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David Lessard Nov 2021
Unexpected rain falls softly
on the arid ground I walk
glistening in the shadows
of the twisted weedy stalk.
Clouds drifted like a shroud
somber, gray and creeping
like wandering ghosts in fog
silent -   wispy -   weeping.
The coolness of the morning
embraced my face with pleasure
it kissed my cheek and brow
like a momentary treasure.
How sweet the breath of life
in 45 minutes of walking
no traffic and no noise at all
nothing marred by talking.
Unexpected rain fell softly
tickled my nose round every bend
as I left the trail of cottonwood trees
and finished at its end.
David Lessard Nov 2021
If I give you love
what will I get in return?
will it be acknowledged?
or will it be but spurned?
If I offer my love
will you be mine forever?
or will you laugh at me
and say to me   - not ever.
Am I just a fool in love?
head over heels and blind?
silly and sheepish, blushing
not knowing what's in my mind?
I stand on the steps of happiness
worried, lest I fall
falling at your feet
all curled up in a ball.
Columbus took a chance
and by God - he did all right
I cannot leave you now
without putting up a fight.
I smiled and said I love you
my voice began to crack
but your eyes lit up I swear
as you smiled at me right back!
David Lessard Nov 2021
My last poem went to cyberspace
thrown back in my own face
of it I can find no trace
I suppose it's a sad disgrace

I had a good one going
the seasons of life showing
dying tragically, not knowing
only the sun and moon still glowing

A speck of man
nothing goes according to his plan
but he fights as long as he can stand
not content with the earthly life he ran

He's forgotten his own Maker
the earth and heavens shaker
he was never a giver, always a taker
he was never authentic, always a faker

So, God forgot him and his sins
his foolish fancies and whims
his beer, his whiskies and gin
where his soul and his mind had been.
David Lessard Nov 2021
I tried kale once    I suppose it is like medicine   if it tastes bad it must be good for you     I am not swayed by that logic.

I don't know much about kale
could they make of it an ale?
I'd consider drinking that
crushed into liquid inside a big vat.
I'd give it a shot, maybe two
if I didn't puke when I was through
can it be any worse than hair tonic?
wouldn't that be a bit ironic?
Other veggies I love to hate
seldom make it to my plate
I taste them with a finger
then let them alone to linger.
Like chock boy and collard greens
I leave them to my putrid dreams
untouched   unloved   uneaten
even when they may be sweeten.
That's my take on kale
I'm still hardy and I'm still hale
take it i you must
but the others I don't trust.
David Lessard Nov 2021
The cold never bothered me
the snow and ice never fazed
the days of early childhood
never left me dazed.
The rain was always pleasant
it brought joy to my senses
the sight of damp stone walls
were my images of fences.
The summer days spent swimming
first - like a dog might do
but I became proficient
once the summer days were through.
Autumn days were magic
colored leaves came drifting down
jumping into heaps of them
was delightful I soon found.
Seasons of a growing boy
lodged deep in memory
printed here for you to read
thanks for sharing it with me.
David Lessard Aug 2021
Breathe in, the fragrance of the morning
just past the sawn, when things are still
another day of life to cherish
get outside, beyond the windowsill

Take a little walk and stretch your legs
in the woods or open pasture
get the blood to flowing freely
don't let inertia be your master

You were made for moving, not for sitting
walk off the stiffness in your limbs
shut off the idiot's lantern in your room
put aside your silly foolish whims

Wake to a day that's spilling sunshine
bright light that nourishes the soul
if raindrop fall, don't be concerned
the one above is in control

Breathe in, the beauty that surrounds you
look to the mountains, not far away
discover wonder- on nature's trails
and thank God- for this favored day.
David Lessard Jul 2021
Always...the questions in my head
why we live- What happens when we're dead?
Where do I search, where do I look?
man has no answers, but they are in the Book

The one rejected by those who walk the earth
of real and certain truth, there is a dearth
Man's problems hidden from their view
answers are before them, if they only knew

Along the way there's a bump, a poke, a ****
the time to stop and listen, a call from God
Everything becomes both bright and clear
answers are provided for those with ears to hear

The Way's not easy, the price of change is high
but you'll possess true knowledge before you die
Trials and tests still come each day
but wisdom comes to those who walk His Way

With peace and assurance you'll be blessed
great rewards will come when you confess
God has a plan to save us in His way
Satan loses, when Christ returns to stay

Let's live each day in service to the King
walking in God's way, eternal life will bring.
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