Onoma 3h
as nature herself would, you

sit at your power spot open

as a birthing womb.

you float out of yourself and

witness from above.

that precious little girl handing

it over to that immeasurably

beautiful woman.

birds are dying to land on you,

but scare at the last moment

as you adjust your position...

on what the future may hold.

in the throes of an empath's

kriyas, you spill the cup so the

earth may drink.

the petals of your consideration

can cut a diamond's...reflection,

refraction and dispersion.

that ennobled kingdom that dances

around you, an aura someone of

like aura is fusing with.
Onoma 3d
as  a new day beats its energy across

the thresholds of sleep.

i mark the throb, and my eyes open

to you.

singular as worship in a temple...

you're all i see.

i rise to walk through myself--sit,

stare out and let words purify.

right now this is all i can do, to keep from...

as write my way to you.

they offer themselves up selflessly, blinder

than the white of the page.
Onoma 4d
i watch a clear white curtain

slowly dissolve contoured

pale gold sunlight.

just bright enough to run abstracted

sheaths up and down...by the spells

of a breeze.

some kind of beauty concedes victory...

growing like a feeling so intense it's

hard to breathe.

eerie as taking rebirth in another's heart.
Onoma 4d
your blood's almost conjurable,

a bath this heart draws...and

soaks in.

you're such a woman.

seated with the erect posture

of apprehension--combing

through the shadowy tangles

of your sensual demise.

taken and taken by how life

happens...like a perfect stranger

you feel you've known forever.

utterly conversant on deeper and

deeper meanings of the unsaid--

time flying by till it's wings can

no longer be seen.

Now is the samadhi we die into...

pure connection, establishing

itself by the moment.

our tantra will be fulfilled at eyeshot~
Onoma 7d
arms spread way out,

head down, head up--the line toed.

tearing screams and yelps...

bloodied moon and dry land,

the fine lines of this phenomenal

world cut like clenched teeth.

chanting pregnant clouds.

tongue's ties to thirst, opening land and

pounding drum...creature crawl

of delirium.

birds of prey drawing large blue

eyes that will not blink when their

talons seize.

rain the dance, dance the rain...down,

down, down!

i had such visions of water girl, now i

want to drink your mouth.
*Florence  + The Machine- What The Water Gave Me
Onoma Aug 8
i keep looking at the ground, as if seeing

something no one else sees.

i'm tempted to walk to you, man the miles

that my heart does not recognize.

the mover of feet has set forth this pilgrimage,

to honor it is no question.

i'll need nothing but to know you're out

there, i'll break the devil's neck if he asks

me where i'm going just once.

the strength of this purity can slip me out

of the body, so i have to keep moving.

it's at night when all i have felt for you

must come to a close of eyes...

that ancient tears are purged on to a pillow.
Onoma Aug 7
you're standing there...

if waiting were a statue,

and night sudden release.

i slide up behind you--

take a fistful of hair and

drape it over your shoulder.

press my lips to the back of

your neck, and ask with searingly

hot breath: do you know what

you've done?

you throw your head back as if

being impaled...you always knew

i was there.

i snake bite your listening ear--

for the Shakti of my poetry to enter...

and never exit.

do you know what you've done?

this is cosmic...and twin the flame.
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