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Me May 2022
Going to
taking pills talking
talking to people
rough thoughts
in my head

Breast heavy
flow interrupted
step by
got it?
I am doing what I can to get out of it... people tell me it takes time. I am impatient simply because I want t feel better.
Me May 2022
Nothing comes naturally
anymore nothing
flows through you and makes you
forget time
everyone tells you It's coming back
It' coming
back but you just wonder
when and how
I am not inspired to do the stuff I love doing anymore, and people tell me it's a phase, it's coming back. I really hope it does, cause I miss being in a flow state.... At the moment I just pass the time.....
Me May 2022
I am relieved to be
in your life again I am
a bit
lost for words
I freak
My inspiration is not with me somehow. I used to flow in my writing, but it's not like that right now.
Me Apr 2022
I hate
sad poetry
I hate when flood gates
do not open
stuck inside
I hate
sad poetry
Me Apr 2022
It feels like
the middle of the day and yet
you are
It feels like a river that does not flow
Me Apr 2022
Nothing is an option anymore everything
dull as if
not yet in sunlight not in darkness everything
is not as it was and it was never as it is
you are
and you can feel it
like thick air melting without
to go
you can smell it like you smelled roses before
you can
it like you would touch silk or leather only that
this touch
is reminiscent of nothing that you need to dig deeper for
and this
blocks every attempt to do so
to dig
for feelings
Boredom sits at my bedside and stares at me.
Me Mar 2022
I cannot see it
and dare not
letting go
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