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Too many fallen leaves,
Too much strangeness in the air,
And the air is cold.
Chrysanthemum fuschia marigold lobelia begonia hibiscus frangipani poppy

                                Some unnamed wildflower
By the side of a mountain path
In the rain

Smelt once
Never forgotten

And wild garlic plucked in
Fevered hunger

O god

I need your
Earthly connection with
Color and narcissistic

Manna from heaven
Mike Adam Oct 11
Stormy petrel albatross curlew skylark martin swift swallow robin sparrow raven crow falcon heron stork eagle vulture budgie parrot gull penguin puffin hawk
And poets
And trill
Mike Adam Sep 25
Sleep of the dead-
Grandfather's coat wrapt,
Body sunk into rock.

Deer nuzzle beard,
Fawn lies close
Sharing warmth.

Heat of fire rouses-
Underworld risen to

Heaven's low pressure
Sinks to earth.

Loud clash

Tumult of change...

What have we done?
  Sep 24 Mike Adam
Carmen Jane
The gardener jumped over the grasshopper
That winks and blinks three times
Each dew drop was released from an old dropper,
Held by a smiling child

That smile rolled under a roly poly
And ran barefoot for miles
As all gasped with a Holly Molly
When the grass grew upside-down.

Don't mind all this hurry
Turn your own clock's hands
Who knows,why people worry
They've been writing all in their plans...

The songs were heard in loudest whispers
Sang by the leaves on trees,
Where the cat took rest to lick his whiskers,
Waiting for the mouse to say please.
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