness took off
In its departure a lot of pain was brought

I took another chug, but met with an empty bottle
There goes my last lifeline
Here comes the memories on full throttle
I hugged my pillow, ready to resign.
Reimers Mar 23
I began my journey,
Walking down on this lonesome road
Wandering for miles and miles
Til a car passed by and offered a ride

She greeted me with a welcoming smile
We talked a lot and exchanged stories
We had a lot in common,
And It made the journey more exciting

It was all smooth sailing
Had we not been unaware,
That the ride was going too fast
We had to make an abrupt stop

I'd hope that I could reach the end of my journey with her
But I guess from this point on
I’m walking alone,
but this time with a smile
Reimers Feb 25
Countless attempts all to waste
Perhaps its time to let go,
The string that leads to fate
Encounters that are all for show

Easily deceived by false promises
Gullible for that wanted attention
Infatuation blocking all my senses
Only to face the inevitable rejection
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