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Alex Teng May 2021
A little bit good,
A little bit bad,
Aren't we all like that ?
Alex Teng Nov 2020
Pain is personal,
So is the healing.
Alex Teng Nov 2020
Don't live the life they want to see,
Live the life you want it to be.
Alex Teng Oct 2020
Maybe when time is right,
You will find me again.
Alex Teng Oct 2020
I passed my hardest moment alone,
While everyone believed I was fine.
Alex Teng Oct 2020
You can fall in love listening,
You can fall in love smelling,
You can fall in love talking,
You can fall in love looking.

At the same time,
Listening to the same song bores you,
Smelling the same perfume makes it less special,
Talking to the same person agitate you,
And looks will fade over time.

It started with love,
Excitement ,
And ends with

Eventually, it becomes familiarity.

Love is blind.
Alex Teng Oct 2020
I'll rather be lonely than to hurt somebody.
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