Onoma 9h

dissociating smiles

of pumpkins

trade steps out

of ****--

as white cats lick

the odd pumpkin seed

left from the carve.

there's bluejays mauling

black cats in a shrill shred

of music prone to a cool


while blackbirds light candles

to haunt condemned houses.

i like the extra layers this

time of year...

so your bones get to stay

in bed...like saints all day.
Onoma 3d
mind O mind...

where you goin'

without me?


you comin' from

when your world's

closin' up to open wide...

like a pair of legs holier

than thou?

there's two 'bout to couple

a **** good shake.

yes's in the no of maybe so...

let's go.

soul done said so straight

as faced.

words are melting because

they want to mean you.

have their way, and be had.


the wild made tame, to

notice the moment's ****.

tell me the time that's a waistin'...

when i'm inside you.

if this is a joke--it ain't on us...

so feel free to act a fool.

lest my peace start sayin'

no more.
Onoma 4d
light never stops


will never be outstripped.

eyefuls upon eyefuls

gone blind...i see you.

you're meant for me.

try to hide.

love'll find ya~
*as they say, around and around the way: you can't make this stuff up.
Onoma 5d
have you any

idea how emphatic

beauty becomes...

when she gouges out

your eyes to get closer

to you.

have you any idea?

trust is no *****.
Onoma 5d
the heart

of darkness

is a warbling

rose...at the

brink of red.
Onoma 5d
I'm just a man...

close to the

acceptance of

being pulled out

to Her ocean.

the ultimate strength.

only she can show

me all forms of


let me die in her eyes.

this need be...has

to be.
Onoma Oct 11
there was this one night,

that sectioned off an intent


where i walked up to the

devil and wiped the grin

clean off his face.

as with the care you would

food off a baby's mouth.

he just kept looking at me

like: what the **** are you


never was there a softer

flurry of reason harder to


his eyes played like he was

overdosing...those snaky slits

spun like compasses.

that's when i leaned in and

whispered into his ear: i think

i'm lost on you.

then grinned.
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