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Onoma Apr 17
smoky white diamonds

in the canticle-crest of

a wet sun, sudden with

bursts of moon.

enmeshed sound...

slowly rewound

to the oracular mouth

of a ******* moan.

rankly blotted out, by

doornail-stiff hibernations.

fleshed out by a ******

wilderness to lay low in.

Onoma Apr 3
concentric rings around

a rosie, tiny magicians with

pockets full of posies.

rattling in a birdcage, dancing away

between bars--teal blue

hats and cloaks, overlaid with

icy yellow stars.

broom-beards wisped down to

their feet, apercus gloaming.

scroll mustiness of aslant starlight--

shuffling space dust divining an Age.
Onoma Mar 6
there's an irresponsiveness

that gets turned on at

first black.

still the features that show

up are distinct.

an entire entity leans in.

withdrawing the ashen bathwater

of Shiva...who knows when

to slather it on.

though he's cleanly extracted.

draining the sounds contained in

broken water.

post, post, post scriptum...

Escher etchings of a raven

motioning its only pair of wings.

turned out at last black.
Onoma Mar 1
feral dichotomies

have already wolfed

down the pre-bitten


burping unapologetically.

there are Table Manners

too impeccable.

a sign of appreciation in any

culture of bad blood.

made good.
Onoma Feb 28
there's an emphasis on

hands melting like the

wax of unlit candles.

reaching out.

the stifled coughs of a

pew's darkness  can be

heard, along with the

smell of freshly baked


Rembrandt works his way

through a crowd, to where

icons live in paint.

with no need of restoration.
Onoma Feb 28

can see every

revolution of

a chainsaw.


to a knife leaving

its mark on an

open country.

unable to lie about

seeing something

spit about like

wooded water.

catching the windless

fire of ether.
*Inspired by the ******* band, Boundaries: "Carve".
Onoma Feb 28
please overstand,

that your aftershocks

will take a Heart.

combing over your

coldest grooves.

long after they've

been pronounced

by her music.
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