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Onoma 6d
water spread through the boulder,

enlivening dead weight with vibratory tide--

a high living flood of changing symbols.

regenerate cells that interpret feel as flesh

would--iterations of fishes.

tiny flickers over water, in the eyes of birds

to their mouths, downwind withdrawn wings

to sure fall of hunger.

far off a ferryboat docked to measureless distance--

leaks the sun's silvery white from its side.

a commotion of sight trying to see something amid

the whelming blanch, then there were waves.

as the shore sheared off water from the tops of them

backward--that could not hold the forward momentum.
Onoma Sep 29
Shiva's pillar

of fire upholds--

what cannot fly

upward, fall

downward to

exhaust it.

nor can it be

gone around.
Onoma Sep 24
in Benares

the bells ring

in a way bells

can't contain

themselves while


flowers heaped

beyond color but

never more bright.

as pyres forgive

the host with flames,

and yogis bathe in ash

along the Ganga.
Onoma Sep 24
ask yourself this...

while you become

the hypocritical that.

as always--to those

concerned, what power

drew your eyes to read

into words?

what made them a doorway?

they mean something to you.

they want to show you some

kind of way, they're spatially

unchallenged when they look

dead in G*d's eyes

for your Self-sake.

the first and the last breed, breed

sons not of Man.

as women bear birth,

so they might feel for themselves.

these two hands wash the

blood out of water

to clarify nothing.


the Word of their

mouth to dash across the

tongue of their drink,

ever parched.

only visions of water.

Jeshua too passed out and

in with the devil while


~Aum Namah Shivaya~
Onoma Sep 23
I've crumbled your

letter and tossed it,
smoothed its stubborn

creases to place it at

the feet of Nataraja.

watched daylight live into

the folds while leaving

them at nightime.

my impulse is to destroy,

I've approached your

letter in that way many

a time.

I can't bring myself to

do it, and that tells me something out

of nothing--that I need to know.

but when I consign

it to flames it will be


a single soul come

together to face

the faceless face of


the mind will dissolve

its flesh, to deny itself

the most glorious touch.
Onoma Sep 23
you took it

that far in, then

stepped back


a clearing's only

a brilliant observation

point among chaotic


suddenly seen harmoniously.

you're doing

what you have

to do.

telling a man you'd

be there to wait

for him when he

comes home.

that your servitude

spills with anxiousness

to fulfill that end.

the temple door closes,

as it opens

behind Our eyes.

we serve each other.

as you wet with the

security of Home.

I've already entered,

and you've received me


there's not a solitary

thing that can take

that away.

it's too free.

choices can blow

through hair enough

for shedding.

you're not doomed.

i've already lost my

ultimate gain,

it's about dying on

your feet.

the very last punch

Onoma Sep 22
the fruit

that you've

taken inside

you grows.

what it bears

you will Know

for what it Is.
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