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Onoma 9h
the periodic table of gods--

is elementally overturned.

as their accretions leave the

columns of the Parthenon


so the semantics of myth &

legend can copulate in peace.

with tinctures of chaos spasmodically

preconceiving release~
Onoma 9h
projection screens rumple,

like trans-seasonal auditoriums

exiting single file.


the taxidermy of leaves--watercolor

daubs in a children's book, whose

pages are yellowing.

half-torn dogears, peaking off with a

turn of story.

think the smuggery of branches giving

directions--until they snap.

as highborn winters gather to look down

on a piece of haggard surety.

blindness' walking stick tapping in the

veined dishevelment of leaves.

as the backdraft of a dragon's breath

melts snowflakes on its tongues.
Onoma 1d
a nor' easter sways a whole-heavy

tree across grounds that dance


so the plods of its rings can see to

underground thunder.

its Tsavorite registers in a buck's

eyes--having stomped prior &

during the tree's honorific sleep.

from crown to trunk it scrapes

its antlers along it.

shedding them in the thick of

woodland chandeliers blown out.

within cavelike craggles, prone &

crownless the buck mingles limbs--

for a while.

far earlier to rise & move on.
Onoma 2d
every seabed was

a seashore,

silver garlands flaring

gills at clouds so

contortive tails could


the tide of wet spines.

pisces momentums.

for the most figurative

Onoma 2d
(craggy scowl)

come again!!!

Florestan's pithy down

the gullet of a dungeon.

cohabitation of echoes,

already taken in.

flesh made of their pliant


wie dunkel es hier ist.

notata van Beethoven--

rewrite of Fidelio.

naysay of no sound


you who know of me,

& approach by virtue

of a circle--for communicatory


write it down, so music will

eventually leap off the page.
Onoma 3d
the dark room genus

of a flower developes....

within planes of


whose stems unearth

a shattering too fine

for the boundaries of

a photo.

so a dark room may be

the genus of another

flower--all together.

a compendium of


Onoma 3d
an albino monkey

clanging cymbals--

dies a Duracell death.

with two cymbals

resting in a discus prayer.

repetitional rays of sound

creating an island of toys

on a first born sun.
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