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How glorious Your truth Lord
from the dawn of our creation
from the beginning of all time
you formed each separate nation.
How wondrous is Your beauty
that flows to every  shore
that firmament of sky
that leads to heaven's door.
How beautiful the night
that shines in every star
that galaxy of diamonds
that we  see from afar.
How majestic is Your truth Lord
from Your written word
from Your mighty voice
like thunder, we have heard.
How magnificent Your glory
to those that heed Your call
to those that are forgiven
from their lowly fall.
David Lessard Jun 18
In the shadows of the twilight
I will take my daily walk
and thru passages of time
to my Savoir,  I will talk.
I will talk and He will listen
how went the passing day
whether good or bad
from Him, I will not stray.
From His word I will not waver
to that still small voice inside
that keeps me true and humble
from my arrogance and pride.
Darkness now approaches
fading fast, the golden light
the stars appear in Glory
announcing His great Might.
Gazing at the evening sky
I accept what will transpire
leave mute, the question why
praising Him, whose truth is higher.
David Lessard Jun 16
Your love was almost warm
just like a summer breeze
that ruffled up my hair
as it hop-scotched through the trees;
Your love was soft and sweet
like cotton-candy tasted
I licked it slow and steady
so nothing much was wasted;
Your love was like a dream
so credible and true
but reality was broken
by things that were not true;
Your love was most deceiving
here today and gone tomorrow
now forgotten happiness
and a river full of sorrow;
Your love was grand deception
and ended in confusion
proving love is blind
and master of illusion.
David Lessard Jun 11
The heat comes, in little waves,
lapping at my neck and shoulders;
my search for shade is futile,
I walk amongst the boulders.
Their granite faces solemn,
standing mute above me;
I escape the burning breezes,
and set my spirit free.
The heat seeps through the air,
there's only scattered shade;
I wish for pools of water,
the image quickly fades.
Not much water in the desert,
only dried up pools of muck;
there's no freedom from the heat,
I'm simply out of luck!
The desert, slowly grows on you
there are no trees in all that space
the sun was so hot, like an oven
and of a cloud, there was no trace.

But then one night, I camped outside
there was no noise, no planes, no cars
suddenly, I was startled out of sleep
God, I could almost touch the stars!

I'd never seen the Milky Way so close
I marveled at its clarity of light
that set the universe aglow
what a grand and awesome sight!

One spring I saw, the cacti all in bloom
saw a mesa, rise to kiss the evening sky
saw a flaming sunset.  in the west
that made me want to shout (or cry).

The desert has a beauty all its own
from a view a hundred miles away
at first, I wanted desperately to leave
but now I've changed my mind, I'll stay.
The wind is at my back
the evening sun is setting
I walk the grass-lined track
easy, carefree - no fretting;
the lake shines in the light
with the granite dells behind
it's a clear and lovely view
that these ancient eyes do find;
a bit of nature for the soul
it nourishes the heart
it makes this body whole
of which it is, a part;
when the day is nearly done
and the heat is on the wane
I say goodbye to sun
on its long orbital train;
here's twilight, creeping fast
the shadows, now encroaching
comes the stillness then at last
sunset,   now approaching.
How could I ever doubt you
when you showed me how to live?
when you showed me truth
and asked me to forgive.

You were always in my heart
but not often in my mind;
until I heard the call
and love is what I find.

Your the rock I lean upon
the light that shows the way;
the savior of my soul
to whom I kneel to pray.

The anchor of my restlessness
the safe harbor where I hide;
the shelter that I seek
from all angry tides.

How could I doubt you, Lord
when you've turned my life around?
giving me love and power
and now, a mind that's sound.
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