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Goddess Rue Sep 10
Her wings are flailing,
Bare through the blessings of Earth,
And rains of sorrows.
Countless emotions,
As we pass through stages of life,
Unfolding every euphoria and melancholia;
But promise to survive,
Even though your wings are flailing.
Goddess Rue Jun 5
Butterflies flutter,
Utters of lethal lustre,
Seeped in like sugar.
You sting like a bee,
My source of honey,
Will you fly away?
Or build a home of wax with me?
  Jan 17 Goddess Rue
You are the caffeine,
In my bitter cup of coffee.
Goddess Rue Oct 2020
The eclipsed ether,
Fairly honest yet complex,
Lit by countless stars.
A soul is but one emotion,
Do acknowledge the complexity of a person,
For that is what makes all of us,
Goddess Rue Aug 2020
The Sun will falter,
Day turns dark but comes the Moon,
Light shall rise again.
So leave your cuts my dear,
Don't give in to the blades,
Hope for rays of sunlight.
  Aug 2020 Goddess Rue
Moon Cherry
It’s raining in June,
Yet all the flowers still bloom,
With a charming Rune,

My heart loves this tune,
From the window of my room,
Brightly shine the Lune.
There’s a place for you,
Where my heart will always bloom.
  Jul 2020 Goddess Rue
I was a fool.
A fool that believed,
And on your stage,
I acted my part flawlessly,
The way you wanted me to be.
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