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Onoma 4d
days feel as

if they've

become white

light shockwaves,

in a motionless

cul de sac.
Onoma May 10
Japanese floating

lanterns go up...

as depths are

reassembled under

a nameless bridge.
Onoma May 6
rain is popping

off my awning

now--it's as if

i can see a herd

of droplets scattered

to quench the ground.

saturation is an incredible

Onoma May 6
when a snake

camouflages its

tied rope--sleeping

with fangs sealed

in its mouth.

a hush moves through

a jungle.
Onoma May 6
caressing a

broken twig--

as Baby's Breath


punctuated by

the blackest

Onoma May 4
the sky has

fallen for the

mimicry of


over selfsame

fields, swearing

to carry on the

Onoma May 2
a smear of



drawn from.

Now I-I can

taste water.

there existing

no remenant,

but that Taste.
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