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Me Aug 2

Me Aug 2
Thus he-
all sweaty and all marked by fights and time
another lily in his hand
that he now
stretches out
to me-

I see
the same deep
behind his eyes-

a spark-
a second

And a brilliant field
of purple lavender

Til then
it's time-

No worries.
...I am creeping myself out at times. I tell you. Argh.
Me Aug 2
One of the
Truest things
I ever said was

that I love human beings
and back then I
did not think
while saying
at all -

In a small part of my
I might have already
understood it
back then.
Me Aug 1
A smile
that forms
on my face
without me
really doing
and that-

from face
to head
to heart
a wave of warmth
I gladly
with You.
Nobody stared at me for that.
Me Aug 1
A little fox,
two mice,
a white cat,
a chick
and a tiny bat

our way

and even if we stray

they'll find us

and- with paws and fur and tiny noses-


our clumsy
human feet.
Thank you! <3
  Jul 31 Me
Tanisha Jackland
God does not see

afterall- She invokes

Her way thru

the womb of space

like it was Her own

She is creation itself

for we were

born in Her own image

Some more dark

than others

but female nonetheless

soft and fluid

Even our male counterparts

were here as female

once upon a time ago

Some choosing to

whine about this present state

grabbing females like

possessions and wanting to

connect with Her again

the little man with the dainty hands

says, nothing stellar and is

deciding how to corrupt you
No Trump for you.
Me Jul 31
And then

I lift my arms
or else
my arms are lifted

the spinning



I took a blow
right on the way
but take it in
with gratitude
or at least
I pretend
to be okay

No, Honey,
I am not yet used
to what you say
is my most normal state-

I hate if you speak like
it's all so easy-
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