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David Lessard Apr 27
Thank You for this day my Father
full of cool and windy weather
we face the usual trials and tribulations
with joyous heart and merry measure.
Knowing that Your still in charge
though the devil is deceiving
causing turmoil, causing strife
setting wayward hearts to grieving.
But he will run when faced with truth
where God's light is brightly shining
where God's people spread His love
and His word is strong and binding.
We will praise His name forever
repenting of our sin and guilt
singing loud His songs of glory
till the edge of heaven tilts.
Till the sun goes down in darkness
till the dawn returns again
we will pray and ask forgiveness
till the Second Coming's end.
David Lessard Mar 24
Racing down the hall to a code response
I arrived breathless at the scene
grabbed an AMBU bag
it was like something out of a dream:
Surreal yet stark reality
we all had parts to play
we did everything we could
but the patient slipped away.
We zapped, compressed the chest
I gave the oxygen real fast
the patient didn't change
we knew he wouldn't last.
But we we did everything we could
but alas, it wasn't enough
sometime life is way unfair
sometimes life's just rough.
So it was today
so it may be tomorrow
but we're committed to saving lives
as well as enduring sorrow.
Allied Health care notes
Hello poetry, did you talk to God today
or were you burdened with the world?
did you take some time to pray
as the day progressed,  unfurled?
Did you thank Him for your blessings
and for another day of life?
or were you full of second guessing
brought about with weary strife.
Did you say hello to strangers
or comfort those in sorrow
with no worry of fearsome dangers
but filled with hope of our tomorrow?
Did the thought of God prevail
did you remember to be humble
or did some troubled thoughts assail
to make you halt or quickly stumble?
Hello poetry, did you say hello to Him
and to His precious son that came?
to forgive us all from our sin
and not remain ashamed.
David Lessard Dec 2020
I see the lights of village dwellers
of gaudy, festive Christmas glee
that honors not our Savoir
but invades the Bible's truth we see.
Celebrating Jesus's  birth
they have the date all wrong
it's in the Autumn He was born
when angels joined in song.
The people give away their gifts
they drink the new year in
foolish resolutions made
as they frolic in their sin.
Pagan holidays fly by
forgotten in one night
they live in utter darkness
blinded by God's light.
Ignorance is bliss they say
but is that really true?
in ignorance they perish
for a world they never knew.
David Lessard Nov 2020
The shepherd knows the flock
they answer to his call
he keeps them safe from harm
so none of them will fall;
he rules them all with love
guards them through the night
under heaven's stars
until the morning's light.
The shepherd gives them feed
that nourishes the heart
that gives them happiness
to every daily start.
He keeps away their foes
that seek to do them wrong
giving peaceful whispers
with a litany of song.
The shepherd guides the flock
past the obstacles of life
away from present danger
avoiding troubled strife.
David Lessard Nov 2020
Someplace down the road
Lord Jesus waits for me
He's counting I show up
for His truth has set me free;
He's the prime example
we must follow in His way
He'll give us the strength
to get us through the day.
Someplace down the road
I'll run into my Savoir
His words are full of love
It's Him that we must favor;
by faith and our endurance
we can overcome our trials
changing frowns to grins
changing scowls to smiles.
Someplace down the road
I'll be a resurrected soul
replacing flesh with Spirit
then -  becoming whole.
David Lessard Oct 2020
Hi Judy -

Here I am in sunny Arizona
a mile high, up in the hills
bought myself a ranch house
nothing fancy, no silly frills;
Hope you are doing well
sorry that I left so fast
but our marriage was a shambles
and I knew it couldn't last;
I bet you hate my guts, for leaving
please tell the kids - hi for me
I'm hoping to be back for visits
but for now, I'm enjoying being free;
I will call you when I can
but do not hold your breath
you know I'm irresponsible
and you said it best;
Just a postcard from the wild
so you'll see that I'm all right
gotta say so long my love
forgive my sudden flight.

- Punch
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