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Let's watch a movie
Be sure to pick one that makes you feel alive as you watch it
The kind that makes you feel like your life could be bigger than it is
Afterwards, you find yourself wanting more,
Inspired to live.

And then let's hold on to that feeling as long as we can
f e e l i n g s Jul 2023
If I were in a room of all the people I have loved,
My heart would choose you.
But my head would choose another because I fear you no longer want me.
f e e l i n g s Apr 2023
Wrong person, wrong time.
Worst kind of heartache.

I know deep down it will never work.
But we can play pretend for 10 more minutes? 10 more days?
f e e l i n g s Apr 2023
I am a lot.
I told you that when we first met.
I put a caution sign on my back and yet you still claimed to want me.
How do you feel now?
Now that you know it's not always sunshine and rainbows.
When I sleep for days on end and I can't even begin to tell you how I'm feeling.
I cry to you for help and yet your overwhelmed.
What did you expect?
How can I give you what you deserve when I barely love myself.
You say I'm not the victim but you don't live in my head.
Who are you to tell me how I'm feeling.
f e e l i n g s Aug 2022
I am so grateful for getting the opportunity to know you.
Before you came along, I had convinced myself that I would never find someone who could be encouraging and kind and honest.
"You seem to flip my insecurities inside out like a shirt I’ve been wearing wrong this entire time. My clothing have finally become something I’m proud of."
So thank you for showing me that I deserve more than the bare minimum.

See ya later friend...
f e e l i n g s May 2022
I cannot seem to write how I feel.

How is it that I have such BIG feelings all of the time,

but I can't find a single word that describes them.
f e e l i n g s May 2022
I find it hard to sleep at night without the comfort of a blanket.

     Without it, I will toss and turn.

Something about the way it makes my body feel.

      Vulnerable and completely exposed.

I have decided I feel the same way about sadness.

      Without it, I feel uncomfortable in my own skin.

Something about the way it makes my body feel.

       Scared and completely alone.
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