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Reimers Jan 5
Would nicotine help me get over
The addiction I have for you
Would alcohol help me get over
The pain I felt when you left

All these vices right in front of me
Will these help me get over you
All these people around me
Will they help me get over you

The feelings and emotions
Always lead to me, ending up alone
The memories and special moments
Always lead to me, writing a poem
Reimers Dec 2020
Who knew endings could be so abrupt
Just when you're already dancing to the rhythm
They cut you off and take a piece of you
Leaving you less of a whole

No matter how much you prepare yourself
You will never be prepared,
from the reality that will take place
The emotional consequences that come after

But hey! It was a good run, right?
You were happy You made memories
Isn't that enough to keep you going
Now let go and let the emotions flow
Reimers Jun 2020
Is it gonna be like this forever
To only see you through photos
To express how I feel for you in poems
Unable to do in person, failing at every endeavour

Is it gonna be like this forever
To suffocate from the anxiety of loving
To feel depressed cause I feel I am nothing
Just a hopeless romantic, suffering and waiting

Is it gonna be like this forever
I kept asking myself the same thing
But even If I take action, it’ll end up for nothing
Maybe I am meant to be like this forever
Reimers May 2020
Evergreens cover the forest
Fallen leaves at every step
Walking silently is a myth
Theres no place to avoid the crunch at each step

The rain pours, flowing through the soil
Throwing the wet leaves downhill
As I struggle forward
Progress slows to a crawl

A glimmer of the suns ray peeks in the foliage
Pointing towards a clear pathway
Ive thought that the forest has kept me a hostage
But little to my knowledge I was guided by a fae
Reimers May 2020
Midnight routine, checking my phone
As I stumble upon old pictures of you
It reminded me its ***** being alone
Smile, while the tears flow through

Playlist full of sad and sappy songs
Memories of my time with you filled my mind
The rain starts to pour and the cold breeze joined along
Overwhelmed by emotions, never forget the heart reminds
Reimers May 2020
I yearn to be in the center, to be in the spotlight
Burdened by my unpopular features
But with courage and passion I will take flight
Holding back, anxiety and seizures

There will be a slight delay but I will arrive
It might take long , maybe even a year or two
Bringing along dreams and promises as my drive
Even if along the path I’m to be seen a fool

If perchance someone gets ahead of me
With all that I can, I’ll seize the center
Even if I have to face the very worst
And if I cannot, I shall wait for my time to enter
Reimers Apr 2020
Every night when I try to sleep
I am met by unpleasant memories
Drowning in it, that is ever so deep
Suffocating, accompanied by anxiety

Its nothing supernatural, just the past that i cannot let go
The failures and mistakes, that shackles my happiness
Live and let go but I’m  stupid enough to let it flow
It is not simple or maybe it is, the cause of my loneliness

I’m blessed with friends, but this heart craves more
Which lead to this event that prevents me to be happy
Stuck in a loop, trying to open a locked door
It needs a key, with all that I’ve done, It doesn’t seem to be me
Been awhile since i have written a poem
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