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David Lessard May 13
Winds are sweeping through the pines
as I drive to Aspen Creek
exit the car, taking my dog
edging to the trail I seek;
It's a cool and quiet place
not too far from town
but different here with trees
and nature's to be found;
The sky is blue and brilliant
the path before us calls
we stride with quickened steps
as we merge into its halls;
As majestic as a temple
with a babbling stream nearby
air that's sweet as perfume
pleasant breezes sigh;
We spend an hour walking
on the ridge the town's in view
we pay it scant attention
after all, we're passing through.
David Lessard May 11
All my life's been sun and shadow
brought about in different ways
youth and vigor, aging seasons
brilliant light and dark-filled days.
Interspersed with rain and snow
blown by winds both mild and strong
days of happiness, too short
sleepless  nights that went too long.
All my life's been sun and shadow
winsome days, with little care
days of turmoil, tinged in sadness
just a step from deep despair.
Fleeting now, the bloom of youth
present now, the chilly wind
darkness gains upon the light
eventually,  the seasons  end.
All my life's been sun and shadow
chased by moods both good and bad
but the good outweighed the other
of every season that I had.
David Lessard May 10
Good Golly Miss Molly
rock  and roll has died
with your passing yesterday
rock and rollers cried.
Long Tall Sally says goodbye
the heart of soul has gone
we will miss the shouts
that sparked your earthy song.
Lucille and Rip It Up
have faded in the light
buried with your mournful voice
that echoes  in the night.
Little Richard gone from sight
with others of his kind
but the music, it lives on
in the framework of the mind.
David Lessard Apr 25
I buried my anger in the ground
out of sight and out of sound
buried hate and fostered love
got the message from above.
Found the truth and cut out lies
sang His praises to the skies
gave forgiveness, got it back
mended all my hidden cracks.
Got the blessings that I need
cut off envy, swallowed greed
gave my burdens up to Him
turned my back against all sin.
Fed myself the Bread if Life
fought off Satan, eased the strife
put His mighty presence first
from His fountain, I don't thirst.
Became instead, a new creation
raised my soul to a higher station
wrapped myself in His great Being
aware of beauty I was seeing.
David Lessard Apr 18
Once, we ate the bread of adversity
satisfying ourselves, alone;
greedy with the cares of life
heavy hearts, etched in stone.
Once we ate the bread of wickedness,
delighted in our sinful ways;
unconcerned about tomorrow
forgetful of the passing days.
Once we ate the bread of affliction,
fleeing from oppressive foes;
wandering to a promised land
where the milk and honey flows.

Now, we eat the bread of heaven,
blessed and sent from up above;
with prayers of thanks to Him
who first showed us, His love.

Now, we eat the bread of life,
seasoned with the fleeting years;
tempered by the blood of Christ
who buries now our earthly fears.
David Lessard Apr 15
In place of hate, I put love,
instead of war, I put peace;
and the blessings I received,
have yet, to come, to cease.
In place of pride, I am humble,
instead of anger, I just smile;
and the joy,  that I felt...
has lasted all this while.
My wickedness caused me pain,
but truth called to my heart;
and with God's Holy Spirit,
I made a brand new start.
Became a new creation,
cast off the chains of sin;
free from it's strong bonds,
aware of where I'd been.
In place of wounds, found healing,
instead of sadness  -  hope;
in the promise of tomorrow,
a place where I can cope.
David Lessard Apr 10
Have they come to rob the store?
these people that wear those masks
only one of those my fickle friend
we have to save for those that ask.

I used to broad jump over six feet
social distance's now's the goal
keep away from me my pal
play your prim and proper role.

Don't touch your face at all
you don't know where those hands have been
don't cough or pant for breath
when will this virus ever end?

Stay at home for months and months
locked up in your dwelling
don't buy from take out food too much
who knows just what they're selling?

Read or watch the television
listen to music too -
we're all going bananas
this much I know is true.
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