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Love cannot be described with words,
Gotta feel to know it's worth.
Falling in love is easy,
Staying in love is not.
Alex Teng Oct 11
All I need ,
Is a little rain ,
A little wine ,
And a lot of you.
Alex Teng Oct 8
If you can't get past the wrong ones,
You'll never reach the right one.
Alex Teng Oct 5
Sharing is caring,
Or so they say,
A share gets trending,
There goes the sway.
Alex Teng Oct 5
I ain't looking for fame,
Nor do I want to be shamed,
If you think my sharing is shabby,
Go ahead unfollow me.
Alex Teng Oct 4
I forgotten how long has it been
Since I've last heard from you
Telling me your favorite story

I've thought for a long time
I'm starting to get worried
Have I done something wrong again ?

You cried telling me
Fairy tales are only lies
There is no way I'm your prince

Perhaps you don't understand
Since you said  you loved me
My skies, the stars started to twinkle

I'm willing to change into
The angel you love in those fairy tales
I'll open my arms wide
And turn them into wings to protect you

You must believe
Believe that we'll be like the fairy tale
With "happily ever after" as the ending
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