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Onoma 3d
grant me a space

to wander that'll

make the Himalayas

look like a series of


i tire of creating karma.
Onoma May 20
it's wild, the film:

"Joker" seemed to

presage what Gotham

is starting to look like.

there are very many of

which too much freedom

is getting away from.

it is indeed getting very

crazy out there.
Onoma May 20
there are incredible

levels of devotion, that

make a spider web of

your bed--barring you

from sleep.

thought for thought for

thought in pull.

from the living and the dead.
Onoma May 19
i sat by a bay carrying away bodies, under a

tree hunched over a shore of boulders.

as people came together in temperate weather.

ospreys diving down at clearer water, fish at

their feet--both well on the wing.

the first snow of dandelions underway.

our sun changed position, and the tree melted

diamonds on its leaves.

the breeze came up and away with water, a

mastery seldom seen by eyes--a spontaneous

ceremony of letting go.
Onoma May 18
a serenade

in and of itself

is the melody

of a saint.

so in love with

the unrequited--

that there is a heart

for every note.
Onoma May 15
This is 2012

8 years late,

ready to look

at math.
Onoma May 15
even though the greatest

artists of all time didn't

depict that Christ was impaled

at the wrists, rather than

his palms.

they didn't miss the central point.
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