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Mike Adam Oct 11
Mike Adam Oct 11
Am I not allowed
To love
Once more?

Am I not allowed to feel
Remonstrance strong?

Yes love knows
No bounds and with my love
I honour thee

Mike Adam Oct 11
Pair of jays
Fight pair of magpies-


Lime tree outside
The window
sounds pleasant to have a river so close

ours is nearby
down the lane past the bamboo

and prehistoric plants
the land that time forgot

yours is nearer and I imagine
your view and the little oak


i went to blaenau in the rain
you may google that so best
add ffestiniog to the name

i saw the garden with all the birds

i have two oak trees grown tall

sheltering and strong in a storm
i stand on the doorway to watch

the branches thrash

you will miss the swallows I am sure
it is best we look after the birds and
other creatures while we can james

yet seems from what you say that some
don’t bother

my scope is limited now
yet it comes enough for

beauty spots were once to adorn
the face
hide the imperfections
I died at my death
And that was a shame
My sun went to nova
With no one to name

I died at my death
And that was a pain
My song undersung
And nothing to gain

I died at my death
You called out my name
Weeping and broken
But no one's to blame

I died at my death
I went to the grave
What I spent of my duty
My heart couldn't save

I died at my death
They put up a stone
My flesh fall to rot
Til there's nothing but bone
Mike Adam Oct 4
You complete,
Deliver these
Pregnant words-

Make many poems
From one.


All spilling from
Simple syllables.

Thank you
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